Dear Radio City Music Hall, Christmas Is Not "Right Around The Corner" In August

The ad in an August 14 issue of Metro says "Christmas is right around the corner." Not quite.

The ad in an August 14 issue of Metro says “Christmas is right around the corner.” Not quite.

Reader Scott says he spotted some nasty summertime Christmas Creep in the free NYC area paper “Metro”. Apparently the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular is under the impression that “Christmas is right around the corner.” In August.

… the show starts it’s run on November 7th! I’m still too high on Halloween candy on Nov 7th to start thinking about Xmas (Full disclosure: I’m Jewish, so I really couldn’t give a crap about Xmas anyway, but you get my point).

We get your point loud and clear, Scott.

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  1. chucklebuck says:

    I know this puts me in the minority, but there are days I actually listen to Christmas music or Christmas episodes of old-time radio shows during the summer. It just puts me in a good mood. It is kind of weird seeing decorations in stores so early though.

  2. superlayne says:

    Well, granted Christmas is all Radio City Music Hall has.

  3. MacGyver says:

    Considering the overall journalistic quality of Metro papers around the world in General, is anyone really surprised?

  4. MyLud says:

    Actualy, when viewed through the lens of the history of the universe, it IS right around the corner…

    Oh, yeah, and that show sells out waaaay early.

    I call it good marketing!

  5. Farquar says:


    When viewed through the lens of the history of the universe death is right around the corner too.

    Thankfully we prefer not to view most things through that lens.

  6. wattznext says:

    @superlayne: No way, what about that guy who blew his life savings renting it out so he could play the organ?

  7. MissPeacock says:

    @chucklebuck: Sometimes, when it gets really REALLY hot outside (I live in Birmingham) in the summer, one of the radio stations will play Christmas music all day long to remind us all that it won’t always be so hellishly hot.

  8. Etoiles says:

    Last year, in New York City, the Duane Reade nearest to my workplace put Christmas trees in their window display in late July. I started seeing other Christmas-themed displays and advertising, like the Metro banner above, several times before Labor Day.

    When I worked in CVS as a high-school and college kid, I was shocked to discover that Hallmark started shipping us their boxes of “Keepsake Ornaments” with the July 4th shipments. I am not making this up. I wish I were.

    Personally, I’m with my dad. From before I was born, there was a moratorium in our house on any mention of Christmas, whatsoever, until the Thanksgiving meal was over. (Of course, this resulted in a family tradition of my mother leaping up from her pumpkin pie and cackling madly to herself while finding a Christmas CD to blast through the living room stereo, but ah well.)

  9. scoosdad says:

    Tickets for for this show for key dates near the holidays are notoriously hard to come by and sell out quickly. I’m not at all surprised that they’ve got this up early.

    And after all, it starts off with “It’s officially summer, but…”

  10. Brain.wav says:

    I used to leave up a christmas tree all year-round… full of geeky ornaments. The only christmas-y decoration was a Santa hat I’d put on the Dilbert “tree-topper” (which was replaced by a small Gundam Wing cap after Christmas).

  11. SkokieGuy says:

    Being of Jewish background, I am offended by the post for several reasons.

    First, some Jewish people DO care about Christmas. Our reasons are immortalized in the classic cartoon, Christmastime for the Jews, which I look forward to each season as much as little boys and girls look forward to seeing their Christmas stockings filled with goodies.


    Secondly, as I have pointed out in previous posts, Christmas Creep should be limited to refering to that uncle you don’t see that often who is a bit too eager to bounce you on his knee.

  12. BrianDaBrain says:

    Christmas = people spending money. Companies really are getting impatient. But I can see the point of putting tickets on sale for this kind of thing really early, though. They tend to sell out exceptionally quickly, so being able to order them early is pretty cool.

  13. SkokieGuy says:

    and maybe to the “dear” aunt that insists on giving everyone in the family Christmas Sweaters.


  14. Bah

    I hate the “Christmas Creep”. I do NOT hate the holiday though I am not a Christian. We celebrate the holiday season in my home lime many American families.

    I’ve been of the opinion lately that Christmas Creep is what has started to kill allot of the excitement out of the season. Remember as a kid the fever pitch of excitement as Christmas approached, and you saw the decorations going up along the road, and town. It started sometime after Thanksgiving. You can only maintain the levels of excitement, and anticipation *so long* before it starts to pale, and you start feeling “meh” about the whole thing. As they drag Christmas earlier and earlier I find myself caring less and less for the holiday season.

