Starbucks Charged Me Extra For The Vanilla In My "Vanilla Latte"

Let’s say, hypothetically, that a regular latte at Starbucks costs $2.65. Let’s say that there’s a separate menu item posted called “Vanilla Latte” and it costs $2.95. Let’s also say that a regular latte with “syrup” (vanilla, for example) is $2.65 plus $0.30, or $2.95. Why then does a “Vanilla Latte” cost reader Jayne $3.25?

Jayne says:

On two different occasions, I have visited a particular Starbucks and ordered a Vanilla Latte, priced at $2.95. Twice now, I have been charged an extra $.30 for the vanilla flavoring, bringing the price of my $2.95 drink up to $3.25.

The first time, I let it go, thinking it was a simple mistake and hey, it was only $.30. But then, the same thing happened today. I politely asked the cashier why I was being charged extra for the vanilla in my Vanilla Latte (a Vanilla Latte is a separate menu item, priced exactly $.30 higher than a plain latte with no flavor). The cashier looked at me as if I was crazy and said, “Well ma’am, you ordered a Vanilla Latte”, as if that was supposed to make it all clear. I explained that had I ordered a plain latte and asked for an added shot of vanilla, I could understand the extra charge. But, the cashier was having none of my logic. I asked for a manager and when I was told that one was not available I gave up, sensing this was an argument I wasn’t going to win.

Think about how many people go to Starbucks on a daily basis for their drink of choice. Now, imagine that Starbucks overcharges each and every one of those people, just $.30 or so, each time. How many of those people do you think would notice or complain? Starbucks is probably making a killing off of their regular customers who just swipe their cards or fork over the cash without a second thought. Just as a warning, if it happened to me twice in a week, it might be happening to others out there as well. Make sure you’re being charged for exactly what you ordered!

We think that if it says “Vanilla Latte $2.95” and you order “Vanilla Latte,” you should get it for $2.95.

If a store isn’t charging you the posted price for what you’ve ordered, you should report it to their corporate headquarters, and if they don’t take care of it, your attorney general. You may be thinking, “There’s no way our attorney general will give a crap about me being overcharged $0.30 a few times.” You’re probably right. However, you should know that San Diego’s AG busted Baskin Robbins for shorting people on their so-called “pints” of ice cream, so you never know what will interest an AG…

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  1. Garfunkle says:

    Simple. She stuttered and ordered a “Vanilla Vanilla Latte”. She should speak more clearly next time.

  2. Jon Mason says:

    If a Vanilla Latte is on the menu at $2.95, point to it and tell them that’s the price. If they argue, point them at the menu. Repeat.

  3. sahhhm says:

    Personally, I would notice if I ever was overcharged for my regular beverage at my local Caribou Coffee. Actually, I once made my purchase in a location outside of my county, where sales tax was higher, and thought a scheme similar to this was running when the price was $.01 higher than usual.

    Good job catching it, but next time, draw a scene.

  4. hills says:

    ….maybe it’s one of the Starbucks trying desperately to stay open:) (hey, if we charge everyone an extra 30 cents we might not shut down!)

  5. tevasrule says:

    Something similar has happened to me in the past at Starbucks. I have tried to order a latte with cinnamon dolce syrup and instead of being charged for a latte plus $.30 syrup, I get charged for a “Cinnamon Dolce Latte,” which is a latte, plus syrup, plus whipped cream and sprinkles. I do not want whipped cream and sprinkles — I just want a latte with one of the syrups listed on the menu board. I’ve had countless arguments with the baristas about this. Finally I just gave up ordering it. A complaint to Starbucks headquarters did land me two free beverage coupons, though.

  6. VA_White says:

    I know the exact price of my regular drink and when it’s wrong in either direction I call them on it.

  7. ArgusRun says:

    Definitely report it, and be polite. I went to one once where the service was abysmal. A far cry from their normal standards. One politely worded complaint to their website an they sent me several free drink vouchers.

    I find this usually gets a better response. Instead of saying how horrible it was and how you’ll never go there again, try explaining that you usually love their stores and are looking to help them out since they usually pride themselves on good customer relations.

