Devastated Latte Lovers (Allegedly) Launch "Save Our Starbucks" Campaigns…

The Wall Street Journal would have you believe that devastated Starbucks-lovers all over this nation are launching campaigns to try to save their “beloved” Starbucks. We’re not entirely sure that we believe this based on the single example given in the article, but we’ll play along…

In towns as small as Bloomfield, N.M., and metropolises as large as New York, customers and city officials are starting to write letters, place phone calls, circulate petitions and otherwise plead with the coffee company to change its mind.

“Now that it’s going away, we’re devastated,” said Kate Walker, a facilities manager for software company SunGard Financial Systems who recently learned of a store closing in New York City.

While searching for another example of someone who was devastated, we happened across a website called “Save Starbucks,” and grabbed some representative highlights from the guestbook.

“hey are closing two of my favorite Starbucks in Jacksonville, FL. I am devastated! This can not happen!!! I am going to try to get others organized to fight this!”

“I’m not upset… there is one within a few blocks of each other. I try to support local business anyway !”

“who gives a flying f#@k what this yuppie created pos company does…….i hope they all shut down and never-never-never-open againnnn…”

“I am a school teacher and each morning a group of about eight of us meet up at the local starbucks which is three blocks away from our school, and I just hate to see it going out of business. What may we do to stop it?”

“You’ll piss and moan about $4 gas but think nothing of paying $4 for a pint of coffee. You morons, that’s $32 per gallon.”

“Please use this opportunity to learn about good coffee and support your local businesses instead.”

“Ummm….Who gives a rats @ss!!!!!!!”

Well, there you have it. We were able to find a few folks who don’t want this particular Starbucks to close, so maybe you are out there somewhere.

If so, tell us in the comments.

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