  15. nicemarmot617 says:

    The worst thing about Christmas creep is the music. It’s bad enough listening to that shit all through December, now we have to listen to it through October and November too – soon they’ll just play it all year long.

  16. Breach says:

    I hate Christmas, I hate it more when the advertising starts in the SUMMER. Bunch of fake consumer Capitalist bullshit so these faceless corporations can make money. So sick of it, every year in this country is the same bullshit.

  17. SkokieGuy says:

    @: Amen on the music! I don’t mind the products in the stores. Hey, in a bad economy, people need far more time to make purchases. Who has the coin to buy everything in a 2 – 3 week window?

    But my head wants to explode hearing the faux-cheery holiday music 2 – 3 months prior and knowing that I will continue to hear it over and over and over. Makes one want to commit random elficide.

  18. HogwartsAlum says:


    I hear ya!

    It used to be just like that; in my family, we would not put up the tree until the day after Thanksgiving and we took it down on New Years Day. To this day I can’t even think about doing it any earlier. Especially since I have to put up the tree at work, too, so I have to do two of them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is NOT Christmas Creep.

    There’s a finite amount of tickets available for the Spectacular. So if someone was planning a trip to NYC well in advance (which is usually recommended) what is the problem of getting the tickets to the spectacular?

  20. Anonymous says:

    You wonder why people stick pistols in their mouth at the holiday time. Being bombarded with this crap for 3-4 months.

  21. JulesNoctambule says:

    Clearly, I am running behind the corporate schedule as I’m just now getting started with planning my Halloween decorations.

    The question remains: Skeletal hands coming up out of the yard or *motion-activated* skeletal hands coming up out of the yard?

  22. snoop-blog says:

    bah-Humbug! Meg, can I be Jewish too? I too could give a shit about x-mas so I’m like halfway there right- and I’ve already been circumcized, have a wide nose, and curly hair. boom- Jewish.

    Btw- My g-parents are Jewish so I really am of Jewish decent, although my parents are christians. I’m so confused!

  23. theblackdog says:

    @: I vote for motion activated, it will scare the kids and the potential TP’ers

  24. theblackdog says:

    @JulesNoctambule: I vote for motion activated, it will scare the kids and the potential TP’ers

    *Apologies for the double post, the reply to button still seems to be borked*

  25. Snarkysnake says:

    Don’t know if this counts or not,but I did see a Christmas themed spot today with that year ’round creep,”Smilin Bob” for Enzyte. (The natural placebo that makes you think thatyour dingle has more jingle). You know the one where he has all the office hotties on his knee ? Now THAT’S creepy. Christmas creepy.

  26. vildechaia says:

    Feliz navidad, feliz navidad – it sneaked into my head while reading the Comments. And I can’t get it out!

  27. RandomHookup says:

    This is NYC, after all. Their corners are much bigger.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think the bigger news story here, is that there is a Jewish person in New York. So rare.

  29. JulesNoctambule says:

    @theblackdog: That’s my feeling as well, if only to watch my husband jump and yell every time he comes home. He forgets easily!

  30. MyLud says:

    Are you saying there is a difference betwen death and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular?

  31. Anonymous says:

    It hit 112°F here today. I can’t wait for my balmy 60°F Christmas season to arrive. And I’m Jewish, too.

    And to think, I was surprised that Walgreens was putting out Halloween stuff already.

  32. MyLud says:

    @: I’ve been seeing that, too, like crazy! And what makes it MORE creepy is in the ad, Smilin’ Bob’s WIFE is right there, when all the ladies are lining up to sit on his lap. So I guess they’re the first pill that is actively promoting multiple partners, too!

    Didn’t they get nailed for fraud?

    Anyways, back to Radio City. @: I agree — except out-of-towners wouldn’t necessarilly be getting the free Metro. This marketing is clearly for the locals…anyone see any banner ads for this?

  33. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    First, some Jewish people DO care about Christmas.
    @SkokieGuy: Huh? Nobody said there aren’t any Jewish people who care about Christmas.

    @BuddyGuyMontag: I don’t begrudge them advertising the show itself early but Christmas itself is not right around the corner no matter how soon the show sells out.

