Couple Can't Get Rid Of Cellphones No Matter What They Do

A desperate salesman wouldn’t take no for an answer when Rob and his fiancee visited Mobile Solutions in Blaine, MN last month. Rob writes,

The sales rep did his song and dance and insisted that I test out the phone service for 2 weeks. I said no a few times but he wouldn’t hear it. Well, he gave me 2 phones and 2 phone numbers. No credit check, no money whatsoever. I walked out of the store with 2 free phones and some paper work.

Now Rob can’t give the phones back. After several fruitless visits where the store manager told Rob he had to talk to the original salesman (who was never there) to return the phones, Rob simply left them on the counter. A few days later, they arrived at his doorstep via FedEx—along with a photocopy of another customer’s driver license.

Here’s the full story of what happened after Rob brought the two phones home back in July:

Seven days later we returned to the same store to drop the phones off. They hadn’t been opened or anything. Previously in the week I was cleaning and probably threw out a white piece of paper with what phones we had.

…I had to speak with the exact rep because I didn’t have the all important white piece of paper and there was no way to look at what I had. The rep was not working that day and was told to return Tuesday during the afternoon. I refused because I don’t drive and I’m not taking a bus to a mall from the southern part of the twin cities to the northern part just to drop phones off.

We return that next Sunday (27th) and again were told we can’t give back the phones because the rep isn’t working. I demanded to speak with a manager. I tell him my story, and he finds it interesting about how I got the phones and service. I made a point to say “I said no,” and he said, “Yeah he does that a lot.” He mutters something about letting him go and says he can’t do anything because I don’t have the piece of paper.

Flash forward to August 11th, almost a full month after getting the phones, my fiancé and I finally have time to go back to the mall (she works nights I work days). I walk in with the phones. The manager sees me, throws his hands up in the air and says “Not you people again.” He tells me to stand over out of the way while helping people. We wait for 15 minutes. Only one person approaches us, some sales rep, and I explain the story and he’s dumbfounded. Finally I walk up to the counter and put the phones on the counter and explain again what’s going on and all I want to do is drop them off. I was assured that it would be taken care of.

Later that night my fiancé and I went to a real T-Mobile store and purchased our phones and service.

On August 15th, a Fedex box is sitting on my door step. Not expecting anything, I open it—what do you know they sent the phones back to me! But whats this, there is more then just two cell phones. The missing piece of white paper they said they don’t have, the whole reason I couldn’t return the phones. But wait there is even more! Two other identical pieces of paper but with others people’s phone information / plan information and a copy of someone’s drivers license!

So I quickly called Mobile Solutions HQ and talk to some girl in California. I explain the situation and she says, “Well we need those phones back. I’m shipping you out some prepaid UPS labels.” I asked what about me getting other people’s identification information. “Well I’m not there so I don’t know what to do.” I look at the address of the license, and it turns out the woman on the license only lives about a mile and half from me if that.

My fiancé and I get in the car and we drive to her house. I knock on the door, ask her if she is so and so on the card she says yes. I asked her if she purchased a phone from the Mobile Solutions in Northtown Mall in Blaine? Again she says yes. I then ask, “Does this look familiar?” showing her her license. Her jaw is on the floor. She exclaimed, “How in the world did you get that?” I explained to her how it came in a Fed Ex package and she was very grateful and thanked me several times, and she was also upset and said she would call Mobile Solutions promptly.

So now I’m still stuck with 2 phones, 2 lines of service that I’m sure still runs if I cared to try and other people’s information. What should I do now?

If Mobile Solutions doesn’t have any of your personal information where they can’t ruin your credit, return the phones via the UPS labels and promise us you’ll never step foot in that store again.

If they have a copy of your drivers license or other important personal info, it’s time to make it very clear to Mobile Solutions that you have no intention of being their customer, no matter how hard they make it for you to return the unopened phones. This is a funny story, but it sounds to us like they’re trying to force a sale on you, which is criminal rather than incompetent.

Contact Mobile Solution Corporation’s main office in San Diego and file a complaint against the Blaine store. Make it clear that you have tried three times to return the phones, and that they are refusing to accept your return. You should also make it clear that the only acceptable resolution for this issue is for Mobile Solutions to accept your return and promise to leave you and your credit history alone. Look at our various EECB posts for more information on how to effectively communicate with a business.