    Above does not work for Sears.

  8. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    In before all the Starbucks bashers chime in…

    Oh damn, hillsrovey already beat me!

  9. dweebster says:

    Just buying a coffee from Starbucks means you got overcharged. This kind of thing just adds insult to injury.

    Wonder why this cancerously-expanding organization is suddenly closing stores (after buying up so much of their (often better quality) competition)? This kind of additional screwing of the customer ain’t gonna help their bottom line.

    Wouldn’t break my heart to see them squirm to come up with any viable reason for doublecharging like this. Class action, anyone?

  10. dweebster says:

    @TheSpatulaOfLove: You’re welcome! :)They bashed a couple excellent local chains into oblivion, and I shed no tears for them violating the law like this.

  11. Savvy-faire says:

    I know this makes me a bad person as well as a bad consumerist, but I’m all for gaming people who aren’t paying close attention to the menu– if *my* drink’s being subsidized by this kind of slight of hand, I’ll happily keep my mouth shut and watch the register closely when I order.

  12. CorrieCJ says:

    Twice in the past few weeks, the local Baskin Robbins has tried to charge my husband $2.50 for a scoop, when the posted price is $1.99. The first time, they said the prices had gone up and they hadn’t changed the sign yet, so he went ahead and paid it. The second time, they tried to convince him the extra $0.50 was “tax” on the $1.99 posted price (uh, 25% tax???). He refused to pay it. The manager finally came over and charged $1.99 with the normal tax (coming to $2.16).

  13. prag says:

    If there is “no manager available” I have held up the line until one was. That usually helps motivate the desired outcome. The absolute key is to stay very, very calm and make your point very clearly and politely. It works for me. The second I lose my cool I lose the battle.

  14. Valhawk says:

    Next time order a Regular Latte with a shot of vanilla.

    Problem solved.

  15. teqjack says:

    Return, ask for the manager, complain. And/or write to the chain’s PR department.

    Then either go to the Starbucks across the street, or [preferable] go to a McDonald’s.

  16. MyPetFly says:

    My guess is that if you write to Starbuck’s corporate, you’ll get two free drink coupons. That’s always how it works.

  17. It’s possible this certain Starbucks has a poorly programmed cash register (computer) and that the grunt behind the counter doesn’t know anything than to push a button and charge what the machine says.

  18. Clipdat says:

    Chargebucks does it again! Just lovely customer service here, too. What happened to “the customer is always right”?

  19. @Valhawk: Or next time you go in you could threaten to punch the worker in the dick.

  20. Ein2015 says:

    Seriously y’all? SERIOUSLY?!

    The cashier is a poorly trained idiot. That’s all it is.

    Go to another Starbucks and you’ll see what I mean.

    This doesn’t need to be reported to the attorney general, for crying out loud, this needs to be reported to a manager so the idiot can get yelled at and stop thinking like a retard.

  21. @Ein2015: Agreed. Methinks there is no conspiracy here.

  22. stevejust says:

    This lady needs to talk to the wieghts and measures people in her state. Probably can be found by googling “weights and measures” department & whatever state she’s in.

  23. howie_in_az says:

    Ask the cashier what the price listed on the menu is. Then ask the cashier how much she charged you. If the two amounts differ, ask her why they differ. Take up as much time as you can, because other customers will be listening in as to why you’re being charged non-menu prices for a menu drink. If there’s a manager present, they’ll want to wrap things up as quickly as possible to get the line moving again.

    As a sidenote, I despise Starbucks and their patrons. Starbucks is a fashion botique that markets burnt water as liquid jewelry, usually to SUV drivers.

  24. petrarch1612 says:

    a dumb cashier overcharges $.30 and now we’re getting the attorney general involved. Methinks there are worse crimes being committed right this second

  25. @LucasAnderson: Exactly what I was thinking. If she’s pushing the button that says “Vanilla Latte” and $3.25 is the price that pops up, then the POS (point-of-sale, not pile of ****) system is to blame. The employee, however, should be empowered with the ability to override the system to make such a correction, and nothing can excuse her poor customer service skills. If it is on the menu, I don’t understand why the OP doesn’t just tell her to turn around and look at their posted price. That would at least start the ball rolling in making a correction.

