Yes, "Tightwad Bank" Is A Real Bank, And It's FDIC Insured

Tightwad, Missouri, population 63, doesn’t have much, but it does have a bank. A bank where the most common question people ask isn’t “Do you have free checking?” It’s: “Is this actually a real bank?” Well, the answer is “yes.”

From the Washington Post:

Tightwad Bank may be quirky and unproven, but it is a genuine bank with a real charter and a real vault and a pair of real bankers in charge. For good measure, the business cards say: “Tightwad Bank. Member FDIC.”

“We’re seeking the customers with a sense of humor,” said Donald S. Higdon, 54, who opened Tightwad with his business partner in May after they grew bored with running a sober-sided bank in neighboring Kansas. “We thought the downside was limited, the possibilities were reasonable and the amount of fun was limitless.”

If the concept does not work out — this is the second attempt at making a bank called Tightwad profitable — Higdon jokes that he can turn the place into a drive-through liquor store.

We hope it works out.

In Rural Missouri, The Place to Bring Your Cents of Humor [Washington Post]

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