Mobile Solution Corporation
3030 Plaza Bonita Rd
National City, CA 91950
(619) 472-1018
(619) 479-1648

You may also want to contact the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General and file a formal complaint against the store for its business practices, even if the corporate office in San Diego is able to resolve the problem for you. We suspect the Blaine store has some rotten apples on staff and you may help future customers by sounding an alarm now.

Update: Rob sent the following information to us after we posted the story.

As an update I called back the corporate # and [they] didn’t find it cool I wanted to sell the phones. There is some sort of investigation being done and the original salesmen has been fired. After reading some comments I could have been more clear. The only info they got was a copy of my State ID which had my current address on it. I also signed a piece of paper saying “You have two weeks if you don’t return them the phones in two weeks we can charge you blah , blah, blah.” Well, they never took money or a credit card.

Anyway people have been in contact with me. I took the phones because the guy kept insisting and I wanted to be nice. At best I thought what’s the worst can happen? I keep the phones for a week bring them back unopened and that will be that.

We still think you should make sure the company accepts a full return and absolves you from that signed agreement, because even without a credit card they may still try to bill you, then eventually send the bill to a collection agency.


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  1. PsychoKoala says:

    I used to work for T-Mobile, and unfortunately I can say this is really not surprising for TMS. They were and are by far the worst indirect dealer T-Mobile has ever done business with. I honestly cannot remember speaking to a single customer who had a positive experience with them. I hope this prompts T-Mobile to drop them as a dealer.

  2. SquareBubbles says:

    The Mobile Solution is an “authorized dealer” of T-Mobile products and they are the most evil, terrible company you will ever deal with. I work in a T-Mobile corporate store and we are constantly fixing the problems that TMS creates (fraud, unauthorized lines on accts, missing payments, etc.)

  3. Legal_Eagle_In_Training says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen “authorized dealers” have some good deals on phones in the past, but I’ve been too terrified to try and deal with them for fear of something going south. Some call me paranoid. Some call me overly cautious. I call myself well-informed.

  4. mmstk101 says:

    “You will take this phone!”
    No sir, I don’t want the phone.
    “Take it!!!”
    “You will take this phone and you will take this lady’s ID!”
    “Here take my dog too!”

    This poor couple . . . Hopefully now that they have a copy of the magic missing piece of paper, they can return the phones and Mobile Solutions will leave them be.

  5. johneutah21 says:

    The Mobile Solutions company is well known around actual carriers as the bane of quality cellular services. They’re quite entrenched in the Midwest with many kiosks in various malls and all the salespeople are the same: half-assed hucksters who will try to make a buck no matter what. I know they are the same here in MN as they are in WI. If nothing else, stay away from them at all costs; you won’t know what you get.

  6. The Cooler says:

    This is a confusing story. They must have his personal information, otherwise they wouldn’t give him the phones, right? And were the phones that were mailed actually his, or just sent to the wrong address? More importantly, why did he walk out of the store with two phones he didn’t want in the first place? This doesn’t make much sense.

  7. Mariajl says:

    This all could have been avoided if the customer hadn’t let himself be bullied by the salesman.
    Yes, it is nice to be polite… but I would have just walked out. I never would have accepted the phones to begin with.

  8. @Mariajl: Absolutely. That’s the takeaway for everyone else: never let a salesman bully you into something. As soon as he starts being pushy, end the conversation and walk away.

  9. nicemarmot617 says:

    Yeah this story seems to be missing something…like, why did you walk out of the store with the phones to begin with?? You said you didn’t want them, so why did you take them? Am I crazy or is there something wrong here?

  10. dragonfire81 says:

    @The Cooler: I think the saleperson may have given the OP the phones with some token paperwork and then actually set up the lines in someone else’s name.

  11. BrianDaBrain says:

    @nicemarmot617: Nah, not crazy. The rest of the stuff is pretty funny, all things considered. A little infuriating too. But seriously, why walk out of the store with phones you don’t intend to use? Pushy salesmen exist, but that’s why they created the door, so you can leave.

    Or if it’s THAT embarassing to walk out on the guy, say something like “Why don’t you go grab your paperwork, I’ll wait right here” then leave?

    But, as long as you’ve got that magical white piece of paper, you should be able to return the phones and be done with it, right?

  12. mayrc87 says:

    This guy sounds like my grandmother, if you said the right thing you can bully her into jump off a bridge.
    He is just very polite and let himself into a bad situation.

