Fry Guy Doesn't Wash Bathroom Hands, Gets Public Shaming

When the sign says, “employees must wash hands after using bathroom,” Brent takes it very seriously. He says he was using the toilet at a Wendy’s, and spotted a worker use the bathroom and head right back to fondling the fries without scrubbing his hands. That’s when Brent decided to call out the guy in front of the entire restaurant. Here’s his story and what happened next…

There I am going pee in Wendy’s by my office when a Wendy’s employee comes into the bathroom and goes into the stall to pee. I wash my hands, dry them and exit as I hear a flush. I get about 3 seconds out of the bathroom and guess who comes out of the bathroom! I’m in gross shock at this point but I think “Ok maybe he’s going on break and he will wash after he smokes ones…”WRONG! He not only went behind the counter he started handling fries! So what do I do? “Excuse me, I would like to see your manager.””Um Larry, this guy wants you!… I don’t know he wants a manager!”Larry the manager comes to the counter and about 5 employees are eyes glued! Including Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man.”Yeah that guy right there working the fries with the mustache, he was just in the bathroom at the same time I was and he left without washing his hands.”

The room fell SILENT!

About 6 people were standing at the counter waiting for their food, plus 10 people sitting close enough to hear this, plus the onlooking employees, INCLUDING Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man.Now Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man had this look on his face that can only be explained as a look that said “YOU SON OF A !!!” Without actually saying a word. Fearing he might come over the counter or throw something at my head I bid them farewell. “I’ll just go to Burger King.” I watched over my shoulder the whole way and I am pleased to say that I saw a couple of familiar faces at Burger King a few minutes later.

Chalk one up for customers!

Sure, he could have spoken privately to the manager to handle it more discreetly. Or filed a complaint with the Health Inspector. But I’ll bet you every worker at that Wendy’s washes their hands after using the bathroom now.

Reminds me of a scene from a Seinfeld episode:

Health Inspector: Are you Poppie?
POPPIE: I’m Poppie.
Health Inspector: I think you’d better come with me.
POPPIE: What’s the problem?
(Poppie leaves with the Health Inspector)
AUDREY: What do they want from Poppie?
JERRY: Well, Poppie’s a little sloppy.

See? Not quite as dramatic.

Mr. Dirty-hands Fry-man [Where is everybody???]


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  1. snoop-blog says:

    Way to go Brent! That’s exactly what I would have done, but much more louder and obnoxious about it.

  2. jaydez says:

    I can name every person in my office who does not wash their hands. It doesnt matter if it’s #1 or #2, they just dont wash… I refuse to touch any door handles around here anymore.

  3. vladthepaler says:

    Awesome. He did the right thing making a public mention of it. (Kind of ironic that the consumerist poster seems to think he should have told the manager privately, and yet here it is being broadcast publicly on the internet.)

  4. RabbitDinner says:

    Sure, he could’ve handled it more discreetly, and spoken with the manager in private-he would’ve “looked into it.” But calling him out in front of everyone is much more effective. And besides, don’t the customers deserve to know?

  5. dorianh49 says:

    Soemthing similar happened to me at an Edward’s Cinema in town. I was drying my hands when I saw an employee come out of a stall and walk right out the bathroom door without even glancing at the soap and water that was only a few feet away. I followed him and watched as he went behind the concession counter and poured himself a large soda, then I followed him to the front door where he resumed his job of HANDLING PEOPLE’S TICKETS. After holding back a couple dry heaves, I finally muscled up to the customer service counter and told them what happened. I’m sure they took it very seriously, but I didn’t stick around to find out.

  6. MBZ321 says:

    I’m sure BURGER KING was so much more sanitary…good for you on calling him out, but this happens everywhere…from offices, to fast food, to the fanciest restaurants possible.

  7. this never fails to amaze me. we learn in kindergarten to wash our damn hands, yet i also see the same thing on a regular basis. what’s even more hilarious is when people wet their hands and don’t use soap. more power to this dude for calling out this asshat. people wonder why they get sick…

  8. ITDEFX says:

    Yea he could have handled it in private with the manager but to just make a scene like that means that the customer wanted attention to himself and be an a$$.

  9. evslin says:

    “I’ll just go to Burger King.”

    Translated: “I’ll just go someplace where I haven’t seen an employee exit the bathroom without washing their hands, but know full well it probably happens anyway.”

    If you’re that concerned enough to make a scene about it you might as well just go home and fix a sandwich.

  10. timmus says:

    I refuse to touch any door handles around here anymore.

    Heh.. I don’t touch ANY inside door handles of public bathrooms with my hand/fingers. When you count the thousands of people that have been in & out of the bathroom, the proportion that don’t wash their hands, and the low likelihood the handles are cleaned regularly… well, you get the picture.

  11. Dobernala says:

    @dorianh49: Gross, yes, but its hardly comparable to the guy who handles your food. This probably isn’t a health violation.

    Your money is probably dirtier than those tickets he handled. At least in this instance, you can just wash your hands after you handle the tickets. You can’t wash your food.

  12. RabbitDinner says:

    I’ve seen workers sneeze in the food preparation area. When I needed a part-time job, I did everything I could to avoid food service. To paraphrase a high school friend of mine-“If you saw what happened in the kitchen where I worked, you’d never eat out again.” Props on calling the guy out, but if this left Brent thinking he had solved the problem as opposed to throwing into question all the other foodstuffs prepared by someone else that he’s eaten, well, then he is a master of compartmentalized thought. It’s a gift.

  13. blue_duck says:

    Wiener fries~ not appetizing.

  14. kaptainkk says:

    Plus public restrooms, well actually it’s the people not the restroom that make them disgusting and I wont use one unless it’s an emergency. When my kids go I always tell them never to touch anything. My 3-year old loves to wrap his hands all over the flusher and I cringe every time. I make sure they scrub their hands down and I wash mine too, then as we exit I remind them don’t touch and I use a paper towel to open the door. Mr. Dirty Hands Fry-man should have known better. I’m sure proper procedure was in his training video.

  15. Chairman-Meow says:

    Whenever I use a public bathroom I ALWAYS take a paper towel with me to open the door after I wash my hands. I’ve seen way too many people use the bathroom without washing their hands and it really freaks me out.

  16. ???/??? says:


    The problem is that the manager would have ‘taken it seriously’ and probably would have done nothing

    This way, the guy is held publicly accountable for something that is so abhorrently disgusting. Oh course, at the same time, I’m sure there are more germs on your hands then your genital area – but I’m not risking the remnants of herpes on my Whopper Jr

    I was in Shop Rite yesterday buying cheese and had a similar conflict. I tell the girl the order, and as she’s waiting for a slicer to become available, she’s touching everything. Her cell phone, the counter button, her hair. And then resting her hand on top of the open part of the cheese. I asked her to either open a new pack or slice off the open top and put on a new pair of gloves or else I’m leaving. She just glares at me, and her manager steps in and says “No problem, I understand.” and met my demands.

  17. RabbitDinner says:

    Ugh, I’m through with going inside these places. Either pick up my food at the sidewalk window in NYC, or drive-thru elsewhere. Eating while walking is easier than eating next to the kid painting the walls with ketchup and knocking drink after drink on the floor or sitting on the mysteriously sticky or discolored seat, or the guy passed out in a booth. Maybe the ones by me are the anomaly, but it saves me the trouble of staring into the kitchen while I order and triggering nauseating thoughts. I’ll just eat in the car or as I’m crossing the street, thank you.

  18. leprofie says:

    Actually, knowing where my hands have been and where my “junk” has been, it makes a lot of sense to wash my hands before using the bathroom!

  19. MissTicklebritches says:

    He did the right thing by calling the guy out in front of everyone. Customers have the right to know if someone handling their food has filthy hands. Oh, and shouldn’t he also have had plastic gloves on for food handling?

  20. SuffolkHouse says:

    Sad. My sympathies always lie with people who get paid peanuts to produce (or as Bush terms it “manufacture”) a cheap meal for me.

    On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of urine (mine or others’).

  21. mdoublej says:

    @Front_Towards_Enemy: Yeah, which is why I hate electric hand dryers.

  22. lalaland13 says:

    And maybe I just won’t eat lunch today.

