Burger King Tray Liners In Germany Feature Cartoon Veggies With Boobs

Maybe Burger King in Germany isn’t the same sort of “kid centric” destination that it is over here? Idea Sandbox has made some um, interesting observations about their “Veg City” tray liners. This one is employs the “airport screening” metaphor to suggest that BK doesn’t let any shady veggies into their food.

Our sister site Kotaku says the campaign is based in Germany and meant to parody “Vice City” and Grand Theft Auto, and there’s even a mini-sniper game on the campaign’s website.

Anyway, is it weird that we feel really bad for the onion? He’s being humiliated! What did he do to deserve this? Maybe it’s his choice in reading material…

Here’s a close up: Don’t onions deserve privacy?

You can view the entire liner here. And view some reaction from the crowd at Metafilter, here.

What Is Burger King Thinking? [Idea Sandbox]


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  1. michaelangelo1969 says:


  2. Crymson_77 says:

    @michaelangelo1969: I second that

  3. asujosh1 says:

    Seriously, this is news?

    Newsflash, the US is full of prudes that think seeing the human body is something that children should never do.

  4. Ringl says:

    Burger king reminds me of that kid that’s trying way too hard to get people to notice what he’s doing.

    All he needs to do is say, “Hey guys, I’ve got a bunch of Oreo pie. Wanna come over and have some?”

    I’d show up

  5. lidor7 says:

    Cool and creative art, but in Burger King, really?

  6. jamesdenver says:

    Last year I was at the English gardens in Munich. There’s an area where men and women lay out naked for some sun.

    A path funs within 200 feet from the grassy area, full of families and kids passing through.

    Nobody cared about either party. I thought how if it were here and some people layed out naked the fear crazed soccer moms would call the news, police, and ramp up their local sex offender recationary groups.

  7. jamesdenver says:

    A path RUNS that is.

  8. illtron says:

    The only thing really wrong with this placemat is all of the peppers in it. I’ve spent enough time in Germany to know that Germans have some of the wussiest taste buds in the world. The bravest they generally get is to eat some really mild currywurst.

    Other than that, I love it. I think the art is really clever. Kids will get over it. Plus, I love the thought of some middle America types freaking out over a placemat that will probably be covered in grease stains and ketchup by the time they ever get a good look at it.

  9. synergy says:

    Maybe Burger King in Germany isn’t the same sort of “kid centric” destination that it is over here?
    I think you’re asking the wrong question. I think their adults aren’t so infantile that a pair of breasts signals the end of the world.

  10. synergy says:

    Woah. What happened to my blockquote?! I did close that tag…

  11. axiomatic says:

    @asujosh1: Agreed! Puritanical prudes rule the US. X-tianity in America is a completely different thing than everywhere else in the world. I would go so far as to say “broken” in fact.

    Having lived all over the world I hope I can say this with a little perspective, vs. those who have only lived in the U.S. What is worse is the America is supposed to be the land of tolerance. Ya right.

    (native US Texan and apparent godless heathen)

    • ShizaMinelli says:

      @axiomatic: Nope, definitely not the land of tolerance. Just look at how people who don’t want their children seeing vegetables emulating sexual magazines that are not meant for children are being slammed as “PRUDES”.

      Seems like some people expect “open-minded thinking”, but only when that “open mind” agrees with them.

  12. sleze69 says:


  13. geekfather says:

    C’mon… that’s funny right there.

  14. PinkBox says:

    I wish we could get away with that sort of thing here in America. OMGBOOBIES. *yawn*

  15. crazydavythe1st says:

    I’m not sure it’s the boobies that are the issue. I think the potential issue is “Mommy, am I green and horny too?”

  16. caffeinequeen says:

    Hey, I think I saw that in a gay porn once! That cucumber is totally rockin’ the Tom of Finland look.

  17. koreanforrabbit says:

    Pretty funny. And way less creepy than the King mascot.

  18. zarex42 says:


  19. RandomHookup says:

    I just want to know what BK was trying to convey, ja?

  20. ElizabethD says:

    LOL!!! I thought that was really funny. :-D Europeans have all the fun.

  21. Pizza_Guy says:

    Is it just me, or does the pickle resemble the biker from the Village People? The fact his ass is blossoming just reinforces the look, lol.

  22. elislider says:

    this is where the usa and europe differs. in the usa, sexual content is a big no-no, but violence in most any form is a-ok. the opposite is true in europe where excessive violence and gore is shunned (especially in germany) but sexual content is more loosely censored.

  23. Gopher bond says:

    Well, you do know that America was founded by people so uptight and prude that the English kicked them out.

  24. Average_Joe says:

    They need to come here and check out jalapenos.

  25. HogwartsAlum says:

    OMG I am LOL-ing at work. People are going, “What up with her?”

    That is too funny.

  26. warf0x0r says:

    @asujosh1: Its just funny as hell.

  27. Yea? So?

  28. michaelangelo1969 says:

    @testsicles: last time i checked there were no puritans at the signing of the constitution.

  29. What is Burger King thinking?

    Oh, I don’t know. Something along the lines of “Hey, these be some pretty funny/edgy cartoons”? I think they’re great.