  13. Quilt says:

    IF they didn’t want the phones, what was stopping them from just walking out of the store without them?

    “Here, take these phones!”

    “No, good-bye.”

    Simple. Something about this story doesn’t make sense.

  14. SpearXXI says:

    Well, it’s obvious that the salesmen put the guy into an awkward position, and under the stress they guy probably thought the easiest thing to do was to just take the phones and get out of the uncomfortable experience. Always a big mistake. I learned the hard way one time, I just got off the light-rail to head to some mall, when a guy approached me, with his kid in a stroller next to him. He asked me if I liked rap music, and proceeded to rap about whatever, and the kid next to him started urinating on the sidewalk, with him trying to hustle me into buying his CD. I did, and got the fuck away from him as fast as I could. After that I never buy anything someone tries to personally solicit to me, because in the defensive I can not analyze the situation clearly. Oh, and the cd sucked ass.

  15. kamikasee says:

    I was under the impression that if someone sends you something unsolicited, it’s considered a “gift” and you’re under no obligation to return it or pay for it. So when they mailed the phones back to the guy, they became his property, free and clear. I’m thinking Craigslist.

  16. Ahoatam says:

    I used to work for TMS at a site not far from the corporate office back in early 2002. (Yeah for about 3 weeks, I was one of those mall “carnival barker” phone sales-losers) They are the worst. Buy your phones from a corporate store, and run far, far away from TMS.

    Buying your phone from a secondary seller like TMS often subjects you to bigger ETFs should you need to cancel earlier.

  17. jjeefff says:

    I’m not even going to attempt to understand this story.

  18. brentholio says:

    Personally I NEVER buy anything from an “authorized dealer.” I always go to corporate owned stores.

  19. I am farking confused.

    The vendor gave you two phones and does not have your information? No DL, no CC? Nothing? Or does the vendor have the information and said he would not charge unless you liked the service, or other slimmy BS?

    If the phones work and you are not paying for them and will never pay for them, keep the suckers. If the phones don’t work and you will never pay for them, toss the suckers in the trash.

  20. organicgardener says:

    I’ll NEVER understand why anyone would let a salesperson force them into doing ANYTHING they don’t want to do! Good grief! Just say NO THANK YOU and walk away, close the door or hang up.

  21. purplesun says:

    @organicgardener: If it were that easy, then there would be no cults.

  22. krispykrink says:

    Sorry Rob but, it’s your fault for simply not walking away.

  23. Darkwing_Duck says:

    Uh, well, if they won’t take the phones back, you have to give them back…at 30 mph.

  24. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @organicgardener: Unless the salesperson forcibly put the phones in his pocket/hand (in which case I would press charges for assault). There are some real jerk-off pushy salesman. Just having to deal with some of them should be considered assault. But pushy or not, he took the phones of his own volition.

  25. Darkwing_Duck says:

    “I said no a few times but he wouldn’t hear it.”

    I refuse to give my business to a salesman who doesn’t listen to me. I was walking in the downtown area of the city I live, and I glanced at the menu of a new restaurant (as many restaurants post their menus out front). As I began to leave, the proprietor chased my friends and me. He begged us to come back, and even followed us across the street. Group thinking-I went along and he was about to seat us, when I just walked out with another one of my friends. The rest of our friends eventually followed suit. I told everyone I knew about the incident, and I refused to ever eat there again. The restaurant went out of business a few years ago.

    In short-don’t let yourself get pushed around

  26. iCanhasLs2plz says:

    Wait a minute, I thought op didn’t drive. Shenanigans!

  27. TWinter says:

    As a transplant to the upper-midwest, I think I can shed a bit of light on this story for some of you. This happened in Minnesota!!!

    Many people (not everyone) in this part of the country are pathologically non-confrontational at times. It boggles the mind how some of them can and will hold back their thoughts/opinions because they don’t want to risk a confrontation. I really do believe the OP thought it would be easier to just take the phones and bring them back later.

