If your phone uses the Symbian S60 operating system (most Nokia phones, and a few from Samsung), you can purchase QuickOffice Premiere 5.0 for $1.00 for today only. The software, which lets you edit Microsoft Office 2007 files, usually costs around $70. [Quickoffice via All About Symbian]


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  1. drjayphd says:

    Sybian users, however, are out of luck, although I’m not quite sure how you’re supposed to edit anything on one of those…

  2. nfs says:

    well, that excludes most americans since cell phone providers dont carry phones with Symbian OS.

  3. Flyinace2000 says:

    But its perfect for those of us that are enlightened enough to buy a Nokia running S60.

  4. philipbarrett says:

    @Flyinace2000: Exactly! That was a $1 no-brainer for my N95.

  5. weakdome says:

    Howard Stern will be excited, now his guests can edit office documents while riding on the air.

  6. snoopy316 says:

    Zero point Zero

  7. Vulcaex says:

    Crap! I paid full price for this about 3 weeks ago.

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