Charter Gives Family 2 TVs After Contest Snafu

To the family that was supposed to win a 65-inch TV and got a 19-inch TV instead, Charter Cable has given them a 42-inch TV. And if you add up 19 and 42, you get 61. So if you combine the two tvs together, it’s almost like they got the prize they were promised. However, as commenter bigdirty points out, this is only 808 square inches of screen space, about half of the 1605 square inches they would get from a 65-incher. In any event, the family is happy. “You can see the sweat on the ballplayers on ESPN,” said Chris Lewis, one of several men dubbed “World’s Greatest Dad” by way of a Charter Cable-sponsored essay contest.

Charter sends family 2 TVs after prize debacle [The News Courier] (Thanks to Colin!)

(Photo: Getty)

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