  28. kabuk1 says:

    Yeesh, I’ve dealt with these guys before & I am not surprised they had this experience with them. I think TMS makes it a point to hire the pushiest bastards they can find. My friend & I were walking through the mall once, minding our own business. We walked past a TMS stand, did not stop AT ALL, and this yuppie-ish twenty-something salesman literally yells “HEY!” at us & tries to push phones on us. He whips out a Sidekick or some type of “text-centered” device and tells us it’s the COOLEST and do we wanna switch service now? We politely declined, stating that we are very satisfied with the phones and services we already have. The salesman keeps trying to talk us into switching for an additional 10 minutes despite repeated “no thanks you’s” from us. He continues to shout offers at us after we finally get tired of being polite & walked off! I was amazed at the pushiness. I would NEVER buy ANYTHING from a salesman who tried to shove products down my throat. It reminded me of those stereotypical arab traders who shove their wares into your hand, grab your money, and shove you back into the crowd.

  29. PinkBox says:

    @The Cooler: That’s what I was thinking. I’m one of those too polite people myself, but I’m still not going to let a salesman walk all over me.

  30. Moosehawk says:

    (from the gf:) I used to work for TMS (The Mobile Solution) for a year. They’re definitely the most deceptive of the t-mobile vendors.

    We are the only ones that have to stand outside the store or at stands and shout at people to try to sell them shit. These are probably the most fake and deceptive salespeople you will meet. They were on the news a few years ago about lying to customers at any cost to get a sale.

    There were times when they wouldn’t allow me to go on a lunch break if I hadn’t sold anything.

    Even if you want to go through T-mobile and you are stopped by these guys in a mall, just keep walking. Go to ANY other t-mobile vendor and I guarantee you will be happier.

  31. floraposte says:

    @iCanhasLs2plz: He’s from one of those pinko states whut lets wimmin drive.

  32. holocron says:

    There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to begin…

    a) You took a bus form the “southern part of the Twin Cities” to go to Blain, MN to get a cell phone? Um…why?
    b) “My fiancé and I get in the car and we drive to her house.” But you said you don’t drive. But clearly you do, why didn’t you drive to Blain from the “southern part of the Twin Cities”.
    c) Again, more driving to the ladies house.
    d) Seriously, this sounds like fiction to me.

  33. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @kabuk1: 10 minutes? Wow. I just remind myself of one thing-they are not my friends. If they get pushy like that experience you described, I don’t make eye contact. If I say No, I say it once, and ignore everything else they say and keep walking. You don’t have to say anything. Silence does not equal acceptance. It is unnerving though.

  34. ninjatoddler says:

    Northtown Mall is filled with those little T-Mo kiosks. I personally had a few bad experiences with their ShockCity Wireless T-Mobile dealer/retailer or whatever they call themselves.

  35. usellubuy says:

    Golly. I think the part where he GAVE them some of HIS INFORMATION tells you EVERYTHING you need to know! First of all, how did the phones keep showing up at HIS house MAGICALLY? They had to have his info, despite what he says! As to manipulative cellphone salesmen GIVING him TWO PHONES, when he didn’t EVEN want ONE PHONE? Uh HELLO! What was he doing talking to the fool to begin with? If you aren’t looking for a new cellphone, do you go to a cellphone kiosk or store and just chat up the salesmen? And if you aren’t looking for one, do you walk out with two? And if you don’t want either of them, do you THROW ANYTHING remotely related to their eventual return unopened no less? ROFL! This guy should be selling cell phones at the mall, cause he is certainly telling a big one! By my third visit, I would simply have called the polo and let them return them for me! And asked the nice officer for a receipt showing I had rightfully returned them, so IF the company had ANY Thoughts of calling on me for a bit of money I would refer them to the local polo. I bet if he put the phone a local bus depot, the company would have figured something out and shut them down huh? ROFL! This is a story made out of whole cloth!

  36. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @jjeefff: Why would you bother to post such a thing? Comment when you have something of substance to say.

  37. GamblesAC2 says:

    @SquareBubbles:really? beacuse i’ve experensed both t-mobile and verizon and i have to say although reception up here in connecticut sucks on T-mobile they had amazing coustomer service, where as verizon has aaaa….ok coustomer service and great cell reception.

  38. AnnabelleFeardie says:

    Hey guys this is the OP of the story.

    I want to make a few things clear while writing I was trying to explain what
    was going on and probably didnÂ’t do the best job.

    A. I went to the Mobile Solutions Store because my fiancé and I have
    had issues with Sprint we decided to look for someone else. IÂ’ve had good
    luck with T-Mobile in the past and was looking at rates / phones. The
    salesmen said I had to try out T-Mobile and see how great it is. After a few
    noÂ’s I said fine the only info he took was my State ID which has my current
    address on it that is how the phones showed up on my door step.