  26. ctaylor says:

    Sounds like a employee wasn’t trained properly. This happened to my wife at our local Starbucks and the manager fixed it when it was pointed out to her.

  27. B says:

    @Ein2015: It happened twice, although the poster doesn’t specify if it was with the same barista each time.

  28. jwlukens says:

    Was it the same person on the register each time? Could be that a underpaid Starbucks employee is earning some extra cash on the side by stealing from customers. Wouldn’t surprise me I’ve seen things like that before. Next time you should definetly talk to a Manager they’ll probably be glad you pointed this out.

  29. 00447447 says:

    Yes, it was BIG EVIL Starbucks who charged you extra; on purpose no doubt! Just one more jewel in their crown of evil. It’s probably just a matter of days until The Consumerist uncovers the secret Starbucks memo that outlines their new “Charge Extra For Vanilla Project.”
    Seriously Consumerist, get over yourself. People make mistakes.

  30. jackal676 says:

    @FightOnTrojans: “The employee, however, should be empowered with the ability to override the system to make such a correction . . .”

    Agreed, but big corporations don’t often do that and instead require a manager/shift leader to override prices. Too many people would end up abusing it by giving out discounts to their friends or the like, which adds up to a lot of lost revenue. They like to keep the ability to act on that sort of thing restricted to the people who are paid to make those decisions.

  31. jaredutah says:

    It’s a 30 cents conspiracy! I went to McDonald’s yesterday and ordered a double cheesburger for 99 cents without cheese. When I got my order I had been charged an extra 30 cents and on my receipt there was a line item for cheese! Now I know they don’t give you a discount when you hold the cheese on something, but they will charge you 30 cents if you add cheese. In my case, I’m assuming they charged my 30 cents for NOT putting cheese on. I could have fought it, but to have to stand in line again and fight the lunchtime crowds….it’s not worth it, but you better believe I’ll be watching for that next time!

  32. Anita Ham Sandwich says:

    I’m not seeing a conspiracy here. Just baristas who haven’t gotten trained well, or missed their espresso fix that morning.

  33. PinkBox says:

    Use a registered Starbucks card and you’ll get the syrup free either way.

  34. AceEdit says:

    I paid 3.25 for the vanilla latte as well. Please include me in the class action suit.

  35. puddleglum411 says:

    This really isn’t worth an article. It’s a poorly-trained employee. Write Starbucks Corporate and they will make it well.

  36. Wet_Baloney says:

    Get a life ! Call the AG or Weights & Measures over 30 F*ing cents !

    The customer here is just as retarded as the barrista. As was pointed out by others, if you are charged more than the menu prices, just refer the person charging you to the menu. This does not take in IQ in excess of one’s shoe size to figure out…

  37. Wet_Baloney says:


    Yes — write to Starbucks Corporate and spend 41 cents on postage to complain about being overcharged 30 cents. Makes a lot of cents to me!

  38. @jackal676: As if they don’t do that already! They probably charge their friends for a small coffee and give them an extra large whatchmacallit with all the works. Technology should be used to assist management in supervising their employees, it should not replace them. Sounds like the ‘Bux is using their technology in place of supervisors. First this, next week we’ll have Skynet!

    That being said, I’ve been to a few places (and worked in a few places) that entrusted their employees with such things. That went a long way in helping establish a good customer service reputation as it allowed employees tot take corrective action right on the spot, rather than use the dreaded cop out “Let me ask my supervisor.” Was it abused? Probably, yes. But I’m sure that in the long run, it created a more loyal customer base that paid back more than the companies lose.

  39. harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law says:

    Let’s see a scan of the receipt. That way we can clearly see what the OP actually ordered and what she was actually charged for.

