A List Of Starbucks Stores That Will Close By The End Of The Month

Starbucks is releasing the list of the first batch of stores that are getting the axe. These stores will be closing by the end of the month.

Starbucks says:

Much thought and consideration was given to each location, because we know the impact this has on our dedicated partners, customers and the communities where we operate. The determination of each store’s closure date is dependent on several operational and contractual factors and events. We will be as transparent as possible and each month, after closure dates have been communicated to all affected partners, we will post a list of the stores that are scheduled to close during that month.

Read the full list inside.


#10797 – dauphin & du rhu
9 du rhu dr
mobile, al

#11322 – old shell & mcgregor
4401 old shell rd
mobile, al

#11429 – airport & foreman
6601 airport blvd
mobile, al

#11774 – university & old shell
5611 old shell rd
mobile, al


#10883 – hwy 59 & rena
2008 fayetteville rd
van buren, ar

#11864 – hwy 264 & dixieland
105 s dixieland
lowell, ar


#9583 – national & 36th
3506 national ave
san diego, ca

#10630 – hwy 111 & rancho las palmas
71743 hwy 111
rancho mirage, ca

#10710 – florida & sanderson
2801 w florida ave
hemet, ca

#10813 – canyon springs & corporate
2692 canyon springs pkwy
riverside, ca

#10888 – ramona & mission
4467 e mission blvd
montclair, ca

#11029 – la paz & valley center
14689 la paz dr
victorville, ca

#11896 – san juan & miller
1280 san juan rd
hollister, ca

#13745 – pch & boat canyon
636 n pacific coast hwy
laguna beach, ca


#13570 – main & 2nd
201 n harrison st
davenport, ia


#13289 – 167th & crawford
4019 w 167th st
country club hills, il

#13469 – north & york
291 n york st
elmhurst, il


#11846 – 16th & sharon
3021 w 16th st
indianapolis, in

#13201 – sr 1 & lowes
2133 n main st
bluffton, in


#10779 – hubbards & westport
285 n hubbards ln
louisville, ky


#11263 – i-10 & siegen
6556 siegen ln
baton rouge, la

#11264 – coursey & market
14241 coursey blvd
baton rouge, la


#11799 – collington plaza
3524 north crain hwy
bowie, md


#9564 – frontage & prospect
2221 e main frontage rd
albert lea, mn

#10456 – radison rd & 109th
2331 108th ln ne
blaine, mn

#10457 – main st & hwy 10
2740 main st nw
coon rapids, mn

#10642 – tyler rd & mall dr
144 tyler rd n
red wing, mn

#10871 – round lake & hwy 10
13131 riverdale dr
coon rapids, mn

#11186 – w circle dr & 26th
2665 commerce dr nw
rochester, mn

#11635 – 66th & hwy 252
615 66th ave n
brooklyn center, mn


#10834 – west florissant @ lucas & hunt
8017 w. florissant ave
jennings, mo


#11527 – hwy 370 & 36th
3811 twin creek dr
bellevue, ne


#6633- desert inn & decatur
4810 w desert inn rd
las vegas, nv

#10393 – tropicana & eastern
2510 e tropicana ave
las vegas, nv

#10462 – charleston & brush
5181 w charleston blvd
las vegas, nv

#10872 – lake mead & rancho
3720 lake mead blvd
las vegas, nv

#11647 – sky pointe & buffalo
6515 n buffalo dr
las vegas, nv

New Jersey

#9365 – cherry hill mall kiosk
2000 route 38
cherry hill, nj 08002

New York

#10840 – central islip town centre
101 s research pl
central islip, ny

#11280 – forest promenade
1756 forest ave
staten island, ny

#11976 – southold
53345 route 25
southold, ny

North Dakota

#10459 – 13th & 25th
1310 25th st s
fargo, nd


#2525- 1505 5th ave
1505 w 5th ave
columbus, oh

#11883 – maxtown
925 n state st
westerville, oh


#9675 – hwy 83 & boca chica
100 expressway 83
brownsville, tx

#10877 – illinois & westmoreland
3403 w illinois ave
dallas, tx

#11302 – hwy 59 & hwy 36
27943 sw fwy
rosenberg, tx

#11565 – zapata hwy & chestnut
2201 chestnut
laredo, tx

#13332 – valley mills & waco dr
4300 w waco dr
waco, tx

West Virginia

#11213 – the highlands
36 fort henry rd
tridelphia, wv

(Photo: Captain of the Green and White )


