Bestsmartstore Is A Scam, Check Your Statements For Fake Charges

Watch out for fraudulent charges from on your credit card statements. Consumers are complaining about unauthorized charges for $4.95 or $4.99 for “e books” they never ordered or received. E-books are a favorite tool of online scammers as, if they ever got caught, they could just point to a few PDFs on their computer and say that’s the inventory of their legitimate business. If you get one of these charges, do a chargeback on the card and cancel the card immediately. = fraud [toddbradley]
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  1. SkokieGuy says:

    Their website contains a whopping total of 32 ebooks, including such important works as:

    E-Guide to Homeschooling
    E-Guide to Seeking an Annulment
    E-Guide to Stopping PopUp Ads
    E-Guide to Stopping Spam
    E-Guide to Understanding HDTV
    E-Guide to Writing a Book Proposal

    Sounds like in addition to the credit card scamming their actual products are nothing more than easily available free information.

  2. leastcmplicated says:

    this is my favorite one

    E-Guide to Writing your own E-Guides

  3. IphtashuFitz says:

    So where’s “E-Guide to scamming people with E-Guides” ???

  4. Veeber says:

    @leastcmplicated: I think I prefer the E-Guide to a Delighted Customer

  5. timmus says:

    if they ever got caught, they could just point to a few PDFs on their computer and say that’s the inventory of their legitimate business.

    Actually that’s not defensible. Speaking as a merchant what constitutes a delivery is a signed credit card slip acknowledging receipt of goods, or a delivery receipt. Delivery of any virtual goods is always risky and the vast majority of the time we rely on trusting customers and providing good customer service, and we’ve never had problems. This scammer wouldn’t last a second with a chargeback, unless you have a crappy bank like Capital One.

  6. ElizabethD says:

    What? No E-Guide for Dummies?

  7. TouchMyMonkey says:

    @timmus: So what’s wrong with Capital One? Haven’t had this problem in awhile, so inquiring minds want to know.

  8. woodenturkey says:

    my wife was bilked by this scam, she thought she was buying the e-book, and it turned out to be the “review” of the book instead. But Amazon work with us and recovered our $3.25

  9. AMetamorphosis says:

    How about the “Eguide to making money with 419 scams” ?

  10. xmarkd400x says:

    Is there some barrer at which its cheaper to allow the bogus charge and not do a chargeback?

    I remember I got a $10 charge for I wrote them a nastygram demanding proof that I ever signed up for their service. After 2 weeks and no response I contacted Discover (via the website – ticketing system I presume) to remedy the situation. I didn’t get a response in a week from Discover, then I found (via the FAQs)that they charged $35 for what I wanted to do, so I just closed the card.

    $10 was not worth the PITA of getting it back.

  11. SacraBos says:

    @ElizabethD: I’ve always thought they ought to have “Step By Step: The Complete Idiots Guide for Dummies in 24 Hours”, but who would publish it?

  12. Nytmare says:

    These are real “e-books” in the same way that selling pamphlets through the classifieds with info on how to sell pamphlets through the classifieds is “stuffing envelopes”.

  13. BigPapaCherry says:

    @xmarkd400x: Wait, do credit cards actually charge you for a chargeback/fraud protection? I’ve never had to do a chargeback, but the fraud service I got on my debit card (before I started reading the consumerist, I’m all credit now) was totally free. Is that just a discover thing?

  14. highmodulus says:

    Good article, I came for the “E-Guide to Credit Card Fraud” but had to make it the joke myself.

    Sadly, they will just shut down and start the scam back up under a different name.

  15. elislider says:

    i got a 6.95 or something charge from them on my bank card a few months ago and i called it in and had it removed and a new card issued. it is a scam, i can vouch for that!

  16. -MGD- says: is much more than a scam, it is a fake website that is a front cover for laundering hijacked credit card data into cash. Bestsmartstore is just one of several dozen active fraud sites, that are controlled by a Russian / Ukranian organized crime syndicate. This syndicate launders millions of dollars a year out of the US from card fraud.

    The criminals recruit cyber-mules from online job sites, using fake companies, and also via adds on Craigslist. The cyber-mules are instructed to set up a US LLC, and obtain an IRS EIN number. They are then told to open a merchant bank account from an “approved” lists of banks. The criminals specify that the must be used for the card payment gateway, so only banks affiliated with can be used to set up the merchant bank account.

    Once the accounts are set up the cyber-mule gives the user id and password for the payment processing account to the crime syndicate. The criminals then process fraud charges through the website to thousands of cards a month from their hijacked card database. The crime syndicate then launders the stolen funds by instructing the duped cyber-mules to wire the fraudulent proceeds, as much as $40,000 to $50,000 per site, per month, to various foreign banks. The hijacked funds have been tracked going to various beneficiaries at banks in Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan, etc. The cyber-mules are paid a percentage of the take.

    The websites do not sell anything, they are just a fake front operation set up by the organized crime syndicate in order to pass a vetting process to obtain a merchant account. Their sole purpose is to process the hijacked card data, and launder it in to cash. Cash funds to pay for the cost of setting up these front operations has been tracked coming from the Ukraine via Western Union.

    If you receive a fraud charge from any of these operating sites, it is imperative that you report the charge as “fraudulent”, and cancel and replace the card. Otherwise they will keep processing fraud charges against it. You are not liable for fraudulent charges made to your card, and there cannot be a fee to remove them.

    This organized crime syndicate has been operating this set up for several years, and is a global operation. The same criminals were recently tracked setting up a 31 website front operation in the UK.

    The ran a story back in April on another division of this same organized crime syndicate:


    and a follow up story here:

    [] covered the recent UK operation here:

    The activities of this organized crime syndicate are documented here: []
    and was listed in April, here:

    The LLC behind the website, presumably set up by the duped cyber-mule:

    File Number: L-1328726-0


    Domestic Address 2390 E WILDHORSE PL
    CHANDLER, AZ 85249

    Statutory Agent Information
    Agent Name: MICHELE TOLER

    Agent Mailing/Physical Address:
    CHANDLER, AZ 85249

    Agent Status: APPOINTED 12/05/2006
    Agent Last Updated: 01/20/2007

    Additional Corporate Information
    Corporation Type: DOMESTIC L.L.C.
    Business Type:
    Incorporation Date: 12/05/2006

    Domicile: ARIZONA
    County: MARICOPA
    Approval Date: 01/20/2007

    Member Information:

    CHANDLER,AZ 85249
    Date of Taking Office: 12/05/2006
    Last Updated: 01/20/2007

    Efforts to track down and alert the registrant, have failed so far.