    As for Christmas music: Carol of the Bells is the shiznat.

  34. timmus says:

    Note to self — do NOT set foot in Lowes in September. Go to Home Depot instead. Note is on topic, too.

  35. kaptainkk says:

    @: I’m with you. I’m so sick of how commercialized it has become, I hate the music, I hate hearing the news reports of how jam packed the malls are, I hate hearing about the retards lining up at 2:00 a.m. on Black Friday, I hate it all! It’s all about gimme, gimme, gimme! Did I mention I hate Christmas? Peace.

  36. snoop-blog says:

    @purplesun: Ahhh, Halloween! my favorite time of year. I always hit up at least 10 haunted houses. How I love the fall. But I do live in Indiana so the fall season is about the only thing we have going for us. Covered Bridge Festival, here I come!

  37. ReverendBrown says:

    My establishment is receives initial shipments of Christmas cards in June, which totaled out to about a thousand “bulk” packages of cards.

    The sick part is that, in the past, that batch sells out before Labor Day.

  38. MyPetFly says:

    Not a story. Sorry.

  39. Anonymous says:

    this doesnt bother me too much because it is true that this show sells out fast. I remember during U2’s last tour the tickets went on sale like 8 months before the show. There was a lot of advertising buzz for that. This seems like the same thing.

  40. Dyscord says:

    How is this a bad thing? To some people, the year goes by pretty fast. Hell, I remember new years like it was yesterday. I think the sentiment here is, before you know it, christmas will be here. Which is true.

  41. spikespeigel says:

    What is this Christ-mas you all speak of? Now, Robot Hanukkah I know!

  42. attackgypsy says:

    For them, Christmas is right around the corner. The Radio City show lasts almost 2 months. This year is Nov. 7 to December 30th.

    Buying tickets for this usually starts around this time every year. Was nice to get discount tickets for them when I worked for the parent company. 35 bucks a seat was nice.

  43. Anonymous says:

    The reason it was probably in the Metro is because it was part of a national Ad buy. Stuff happens. Besides, locals may have visitors during the christmas season. I don’t see a problem.

    Is it any different than baseball teams encouraging you to buy season tickets for next season at the end of this season?

  44. Tzepish says:

    Oddly enough, recently I had the thought “wow, Christmas is only 4 months away”. But that’s more an indication of me getting older, not the year getting shorter.

  45. Marshfield says:

    Actually, my wife says “I think in August that Christmas is right around the corner, and before I know it, ITS HERE!”

    COSTCO has started putting out Christmas ribbon.

    And, husbands, if you want to give decent gifts to your wife, you really need to be shopping ALL YEAR LONG because those things you see at the gift shop in July that would make great presents won’t be there on Dec 23 when you go shopping at the mall.

    It’s only taken me 30 years to learn this….

  46. rickhamilton620 says:

    @: Wow! That was awesome :)

  47. synimatik says:

    The Lowes in my town had Christmas stuff out on the shelves, for sale, last year in August. Nothing so far this year.

    They might as well start hanging signs on December 26th that say ‘Only 364 more shopping days until Christmas!’

  48. Henrythoreau says:

    Shoot, that means that Arbor Day is around the corner as well.

    Seriously, I love the whole fall Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas series of holidays. I know it is a store scam, I know it’s Christian-centric, but still it makes me want to burn a scented candle. I think it all starts with the sound of the first college football game on the radio.

  49. am84 says:

    I seriously already have my tickets for one of these performances in December. I’m coming from out of town though and needed to plan ahead. It does seem kind of odd that they’re advertising it so far in advance to locals.

  50. Cliff_Donner says:

    “Christmas is right around the corner.”

    Well if they’re talking about Christmas 2009, I would agree. With the aggressiveness of “Christmas creep,” I’m sorry to inform you all that Christmas 2008 is already over.

  51. bohemian says:

    I don’t really care for Christmas a whole lot. The creep and everywhere inundation with it starting in October or earlier has totally burned me out to the point I loathe the entire season. Don’t get me started on the damn music either.
    I purposely avoid basic shopping and when I do go to stores I try to leave as soon as possible. So I spend less money those months.

  52. Sherryness says:

    The older you get, the closer August seems to December…

  53. Anonymous says:

    Problem here is, OP is an idiot.