  40. mac-phisto says:

    simple – take it out of the tip.

    a great one at dunkin donuts used to cost $1.92. i’d leave the change & 25¢ in the tip cup (so drink costs me $2.25). they raised the price to $2.11 & i still only pay $2.25.

    the way i see it, the company is charging more, therefore they have more money to pay their staff, ergo i don’t have to subsidize their petty wages as much.

    i know that’s total b.s., but the fact remains that i’m just not prepared to pay more than $2.25 for 24oz. of coffee.

  41. anibundel says:

    This is because when a newbie rings you up, they don’t know which button to press. I order a Venti Cafe Vanilla Frap when I go to starbucks. The listed price is $5.75. I have been charged as little as $3.75 and as much as $6.25 depending which series of buttons the cashier decides equals a “Venti Cafe Vanilla Latte.” Some times they ring up “Vanilla bean + coffee”, sometimes plain “vanilla bean” sometimes “Coffee Frap + vanilla flavor”…the combos go on….
    They don’t know on page two, there is, in fact, a button for my particular drink.
    Since most of the time, when i do get charged wrong, they under charge, I don’t complain. I only complain if they make the drink with the syrup instead of the powder. if i wanted it made with syrup, I’d have paid a whole lot less at Caribu Coffee. Thanks.

  42. lauraloops says:

    it’s probably a cashier error (I worked at Starbucks last year). There is a button for “VANILLA LATTE,” which probably rings at $2.95. If you ordered an additional syrup, there is another button for that at $0.30 each. So the barista probably rang it up as a Vanilla Latte, add vanilla syrup. he or she probably was new and mixing up how to ring up a Latte+ syrup and a vanilla latte. The Sbux policy was always “just say yes.” She should mention it to a manager or Shift supervisor next time she’s in, or write in on the website.

  43. nicemarmot617 says:

    I was reading my reports today and I realized I have spent almost $800 at Starbucks this year. How horrifying is that??? The problem is I love chai but no matter where I get it, it’s expensive. Now I’m addicted to the caffeine…I need to quit for the sake of my budget!

    Also, does anyone ever really leave tips at Starbucks? They don’t even have a tip jar at the one I go to regularly.

  44. ianmac47 says:

    There is a reason the woman working the cash register at Starbucks doesn’t understand what is going on, and it is the same reason she is working at the cash register at Starbucks.

  45. 00447447 says:

    @Wet_Baloney: Dumbass. Ever heard of email? Seriously, who writes letters?

  46. mac-phisto says:

    @jaredutah: in my area, the double cheeseburger came off the dollar menu this past winter. now it’s $1.49.

    i haven’t eaten mcdonald’s since – & you know what? i don’t miss it at all (ok, maybe the fries a little bit).

  47. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    @Clipdat: That’s just a phrase tossed around by people who never worked in either the retail or service industry.

  48. ludwigk says:

    @jaredutah: I’m surprised that you ordered a double cheeseburger without cheese, and that there was a line item for cheese, and you actually got a burger with *no* cheese.

    Conventional logic would dictate that you’d have ended up with double cheese, or a helplessly inedible mess of melted orange plastic.

  49. Clipdat says:

    @dry-roasted-peanuts: Oh that’s an especially hilarious comment considering I’ve worked in both.

  50. duncanatrix says:

    For what it’s worth, we had a lot of problems with this at my old store when they changed our menu. That problem was with the “skinny latte” button, which rang up $2.95 because it included vanilla, and baristas not knowing this (why would you? it doesn’t say “skinny vanilla latte”)–those of us who were observant figured it out quickly, but I could see that happening. I’ve never had this problem with the regular ones though.

    Ask to speak to a shift supervisor if they say a manager isn’t available, because that person will have the most sway at the time.

  51. frari489 says:

    sounds like a clueless employee.

    If it had been me, I would have pointed up at the menu board showing the price and told them to stop being stupid.

  52. ludwigk says:

    @mac-phisto: But what if you’re a stingy bastard and already don’t tip? (I am of course describing myself)

    I tip at restaurants, but I don’t see the point for counter-based fastfood joints like Starbucks. They don’t have a tip-based wage, and are subject to normal minimum wage. I know minimum wage sucks, but the tip-based minimum wage is like 1/4 as much here, which is an entirely different matter.

