Throwing A Monitor Through A Glass Door Is Not The Best Way To Complain About Iron Man

If something goes wrong with the projection while you’re watching Iron Man, (or any other movie, actually) and the ticket agent will not give you a refund, do not grab the monitor and throw it through a glass door.

According to the Jackson Hole Star-Tribune, a 55 year-old man was arrested for suspicion of property damage and disturbing the peace after he became enraged and threw a monitor through a glass door and into the mall food court.

“Officers responded to the theater just after 7 p.m. and found Vaughn sweating profusely near the shoe department at JC Penney,” says the paper.

The man had apparently requested a refund and when the theater employees offered him a “voucher.” He then started yelling at employees and other customers that he was being ripped off.

A customer says that the man shouted that he was going to get his money’s worth before grabbing the monitor and hurling it into the food court.

The officer who arrested the man says that he told him that “he had done the right thing in the war against injustice in the world.”

Well, no.

Man fights movie theater ‘injustice,’, lands in jail
[Star-Tribune] (Thanks, A.!)
(Photo: Getty)

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