My White iPhone Is Cracked, But Not In A Good Way

Reader Zach says that he heard that white iPhones were cracking, but he got one anyway because there was a longer wait for the black ones. When he got home, he noticed two small cracks in the back of the phone.

I drove up to Nashua, NH from my house on Saturday to order an iPhone at the AT&T store up there. I order a white one because it comes in quicker and my wife really wanted my first generation iPhone so that’s what I did. Read about the cracks on Mac Rumors forum and when I was told to come pick it up yesterday I was going to check it out for cracks. I do in the normal spots and a quick one over on the entire thing. Seemed to be good. But as soon as I drive an hour home again I find 2 damned cracks on the bottom corner.

I call Apple (1-800MYIPHONE, how is it one extra number?) they say to bring it back to an Apple Store and they should replace it on the spot. I hate driving alllll over the place for this damn thing. Oh ya other than have the 16GB rather than my old 8GB there isnt anything worth the new phone.

We checked out the MacRumors forum and sure enough there were a few people complaining about tiny cracks appearing on their iPhones. As one forum poster said,

“Aww.. I wish I’d never seen this story. Now I’ve noticed cracks all over my nice new white 16GB. No less than four!”

Yikes. Maybe the black one is worth the wait?

3G Cracks in Plastic Housing [MacForums]

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