  53. chiieddy says:

    Starbucks is aware of this issue. You can get the free vanilla if you order a latte with a shot of vanilla in it.

  54. mac-phisto says:

    @ludwigk: then take 30¢ out of the tip cup. problem solved. XD

  55. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    @Clipdat: Heh. I was mainly joking. While I’d always do what the customer asked (within reason), I was always reminded of that story about how someone found a way to make the New York subways always run on time, but the only problem was that they couldn’t pick up any passengers.

  56. AdmiralApathy says:

    This happened to me as well and the cashier was nice enough to inform me that if I got a Starbucks card the cost would only be like 15 cents extra. I laughed and told her that it was nice of her to offer but I was only doing a favor and picking up a drink for a friend. I am not a coffee drinker and despise Starbucks so I wasn’t planning on going in again.

  57. Jayne5223 says:

    Hi! I am the person who wrote in about this and a few things require clarification from me:

    1. A different person was working behind the register on each occurrence. Both male.
    2. I did motion to the menu behind the young man working the register. I asked for a manager when he simply didn’t turn around to see what I was motioning at.
    3. I was not offered a receipt, so there is no way to verify exactly what I was charged for. I arrived at the conclusion that I had been overcharged $.30 through simple addition and subtraction.
    4. True, it’s only $.30 (actually, its $.60…it happened twice), but imagine that small amount compounded over time. It can really add up.

  58. 00447447 says:

    @AdmiralApathy: “Thank you for the polite tip, but I’m not a coffee drinker and-for some reason-despise Starbucks so you will not be seeing me again.”

    – Douche-Bag Consumer of the Week

  59. @Wet_Baloney: Your math is incorrect. She has been overcharged TWICE for a total of 60 cents. So writing to corporate would still leave her 19 cents! Of course, she could always ask that they refund the postage costs…

  60. @00447447: Hey now, there’s no reason to call anyone names. Plenty of people still write letters… my Grandmother for instance.

  61. sleze69 says:

    @puddleglum411: @Ein2015: Be careful. We’re not allowed to point out bad articles or bash authors for do stupid stuff like patronizing a Starbucks.

  62. @mac-phisto: Seriously? You think that companies raise their prices so they can pay their employees more? ….wow. Do you now or have you ever had a job?

    I tip because I know that dealing with asshats all day is annoying and deserving of some recognition for a job well done. Also, I know what working at Starbucks is like, and it’s hard to make a living off of store wages…every little bit counts. I used to pay for my gas with my tips. I don’t think they would cover gas nowadays, so I tend to tip more because I have it.

  63. ELC says:

    I simply would not pay the extra money.

  64. Mr.SithNinja says:

    Complaining about being overcharged at Starbucks is like complaing about getting your hair wet while sticking your head in a toilet.

  65. cordeliapotter says:

    Every time I shop at Potbelly’s and get a pizza, they charge me the extra $.50 for pepperoni. Sometimes I tell them that I got a pizza with no pepperoni, but then I worry that since it’s so loud in there, they think I’m telling them I *have* pepperoni. Whatever, it’s like they’re programed to put in the extra 50 cents if I just say pizza, so now I just tell them it’s a sandwich.

  66. alexanderhorre says:

    I worked at starbucks as a supervisor for a few years. Let me chime in on what’s happening: basically the barista at the register is completely retarded. It’s not Starbucks, it’s the stupid employee, or in Starbucks’ lingo: a “partner.”

    This is how pricing policy is suppose to work: If you order a grande vanilla late at the menu price, and ask for extra vanilla, that extra vanilla is FREE.

    It’s been this way for about 2 years now.

    A grande (16oz) Vanilla Late comes with 2 shots of espresso, and 4 pumps of vanilla, and steam milk and foam. If you request extra vanilla, it first helps to say how many extra pumps. But that isn’t the point. The point is: extra vanilla is FREE. 1 extra pump to 20 extra pumps. FREE. Period.

    If you get into an argument with these retarded baristas that don’t care, just tell them “What about your ‘just say YES policy?’ What about your ‘legendary service?’