    As a few people have already said I thought I could just return the phones
    as IÂ’m not a confrontational kind of person and yes one could make the
    argument that I could of just walked away and if I knew it would have been
    this much hassle I would of walked away.

    B. Regarding that “white piece of paper” it was the paper saying what
    phones I had “purchased” from them and apparently I needed that piece of
    paper to return the phones. Upon speaking with a CSR at Mobile Solutions I
    was informed that shouldnÂ’t been the case I should have been able to just
    bring the phones back. Not having the paper (which showed up in the fedex
    packge, which the store manager claimed they didnÂ’t have) prevented them
    from taking the phones back from me.

    C. Regarding driving my fiancé drives I don’t but the phones were under
    my name we are not married yet so she couldnÂ’t of taken care of anything
    without me being present. So when I say we drove I mean my fiancé drove us
    to place to place.

    After e-mailing the consumerist I called back the customer service # (800 #)
    and spoke with someone else who said they are investigating everything and
    said the original sales person was fired a few weeks back. They are
    concerned that I received other peopleÂ’s information and would also like the
    phones back. I said no IÂ’m reselling them for the hassle which they
    threatened me saying they would send $250 claim to collections. I asked to
    speak to a supervisor but was told they donÂ’t take live calls and was put
    into an executive voice mail box.

    On the way home I got a call from the same girl I originally spoke with to
    which she again said I canÂ’t sell the phones and they she assured me the
    matter is being taken seriously and that they are investigating. I need to
    provide them with some more information so they can figure out who fedexÂ’d
    me the phones / paper work back to me.

    So thatÂ’s the situation I apologize for any misunderstandings this isnÂ’t
    something I do everyday and IÂ’ve learned a lesson just say no and if you
    need to walk away also IÂ’m never shopping at a Mobile Solutions store ever
    again. I know alittle bit of me was to blame but I tried on four separate
    occasions to return their property unopened and unused and they wouldnÂ’t
    let me to the point they send me back the items.

    Thanks everyone IÂ’ll let you all know how it turns out.


  39. kaitlind says:

    this place may be awful, but don’t diss on all of the authorized dealers. one of these dealers that I met through my work has gone out of her way numerous times to help me- she’s let me borrow personal phones, as well as try all kinds of phones, internet cards, etc. I’ve never bought anything from her and she sends me home with fun stuff to play with all the time :D

  40. smackswell says:

    As a former TMS Phone Whore, I think I can shed some light on this situation.

    The Mobile Solution pays the lowest wage of any of the major cellphone retailers. When hiring employees, they don’t focus on whether or not you have good references. Or if you have a solid employment history. They don’t do credit checks or background checks or their employees. They seek out people who have the gift of gab. Natural born salesmen. Guys who are hungry for money.

    Where I was working (don’t know if it applied to all stores,) you made either commission or peanuts per hour. So you try to do everything in your power to get people out the door with one of your phones. If you were able to get em out the store with phones, chances were you could come up with lame excuses to make the customer keep the phone until they were outside the window of time to cancel their contract. Or in the case of some employees, scratch the phone when the customer comes back and use it as an excuse not to accept the return.

    Oh, and the other fun one was if a customer came in seeking a new phone when they were within contract. The employee would add a line to the account and not tell the customer that their contract was just extended. Sometimes they’d tell the customer that their bill would be 10 bucks more a month.

    There were so many little scams they ran it blew my mind. When I heard one of the local newstations were doing a piece on our store I knew it was time to get the hell out.

    Frankly, I’m amazed they’re still in business. If anyone wants more info, let me know. Sketchy sketchy.

  41. moore850 says:

    One note: if you agree to get billed, someone can bill you, as long as they know how to get a bill to you (i.e. even with just your name + address).

  42. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @holocron: Clearly the fiancé can drive but the OP can’t.

    While I agree that consumers shouldn’t do any kind of business with salespeople who act like jerks before a sale has even been made that doesn’t excuse the reps behavior and it certainly doesn’t excuse the manager’s behavior. The manager should have taken care of this especially considering that he knew of the rep’s behavior. The “Not you people again” comment makes me wonder if the rep even really got fired. The manager clearly expected them to just keep the phones; otherwise why be surprised/upset that they came back? I think the manager’s mumbling about firing was BS and they actually encourage that rep’s behavior.