    My mom washes her hands before she prepares food, thankfully, but we have a running joke because I’m a hand-washing Nazi. She’ll come out of the bathroom, and I’ll say, “Did you wash your hands?” And she’ll go back and wash them if she hasn’t.

  23. Stormslanding says:

    Did this person actually watch him go directly from the bathroom to the fryer? A lot of times its more convenient for employees to wash their hands at the sink in the food prep area since you have to touch the bathroom door, then touch another door to get back into the prep area and rewash you hands again. Thats kinda the reason they should put employee restrooms in the back of the kitchen area. People are really stupid when it comes to this.

  24. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    I thought the grease acted as a way to burn off the germs…

  25. Bladefist says:

    I always use my last paper towel to open the door in public places. Sometimes I get busted doing it, and I feel kind of like an idiot/sissy. But at least I’m an idiot/sissy who doesn’t have other peoples feces all over my hands. I think it’s hilarious how people will use the bathroom in a public place, open the door w/ bare hand, then go touch their food. mmmmm delicious.

  26. flamincheney says:

    Another passive aggressive American. Couldn’t he have just said something before he left the bathroom? That way the guy could have cleaned his hands, and all would’ve been well.

  27. Ein2015 says:

    I love the added purple “accenting” to the image. :D Keep up the good work guys! (And thanks to the OP for the story!)

  28. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Wtg, Brent. That took balls. A lot of people would’ve just stalked off in disgust.

    Also, Mr. Dirty Hands Fry Man would be an excellent name for a band.

  29. snoop-blog says:

    Reminds me of when that judge made a wal-mart shoplifter stand in front of the store with a sign that read: “I stole from this wal-mart”

    If everybody was held responsible in this way, I bet the petty crime rate would drop significantly.

  30. Hawk07 says:

    People that don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom are disgusting. And you know who you are.

  31. Daemon_of_Waffle says:

    @jaydez: Not only washing hands, but there are guys in my office who don’t flush the urinals. I don’t know why that don’t just tap the handle, but they just won’t.

  32. snoop-blog says:

    Would you like any smeg with those fries?

  33. snoop-blog says:

    @Daemon_of_Waffle: Because then we’d have to wash our hands from touching something so gross and dirty!

  34. rinse says:

    One time at the office, the trash can in the break room was really full, and someone for a laugh wrote on the whiteboard next to the trash can: “He who tops it, drops it!”

    Like jaydez, I had also found out pretty quick who doesn’t wash their hands after either #1 or #2. So I added at the bottom: “And wash your hands after the restroom please.”

    I come back to the break room later and found that someone had erased MY message, leaving only the original. It’s apparently TABOO to tell your co-workers anonymously that they need to wash their f’ing hands!! WTF!!

    I’m also in the camp that just dabbing your hands with water doesn’t actually qualify as washing your hands. Also, a little soap won’t kill you.

  35. theblackdog says:

    @Stormslanding: Good point. At the restaurant I worked at, not only did we have to wash our hands in the bathroom, we had to wash them again at the handwashing sink before we could go anywhere near the food or registers.

    To some folks that might seem like overkill, but it was better safe than sorry.

  36. Hate_Brian_Club_I'mNotOnlyThePresidentI'mAClient says:



  37. INTPLibrarian says:

    IMHO, calling him out in public not only made it more likely it would be actually dealt with (instead of merely “being taken seriously”), but it also increased the odds that *other* workers would be more diligent in their hand-washing, too.

    The OP just made the place more sanitary for other customers (for a few days at least.)

    OTOH, I would suggest the OP not go back to that particular Wendy’s soon. Though his fries would be handled by washed hands, his soda might be spit into… or whatever the cool way to sabotage someone’s fast food is these days.

  38. scottkw says:

    Check out [] I created the site because I was sick of fellow employees pulling the same stunt with hand washing. After I got it up and running, I sent the link around to fellow employees. Since then, no one has been busted.

  39. smirky says:


    RTFA The OP was leaving as the worker flushed. Then the worker passes OP about 3 seconds later. The OP didn’t know if the worker was on break or not.

    Good call on Brent’s part. Call it out publicly. If I had been another customer there, I would be glad to find out also so I could get my food elsewhere.

  40. Canino says:

    The guy started handling the fries? Wierd. Around here they use those metal scoops to put them in the cardboard fry boxes. That guy must have tough hands. That grease gets pretty hot.

  41. MeOhMy says:

    My complaint is the lack of actual confirmation. If the story is to be believed as written (problem is people’s perception of time is generally REALLY bad), all we have to go on is the belief that the employee was not in the can long enough to wash his hands. The poster did not actually see the employee’s entire journey from the bathroom back to the line. That’s not proof, that’s a hunch. That’s OK if you’re going to file a complaint with the board of health or a manager. I just don’t think that’s strong enough to go calling someone out like that in public. You probably don’t have to worry about a fast food employee having the time and money to sue you if you’re wrong, but the potential is there at least.

  42. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I had the same thing happen at a Kenny Rogers (remember those?). The employee came out of a stinky cubicle and didn’t wash his hands. When I confronted the manager she insisted that they had a ‘special soap’ in the kitchen that employees used.

  43. As long as the OP did not go off all bonkers, a firm slightly loud voice was all it takes and is much more effective (with regards to other employees) than speaking privately to the manager.

    Two thumbs up.

  44. strathmeyer says:

    I once worked at Wendy’s. Looking back, I probably caused a lot of trouble because the sinks in the kitchen were much better than the ones in the bathroom, and there’d sometimes be an actual line in the bathroom.

    On the other hand, I once had people monitor our bathroom habits at a non-service jobs, and that was very disturbing.

  45. snoop-blog says:

    Yuuummmm, famunda cheese fries…..btw, I gotta million of em.

  46. Mr. Guy says:

    wah! i won’t touch bathroom door handles! my co-workers who pee and don’t wash are gross! wah!

    let’s be clear about something here- when was the last time you heard of somebody getting sick from touching the door handle in a fast food restaurant? i’m not talking about employees- they should definitely have to wash their hands. But to all these nancy germophobes out there- get over yourself. Unless you have some sort of immune deficiency, your body is more than capable of handling whatever may get on your skin from a bathroom door handle.

    and another thing- i’d be willing to bet that on your average american man with good hygene, the transfer of pathogens goes from fingers to junk when he takes a whiz ,not the other way around. Your hands are out all day touching doors, money, chairs, keyboards, phones, papers, etc. while your junk sits quietly in your nice clean underwear, under your nice clean pants, shielded from contact with anything foreign. chances are, your peen is one of the cleanest parts of your body. As long as you manage to avoid pissing on your hands (which most of us do), failing to wash your hands after taking a piss (for somebody who doesn’t work in food prep) is not exactly a crime against humanity.

  47. BigPapaCherry says:

    OP made a good call on saying something publicly about the fry guy. But as for the how disgusting all the surfaces in a public bathroom are, I’m not totally sure what the big deal is. Yes, I’m sure the door handle is full of germs, but I’ve never had to use a paper towel to open it to keep me from getting sick. Never been sick from bathroom germs, knock wood.

    And yes, I wash my hands every time.

  48. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Bladefist: I do that too. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a freak when it comes to public doorknobs, shopping carts, shared computer equipment, etc. I use a paper towel or the bottom of my shirt to open everything and wash my hands ASAP after using someone else’s computer. Sure, I get funny looks sometimes, but I’m the only one among my friends, co-workers, and family who hasn’t hand a flu in over 15 years (and I don’t take flu shots).

    When you think of all of the diseases and viruses that can be passed on to customers by negligent employees, it can make you feel like never eating out again. Food service managers should be allowed to fire someone on the spot — without penalty — for not using proper hygiene.

  49. BigPapaCherry says:

    @Mr. Guy: Beat me to it by THAT much.

  50. MeOhMy says:

    @Mr. Guy: Your post reminds me of something a coworker once learned when he managed a corps of ATM repairmen. “You can tell the service techs from the managers because the service techs wash their hands BEFORE they pee!”

  51. Jon Mason says:

    Yes, not washing your hands after using the bathroom, especially for #2, is gross.

    BUT – the commenters who either won’t use public restrooms or touch the handles etc if they are in there. Get over it – yes bathrooms are nasty places, but the “I wont let my kids touch anything that’s not disinfected” generation is the reason that kids immune systems are so weak – do you not let them play in the mud or climb trees?