    And kids know what boobies are. They’ll find out about the red light district soon enough. And if they know what “playveg” means, then they’ve already found their dad’s Playboy stash.

  30. MadameX says:

    @crazydavythe1st: Exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn’t be so concerned with my kids being exposed to nudity (well, if I HAD kids) but I don’t think I’d want to have to explain to my 6 year old what “horny” means.

  31. PDX909 says:


    hhmmmmmmmm currywurst /homer

  32. reznicek111 says:

    Hm. Breasts on a cuke-pr0n mag, not such a big deal…but Onion’s about to get a serious cavity search from Officer Cucumber. And what’s that empty tube on the floor? That doesn’t look like toothpaste to me.

  33. Gopher bond says:

    @michaelangelo1969: who said anything about the United States? jerk.

  34. Garbanzo says:

    Why are these ads written in English if they’re designed for the German market? Can any of you folks more familiar with Germany enlighten me?

  35. ryan89 says:

    Thanks for the new desktop wallpaper!

  36. greatgoogly says:

    Yikes, I dug into the game part a little more.
    Here is a screen capture that of it… It’s the S&M vegetables.
    Not quite sure what’s up with this game. My wife is German so I’ll ask here to do some translation when I get home…. Should be festive…

  37. kyle4 says:

    Damn, I bet if it was a guy it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Here in Canada (Ontario at least) a woman can walk around topless if she wants to, just as a guy does. Not that I see anyone using that right.

  38. And oh yes, the mini-site has plenty more where that came from.

  39. dopplerd says:

    The cavity search in progress makes me hungry! As for cartoon boobs on a pickle…

    The weird/scary thing about the internet is that somebody some where is getting off right now looking at pickle boobs.

  40. cockeyed says:


  41. allthatsevil says:

    @Garbanzo: It does say it’s spoofing “Vice City” and “GTA.” I don’t know if they have German versions of the games (probably do), but aren’t they both set in America? And I could be wrong, but it may also have to do with the fact that many Germans also speak English.

    And I second what elislider said. It’s disgusting the violence we get away with showing on the news, but God forbid those newscasters show too much cleavage!

  42. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    @Michael Belisle: That is awesome.

  43. MeOhMy says:

    These are really funny. I love the Red Light District one. There’s so much going on. In one room there is a naked female cucumber bending over a desk while a male cuke sits in a chair nearby knitting a sock!

  44. bohemian says:

    @kylo4: No it is just too cold and your women are smart.

  45. varro says:

    Sounds like the thing my wife and I made up on a long drive a few years ago – “Fruit Tales”.

    Basically, a rainbow-colored Veggie Tales. I’m glad the Germans are poking a thumb in the eye of the fundie brainwashing that is that show…

  46. picardia says:

    Though ITA that it’s kinda funny, and that the US shouldn’t be so uptight with these things, I don’t know if I want to see a simulated anal exam while I’m trying to eat. Even if it is an onion.

  47. lordargent says:

    asujosh1: Newsflash, the US is full of prudes that think seeing the human body is something that children should never do.

    But that’s obviously a cucumber or pickle, not a human.

  48. bohemian says:

    The US where a naked boob on TV causes a massive uproar. Dead bodies in the street, on the news just about every day. They don’t even bother with the warnings they are going to show something graphic.

    But I am clearly some anti-amerikun heretic because I find all of the violence and resulting dead bodies on the news far more offensive than sex or nudity.

    The BK ad is funny. People in Germany are probably not freaking out over it since you see nudity in street ads and TV there.

  49. mugczar says:

    @Michael Belisle:

    ‘Pickle in? Pickle out?’


  50. TechnoDestructo says:

    Holy shit.

    Also, go to Google and see how often “Veggie Tales” is misspelled “Vaggie Tales.” Usually by its fans.

  51. TACP says:

    @bohemian: I haven’t seen dead bodies on the news in a long time. What channel are you watching?

  52. maevro says:

    The onion in the 1st picture is about to get a cavity search, WTF?!?

    There is so many wrong things about the above picture. Eddie Murphy is in the back alley and some pickey is getting some action by his Trans Am.

  53. campredeye says:

    @jamesdenver: Freudian slip?

  54. bachill says:

    See, for those who would have a problem explaining what horny is to children, a dictionary is what comes in handy:

    horn·y /ˈhɔrni/ -adjective, horn·i·er, horn·i·est.
    1. consisting of a horn or a hornlike substance; corneous.
    2. having a horn or horns or hornlike projections; horned.
    3. hornlike as a result of hardening; callous: horny hands.

    A pickle is quite horny.

    Pervs, the lot of you.

  55. katylostherart says:

    these are badass.

  56. snoop-blog says:

    Is it wrong that I’d rather eat a vegetable that has boobs?

  57. cookmefud says:

    this makes me want to eat at burger king.

  58. Mr. Guy says:

    these are A+

    i too am confused as to why they’re written in english if they’re for the german market.

  59. cockeyed says:

    @Mr. Guy: Many Europeans know english…. And it’s probably that way so tourists will understand it.