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  1. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    Good riddance! Who needs more skunk piss Pike Place coffee and over-priced frappuccinos?

    I’m sad no MA stores are slated to close. On Charles Street in Boston, there are three stores within two minutes walking of each other.

  2. taney71 says:

    Damnit, none in DC. I have no luck.

  3. That-Dude says:

    Starbucks gets no play in Coon Rapids . . .

  4. sporks says:

    I was in DC last week and I was walking through the Chinatown area (I think) and I get to the start of one block and see a Starbucks. I then turn the corner and walk to the end of the block and what do I see? ANOTHER STARBUCKS. There’s no need for that crap. I do hope that they’re just closing the redundant stores like that, not stores that are the only Starbucks in town. They’ve done their best to not overload Kansas with unnecessary stores.

  5. evslin says:


    #11527 – hwy 370 & 36th
    3811 twin creek dr
    bellevue, ne

    There’s another one 3 minutes down the highway at 370 & 72nd st. Why would anybody think that it’s a good idea to open locations that close together like that?

  6. DeadWriter says:

    Weird. I have a Star Bucks next to a Star Bucks (full Star Bucks in a supermarket) in my town, and both are remaining open.

  7. Damn, the AZ stores get spared the rod.

  8. timmus says:

    I wonder what happens with the ones that have a Starbucks in the bathrooms. Do they close too?

  9. Nick says:

    @evslin: That’s actually a huge distance for starbucks. There are places where I live that actually have two starbucks on the same block. In fact, down the street from my house there are two starbucks within the same strip mall.

  10. nequam says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: The question is whether those three locations are busy. In my experience with them, they are busy all the time.

    It would make sense for SBUX to close poorly performing locations. At least this list shows that they are not in a rush to close its closely-placed downtown locations (in any major city).

    I think it’s funny that some people use the “10 SBUX in a quarter-mile” point as an example of a poor business plan, yet the facts suggest that many of those neighboring stores are profitable. My sense is that the rest of the 600 closing stores will be more of the Tripdelphia, WV variety and less of the NYC.

  11. intellivised says:

    My city/state (Laramie, WY) isn’t losing any. In fact there is a new one opening up (supposedly) right across the street from UW on top of the 2 in the grocery store locations we have.

    The town is going through a chain store/restaurant boom… In the year I’ve lived here we’ve gotten 5 chain restaurants.

  12. sethom says:

    My brother works in the Waco,TX location but is getting transferred to another store anyway.

  13. ???/??? says:

    … of course they get rid of the one I go to :p

    It’s in the middle of Macy’s, and NO ONE goes to it cause it’s like hidden. Going to it is like finding Narnia.

  14. dangermike says:

    I wonder how many will be in LAX. Last time I was there (May, this year), every third storefront between the checkpoint and the terminal for my flight was a starbucks. And this is not hyperbole. LITERALLY every deli, fast food mart, duty-free shop, gift shop, boutique, etc. was next-door to a starbucks.

  15. Burgandy says:

    @DeadWriter: Same here, one inside Albertsons and one in the parking lot.

  16. smallestmills says:

    I forget where I read this so now I have zero cred, but I once read that S’bux business plan was to open and open and open stores to see which were in the best locations and they’d be their own competition. They’d eventually choke themselves out and cull the low-performing stores.