  52. kittenfoo says:

    I just want to say on behalf of decent fry-guys, my son, who is a fry-guy at a local fast food joint, is almost obsessive about washing his hands. In fact, in the winter, they’re always way chapped from frequent washing. FWIW, he hardly ever gets sick, and the customers when he’s working can rest assured that the fry-guy had clean hands.

  53. Daemon_of_Waffle says:

    @snoop-blog: As opposed to that item in your pants?

  54. snoop-blog says:

    @Mr. Guy: I’m with ya all the way, but I’m also the kinda guy to pull a hair out of my taco, and then finish it. What? At least I pulled it out! If I let stuff like that gross me out, I wouldn’t be able to eat anywhere. Now I don’t expect, or want everybody to feel the same as I do, but I think we can agree that when you eat fast food, you have to sike yourself out, and not think about that time a week ago, where you found that long hair on you sandwich, otherwise you’d ruin your appetite.

  55. snoop-blog says:

    @Daemon_of_Waffle: I wash my junk daily thank you. I bet my penis is cleaner than the inside of your mouth (germ wise).

  56. rinse says:

    @Mr. Guy: It’s just basic sanitation. You don’t see why people don’t want you touching their keyboard after you’ve fondled your junk? No thanks.

  57. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Canino: RTA.

    “Yeah that guy right there working the fries with the mustache…”

    Clearly, no hands were involved. They teach you tricks like that in Fry Flip and Dip School. ;)

  58. blue_duck says:

    @MBZ321: Snarky.

  59. The_Gas_Man says:

    Way to go, Brent!

    Health Inspector: Are you Poppie?
    POPPIE: I’m Poppie.
    Health Inspector: I think you’d better come with me.
    POPPIE: What’s the problem?
    (Poppie leaves with the Health Inspector)
    AUDREY: What do they want from Poppie?
    JERRY: Well, Poppie’s a little sloppy.”

    Not even Seinfeld’s laugh track could save that one.

  60. RabbitDinner says:

    @Troy F.: But I thought that you were required to wash your hands before leaving the restroom, regardless of whether you planned on washing them in the kitchen. You shouldn’t walk back towards the food preparation area with unwashed hands period.

  61. MissPeacock says:

    I am mostly impressed that Wendy’s sells fries with mustaches on them!!!

    “Yeah that guy right there working the fries with the mustache…”

    Sorry. Totally made me LOL.

  62. RabbitDinner says:

    @snoop-blog: I’ve pulled eyelashes out of my filet-o-fish. I’m not that queasy, but I draw the line at pubic hairs. If I see a curly hair in my food, I assume it is a pube, and it will be returned to the kitchen…at 30+ mph.

  63. RabbitDinner says:

    @RabbitDinner: But seriously, they either start wearing scrubs, or they get waxed on a weekly basis. I’m tired of teh hairs

  64. forgottenpassword says:

    I view it as a public service to announce this to people waiting in line like he did. Because I know I would want to know about it if I was about to get some fries that were handled by an employee who didnt wash his hands.

  65. snoop-blog says:

    @RabbitDinner: Agreed. If it’s curly, and not a fry, I’m D-U-triple-N!

  66. snoop-blog says:

    @snoop-blog: But you’d have to tick someone off to get the #1 special, as we called it…j/k.

  67. RabbitDinner says:

    Rule #1 in How To Complain About Your Food/Service-be prepared to not visit the establishment again for a long long time. Less risky at high end places with people who actually care, but then again, I’m sure Wendy’s has a high turnover rate, so Brent should be ok in a month or two. If he insists on Wendy’s, I recommend having a friend order or carefully scouting the kitchen to make sure he hasn’t caught fry guy during one of his shifts

  68. snoop-blog says:

    Ben is the pink stuff around the womans hands supposed to be smegma or famunda cheese?

    Nevermind they are CRABS EVERYONE RUN!!!!!

  69. msbask says:

    I don’t think most people know or care that in order for hand washing to do any good, you need to wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds (or 1 verse of Old McDonald), then rinse thoroughly.

    It’s the friction between the soap and your hands that cleans them, not really the water.

    I’ll never understand people who come out of a stall, rinse their hands under water and walk out… as if they’ve accomplished anything. Your hands aren’t clean, just wet, save the effort if that’s all you’re going to do.

  70. IphtashuFitz says:

    @Daemon_of_Waffle: I worked for a few years in a building that has those infrared detectors on all the urinals as well as the sinks. So you never actually physically flush a urinal or turn a faucet on/off. Just walk away from the urinal & it flushes then wave your hands under the faucet and the water turns on. I got so accustomed to all those high-tech gizmos that I’d completely forget to flush urinals in other bathrooms that didn’t flush automatically.

  71. Zerkaboid says:

    What the fry guy did was inexcusable. However, some commenters here are acting ca-raaazy about germs in general. Unless someone is going straight from wiping their bum to touching your food, then there’s not much you can do to limit your exposure to germs. As a couple people have said, if you use cash to pay for anything, then you shouldn’t be worried about door handles or movie tickets.

    Everyone needs to have some germs in their day, these people who scrub antibacterial stuff all over their kids are setting them up for a lifetime of sickness because they have no exposure.

    • oneandone says:

      @Neophiliack: Ture, but washing your hands at least once a day with warm water and soap – and scrubbing/rubbing for at least 30 seconds – is the best thing you can do to reduce your risk of catching an infectious disease. There’s a difference between going crazy in your house with Lysol and some basic handwashing.

      Washing after going to the bathroom strikes me as a courtesy to everyone else who will handle what I’ve touched throughout the day, and I believe in being courteous (and cutting off potential disease transmission points). But I also happen to be a chronic nailbiter, so I make sure to give my hands a good washing several times a day – sometimes independent of bathroom trips – for my own benefit.

  72. kJeff says:

    I read an article recently that blames the increase in deadly food allergies in young children on our fear of any germs. All of those anti-germ/anti-bacteria hand washes are reducing the amount of bacteria that we REQUIRE in our system as human beings and are making us more sensitive and sick.

  73. @Mr. Guy: your body is more than capable of handling whatever may get on your skin from a bathroom door handle.
    @snoop-blog: I’m with ya all the way, but I’m also the kinda guy to pull a hair out of my taco, and then finish it.

    I’m all for that. I sit my bare ass on the toilet seat, wash my hands thoroughly, open bathroom doors with my bare hands, and avoid anti-bacterial products like the plague. (I must confess that I let an anti-bacterial cutting board slip under my radar.)

    How often do I get sick? Biennially. It’s usually a cold.

    @Bladefist: I think it’s hilarious how people will use the bathroom in a public place, open the door w/ bare hand, then go touch their food. mmmmm delicious.

    Damn right it’s delicious. I think about all the possible things I’m eating whenever possible, including remembering that this scrumptious hot dog is nothing other than an intestine stuffed with ground mystery meat and pink food coloring.

    One day you’re using a paper towel to open a bathroom door; the next day you’re Niles Crane.

  74. Benny Gesserit says:

    @Bladefist: You’re far from the only person who does this. My other half works in retail and they moved the trash bin in the Men’s room across the room so it’s nearer the door.

    The effect? The little pile of discarded paper towels that used to appear BEHIND the door has stopped. :)

  75. Gopher bond says:

    I had a boss once that never washed his hands. That didn’t really bother me except when he was handing me papers or shaking my hand. One day he saddled up to the urinal and I saw him place a large pretzel and open can of soda on top of the urinal while he did his business. The pretzel was right on the top of the urinal, no napkin or anything. Even with a napkin it would have been gross. When he was done he grabbed the pretzel and soda, took a bite of the pretzel and went out the door. Ughh.

  76. SpdRacer says:

    Using a paper towel or other object to open the door and avoid touching the handle is OCD behavior and you should all have yourselves examined by professionals.

  77. Farquar says:

    I did this at a McD’s once. Guy walks out of the bathroom without washing his hands and then walks into the kitchen. I say something the manager.. His response:

    “He doesn’t work here, he’s the health inspector.”

