Getting Internet From AT&T Is Almost Impossible If Your Address Is 914½ Whatever Street

We’ve seen a few addresses that have fractions in our time on this planet, but we never stopped to think about what it was like to try to order internet at one of these locations. Turns out, its about as annoying as you think it would be. Meet Michael. His address is 914½. This problematic little fraction causes AT&T to completely freak out for two months.

I recently moved to a new apartment, and since I could actually get a decent speed on AT&T, I went with them instead of Comcast. I knew from the beginning that having an address of 914.5 (yes, ½) would pose problems, but I never realized how bad. Let’s go through the phases:

First phone call – I tried ordering AT&T internet, but the salesperson on the phone had a really difficult time finding my address in their system. She thought that we were listed as simply 914, and we set up the order as so with a note specifying that the address was actually 914.5, and the installation date was set for the next week. Okay, not so bad.

Second phone call – Two weeks later, still no internet. I called again, asking about service, and they told me a serviceman had been out and installed everything necessary. They offered to send another guy out to try and fix the problem, so that was the end of that.

Third phone call – I get the basic introduction letter in the mail, welcoming me to AT&T service. However, it originally went to 914, and somehow ended up in my mailbox. I tried calling AT&T again, mentioned the problem may just be the fact that they keep going to the wrong address. This time, they actually managed to get the address right in the system, and opened a new work order and dsl number for me. It would take another week for them to get a service tech out, but I waited patiently because I didn’t need internet that bad.

Fourth phone call – I got a bill in the mail for 914, the original dsl service that I never had. Call in and they say don’t worry about it, it’s just a mistake in the system and it’ll be taken care of. By this time, my internet is working on the correct dsl service, so I believe all is well.

Fifth phone call – I get an overdue notice, and a letter from collections from the original service. Now they told me to not worry about it, but a letter from collections just slightly bugs me. I call in, attempt to explain my story about having a new service number, and get treated like a liar and a criminal. She was the rudest person I have ever talked to in my life, and I don’t think she even looked at my file on their computer, just demanded payment. I asked to be transferred to someone else, and actually talked to someone helpful. She took a look at it, noticed the countless notes saying my service had been cancelled due to the wrong address, and corrected the bill. She also offered me a $50 gift card because of everything I went through, which I thought was good retribution. But yeah, I also think they lied about that because it’s been a couple months and that has never shown up.

Moral of the story – Get a good address. The ½ detail can really throw a company off for two months, and don’t trust any telecom company, they’re all a bunch of liars.


Hey, AT&T, where’s this guy’s gift card?

Do all companies freak out when your address has fractions? Or did AT&T never get past integers in grade school?

(Photo: jetsetpress )

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