  17. ctaylor says:

    The ones located within other stores/supermarkets are often licensed to that store. They aren’t considered “real” Starbucks (ie, the employees are employed by the enclosing store, you can’t get your partner discount or markout there if you work for a real Starbucks, your Starbucks card may or may not work.)

  18. katylostherart says:

    none in ct closing yet. not surprised. stepford wives like lattes.

  19. Nyses says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: man, you think that is bad, in Seattle, there is a corner that actually has a Starbucks store on every corner.

  20. eirrom says:

    Just 3 in New York? Who would have guess so few?

  21. Benny Gesserit says:

    Strange they’re not closing any Canadian shops. Most of us are pretty “down home” to wander in there and ask for a chi-chi drink.

    We likes our Tim’s yessir and a maple-dip dough-nut. (droooool)

  22. thesabre says:

    @sporks: Yeah, there are a few in Chinatown. There is also a hotbed of them around 14th street (near Macy’s/Metro Center). If you walk from 14th/15th to about 7th (near Chinatown), I think you pass at least 5 and that’s only like 10 minutes to walk.

  23. lalaland13 says:

    I agree that some need to close, but dang, that was quick. So much for me getting a way-too expensive yet good Frappucino near work.

  24. DrJimmy says:

    The closest closer to me is 60 miles as the proverbial crow flies.

    Very disappointing, as I can think of three within 11 miles I’d like to see as potential retail space for someone else.

  25. Alex Brewer says:

    An example of Starbucks clustering in downtown Seattle:

    That’s four in a 40 yard radius…

  26. cottiescot says:

    Wow, Talk about completely wasting Money, Starbucks just opened the north and York location in Elmhurst IL less than a year ago.

    Of course, there is one less than 1/4 Mile Away in Downtown Elmhurst.

    Silly burnt Coffee, Dont you know the country runs on Dunkin.

  27. renegadebarista says:

    @taney71: @ConsumptionJunkie: @Barry White Stripes, Office LW:
    I know that its popular to hate Starbucks but please try to remember that people are going to be unemployed after all is said and done, and is that really something to get excited about with the state of things as they are in the US today?

  28. HunterZ says:

    @Barry White Stripes, Office LW:
    Keep in mind that these are supposedly just the stores closing this month.

  29. jdmba says:

    I have been places (cough, cough – San Francisco), where there have been more than 1 ‘bucks on the same block … on the same side of the street! The Simpsons had it right when they showed a mall which had every single store flying a Starbucks banner.

    Aside from the overpopulation, though – it would be nicer if they would focus on less foul/burnt coffee than firing people.

  30. sean77 says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: MA doesn’t need to shut down starbucks, it needs to shut down Dunkin Donuts. In Boston, there is 1 Dunkin Donuts for every 5600 residents.

    There are 1,100 Dunkin Donuts within 50 miles of Boston. There are only 207 Starbucks in that same area.

  31. lchatburn says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: I get where you are coming from, but there are (IIRC) two on Charles Street. One overlooks the Common at the south end, which is a nice place to sit and serves the Common tourists, etc. And another one is mid-way down Charles street which serves Beacon Hill in general, but doesn’t have much room to sit.

    There’s one on Cambridge, just off the north end of Charles street, which serves Mass. General Hospital, and is usually packed, and still has a queue of people picking up their coffee before heading into work.

    Honestly, the center of Boston needs more coffee shops. Between about 11am and 2pm, it’s really hard to find a place to sit, drink your coffee and read for a while. The Boylston St. shop is a prime example, even with ones on Newbury, Copley Mall and Prudential Mall.

  32. Techguy1138 says:

    I’m actually happy that sbux is not closing any locations in my area. They are one of the few places that have reliably made non-dairy drinks with separate tools for dairy and soy.

    When your dating someone with a dairy allergy it’s a big thing to be able to have a place to go anywhere you travel.

  33. spryte says:

    @DeadWriter: Just being picky here, but why the purposeful, repeated mistyping of the name?