  78. poetry1mind says:

    I worked at White Castle for two years when I was in High School and there were alot of folks that didn’t wash their hands. You can’t save the world but one snitch at a time we can blast employees (that handle food) who don’t think it’s important to wash their hands.
    I feel funny admitting this but the only time I don’t wash my hands is at 3-4am in the morning when I need to pee and don’t want to fully wake my self up by washing my hands! Once I am up it is over. I can’t fall back to sleep.

  79. LadyNo says:

    I was never taught to wash my hands, and for the life of me I can’t get it in my head that it’s a big deal. Just can’t. But you know what? I do it, because I know it’s important to other people and I do NOT want a public shaming like this, or even people thinking behind my back that I’m disgusting. So worth it to just wash your freaking hands!

  80. @snoop-blog: It’s also a little much when you’re eating something and you realize there’s a hair in it, so you pull this long strand of blonde hair out of your mouth. I don’t think that’s stopped me from finishing, but it did give me reason to pause.

    I mean, at that point, any bacteria on the hair has already been transferred. Might as well finish the meal.

  81. RabbitDinner says:

    @SpdRacer: No it isn’t. Counting the tiles you step on, or folding the paper towels just right, or washing your hands multiple times in a ritualistic fashion might qualify. It’s prudent, but depending on how it’s done, maybe paranoid. At worst, it might be a neurosis for some people but OCD? Hardly.

  82. RabbitDinner says:

    I’m serious about what I said though. Either start wearing scrubs or a hazmat suit, or effin make fast food workers completely shave their entire bodies.

  83. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @ITDEFX: Blaming the victim is verboten, as is calling them names (with or without dollar signs). Don’t do this again.

  84. snoop-blog says:

    @LadyNo Fondles Sweaters: Amazing! that is the only time I do wash my hands (if someone is nearby enough to try to bust me out about it). So I do it for others just like you said. Personally I could care less, unless I’m handling raw meat, salmonella is something that was a fear put into me by education. You do not want to mess with that stuff. Then come to find out, I get salmonella frequently (at least twice a year) but thought because it was only the runs because I wasn’t deathly ill.

    but seriously have you guys ever been to a concert or a football game? Hand washers are the MINORITY at those places.

  85. katylostherart says:

    i am perfectly ok with this cuz that’s just disgusting.

  86. snoop-blog says:

    @Michael Belisle: Exactly. Because of osmosis, if there was any germs on that hair, you already ingested them on your first bite.

  87. RabbitDinner says:

    @snoop-blog: Yeah, I don’t mind a little #1 on myself if I’m in a hurry and slip up, but due to the questionable strength of restroom tp, and the occasional breakage, handwashing is a must after I #2.

  88. Antediluvian says:

    @rinse: The reason your passive-aggressive note was erased was probably so your office wouldn’t end up here:

  89. floraposte says:

    I’ve heard of people who use a paper towel to handle stuff in a public restroom. Here’s the part I don’t get–the people whose handling they’re protecting themselves from opened the main doors as well, and probably touched the tables and the counter, and it’s not like the germs have keeled over in the minutes in between, but I never see anybody shielding their hands once they’re outside of the bathroom. Isn’t this just a postponement of contact rather than an avoidance of it?

  90. Farquar says:

    This comment is going to be a little NSFW so read at your own peril..

    Here’s one thing I do not get about the washing of the hands when you go to the bathroom: Oral sex.

    So, if I don’t wash my hands after handling my junk I will get sick, and everyone I come into contact with might get sick. But my wife is more than willing to stick my junk in her mouth, and I’m more than willing to um.. do the same.. and neither I, nor her (a germaphobe of the highest order) freak out about the germs. I would suspect that many of you that have the good fortune of scoring from time to time have stuck someone else’s junk in your mouth.

    So, not washing your hands after going to the bathroom.. evil, we are going to catch the plague and die.
    Putting someone else’s junk in your mouth, totally kosher.

    I will never get that.

    //end nsfw comment

  91. chartrule says:

    ouch – I don’t think i would ever want to go back to that McD’s again after that

  92. @RabbitDinner: Sure it is. What purpose does it serve? Are there really enough germs on the handle that touching it for a second or two is going to make you sick? No there isn’t.

  93. Phexerian says:

    @Mr. Guy: “when was the last time you heard of somebody getting sick from touching the door handle in a fast food restaurant?”

    Bullshit. Bacteria/viruses can make people sick whether it is on food or on a door handle. Once someone ingests it, they have a chance of getting sick. I went to a sonics two years ago, ate some tater tots, and got food poisoning from it. Woke up at 3 am shitting and vomiting to the extreme. 6 Hours later with no sleep I drive to a physicians office. Because of the hypotension from fluid lose, the nurses and PA were amazed that I was able to drive in on my own. I felt much better after getting 2 liters of a lactated ringer given to me IV.

    One can also acquire that same situation from passive transmission of bacteria from a door handle to a bathroom. It gets on their hands, they eat something with their hands like fries, it becomes ingested, and they get sick like I did. And guess what? They don’t have to have a weak immune system. Hell, E. Coli from a different person can give someone diarrhea. What do you think Montezuma’s Revenge is?

    Simple solution, wash your damn hands after you use the bathroom whether you think your crotch is clean or not.

    -3rd Year PharmD / MBA Candidate

  94. SuffolkHouse says:

    @Michael Belisle:

    Yes, there are. There are plenty there. Do you think people get sick and pass illness because they leave puddles of illness around? No. Traces, baby!

  95. Antediluvian says:

    @Michael Belisle: (sits bare-assed on public toilets, etc)

    I used to be like you, until I learned a (male) friend got crabs from a public toilet seat (this restroom was often used by homeless folks). After that (15 years ago), I’ve always wiped down the seat or used one of those disposable covers. And no, he didn’t get crabs somewhere else and then blame the toilet seat, he really did get them there.

    I used to think women were funny for not wanting to use a public restroom (especially at a gas station), but now this guy understands.

  96. SuffolkHouse says:


    Front junk clean. Back junk BAD!

    People in some cultures drink urine. It is actually supposed to be a healthy practice, i’ve read, because it reintroduced weakened antigens helping build resistance.

    Your question is a good one, and you can get ill from “going down.” If you are going down on a woman, it just depends on which way she wipes.

  97. thelushie says:

    My “favorite” is the mom who bangs her stroller into the bathroom (bangs up against the door, the wall, etc.) yelling hysterically at her two in tow “Don’t touch anything!”. So she takes one into the bathroom and you know she is hovering the child. Then she leaves without flushing the toilet. Out comes the hand gel and they leave. Leaves without flushing for someone else to find. Nice. But I am sure her precious babies are pristine. (If it isn’t an auto flush, I use my foot.)

  98. RabbitDinner says:

    @Michael Belisle: I was being a wiseacre. For those who think germs are a conspiracy of hospitals and big pharma it may seem neurotic, but it is definitely not OCD.

  99. @Antediluvian: I used to be like you, until I learned a (male) friend got crabs from a public toilet seat (this restroom was often used by homeless folks).

    I’m going to trust good ol’ Alice’s words here:

    It’s virtually impossible to catch diseases from toilet seats. Whatever microorganisms might lie on the seat’s surface very rarely infect or contaminate the skin on your thighs and buttocks. This is especially true of most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – the possible, but unlikely, exceptions are crabs (pubic lice), gonorrhea, and skin-to-skin contracted STIs, such as herpes. STIs are mainly spread by having sex and/or genital contact with an infected person. []

    Of course, I still do a courtesy wipe down of the seat when I think it’s warranted.

  100. Christ Sabo says:

    As mortified as everyone was, you do realize that you’ve probably eaten “unwashed hand” food hundreds of times, right? I know a lot of people that abide by the “If I didn’t get anything on my hands, why wash?” rule, and a lot of these people do or have worked in food.

  101. RabbitDinner says:

    @floraposte: I never touch any surface in a fast food restaurant-tables, chairs, etc. If I need to pull out a chair I kick it or use my rump. And if I drop something on my tray I don’t eat it.

  102. snoop-blog says:

    @SuffolkHouse: @Farquar:Haven’t you ever seen clerks 2… ass to mouth is okay in the heat of the moment…

  103. Bahnburner says:

    My pet peeve regarding this issue…why can’t all bathroom doors be push to open instead of pull?