  60. cockeyed says:

    @mugczar: Whoah she’s sucking on his vine with french dressing lubricant.

  61. dwneylonsr says:

    Germans aren’t quite as hung up on female breasts as Americans are. It wasn’t unusual to see bare breasts in tv commercials.

  62. cockeyed says:

    Fresh Ketchup!

  63. midwestkel says:

    @mugczar: Thanks, you just gave me my new wallpaper at work!

    @cockeye: That one is not as good.

  64. cockeyed says:

    @midwestkel: true…. not sexual either, but i found the fresh ketchup thing funny.

  65. TomCruisesTesticles says:

    It makes absolutely no sense for vegetables to have mammary glands, but, mammaries are a part of life

  66. springboks says:

    What a yawn.

  67. Elijah86 says:

    I LOVE IT!

  68. Skipweasel says:

    Can anyone explain why a panda has to wear underwear? His prowess in martial arts seem unaffected, just makes him look silly, or so my kids tell me.

  69. papahoth says:

    unlike the US, in europe boobs are the provider of milk, not sexual organs. slow news day?

  70. trujunglist says:


    Ok, that one is kinda messed up.

  71. Robobot says:

    I seriously want to eat at Burger King for dinner after seeing this.

    Looks like this advertising campaign actually works, at least on me. (Unlike those stupid/creepy King ads we see over here)!

  72. Awesome! Who decided that fast food is for kids, anyway?

  73. varro says:

    @mugczar: “Special Mayo Treatment”? OMFG.

  74. mugczar says:

    @midwestkel: Here’s the full image in the proper [a-hem] proportions.

  75. varro says:

    @TomCruisesTesticles: It’s also not accurate for companies to market milk-based drinks to children using *male* cows, but whatever sells….

  76. ThyGuy says:

    We need those in America. I’d be laughing my ass off if I saw that tray liner in Mc donalds.

  77. CubFx says:

    I would not want my children seeing this, but I am in no way offended by them. Rather, I find it quite humerous, and think it is the best ad i have seen in a long time.

    I would prefer these to those incredibly stupid “King” commercials they show here in the states.

  78. CubFx says:

    @CubFx: I actually meant humorous rather than humerus.

  79. goodkitty says:

    This is why our kids are getting more and more stupider. Expose them to new ideas and concepts? Never! They might question authority! I think these are great. More power to creative society.

  80. D-Bo says:

    Funny but not exactly recent news…

  81. Carbonic says:

    I’m LOVIN IT!

  82. Nytmare says:

    The bumpy pickle about to violate some guys ass, that seems kind of inappropriate for a food placemat.

  83. RageTowers says:

    Vege Tales just got 100% more awesome

  84. forgottenpassword says:


    Look at the other pickle (in the background)watching on in anticipation.

  85. audiochick says:

    I kind of love all of them!

  86. Foneguy says:

    Too Funny! Love the Village People and Bourbon Street look. Great fun for kids of all ages. HA

  87. louiedog says:


    In San Francisco you can go to Baker Beach. At one end there are tons of families. At the other end, naked people. There is no barrier and the beach is probably not even a quarter of a mile long. I saw an old naked man do a cartwheel (was that ever a surprise) a eighty feet from a picnicking family.

  88. thesuperpet says:

    maybe, just maybe, boobs arn’t such a big deal outside of the states.

  89. Maulleigh says:

    I like it. And I think if I were/was a parent, I’d appreciate it too. Kids are bombarded with all sorts of sexy/crazy imagery all the time. I’d just say the cucumber was putting on the glove to spank the onion for trying to break the rules.

    And then change the subject. Yay art!

  90. Ajh says:

    Honestly the most disturbing part would be not that the breasts are there, but that they’re on vegetables. A horrid meshing of this picture with the children’s show veggietales is what first entered my mind.

    I have no problem with the picture honestly but wow..maybe I should drink the coffee before looking at the internet…

  91. joellevand says:

    Reminds me of a placemat of “New York City” in the American Cafe in Paris.

  92. Kvinna says:

    I just looked at all of them, and I think they´re really great. Totally cheeky and cool design. I can´t believe people are getting bent about pickle boobs. I thought the sniper was more sensational.
    Great color, art direction and creativity overall. Not surprised it´s Europe. We have such whacked sensibilities. I wouldn´t care if my kids saw them. I´d rather try to explain an onion than Jenna Jameson.

  93. BytheSea says:

    They’re perfectly kid-centric, they just aren’t from a puritanical boob-phobic country.

  94. amigabill says:

    Humans didn’t know shame until after Eve and Adam ate from the tree of knowledge, right? So being an over-reactive prude is a result of that original sin, that’s not the way God intended for us to be. And yet the conservatives will string me up for this belief.

  95. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    One of the pictures portrays S&M, yikes. Check out the web site [www.vegcity.de]

  96. sashazur says:

    I also prefer these to the weird “King” ads we have in the USA. But I recall seeing pretty obvious sexual innuendo in at least one “King” ad, the one where everything looks kinda futuristic and the ad says something about how the King is good with his hands or fingers or something like that…

  97. pileofmonkeycrap says:

    Loves me some pickle tits!