    I still find it amusing that people are so vitriolic about Starbucks. Chill out – it’s just a frigging coffee house. If you don’t like it, or if you’re too cool for school, don’t go. No need to act like it’s your ex that ran off with your best friend.

  34. WNW says:

    I’m waiting for them to switch over to their new business model as seen in Idiocracy.

  35. sean77 says:

    @Alex Brewer: Google maps disagrees with that map. #1 and #4 seem to not exist. Plus you’re downtown, lots of one way streets and foot traffic. To get from #4 to #2, you’d have to head 2 blocks north to Pine, One block west to 5th, then 2 blocks south. Technically they’re over a mile apart.

  36. ospreyguy says:

    The one in our town (which blows and is not on this list) has signs up that say “Save our Starbucks!” and such. I chuckled to myself drove to the local place down the street and actually “enjoyed” my coffee.

  37. AdvocatesDevil says:

    @spryte: Maybe Starbucks DID run off with his ex, did you ever think of that? :)

  38. Dr.Martha_Jones says:

    Sad, there are two Starbucks on the same street within 5 blocks of each other near me. I knew one of them would close, but I was hoping it would be the other. The one that is closing has a fabulous staff who truly knows what customer service is.

  39. backbroken says:

    I was looking for the stain remover and opened a seldom used cabinet door under the sink. Lo and behold, there was a Starbucks in there! I have to imagine that one will be in the next round of cuts.

  40. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Don’t get too disappointed if your local SB didn’t make the list. This is only the first 50 out of ~600.

  41. headhot says:

    I don’t think we have time for that.

  42. drjayphd says:

    @katylostherart: Not just that, but the three that were allegedly Marked for Death ™ were up in north-central CT. East Windsor, Windsor Locks (near, and yet simultaneously nowhere near, Bradley), and South Windsor (which is in one of them lifestyle center thingies). The first two looked to be doing just fine when I was there, so who knows how accurate that map is.

  43. drjayphd says:

    @sean77: Precisely. Wake me when you can hit three Starbucks in a two-mile stretch, or six just going down the same street in the same town.

    @Jim (The Canuck One): And yet, the Canuckistanis are invading New England. Very slowly… but rather politely.

  44. BabyGorilla says:

    I never knew that it would be so festive, with so many people losing jobs…good times.

  45. RoyInHell says:

    Too bad no stores in NYC are closing… I’d gotten fed up after my third experience in 2 weeks where I’d ordered coffee, paid for it, and THEN was told it would be ‘about 5 minutes’ before any was made (said as the barista was measuring grounds into a filter).

    I complained through their website and was offered some ‘beverage coupons’ … whatever that means. Wonder if they’ll be freebies or discounts. But I’m done with the place, and will pass on any coupons to people with more patience than I.

  46. evslin says:

    @schwnj: Heh, weird. Actually, for that part of town 3 miles is close. Whole area was cornfields 10 years ago.

  47. renegadebarista says:

    At a low average of 5 staff members per store thats 250 people without jobs. 250 people who lost health insurance. 250 people who will now have trouble paying their bills and supporting their families, but its fun to cheer the closure of Starbucks, because after all their a big company. Great jobs to all of you cheering these store closures. I hope it never happens to you.

  48. East_Coast_Midwesterner says:


    Nah just two. The one on Cambridge St is at least a 3 min walk.

    And I would give a 4 min walk to the one on Summer via the Commons.


  49. demonotaku says:

    Yet in Battle Ground, WA There is 4 Starbucks (3 in all the super markets and 1 stand alone location) for a town that is all about 6000 people.

  50. BigBadRAM says:

    @renegadebarista: You’re right, #9675 (which I’m sure isn’t on hwy 83 but on hwy 77) employs a friend of mine. I mean, employed him.

  51. Kevino says:

    Well, a few more just opened on my commute and I love it. Something about getting the same cup of coffee every time I find enjoyable.

  52. FLConsumer says:

    Damnit… NO closings in FL/NY. As much as I hate chains, I’d love to see a real competitor come in and show Starf*cks what a real coffee house should be. A good start would be drinkable coffee.