  43. RStewie says:

    This is hysterical. I feel bad for the guy. This is also the reason I don’t purchase items without my SO there. He’s ALWAYS ready to be rude or lay the smack down on a sales rep. Anger issues aside, though, I have to say it makes shopping for high-pressure items 500% easier.

    Too bad I can’t rent him out for that. Everyone should have a person with them at the ready to stand up and cut through the bullsh*t when shopping!!

  44. econobiker says:

    @jjeefff: Blaine, MN- it is those darned nice Minnesotans…If this had been in New Jersey the sales guy would have gotten a big “No F-in’ way!” and the phones would have been thrown on the ground…

    TWinter at 08:36 PM on 08/19/08 Reply *
    As a transplant to the upper-midwest, I think I can shed a bit of light on this story for some of you. This happened in Minnesota!!!

    Many people (not everyone) in this part of the country are pathologically non-confrontational at times. It boggles the mind how some of them can and will hold back their thoughts/opinions because they don’t want to risk a confrontation. I really do believe the OP thought it would be easier to just take the phones and bring them back later.

  45. Ninjanice says:

    Let’s not paint all authorized retailers with the same brush. I work for an authorized retailer. We’ve been in business since the 80’s and that’s for a reason- because we are good at what we do and take care of our customers. We do loaner phones, demo equipment, I’ve driven to customer’s houses to take them stuff, fix mistakes made at corporate stores, etc. You won’t necessarily get that kind of service at a corporate store. So, it’s all in finding a good dealer- whether they are corporate or not.

  46. Silversmok3 says:

    Popular messes ive had to clean up at work from the Mobile Solutions:

    Deposit Fraud (taking someone elses ID to run the credit check to avoid triggering a deposit)

    ID theft(Using someone elses SS ## to activate phones)

    Device Fraud(Activating stolen/questionable equipment)

    Termination Fee Fraud(Attaching a $200 return charge to every phone sold plus the $200 Carrier cancellation fee).

    The question it this:How did TMS get the lady’s adress and SS number to run the fraudulent credit check on the phones?

    I hardly think the kiosk got it from the phone book, yes?

  47. FatLynn says:

    Just because nobody has said it yet…This is a good example of what you should NOT put your SSN on your DL. In some states, the default is to print it on there, so ask if you can get it removed.

  48. TornadoRex says:

    @holocron: There’s a decent sized mall in Blaine, MN (Northtown). The OP may have traveled up there for other reasons and decided to stop in the store to check out deals and whatnot.

  49. Mysterry says:

    Well, I live in the TC area so I know how it can be. When browsing the mall and a sales rep comes up to me and start talking to me, I act like I know them, and that I saw them at a party a few days ago and that they should give me a call. Basically, I just weird the hell out of them so they quit bothering me.

    In any case, the bus system sucks around Blaine, so I know that feels too. I used to live in Maplewood and the only bus that came by my area was the 61 which comes every half hour to a point and then every hour and doesn’t run on the weekends. So if you need help with anything, you can always just contact me or something. I’m always up to meeting new people–especially consumerists. You can contact a staff member and they can forward me the email or something…

  50. Quilt says:

    This kind of reminds of this time that a kid (couldn’t have been more than 12) appeared at my door trying to hawk newspaper subscriptions. The kid was a pretty sharp salesperson. The way he worded it was that the subscription was “essentially free.” So I talked a little bit more with him about this “free” part, and from the way he described it…it was free. I didn’t have to pay for anything.

    So I say, “Sure, why the hell not?” The kid whips out this form I have to fill out, and I start looking through it, and there’s a bit about a $30. I ask him about that, and he says, “Well that essentially pays for itself after you use the coupons that come with the paper.”

    Naturally I hand the form back to the kid and say, “No dice,” and shoo the kid away.

    Ten minutes later the kid knocks on my door asking if he could use the phone. He had to call his dad for a ride.

    I stand there while he’s on the phone and he says in a really apologetic voice, “I didn’t get anything in this area. Can we have dinner now? *pause* Ok, but could you drive me to the next area? I’m getting tired.”

    I felt really bad for the kid.

  51. darkryd says:

    Sorry to say it, but this is the customer’s fault on this one.

