Bank Of America: Exploding Dye Packs Aren't Just For Heist Movies Anymore

A Bank of America customer got a nasty surprise after withdrawing cash to pay her employees — a dye pack exploded in her car. When she went back to the bank to complain she says she didn’t even get an apology.

From WAVY:

“It started going [hiss] everywhere and it started smelling.”

Red dye sprayed everywhere.

“In the car and in my eyes and on my nose and I was coughing like crazy.”

“They didn’t say sorry or anything.”

The customer was taken to a local hospital to have her eyes treated and she’s doing fine now. As for Bank of America, they told WAVY:

“Our personnel were very accommodating and very apologetic when Mrs. Cheikh came back into the bank. We will make sure her costs will be covered with respect to getting her car cleaned.”

Mrs. Cheikh says she’ll be switching banks.

Dye pack explodes on Bank of America customer
[WAVY](Thanks, David!)

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