  53. athmsVT says:

    @renegadebarista: I do not understand the resentment towards lost jobs other than as a human element, but the end result does nothing create more opportunities for all involved. It makes no sense to waste resources in an unsuccessful endeavor. Freeing resources allows them to be reinvested. Freed resources can open stores in new markets where a greater demand exists, possibly creating more jobs than those lost. Noting that, even with the economy, people are still buying Starbucks, suggests that the store closings are due weak sales at the given location. If your employees are not serving anyone, they are not being as productive as they could be both for you and to the economy as a whole. The unproductive employee, even when at no fault of their own, serves to suppress future job growth and not just for Starbucks. As returns on investments shrink, investors will become less likely to provide the necessary capital to facilitate growth. Losing a job is tough, but it is a great motivator to become more competitive through training and retooling.

  54. brandyk says:

    um @sean77 what’s wrong with dunkies?!?! obviously you’re no native. dunkies has regular coffee, regular sizes, and regular stuff to eat. yum yum.

  55. sburnap42 says:

    From the vitriol targeting Starbucks on this site, I can only presume most posters are under 30, and therefore are too young to remember what finding coffee was like before they arrived. Sure, there’s lots better places now, but what I remember from the eighties was a vast wasteland where “Folger’s crystals” ruled the roost.

  56. BabyGorilla says:

    @renegadebarista: Hear Hear!!

  57. TeraGram says:

    DAMN! No closures in Santa Barbara county.

  58. TeraGram says:

    oh and Sburnap42, we had much better coffee here in southern Santa Barbara county before Starbucks showed up and lowballed the local mom & pops out of business.

    MUCH better.

  59. TeraGram says:

    Here’s a hint at Starbuck’s ridiculous Santa Barbara coverage:


  60. coren says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: Was that comment so great the first time round that it bore repeating?

    @sean77, drjayphd: : I ran a Google Map search for 6th and Union in Seattle. There are something between ten and twenty (AT LEAST) locations within half a mile of that intersection. And if you’re on foot, all are pretty damn easy to get to…

  61. sburnap42 says:

    @TeraGram: Lowballed? Have you seen Starbucks prices!?

  62. rten says:

    “”I know that its popular to hate Starbucks but please try to remember that people are going to be unemployed after all is said and done.””

    Certainly they are closing and I’m delighted. There is something called gross excess and correction of the markets. $4 a day coffee is one of them, it’s gross to pay that much and it shows how much excess there is. I also put timeshare sales, telemarketing, and ‘nail clinics’ in the same basket. These are businesses the scrape far more out of society than they give. The want of $4 coffee and $50 nails is gross and excessive. Let the market corrections begin.

  63. Slytherin says:

    @Barry White Stripes, Office LW: No Starbucks are closing in AZ. Ha.

  64. TWinter says:

    @TeraGram: I don’t know my way around Santa Barbara county, but I would be extremely surprised if any of your great coffee places was there in 1985. Good coffee used to be a VERY rare commodity in the US.

    I’m not a great fan of Starbucks – their products are nothing special compared to good independents – but you simply can’t disregard the fact that the initial success of Starbucks inspired other people to go out and open coffee houses and many of those people did it better than Starbucks, but they never would have done it if Starbucks hadn’t primed the market for better/more diverse coffee offerings.

  65. ukthom says:

    I dare say, having worked at a bagel shop and know what a breakfast rush feels like, I’d rather have more than one Starbucks on my route to work (esp. if I’m a walker). Nothing’s more annoying than waiting in line when you’re already late, and I think that S’bux offers locations near to each other for the option to not wait in line, presumably.

  66. ukthom says:

    @sburnap42: Here, here! Nothing like Mountain Grown Folger’s Crystals to take the edge off an eighties-style hangover..


    Over here, instant is still king…and it’s disgusting.

