Macy's Confirms It Never Did Business With Queens Sweatshop

Last week, news broke that a sweatshop in Queens, NYC was producing clothing for several large U.S. retailers, while overworking its mainly Chinese immigrant employees and cheating them out of wages. At the time, Macy’s announced it was cooperating with New York’s Department of Labor and investigating the matter internally. Now the company has confirmed that it never did business with the sweatshop—in fact, it investigated it twice in 2007 while evaluating potential suppliers and rejected it for shoddy record keeping. Use your crazy Macy’s coupons all you want, readers.

From Macy’s own press release yesterday afternoon:

An internal investigation conducted by Macy’s, however, discovered that no Macy’s goods were found in Jin Shun. But a factory named Zheng Da Inc. in Long Island City, which also was inspected by the Department of Labor and also cited for labor law violations, was making apparently counterfeit goods with labels from a Macy’s private brand. These goods, which were neither ordered nor authorized by Macy’s, were private brand prints from previous seasons and of inferior quality to those made to Macy’s specifications. Macy’s, Inc. is considering legal action against the owners of the Zheng Da factory for unauthorized manufacturing of counterfeit goods under a label owned by Macy’s.

Moreover, independent third-party monitors retained by Macy’s twice inspected the Jin Shun factory in 2007 as Macy’s was evaluating potential suppliers for its private brand merchandise. In both instances, the Jin Shun facility was rejected and removed from consideration because of incomplete employment record-keeping. All Macy’s vendors are required to conform to the company’s stringent Vendor/Supplier Code of Conduct that sets out specific standards and requirements for any vendor doing business with Macy’s.

As for the other companies involved in the story—the Gap, Banana Republic, Urban Apparel, and Victoria’s Secret—we’ve seen no similar statements so far.

“Macy’s Goods Were Not Produced in Long Island City Sweatshop” [Marketwatch]
(Photo: Eddie~S)

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