  54. Anonymous says:

    @snoop-blog: True! Halloween is most enjoyable! Although, I do like the day after Halloween just as much – so much candy on sale, so little time.

    Kinda like the day after Easter.

    As far as my family is concerned, holidays happen when we can all manage days off. We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in December and enjoyed 4th of July BBQ’s and fireworks toward August in the past.

    What can I say? Time and a half is hard to resist.

    Never lose sight of the real meaning of the holidays, I always say.

    (Although, don’t bother taking the kids trick or treating in November. It just confuses people. A lot. ;p )

  55. FLConsumer says:

    It’s almost the end of August… so it is almost time for Christmas Creep to rear its very fugly head.

  56. Dillenger69 says:

    The Costco I shop at has Christmas themed ribbon and gift wrap on sale already. They also have Halloween decorations on sale.


  57. Angryrider says:

    Don’t care, it’s only 4 months. And it’s friggin’ hard to get tickets.

  58. BStu says:

    Oh, for gosh sakes, they acknowledge its summer in the ad. Its not like there is a scientific definition of “right around the corner”. And the bottom line is that their show starts in 3 months. Advertising this far out is hardly unreasonable and is also hardly comparable to a retail store putting out Christmas decorations. This is just selling advance tickets to show. Its not in the same league.

  59. AMetamorphosis says:

    Our family started a new tradition last year that has REALLY helped to put our hearts back into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

    Each member of our family picks a charity. Instead of buying useless crap, we make donations on behalf of one another to their charities of choice.

    NO MORE …

    ” Christmas Creep “
    Long lines @ stores
    Useless stress trying to find the ” perfect gift “
    Credit card debt
    Overpriced Hallmark cards, gift wrap, etc.
    … and the list goes on.

    The only exception to this we have is perishable items like food or drink that we may take to each other’s houses to enjoy during the holiday season.

    The nicest thing is I have begun to look forward to Christmas once again !

  60. Triborough says:

    I hate Christmas, well the commercialized garbage it has become. It is like some sort of torture to be endured. It is a religious holiday that has been corrupted by greed.

    One thing is that everyone I know knows that they never will get a card from me. I have since I was a kid expressed my disdain for Hallmark and their brand of cheese and wondered why almost nobody seemed to notice the scam they are running. I swear they have a stupid card for everything.

    I am also lucky that I have never been to the Radio City Christmas Show. (I have only been to Radio City twice and that was for the Tonys.) It seems every year that they start it earlier and earlier. I am sure that Cablevision will get the brilliant idea in their heads to start doing it in the summer, too. (Hey Dolans, if you decide to do it I want a piece of the action for thinking it up!)

    I basically avoid Rockefeller Center around Christmas time for sanity’s sake. If I want to see the damn tree, I can see it when I watch the news on channel 4 since they love to show it when they go to break.

  61. zoso says:

    Gawker’s own Kotaku said nearly the same thing…


    “Winter is almost around the corner everyone and that means tons of skiing and snowboarding for us Colorado residents.”

    I live in Canada and I haven’t even begun to prepare for winter’s apparent near-instant onset! I shall gather my snowmobile and toque with great haste!

  62. pgaulrapp says:

    @snoop-blog: If your mother was born Jewish, so were you.

  63. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    Everyone gets all uptight about stores capitalizing on christmas. I’ve got news for everyone, almost every situation that every entity can be in is an oportunity that some can and should capitalize on.

    Example: Funerals, you may think the funural parlor is providing a service because they care where the reality is they are capitalizing on the fact that people die and the love ones need to do something with the body. How else do you explain dishing out $8K on a coffin?

    “Of course, if that is out of your price range we have something a bit more, how should I say, modest. I mean, if that’s what your grandmother would have wanted”

  64. AgentTuttle says:

    I’m sick and tired of Christmas before it comes because of the creep.

    Christmas music sucks and I have hats and shirts that say so.

    Trees piled on the sidewalk the week after like dead bodies are pathetic.

    Any store-
    Cashier: Did you find everything you were looking for?
    Me: No, but I can’t stand the x-mas music any longer.

  65. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    @snoop-blog: @pgaulrapp: Judaism is a religion, not a race. You cant be born a religious entity. In fact the very thing that makes you your religion is the fact that you choose it.

