Contact Macy's Executive Customer Service

The number for Macy’s executive customer service is 800-264-0069
Also, extension 2425 at that number gets you Mellisa, assistant to the President of Macy’s
Here is the official box where they want you to send complaints…

Not sure if it actually works.

Macy’s Presidential Complaints
PO Box 8215
Mason, OH 45040

Here’s how to deal with executive a customer service. Remember to always be nice, polite, professional, and tell your story succinctly and clearly.

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  1. Carso says:

    E-mail sent to “” or “” will no longer reach its intended destination. All of our e-mail addresses have been replaced by “” and the old suffixes do not work anymore.

    The address provided is the correct address for MCCS (Macy’s Credit and Customer Services) but my research suggests that “Macy’s Presidential Complaints” is not a recognized heading and that any mail sent to that address would probably go directly to the individuals who review and compile complaint/comment information.

  2. DjDynasty says:

    And actually if you go to and explain that because of this situation you won’t be shopping with Macy’s again, they will escalate it to an office of the president rep also.

  3. GirlCat says:

    Wait–Macy’s has customer service? Seriously?

  4. BentonBabalon says:

    There’s really no way to “escalate” a Macy’s issue unless you have a
    black Macy’s card.

  5. rdldr1 says:

    Im gonna call and ask if Marshall Fields is there. When they say “no,” I’m going to ask when is he coming back?

  6. Indecent says:

    Just my random two cents…

    The mall near me has TWO Macy’s in it. Two of them. And it’s not even that large a mall.

    One Macy’s has far far better service than the other. Surprise?

  7. Anonymous says:

    No wonder Macy’s is struggling – un happy customers- Today, I was reminded why I stopped shopping there. Friday, we received the coupons in the mail $15 off when you spend $50 and $25 off $100- Well of course not One item I chose could be used w/ coupon. This happens repeatedly with all coupons. Other customer’s in the store are complaining about the same problem. I asked the employee to walk around the store pick up one item of everything ring it up and see what works w/ the coupon- so i wouldn’t waste my time. I bet that not one item could be used. Well of course she wouldn’t do it. It’s not the employee’s fault that Management of Macy’s misleads customers. Boy – do i miss FOLEY’S

  8. Anonymous says:

    Used a brand new Marthe Stewart pot yesterday and it had a problem. Called this morning the customer service, right away got a REAL person and ever so helpful and sweet and she then transfered me to the mail order customer service and the same results. There i spoke with a Andrea and she could not have been more helpful. I have never had a problem with Macy and will continue to be a customer. Those 2 ladies made my day. Thank you very much

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of going to Macy’s, trying to find someone to help me OR ring up my purchase; have been a good customer for 40 years and cannot believe how this store has gone down the tubes. The shoe department is a zoo; the coupons (most of them) they send can’t be used on 95% of what a normal person would buy. I’ve had it with Macy’s

  10. mlio says:

    I am definitely never stepping foot in a Macy’s again (I also submitted this complaint to the ‘tell us’ section online). I just tried to return a dress that I purchased less than a week ago. When I bought it, I told the sales lady that it was a back-up dress option for an event I had that weekend and was possibly going to return it if I found something I liked better.

    Low and behold, when I came back to return it today, I was inadvertently accused of having already worn it and replaced the tag “incorrectly.” Yes–like I really wanted to get away with wearing this stupid thing and then returning it…all for $100. I kid you not, the damn dress has been hanging in the back of my car since the day I bought it last week.

    This lady, claiming to be the store’s “merchandising manager” was quite possibly the rudest, most demeaning lady I have ever come into contact with. She went on to lecture me about how “as a customer,” I should not have wanted to purchase this dress in “this condition,” nor should I have wanted to wear it to my “event.” She also lectured me on how “I should never have bought a dress that I maybe didn’t want.” WHO DOES THIS LADY THINK SHE IS!?!?! I left the store in tears. I am still appalled by such poor service and accusations. Why do people like this even work in a job where they deal with customers?

  11. macy's sucks says:

    I was recently brought a dress for my birthday from Macy’s in NY, having returned to the UK (where i live) I have attempted to go out in my new and rather expensive dress yet I have discovered that the electronic security tag was never removed and I am now unable to wear or return the dress. I am also struggling to find a way to contact Macy’s without calling as I will be charged for international calls. I cannot believe the incompetence of the workers in Macy’s especially as it was not a busy day and I was the only customer needing to be served.

  12. seattleguy42 says:

    been a Bon Marche customer for a zillion years…switched to Macys…okay. Only buy when thing are on sale or they send a coupon. So far so good. Been a platinum card holder for 5 years too. Now I pay off my balance about every other month. The exact amount on the bill. But the next month they send me a new bill for interest incurred from the prior month>?!?!?!? WTH? Makes no sense. If I owe more, why does my bill say “total new balance” yet when I pay it to zero, i still get another bill the following month. Called the customer service rep and even she laughed and said she didn’t understand it either. Cancelled my card today!

  13. emv21 says:

    I went to Macy’s and they were so racist, want to buy cologne and they told me I could not smell the testers, they are kept behind the counter because you people steal, couldn’t believe she said it the the manager of the department said the same thing, Jim Crow is back at Macy’s will never step foot inside a Macy’s again. Poor customer service to top it off, not knowledgeable about products.They have gone down hill no wonder they are closing stores.