    Stores can hit hard in store reviews if you file customer opinion cards. These cards are at the condiment bar, if not, request one.

    AND there is always a someone in charge on a shift: if there is no store manager, 90% of manager duties are delegated to a shift supervisor.

    Don’t let stupid baristas that don’t ruin your coffee.

  67. mac-phisto says:

    @FatalisticDread: dude, -1 on reading comprehension. right after my logical argument about increased price = increase wages, i stated, i know that’s total b.s.

    now, get your ass down to the coffee shop before you pass out at your desk. =P

  68. muffingal says:

    @MyPetFly: That is what I did when I ordered a Mocha Latte, waited well over 15 minutes (since they don’t take people’s name and had to wait for them to remake 5 drinks!) and when I got to work – my drink was cold. I emailed corporate and viola! I got 2 free drink coupons in the mail!

    @NameGoesHere: Most Starbucks employees still charge you for the syrup because they don’t know how to “remove” the cost. I believe that was on the Consumerist. They need to train their employees better.

  69. mcjake says:

    Could just be a stupid worker or store. That shit wouldn’t fly at my wife’s store.

  70. AriellaFaerie says:

    Any of you deskjockeys touch my tipjar and you will find my boot so far up your arse that it comes out of your mouth.

  71. Cupajo says:

    1. Did you call her a cashier to her face? That might have led to her attitude, since she’s not a cashier. She’s a “barrista” (heavy emphasis on the word ‘barrista’ with nose pointed up in the air).

    2. All Starbucks over-charge for everything they sell. Even if the total on the register is half of what the menu says, you are still being overcharged.

    3. At least she didn’t threaten to punch you in the dick.

  72. Cupajo says:

    @Mr.SithNinja: LOL! I love that line and I’m going to steal it.

  73. stacye says:

    @alexanderhorre: You win at the internets today. Congrats :)

  74. Coelacanth says:

    There are a few Starbucks that’ve often undercharged me for drinks, if they can be ordered in a more clever way.

    Thanks for the heads-up, although my usual orders are unlikely to fall under this trap.

    I thought Starbucks employees were supposed to be intelligent.

  75. Dreyus says:

    The fact that you are paying $2.95 for $.09 worth of coffee and vanilla shows how dumb you are anyways. If you are willing to pay $2.95, STFU and just pay whatever they charge you.

    Or better yet, stay home, make your own coffee, and donate the money to a local food shelter.

  76. Zeniq says:

    @Clipdat: Simply put, the customer is not always right. Sometimes they are very, very wrong.

  77. Clipdat says:

    @Dreyus: Sounds like somebody pissed in your homemade coffee this morning.

  78. GoPadge says:

    @howie_in_az: Now that’s a lie and you know it. Us SUV driver’s can’t afford burnt and overpriced coffee….

  79. @mac-phisto: Oh, I get it now. You are an ass, but decided to admit it and I missed it. I get it now! That’s funny!

  80. mac-phisto says:

    @FatalisticDread: i see you opted for the double espresso. excellent choice.

  81. @mac-phisto: Quad.

  82. Met said “you never know what will interest an AG”

    How true, how true. Especially if you find the member of the AG staff that also shops at Starbucks.

  83. Claystil says:

    She simply doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s probably pressing the button for “vanilla latte,” then adding vanilla syrup. She should, however, know that at least one and probably 2 managers are working with her.

    I worked at starbucks briefly (I was in transition before a big move, that’s my excuse) and they stuck everyone they’d just trained on the register. They didn’t want the new folks screwing up the drinks so they had us screwing up the transactions instead. I was informed of this policy after begging to be moved from the register due to throbbing knees. Starbucks sucks.

  84. humperdinck says:

    Dear Everyone Who Patronizes Starbucks,

    I am better than you because I don’t patronize Starbucks.


    Self-righteous Fuckwit

  85. riverstyxxx says:

    Are they still calling employees “Baristas”? That all reminds me when they changed the names of employees to “Associates” to make them feel more important. Yawn.