    Nobody can force you to take phones, I dont care how strong of a pitch they push on you.

  52. vladthepaler says:

    Now I’m curious about how the guy’s “no I don’t want the phone” resulted in the salesman photocopying his ID and getting his signature. Was he physically barricaded from walking out of the store until he had done the salesman’s bidding?

  53. Mysterry says:

    @Quilt: … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 12 year old do a sales pitch like that before. It was probably a nice touch on his part to come in and us eyour phone so you can listen to him talk to his father… maybe you’d feel bad enough to give him the $30?

  54. Sasquatch says:

    I used to work in a T-Mobile corporate store and can echo the sentiment that The Mobile Solution is a worthless group of greedy hucksters. Avoid them at all costs. You may get a deal on your handset, but you’ll have a 2-year headache.

  55. YoniX says:

    I rarely deal with “Authorized dealers” for this exact reason. If I am going to buy a cell phone I go to a Verizon store, and speak with a Verizon employee, and sign a Verizon contract. 3rd party retailer FTL. Also, try and make sure that your individual company store (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc) hasn’t been written up by the Better business beaurau (SP)

  56. SquareBubbles says:

    @GamblesAC2: We at the REAL T-Mobile stores do our absolute best to provide excellent customer service, but those kiosks are not actually T-Mobile, they are a third party reseller that simply sells the products and provides no customer service.

  57. xphilter says:

    this is great! I worked at the T-mobile in northtown mall a few years ago and constantly had to fix problems from mobile solutions. I’m not sure why they never were arrested, they constantly would use some other persons info to sign up new people. It was always such a headache, customers would come to us expecting us to fix it. Most of the time though (i know, don’t blame the OP) it was customers who wanted more than free and would leave us, go there and get screwed, and then come back for help.

  58. TimeToChange2000 says:

    “I said no a few times but he wouldn’t hear it. “

    You are the customer. You have the right to refuse the phones and . . . here’s the kicker . . . walk away. You do not have to be nice to overbearing salespeople.

    It’s called a door. Use it.

  59. Kaisum says:

    Yeah I gotta say, when I worked at Best Buy I was told to use a similar bullying tactic to sign people up for Reward Zone, I didn’t do it because it’s people’s choice whether they want another useless piece of plastic in their wallets (or whatever) and you gotta suck it up and tell the salesman very rudely to fuck off.

    Blame yourself chief.

  60. Shadowman615 says:

    Nothing good ever comes out of trying to “be nice” to a salesman. I’m not recommending anyone be rude or impolite — just to never actually spend money on or take a free trial of anything you don’t actually want just to be nice.

    Salesmen already know most people have an innate desire to be nice. Many of their pitches are designed to act chummy with you in order to take advantage of that.

  61. Aisley says:

    Come on people, knock it off! Walking out of the store with the two phones was not a mistake. Openning his wallet, giving the salesman his driver license and signing the contract that’s what he did wrong.

    My father thought me quite a few very good lessons. The best for this case is: when people want something you have, then YOU have control of the situation. The moment you give them what they want, your control is over.

    Now, here’s a little piece of lawyerly advice. NEVER, EVER, sign anything without reading it first. If the sales person complains against the reading or try his/her best not to give it to you for reading then grab your pocketbook and your posterior and run out of there. That’s a store you should NEVER, EVER set foot in that store again

  62. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    ANY company with the word “solutions” in it’s logo, trade name, or trade sentence is NOT a solution.

  63. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I have purchased my phones from an authorized dealer, and yes I am subject to larger ETFs for 6 months, but I also saved about $300 on my phone!

  64. Darkwing_Duck says:

    @Shadowman615: Exactly. You can be a decent human being and smile and make conversation at everyone, but salesman are not your friends, and not people to idly chat with. No need to be rude, but never be afraid to be firm. What are they selling, a phone? That’s some attitude, acting like they’re the only place in town that can sell you one. Jeez, sometimes businesses forget they have competition-I see it in the way they treat their customers. I was dropping of a prescription for my grandmother at a CVS. They were very rude and told me I would have to wait extra because they were backed up. I said “No I don’t have to wait. I’ll take my prescription to another pharmacy.” And I went right down the street.

  65. dantsea says:

    I know I’m risking bannination for this, but it has to be said more than once:

    I said no a few times but he wouldn’t hear it.

    Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah. That’s when you do this thing called WALKING AWAY.