UPDATE: MyGallons Refunding Membership Fees?

Consumerist commenter doireallyneedausername forwarded us an email he got from MyGallons.com, claiming that his membership fee will be refunded because MyGallons.com cannot find a credit card processor. The email, signed by CEO Steve Verona, says that current members will get a free year of MyGallons.com when (if?) they are ever able to process transactions. Read the email inside.

Dear MyGallons Member,

We developed the MyGallons program because, like you, we wanted to help solve the problems caused by the rising price of gasoline. We are proud of what we created and look forward to providing you with this innovative service in the very near future.

Due to difficulties with a key supplier, we are unable to deliver the service we promised to you at this time. We apologize for the delay. You will be receiving a refund on your credit card for 100% of the membership fees that you have previously paid.

To express our sincere thanks for your loyalty and support, once we secure a new payment network, you will enjoy the benefits of the MyGallons program free of membership charges for your first year.

Rest assured, we are working diligently to secure a relationship with a new national card processing company. We will keep you updated every step of the way as we overcome the challenges we face together.


Steven Verona
Founder and CEOMyGallons LLC

The whole MyGallons saga began when the media fell all over themselves about the gasoline hedging start-up, prompting the BBB to investigate the company’s ability to process transactions at the pump.

The BBB found that MyGallons.com had no contract with a processor, telling Consumerist that USBank, the company that was touted in MyGallons.com’s press release, had ultimately declined to participate.

MyGallons.com posted a notice claiming that USBank backed out. The BBB nevertheless issued a poor rating to MyGallons, because despite their lack of contract to process transactions, the company was still collecting membership fees. Later, the BBB met with MyGallons and revised their rating to NR (no rating) after the company agreed to suspend accepting new memberships.

Boy, that was one hell of a press release, wasn’t it?

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