  86. Dansc29625 says:

    Even after closing 600 stores there is still a Starbucks on every corner. You wont have to travel far to take your dollars elsewhere is you so choose. I still think you should call and just let the general manager know what is going on. If he/she is not a scumbag they will invite you back in and throw something free your way.

  87. richtaur says:
  88. 628 says:

    Same thing happens to me and my usual drink. I order a Tall Iced Cafe Con Leche, sweetened, easy ice, which is iced coffee with milk. They also tend to charge me for the “milk” although it’s already part of the beverage.

    And not to mention, half the Starbucks I go to don’t even bother putting easy ice.

  89. pollyannacowgirl says:

    howie_in_az said: “Starbucks is a fashion botique that markets burnt water as liquid jewelry, usually to SUV drivers.”

    “Liquid jewelry” is fucking genius. Please submit to And, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to start using this in everyday conversation.

  90. Snowlovers says:

    I hear ya – there’s nothing worse than a coffee with difficult ice!

  91. lslutsky says:

    Anyone with a Starbucks Gift Card/Rewards Card will be given a free drink customization-which means free vanilla. [via []]

  92. Charmander says:

    First of all, I don’t understand the

    Don’t the registers have separate keys for each drink? It should be easy to press the key for Vanilla Latte.

  93. Charmander says:

    I don’t understand people like Jayne. The first time it happened, she “let it go.” Why? If a Vanilla Latte is clearly posted as a menu item, all she’d have to do is point to it in front of the cashier. The second time – same thing – she gave up. If it is listed on the menu at one price, that is the price I’d pay, and the lack of manager at the store wouldn’t stop me.

    Is it possible she ordered a larger size and was being charged for THAT, instead of being charged extra for vanilla syrup? I’m thinking that is a more plausible explanation.

  94. Derv says:

    I used to work at a coffee shop, and if I ever see your dirty little hands in my tip jar I will personally kick your ass.

    Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but I would tell you to put it back.

  95. welsey says:

    There’s a local coffee shop in the town I go to school, and I’ve been charged a different price for a medium vanilla latte each time I’ve gone there. I never really say anything, because it’s only off by around 15 cents in either direction, but I find it a little strange.

  96. katoninetales says:

    @tevasrule: Whipped cream and sprinkles are free. A “skinny” cinnamon dolce latte, for example, is still a cinnamon dolce latte. That’s not an error, it’s something you’d have to take up with Starbucks. Not wanting condiments doesn’t make the drink cheaper. @jwlukens: if the person at the register did what you suggest, the receipt would show the lower price; for that scam to work, they have to delete the item before finalizing the sale. @FightOnTrojans: No, most of them don’t. It’s a firing offense.

  97. Nick Wright says:

    Cashier error. Get a manager next time.

  98. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    @Dreyus: Dreyes, childish name-calling isn’t necessary, nor is blaming the victim something we allow. href=””>Read

  99. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    Sorry, botched the link. Read the comment code.

  100. zofox2 says:

    Former starbucks employee here. Its different for every drink like the cinnimon dolce latte there use to be a button for it then they got rid of it and we were told to do a latte + the syrup which was more expensive, other times a latte + the syrup was cheaper and it really depended on how nice you were which one you got charged for i got yelled at once by a customer because they wanted two zebra hot chocolates one i charged as a white hot chocolate they other as a regular hot chocolate, when i could have made em both about 30cents more expensive.

  101. nana says:

    At least once a week i order a small regular and a large hazelnut coffee at our local Starbucks located in a Target store. Plain and simple. The price displayed was always $4.01 that I pay in cash. Last week, I ordered my usual. Small regular, large Hazelnut. The display showed $4.11 which was ok. Figured the price went up. BUT, this time I used a STARBUCKS gift card. Lo and behold, the price charged on the card was $4.74. The slip showed a 63 cent charge for tax. This is outrageous!!! The display did not show $4.74. If it did, I would have immediately questioned it and cancelled the order. The display showed $4.11 which I expected to pay. I am allerting friends and relatives that if they use a gift card, credit card or debit card to be aware of the charges going through and never give Starbucks gift cards for gifts. This is a very sneaky way to cheat customers and fill the pockets of CEO’s and such.