  104. Antediluvian says:

    @Michael Belisle: Oh, never meant to imply it’s common — my point was that I know someone who has actually contracted crabs this way, and by extension, my awareness and paranoia have been enhanced.

    For example, I’m not going to wipe the seat down at a friend’s house, but I will at a fast food place without thinking twice.

  105. RabbitDinner says:

    @Farquar: Well that generally happens between people who know each other well and hopefully have good hygiene. I couldn’t care less if you touch your own junk and get sick, but if you touch your own junk AND you have herpes AND you’re making my food that’s a different story.

  106. snoop-blog says:

    @Antediluvian: Remember the Seinfeld episode where he dated a girl who had the farm accident?

  107. The Gigante says:

    I was just walking out the door thinking of stopping at wendys – ugh – great. but come on your high if you think the guy at Burger King washed his hands too,

  108. RabbitDinner says:

    @Michael Belisle: Yes but transmission is still possible. In a doctor’s office or fancy restaurant that actually thoroughly, on a regular basis, cleans the SHIT out of the toilets, I have no qualms, but in Mickey D’s (emergency only) I will grab onto the stall door, bend over, and pretend I’m firing an M-60 mounted machine gun. I’m just happy I can stand up for #1

  109. HogwartsAlum says:


    Where I worked when I lived in CA, we had a hand sanitizer thingy up front and had to use it before we touched ANYTHING. It was right where the customers could see us use it. They could also see if someone didn’t!

  110. Christ Sabo says:

    A lot of people here are very germ-scared. It’s kind of funny, really, to read people scared that death surely awaits if they don’t wash their hands once, or that if they touch the counter in the bathroom malaria is soon to come.

    Wash your hands, but there is no need to be so ardent about it.

  111. RayDelMundo says:

    I don’t piss on my hands and my dick is not dirty.

    Urine is sterile.

  112. RabbitDinner says:

    @Christ Sabo: Oh, I don’t have any irrational fears of death. I like to avoid getting colds mostly, so I wash my hands when I deem it necessary, and touch as little as possible in public places/fast food restaurants. I see it as being prudent, not neurotic.

  113. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Farquar: The world is not your wife (or husband). We don’t want to sample a stranger’s junk.

    As usual, the folks squawking about how we’re turning into a nation of wimps because some people practice good hygiene, are only thinking of themselves. Some people, believe it or not, have compromised immune systems or aren’t fully developed yet. Children, the elderly, or sick people should not have to be subjected to your hepatitis or norovirus because you’re too lazy to wash your damn hands. You’re not doing anyone’s immune system any favors. Stop being a pig and wash up.

  114. zgori says:

    I’d like to see building codes updated to make “touchless” bathrooms mandatory. Infrared sensors on faucets and dryers are starting to proliferate, but the door is still an issue. They should be required to be outward opening, with no latch, or doorless, like at many airports.

  115. RabbitDinner says:

    @zgori: I agree with the doorless, but I refuse to patronize a restaurant with a doorless bathroom. Ew

  116. SinisterMatt says:


    That’s what I was thinking. Of course, there is the possibility that fries fall out of the scoop (as routinely happened when I worked at McDonald’s) and touch people’s hands as they fall back into the bin. Then it could be a issue.

    However, I think that the way that this guy handled this was a little over the top. He should have done this a little more discreetly, either quietly calling the person out before he got back to the food area, or talk to the manager privately. He did not have to broadcast it to the whole store. What if the Dirty Hands Fry Guy refused to continue to wash his hands out of defiance?


  117. Antediluvian says:

    @snoop-blog: No, I don’t remember that Seinfeld episode…. but I’ve learned that I managed to miss far more Seinfeld than I realized.

    Anything good in that one? :-)

  118. Antediluvian says:

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’ve seen plenty of glove-based offenses by food-service personnel.
    Dunkin Donuts employee, gloved, smoking a cigarette. Hope he changed his gloves after he went back inside.
    Vegas buffet employee, gloved, shaking his buddy’s hand across the counter (buddy was a customer).
    Burrito place employee, gloved, wiping down counter with a dirty rag, then preparing people’s food (touching tortillas with those gloves).
    Sbarro’s employees, un-gloved, touching pizza slices going into oven, coming out of the oven, going into boxes, and holding sauce cups with their thumbs inside the cup.

    I’m very aware of what folks are doing when I can see them, and it scares me when I can’t.

    I think it’s a problem because managers and employers are not teaching the personnel WHY the gloves are important. They’re not a fashion accessory — they’re a vital piece of consumer protection.

  119. Daemon_of_Waffle says:

    @IphtashuFitz: That’s a BS excuse. Did you also forget to flush the toilet in your home?

  120. Breach says:

    Nice, I am sure that kid will never again leave the bathroom with dirty hands at work again.

  121. BlazerUnit says:

    Usually I’m against the malicious embarrassment of anyone, but this has everything to do with public health.

    I’d actually hope that more people would do the same if they witnessed something similar.

  122. TexasBelle says:

    I’m sure this happens everywhere. At nicer joints, I take my chances, but I do avoid fast food generally, and this is one of the reasons.

    I can name all the women in my office who don’t wash — and I work in a place where you wouldn’t expect to find nasty people. We have a birthday cake almost every week, and when one of the non-washers is doing the slicing, I just say “no thanks.”

  123. RabbitDinner says:

    Public humiliation is a lost practice. It’s effective and often warranted. Way to go Brent

  124. Farquar says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: @RabbitDinner:

    It appears that a few of you have misunderstood the point of my question.. and perhaps one of you may have taken my question as “squawking about people turning into wimps for practicing good hygiene.” Squawking I was not.

    My question is not me vs. the world. I understand that you may not want my junk germs, as harmless as they may be, in your pizza. Cool, fine, I won’t put my junk on your pizza. (Unless you complain about your drink not being strong enough, then, fuck you, you get junk on your pizza) The question is more discrete.

    If not washing my hands after using the bathroom is unhealthy for ME, why is it entirely acceptable for others to put my junk in their mouth, and for me to go down on others?

    If, after taking a leak in the comfort of my own home, I do not wash my hands my wife will be displeased. She’s a nurse.. germs bother her. However, 3 hours later she’s got my junk in her mouth. They are the same germs.

    Perhaps there is no explanation. Perhaps some germs are worth it for a good lay.

    Personally, I think the washing of the hands is a good practice, not because you just touched your junk, but because you would rarely wash your hands otherwise. This is just scheduled cleansing that absent the visit to the lavatory you’d never do.

  125. Dansc29625 says:

    I bet everyone will be washing their hands from now on at that Wendy’s. That is the sad thing that something like this has to happen to get people to take this seriously. When I worked there, you washed them in the bathroom and at the sink in the kitchen (the one with the big stop sign over it.

  126. wonderkind says:

    We’ve got a guy @ our office who always brings food with him to take a dump. Usually its a sandwich or fruit, but last week I did notice he brought a salad and a beverage into the sh!tter. Other guys around here like to call their wives while in the stall. Oh yeah, the guy who eats, yeah he doesn’t bother washing either. What is wrong with people?

  127. wonderkind says:

    @wonderkind: ps. I worked at Wendy’s as a kid, and I remember everyone being pretty good about cleanliness. Much more than what I see in fast food today. What really drives me nuts is to see someone, who prepares food with plastic gloves also HANDLE MONEY WITH THE SAME GLOVES! WTF IS THE POINT!?

  128. RabbitDinner says:

    @Farquar: When you go to the bathroom you are also coming into contact with likely unsanitary surfaces also. I sometimes, in a hurry, don’t want to deal with the hassle of drying my hands, but only at home, and not in a public restroom

  129. RabbitDinner says:

    @RabbitDinner: Ixnay on the second also

  130. I don’t even recall these signs being up past 10-15 years ago and yet we as a society did not die off from pee covered hands.

    While I do think it is gross, this sort of hyper reactive behavior by the customer goes to show how neurotic America is becoming.

    You are better taking your money elsewhere where the problem is probably out of sight, out of mind. Or notifying the manager in a polite way while letting their 1-800# know that employees are not folling posted policy in their own stores.

  131. synergy says:

    I doubt that the dirty people who don’t wash their hands will start doing it now. Unless someone is standing over them every time they go to the bathroom that can fire them if they don’t, it’s not going to happen. They’re going to go back to being gross and fondling your fries.

