Frontier Charges Up To $10.80 Per Gigabyte For High Speed Internet

Frontier Communications, a Rochester, NY based DSL provider, has recently added language in their acceptable use policy that caps “reasonable” high speed internet usage at 5GB per month, after which they may “suspend, terminate or apply additional charges to the Service.” Metered-internet-hating blog “Stop the Cap” calculated that at Frontier’s most expensive price (for those who do not accept a multi-year contract) the ISP is charging a whopping $10.80 per gigabyte.

Stop the Cap! says:

Frontier offers different pricing across several promotions, ranging from $19.99-$49.99. The lower priced tiers correspond with service contracts that require multi-year commitments, with a substantial penalty for early cancellation. They also charge a monthly modem rental fee (MRF) of $3.99. In some areas this fee is levied even if you wish to use your own DSL modem. Since this fee is universally imposed in many areas, its cost has been included in the price breakdown. Excluded from the review are additional taxes, surcharges, and fees which are imposed by various taxing authorities but are outside of Frontier’s control.

Your Monthly Price Per GB Frontier Pays Per GB
$49.99 + $3.99 MRF $10.80 less than 10c

Even with a multi-year contract, Frontier’s customers are paying at least $4.00 per gigabyte. Stop the Cap says that at the highest rate, a Frontier customer who respected the cap would be shelling out $43.20 to watch a typical high definition movie. Of course, as far as we know Frontier hasn’t said that they will be charging overages at this rate, but, as these numbers show, it does seem to be a very low bar at which to set “reasonable use.”

Perhaps even sillier than its actual policy is Fronteir’s attempt to justify the download cap. DSL reports links to a positively weird page on Frontier’s website where it describes the 5 GB that its customers receive. Don’t worry, “all you e-mail gurus, photography enthusiasts, gamers, and music aficionados,” Frontier says, you can send 500,000 e-mails or send 1,750—2,500 High Resolution (6 megapixel) Photos, yadda, yadda, with your “FREE 5GB of Internet Usage.” Free? Really?

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