    I honestly expect more out of the two of you.

    /wags finger

  66. milk says:

    All the xmas haters are making me sad. Sure it’s become commercial, but that doesn’t mean you have to live it like that. It boils down to a happy, warm fall feeling that involves hanging out with your family a lot. Strangers down here are even nicer (apparently not the ones posting here :( ) because it’s just a good feeling in the air. Weird people are wearing ugly theme sweaters to make fun of, gigantic trucks hang wreaths on their grills… Oh, and I work for a state University, so I get two weeks of paid vacation. ^_^ Yep yep, xmas is the best. Nothing beats my mommy’s cinnamon rolls every xmas morning.

  67. milk says:

    @Wormfather is Wormfather: I thought ethnic Jews and religious Jews were different. Have I missed some politically correct correction on that idea?

    I decorated my cube at work for Hanukkah last year, and now everyone I work with thinks I’m Jewish. I throw out random Yiddish words now.

  68. incognit000 says:

    In just a few more years, Christmas will start in January, and end when you have so much debt that the bank reposesses your organs and has you cut up for parts.

  69. mariospants says:

    I call foul: no self-respecting Jewish mother would name her child “Scott”.

    Anyway, Christmas is for the kids and the kid inside the adult. If you don’t have any kid left in you, then at least try to enjoy the lights and decorations at which is usually a pretty dreary time of year (darkest, longest night, rain and sleet and snow and ice). In my opinion, they should move xmas to the end of January, where it would better received because by that point, I’m totally sick of winter and a little color and energy would be nice.

  70. ladycola says:

    as annoying as it is to see christmas stuff before its even close to halloween, tickets probably sell out pretty quickly what with all the tourist traffic coming in for the holidays. If anything i think its a good idea for anyone thinking about going to buy the tickets as early as possible

  71. wattznext says:

    @mariospants: Are you Kidding me? Try telling my mother that! She has much self respect and we both love my name!
    I’m the OP, and if you must know, I was named for my mother’s father (Sydney).
    In the Jewish religion we don’t name a child the same name as a living relative (that’s why you’ll never meet a Moishe Jr.). We take the first letter of the first name and give the child a name we like with that letter.
    So there!

  72. asketchymess says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I tried to get tickets in mid September last year and every Saturday for the entire season was sold out already! I guess I better call now.

  73. ELC says:

    Stupid Hobby Lobby has SEVERAL aisles of stuff up alredy!!! My question is who is going to buy this stuff now, paying full, original retail price? Everybody I know has their Christmas stuff put away, doesn’t want to see it, etc, until about December. I don’t see how they think they are “getting the jump” on the other stores if nobody buys the stuff.

    Also have stuff in Cracker Barrell!

  74. LittleEnosBurdette says:

    I don’t care what religion anybody is, and I do respect everybodys right to their belief. But you’ve got to admit, when midnight rolls around on Dec. 25th, there is a peace heard in the air that I’ve never heard before. I’ve got Jewish friends, I’ve got Muslim friends. I celebrate their holidays with them. But on 12/24, people from all walks of life you don’t know greet you, shake your hand, say Hi, and from my perspective, maybe that’s what it’s all about. And nothing will compete with watching my boys sleeping by the tree waiting to hear Santa. They’re immune to the violence in the world, at least at the moment. Maybe some posters on here might disagree, and it might be that you live in a part of the world that sees violence daily. For you, I wish you peace. I wish you didn’t have to live that way. But for now, my kids will find things to donate to others (for your holiday name here), and all I want is a big old New England snow storm. I’m sick of these green rainy Christmas’. I want snow in feet! I want a fire in the fireplace and Bing Freakin’ Crosby on the radio.

    Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Whatever fits. I hope you have a great day. In August. And I win for the first cheap holiday card of the season.

  75. S-the-K says:

    I agree that 7 November is too early to worry about Christmas, or attend a Christmas show. However, since Reader Scott “does not give a crap” about Christmas, I say Hanukkah/Chanukah can SUCK IT!

    However, if someone is planning to travel to NYC, they may want to start planning now, e.g., travel arrangements, hotel reservations, etc.

  76. kitw says:

    Haven’t seen Xmas marketing, but we did start seeing Halloween ghosts at our local Vons at the end of July. Just wrong… at least hold it til Labor Day!