  132. JDAC says:

    “You know when I wash my hands? When I shit on them. And you know how often that happens, 2-3 times a week tops.” – George Carlin.

  133. Mange says:

    @gnappulicious: Not that I’m advocating unwashed hands, but I just thought that I’d add that simply rinsing your hands with water is quite effective. Surprisingly, it is more effective than that hand sanitizer goo that just smears bacteria around on your hands.

    And as a side note, there is nothing more disgusting than an elevator button. Seriously.

  134. RobinB says:

    Like some of you, saw a worker sneeze at a KFC—he opened a big silver door to a chicken oven and sneezed right into it. We were stil in line, and left right away. Uggh. That particular KFC has since closed.

  135. Bix says:

    I’m reminded of a day in elementary school. A man peed in the urinal and then asked me which sink worked. I pointed it out, as well as the working soap dispenser. He said “I don’t need that, I’m just taking a drink” and CUPPED HIS PEE HANDS UNDER THE FAUCET SO HE COULD DRINK FROM THEM.

    An hour or so later, we had an electrical safety assembly. The electrical safety speaker was none other than pee hands dude.

    @Mr. Guy:

    There is ALWAYS splashback, even if you don’t see or feel it.

  136. vildechaia says:

    What would Mr. Monk say?

  137. snoop-blog says:

    @JDAC: Classic. R.I.P. George.

  138. pixiegirl1 says:

    I would have done the same thing.

    When my niece was younger I “trained” her to “point” out all the people who didn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom to shame them as loudly as she could. And I would then tell her that person is dirty, lmao! That was the best!

  139. Mr. Guy says:

    i wonder how many of the people who are so terribly afraid of germs on this thread have their toothbrushes in their bathroom.

    I’ll quote this article on the topic of nasty toothbrushes:

    The Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” investigated the issue and found minute amounts of fecal coliform bacteria on toothbrushes whether they were in the bathroom or stored in a kitchen cabinet. The conclusion: “There’s poo everywhere.” A microbiologist on the show concluded it is not a health threat.

    “People have been using toothbrushes for quite a long time now, and they seem to be surviving pretty well,” Whall says.

  140. .
    This is right up there with the grocery checkout gal who sneezes into her hands (without a tissue) just before ringing-up my order. It’s pretty common here in the winter time. The last time it happened, I just froze. I was paralyzed. Ick.

  141. Bladefist says:

    @Michael Belisle: Nah man there is some middle area.

    I am perfectly fine with going outside, mowing the yard, picking up sticks, and then going inside and munchin on a sammich.

    That’s called man hands. The environment isn’t going to hurt you. Touching door handles is a whole other ball game. People are sick.

    Moral of the story – My dog licks my hand, I may forget to wash. I touch a door knob, I can’t stop thinking about washing my hands until I do so.

  142. onebadazzmofo says:

    I dont know what is more disgusting…

    Him not washing his hands

    Working at Wendy’s

    Using a Wendy’s bathroom


    Having a mustache

  143. RabbitDinner says:

    @Mr. Guy: I’d like to see the correlation between the concentration of fecal matter and the people who don’t wash their hands. Anyway, it’s been proven that E. Coli and other microorganisms can contaminate food if the worker takes a shit and then handles food, like with Jack-in-the-Box years ago

  144. RabbitDinner says:

    @onebadazzmofo: I think of everyone with a moustache as a creep

  145. Mr. Guy says:

    On that I will agree with you. And as a rule, i always wash my hands after using the bathroom. It’s just a good habit to be in. Moreover, for people working in food service, i agree that it should be mandatory. Good for this person for shaming the wendy’s fry guy. My point is that if a co-worker pees and doesn’t wash his hands then gives me a piece of paper and i handle that paper, i’m not going to hesitate, or dry-heave, or turn up my nose, or silently judge, as so many people here indicate they would. As with so much of this stuff, it’s all in our heads. i know that paper isn’t going to make me sick, just as i am able to lead a perfectly happy life knowing with near-full certainty that somebody who has served me fast food in the last month has not washed their hands after going to the bathroom. As long as i don’t wind up in the hospital or in bed retching every hour, out of sight out of mind. life goes on.

  146. Mr. Guy says:

    @RabbitDinner: I am in no way advocating that people working in a restaurant should not wash their hands after taking a shit. or even not wash after pissing. just that germophobia is a bit out of control around these parts.

  147. Bix says:

    @Mr. Guy:

    My toothbrush is in my medicine cabinent, and I close the toilet before flushing.

  148. organicgardener says:

    As for people never touching public surfaces, I’m not sure that it does much good at all and it seems rather paranoid & hypochondriacal. I go about my business without even thinking about it, plus I do a lot of gardening without gloves (love those dirt manicures).

    Of course I myself wash but I don’t go around thinking about others. I hardly EVER get sick and am healthy overall. I know that you have to be exposed in order to build immunity. According to my anecdotal evidence, my touching of public surfaces doesn’t seem to make me sick. Maybe it’s just genes and there’s not a whole lot we can do?

  149. RabbitDinner says:

    @Mr. Guy: I understand you were pointing out that germs are everywhere, try as you might to be rid of them. Just making sure your example did not extend to condoning the haphazard preparation of food

  150. Bladefist says:

    @Bix: Mythbusters did a show on that, and found out it doesn’t really matter where your brush is, it’s full of feces. Happy Brushing.

  151. Bix says:


    Weren’t there studies that showed otherwise, or that at least it was a case by case issue?

  152. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Farquar: I know what you mean, and my rant wasn’t directed at you in particular. Apologies.

    To answer your question bluntly: because she’s in an intimate relationship with you and chooses to imbibe your bodily fluids, for what, one would hope, are some benefits are her part. Food service workers are on the job to prepare and serve food. As far as I know, none have been able to bring a customer to orgasm with tasty fries, so most customers would elect not to intimately share their germs.

  153. Mr. Guy says:

    at the end of the day, most of us would have our MINDS BLOWN if we knew what kinds of pathogens and other yuckies we are routinely exposed to. i guess it’s just a question of degree when it comes to what people feel they have to do in order to get through the day- wash their hands once a day? three times? after every trip to the bathroom? once an hour? once every 15 minutes and you have to use a fresh bar of soap every time and use boiling hot water and scrub exactly 10 times then throw the bar out and turn the lights on and off three times before carefully stepping over the mantle of the bathrrom so as not to touch any cracks with your foot?

    a dose of common sense is probably the best antidote here- if your hands are dirty, wash them, if you’re about to eat food, wash them, otherwise, just get on with your life and don’t waste time obsessing about who may or may not have a few extra germs on their hands.

  154. Conrad says:

    Pee is sterile. It makes more sense to wash your hands before going pee then it does after. We assume that everyones genitals are unclean, and that they can’t take care of themselves, but somehow we manage to do it ourselves. As long as he didn’t have any STIs it would have been safer for him to come out and make the fries with his penis.

  155. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Ok. Employees MUST wash their hands. However, the “whistle blower” never actually saw the worker NOT wash his hands. He made an assumption.
    Had he remained in the restroom and observed the worker finish his urination (um ok..) and exit without washing, then he should have reported this to the manager.
    What if the employee never touched his junk, and used his elbow to flush or it was automated?

    Besides, you get more germs from the door, the ketchup pump handle, the food trays, the cash you hand out/get back, the ice in the soda (oh, the winter sore throats to look for!) and the trash bin door.

  156. JulesNoctambule says:

    @Farquar: I used to know a fellow who would refuse even to share the same plate of food or drink out of the same drink as his fiancee because of ‘germs’. I never had the heart to ask about the condition of their sex life.

  157. SpdRacer says:

    @RabbitDinner: It may not be full blown OCD, but it is a symptom. Used to work with a guy who had real bad OCD, he would routinely do the thing with the paper towels and door handles. It was hard not to laugh at him, or be pissed when he would spend 25 minutes after a break in the BR washing his hands repeatedly. Then if he touched the paper towel dispenser with more then his elbow, it would start all over again.

  158. temporaryerror says:

    Just watch out for Hypnogerms, lest you have to mainline jumping beans…

  159. Farquar says:


    God, if someone could come up with fries that were both tasty and orgasmic.. We’d call that heaven.


