POLL: 73% Of Americans Think Starbucks Is Overpriced, 21% Are Unsure, And The Rest Were Probably Being Sarcastic

A new survey says that 73% of Americans think Starbucks is overpriced, 21% said they were unsure, and only 6% came to Starbucks’ defense. (We were kidding about that sarcastic thing. Teehee.) The survey also found that the vast majority of American’s don’t go Starbucks for their daily coffee fix:

Starbucks coffee shops seem to be on nearly corner in major U.S. cities, but surprisingly 76 percent of American adults say they rarely or never visit one of the shops, and only 14 percent say they visit occasionally.

That might be because the java giant’s prices are too high.

This may explain why we’re so bored of “personal finance experts” telling people to stop going to Starbucks for their daily latte in order to save a million billion dollars a year. Apparently, you’ve already stopped.

Starbucks coffee is too expensive, new survey says [Star-Tribune]
(Photo: iwantamonkey )

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