    And a guy that could work the frier with his penis would be instrumental in developing said orgasmicly delicious fries.

  160. SpdRacer says:

    @Bix: That episode also pointed out that those germs are airborne and can contaminate an area approx. 5-10′ from the bowl.

  161. Bladefist says:

    @Bix: I’m not sure. One Brush that wasn’t even in the bathroom had equal/more feces on it.

    So unless you Brush in an air tight, containment facility, u got poop on your teeth :)

  162. Suaveydavey says:

    @MissPeacock: There was that much hair on them?

  163. Sian says:

    A Sailor is relieving himself in the head when a Marine walks in and steps up to the urinal beside him.

    After a few seconds the Sailor finishes, shakes, zips and walks over to the sink to wash his hands. The Marine also finishes, zips-up, and walks to the door.

    Just then the Sailor says, “Hey Marine! When I was in boot camp, they taught us to wash our hands when we finished!”

    The Marine looks at the Sailor and says, “When I was in boot camp, they told me not to piss on my hands.”

  164. cortana says:

    @Mr. Guy: “My coworkers who pee and don’t wash their hands are icky!”

    Hate to tell you, but unless someone has a urinary tract or kidney infection, urine is generally sterile. Actually during surgery involving that hardware in your body, surgeons will use your own urine as a sterile rinse fluid. Don’t you feel good now?

  165. sashazur says:

    The most unsanitary thing that ever happened to me in a fast food bathroom: I left my drink by the sink. While I was in there another guy came in. I did my business, washed my hands, picked up my drink, and on the way out of the place took a sip of my drink… my coke had turned into rootbeer! Obviously I had taken the other guy’s drink by mistake. I just left as fast as I could instead of waiting for the same thing to happen to him!

    Moral of the story (kind of obvious): Never bring food or drink into a public bathroom.

  166. Nogard13 says:

    Urine is sterile, so even if he pissed his hands, he didn’t get any more germs on there and he probably killed a few.

  167. Geekmom says:

    I hate to point out that though you’re careful in the public bathrooms, the railings, counter tops, and every door after is touch by the same nasty people who don’t wash their hands. One of my best friends is very paranoid about touching the bathroom door, but doesn’t hesitate to open the classroom door right after. I Know several females in my class weren’t washing their hands, I hesitate to imagine how many of the males didn’t.

    • oneandone says:

      @Geekmom: A survey last year of about 6,000 people in high-traffic public restrooms in the U.S. found that 66% of men wash their hands after using a public bathroom, and 88% of women do. It also found that people claim to wash their hands more often than they do – 89% of men said they wash every time; 96% of women say they do.


      I’m a little skeptical of the survey – it was released by a soap & detergent trade assoc & covered in USAToday. But it does have lots of fun facts! Including: handwashing is down since 2005 (last time the survey was done), and only 57% of men at a baseball game washed their hands after using the bathroom, while 95% of women washed.

      Also, it must have been fun training the survey staff who were assigned to lurk in the restrooms and observe washing behavior.

  168. RabbitDinner says:

    @SpdRacer: I realize this is minor quibbling, but I’ll indulge anyway. I disagree that it is a symptom. The other behaviors you mentioned, such as washing his hands again if his elbow touched a container, or if he stepped on a crack is. But a paper towel just to avoid touching the handle? That is at worst a phobia or a minor neurosis. Just being afraid of something and taking an irrational step to avoid it is not OCD, not that avoiding the handle is irrational

  169. Mr. Guy says:

    @cortana: Cortana, i think your sarcasm detector is broken- i wasn’t actually saying that i think those folks who pee and don’t wash their hands are disgusting. i feel the opposite:, that it’s really not a big deal.

    I’m aware the urine is sterile. I wouldn’t go out of my way to drench myself in it, sterile or not, but i recognize that it’s usually not going to make you ill unless you’re chugging it by the gallon.

  170. RabbitDinner says:

    All I’m saying is, I know the colloquially, people call meticulous people OCD, and that is misleading. Unless I am obsessing over the germs and avoiding cracks and doing controlled breathing patterns and scrubbing my hands counter clockwise and repeating if someone comes up next to me, you can call me OCD. If I’ve had two colds in the past couple of months and I don’t want to touch the door knob, I’m just being careful. It may seem neurotic to the more callous, but it does not make me mentally ill.

  171. @Mange:

    ehh… as someone who was sick for months due to food poisoning from fecal-oral contamination in a restaurant, i don’t really buy the water rinsing thing.

    and i completely forgot about the elevator buttons… thanks for heightening my neuroses :)

  172. @Bladefist: My dog licks my hand, I may forget to wash. I touch a door knob, I can’t stop thinking about washing my hands until I do so.

    That dog has been licking his own ass and eating cat poop, yet you worry about momentary contact with a public door knob. Sounds pretty irrational is all I’m saying.

  173. Gopher bond says:

    I generally just wash my hands before I eat and I make a point of keeping my hands out of my mouth and eyes and I don’t pick my nose. Dirty hands don’t make you sick, dirty hands that go in your wet places do.

  174. sean77 says:

    it’s stories like these that bring out the crazies. These comments are hilarious.

    Half the people here should talk to their doctors about the mysophobia I just diagnosed in you. :)

  175. Bladefist says:

    @Michael Belisle: My dog is a true lady, and would never do that.

  176. Justifan says:

    welcome to fast food/general restaurant hygiene lottery.
    eat out?
    have a good immune system. its just how it is.

  177. Smorgasbord says:

    You should always use the quiet approach first. I told a restaurant manager about an employee who didn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom. He explained to me they have a policy of when the help leaves the kitchen they have to wash there hands when they come back. And he emphasized “If they leave FOR ANY REASON.” I like a policy like that. I wouldn’t want to wash my hands twice after going to the bathroom.
    Sometimes going to the manager has an added benefit. I asked for a manager at another restaurant for the same reason, she was gorgeous, had a nice figure, and I had her all to myself for 2-3 minutes.

  178. cortana says:

    @Mr. Guy: Oops.. I definitely missed your sarcasm. My bad. =)

  179. FLConsumer says:

    BRENT: Awesome job! I wish everyone would make a public scene when things like this happen. I’ve had more than a few bouts of food poisoning in recent years and wouldn’t be surprised if some of it came from this.

  180. I read every comment until I got to the boss who put food on a urinal and then ate it later and had to stop. I can’t take this anymore.

    To all the people saying it won’t hurt, think about it like this: say you have to cross a street. You’ll probably jaywalk anyway, but are you going to wait for the road to be clear, or are you just going to walk across? What if a car is flying down the road after you start walking; do you start running, or continue walking at a slow pace?

    Sure, the car will probably slow down or swerve to avoid hitting you, but that’s not only assuming that the driver is paying attention to the road (which may not always be the case nowadays with the advent of cell phones and texting). Not only are you counting on the driver to see you, but you’re counting on him to react in time to hit the brakes. You’re counting on him to hit the brakes hard enough to slow down without hitting you. You’re counting on the driver to remember to pump if he doesn’t have anti-lock brakes. You’re counting on the car’s brake lines to be intact.

    You’re counting on too much shit by taking that chance. Wait for the road to be clear. Wash your hands. If you get the slightest hint of anything being wrong with your food, make it known to everyone present and get out. If you hear about some specific restaurant getting in the news because some customer saw a rat or found something terrible in their food, eat at that store, because they will not let it happen twice.

  181. @Bladefist: I don’t know, few dogs can resist the allure of tasty, protein-rich cat poop. It wasn’t long before I had to secure kitty’s litter box. (Day 2, in fact. Kitty defended his poop box with kamikaze valor, but resistance was futile against the labrador tag team.)

  182. Whenever I eat, by the way, I almost never touch my food (unless I had just washed my hands). I use the sandwich wrapper (or a napkin) to hold the sandwich. I “drink” the fries. I hold the straw only by its paper wrapper.

    I eat any “finger foods” such as chicken, fries, tacos, etc. with a fork.

  183. Also, if I need to open a door, I put my hand underneath my shirt and use it as a barrier.

  184. @Smorgasbord: Different story if a clerk is seen going straight from the bathroom to the fryer without having spent enough time in the bathroom to wash his hands.

  185. @Poisonous Taoist: To all the people saying it won’t hurt … Wash your hands.

    Why so serious? We’re just enjoying wholesome scatological discourse and repartee. I think everyone agrees that not washing your hands is disgusting.

    But the guy who puts his pretzel on the urinal and takes a bite on the way out? Well, that’s just classic. Comedy gold.

  186. Craysh says:

    Speaking as someone who worked at Arby’s, I never washed my hands in the bathroom.
    The cleaning stations behind the counter were much nicer, and they had hand sanitizer.
    I’d always walk out of the bathroom without washing my hands, but I’d also make a point of showing people that I was washing my hands when I went behind the line.

  187. blargyblarg says:

    So this got me curious… all you who are incredulous about cashiers handling money and then food: do you wash your hands between handling the money you give them, and then eating the food they give you?

  188. 2719 says:

    Sorry to tell you guys but if you have problems with this don’t eat out. Make your own food. People in the food industry simply don’t give a damn.

  189. linbey says:

    We all wash our hands too much. This is why we get sick so much. We never get exposed to bacteria so we never have a chance to build a tolerance for it. While I agree that if you are working with food you should wash your hands, if you are NOT working with food perhaps you should wash your hands a little less. Also I would be able to wash my hands much better if they would get rid of those damn air blowers and put PAPER TOWELS back in restrooms. Damn the environmentalists

  190. Mike8813 says:

    @Mr. Guy: Kudos to a well thought out, spot-on comment. I agree!

  191. RabbitDinner says:

    Yeah, and we shouldn’t vaccinate our children because it may lead to autism. We’re exposed to bacteria and microorganisms to begin with; unless you’ve lived in a bubble or your own private little microcosm your whole life, handwashing isn’t going to bring you down to the level of an AIDS patient. Most people put their hands on their face, handle their food with them, and god knows what else. Unless you’ve been living in a space pod your whole life you’ve been plenty exposed to germs.

  192. ovalseven says:

    I’ve had similar experiences with workers who don’t wash their hands after handling money. One guy handed me my change, then immediately started preparing my burger. At a pizza place, a worker took my money then went right back to kneading the pizza dough.

    My worst experience was at a Tubby’s sub shop. The gal who was wrapping the subs would lick her fingertips each time she reached for the stack of wrappers.

    The lesson I’ve learned is to always watch these people closely. This sort of thing happens more often than you’d think. I now won’t eat anywhere unless I can see my food being prepared from start to finish, and the employees are wearing gloves.

  193. Syrenia says:

    @Daemon_of_Waffle: Worst ever is hoverers: women who won’t sit on the seat, yet refuse to lift it out of the way.

  194. Sarcastikate says:

    My pet peeve is mommies who plop their precious little one’s kiester on the counter in fast food restaurants when they order/pay. News flash: I don’t want your kid’s anus anywhere near my food!

    FYI: The local Board of Health takes food handlers not wearing gloves quite seriously. I called them when I caught a gloveless slob in my office’s cafeteria making breakfast and making change at the same time – and they were over the next day and from then on, I saw everyone wearing gloves. Hey, I’m not OCD about it, but can’t we just all be a little hygenic?

  195. 2719 says:

    I’ve seen people take my order at the cash register and after that go prepare my food. No gloves, no hand wash. Did not complain because I’d rather risk germs instead of having someone’s saliva in my food.

  196. imwm says:

    @Farquar: Because unless you don’t flush, or flush with your foot, you are touching the toilet lever that everyone else has touched right after doing their business. Business that may be #2. Those germs get on your hands. Mega gross!

  197. imwm says:

    @RabbitDinner: For those of us who DO have OCD, it is appreciated for others to wash their hands.

    Seriously, I can control my own space and keep my own hands clean. I don’t automatically expect everyone else to do it, but they should. It’s a courtesy, and it’s minimizing the chances of spreading disease.

    The mean-spirited people who are proud about never washing their hands have a very selfish attitude.

    I can’t control when somebody pisses, immediately exits the bathroom, then tries to shake my hand (and it would be rude not to). For me that immediately starts an obsession. If people would just wash their hands, I wouldn’t have to go through that.

    It may sound selfish of me, but just think – 30 seconds washing your hands is not that long. It’s not a big demand. A lot of people do it anyway. Plus, your hands will smell better, and feel cleaner too!

  198. imwm says:

    @SpdRacer: That’s not a sign of OCD. Nurses do that too. The touching something then washing again, IS. Obsession (fear of germs) leading to a compulsion (washing hands).

    But many (smart) people use the towel to open the door, without OCD.

  199. shiznannigan says:

    I’m having a good laugh at the people here who say they use a paper towel to open the bathroom door, for fear of the germs left on the handle by those who didn’t wash their hands. What about all the people that DID wash their hands? The first thing they touched… that sink handle. Just because it’s part of the sink doesn’t make it clean.

    This is the same reason I don’t wash my hands after I pee. Yes, I said it, and here’s my justification. I know exactly where my genitals have been all day, as well as the condition they’re in. I know they’re clean. I cannot say the same for the genitals of the other restroom users. The other restroom users reach for those sink handles right after they’ve handled themselves. I don’t want to touch those sink handles.

  200. ninevolt says:

    My employer’s decided to “save money” by eliminating paper towel dispensers in the restrooms.

    Problem is, most of the handdryers that are currently installed? Don’t WORK.

    Semester’s about to start again, and I know of three germaphobe faculty members that are going to have fits when they have no paper towels to open the door with.

  201. rabiddachshund says:

    @Mr. Guy: Agreed.
    @Neophiliack: That’s my motto. The only health problems I have are from smoking for 5 years.

  202. mariospants says:

    I doubt telling the employee to turn around and wash his hands would have accomplished much. It’s up to the manager to keep his asshat employees in line and that process works a lot better when the owner of the store reads “customer complained about employee not washing hands after using restroom, in front of entire staff and people waiting in line…” in the incident log. I’m pretty sure at least one head will roll.

    Fuck it, even if I was making minimum wage, I’d take my job seriously.

  203. AMetamorphosis says:


    Thank God for your list … I just wish you could search by zipcode cause I would send this to my office of about 300 people …

  204. BenRad says:

    We have some freak who builds a nest of paper towels and tp on the toilet seat about 3 inches high and then leaves it there after it’s done. You people need help. He’s also started his little pile of paper towels behind the bathroom door. Now I’m going to go take a dump and sit directly on the seat.

  205. BenRad says:

    @shiznannigan: I’m with you. The paper towel door opener’s madness is flawed.

  206. arl84 says:

    I think germophobes and people who silently judge, and turn their noses up, at those who don’t wash their hands, and then teach their children to do the same, are the ones that are disgusting.

    Yes, I usually wash my hands after I use the bathroom. No, I don’t do it every time. Prolly 75%. And I don’t feel guilty about it and I sure as hell wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone busted me out about it. I don’t piss on myself, I don’t shit in public bathrooms and my dick isn’t dirty. I also don’t handle your food for a living.

    I’m not a disgusting person and I’m not going to let someone with ridiculous cleanliness standards make me feel like I am.

    People who won’t touch their own food, even after they wash their hands? That’s disgusting.

    People who use “door towels?” Disgusting.

    I think I even read a comment about someone using the inside of their shirt to touch a door handle. That doesn’t even make sense!!! You don’t want the germs on your hands, where you can quickly wash them off, but you’ll leave them on your shirt all day? WTF!?!!

    It’s this type of behavior that is contributing to consumers being entirely too neurotic. We as a society have been living just fine all these years without door towels and hand sanitizer, So please don’t let the companies that produce these products sucker you into thinking you need to be armed to the teeth to fight germs.

    About the article itself, the OP did not see with his own eyes the fact that the employee did not wash his hands, and therefore should not have busted him out publicly. At best he should have left it anonymous(like, “Your employees aren’t washing their hands when they leave the batroom, I just saw it with my own eyes” instead of “That guy right there, workin the fries with his mustache.”

    Can all of you who get so worked up about not washing your hands please just calm the hell down? God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt. Why haven’t I seen that in the comments yet?

  207. RckPngn says:

    Do you make the person whom you are about to perform oral sex on wash there body parts before you do it?

  208. jellybean08 says:

    How disgusting! I am glad you had the balls to do what you did.