  67. drjayphd says:

    @coren: The difference being that this is in a major city. The Dunkin Donuts saturation was in suburbs or other relatively pissant towns. That six-on-one-road stretch is in my hometown of maybe 60,000 people, not exactly a city.

  68. M3wThr33 says:

    Haha. NONE in Washington? I guess that says something. :)

  69. $4 for a cup of coffee? Where do people come up with this total? A cup of BREWED COFFEE is less than $2…that’s it. If you want a caramel macchiato with 8 pumps of vanilla, two extra shots, and extra caramel sauce…yeah, you’re going to pay a lot. If you go to a mom and pop’s and ask for the same thing, you will pay very nearly the same price if not MORE, and it won’t taste the same at another mom and pop’s. (I’ve been to more than my share of M&P’s…they are tasty, but not better enough…more of a treat and less of a habit.)

    You snobby morons that don’t take any time to even read the article really chap my ass. “Awww, they aren’t closing any in [wherever].” What the hell? Why do you even care? Obviously, if you have this much vitriol for the company, what do you care if they close or stay open? Do you even realize what you are talking about? Do you have this much hatred towards the 31,000+ McDonald’s? The 10,000 Dunkin’ Donuts? The 5000+ Taco Bell’s?

    Grow up already! The average that someone put up earlier of (at the least) 5 employees per store is maybe half the lowest average. Try 500+ employees suddenly having to either try to find a job at another store or go work some crappier job. Now, multiply that by 12…that’s a minimum (est) of 6000 people that will be searching for new jobs in a really crappy economy. Hope you never have to be in that situation…but I’m sure everyone here will laugh at your misfortune and applaud the business decision.

    So, remember that this move reduces the total number of US stores by more than 10%. All that money that was going into the local economies via taxes, leases, utilities, etc is now gone. Plus, (although not every employee participates) Starbucks encouraged community support and involvement, including book drives, toy drives, actual money for parks and recreations, donations to charity organizations (day old pastries to shelters, brewed coffee and whole bean coffee to school events), if available the stores participate in recycling, etc, etc, etc.

    They may be an evil corporation, but hate the corporation, not the people trying to get a paycheck, good benefits, help with college tuition, stock options, and what used to be a stable and secure future with the company if they decided to stay the course.

    Just because it’s hip and cool with your friends to hate Starbucks doesn’t mean that it makes sense. If you don’t like the place, don’t go. But don’t applaud like some sort of Roman emperor at a gladiator match as people’s lives get thrown into disarray.

    I’m done…and, yes, I have worked for Starbucks.

  70. trogam says:

    @evslin: Try having two within 500 yards of each other. Where I live, there is a starbucks store, and then a starbucks in the Giant that is only about 500 yards away. I can count, at least 6 within a 10-15 minute drive. I’m sorry, but this is just insane.
    Wal-Mart will sell us stuff, Starbucks will keep us caffeinated, and McDonalds will keep us fed. The time that multi-national conglomerates will rule us all is here!

  71. Pro-Pain says:

    What, no more $5 coffee? That’s a shame. Nope, wait…I don’t care. The whole chain could die and I wouldn’t even notice.

  72. Pro-Pain says:

    @FatalisticDread: One word. Xanax. Talk to your Dr. about it. Everything will be ok :)

  73. Cyclokitty says:

    That’s pretty sad for the employees. Starbucks paid more than the minimum wage compared to other coffee shops. I know it’s popular and easy to crap all over the nameless faceless corporate giants when we have to go shopping, but when it comes to employment they can be better than the small independent stores.

    I’ve worked for both kinds of retail, and I preferred the corporate mall stores to the shops run by an individual. If I had a problem with a boss it usually came down to personality: was the boss a jerk and inconsiderate. Yeah, that’ll happen big or small stores. But, at least with a giant store you can transfer to a different department (I’ve done that) or even a different location (done that too). In a small store you have no choice, the boss is there and you are stuck there too (until you quit, like I’ve done).

    Retail pay always hovered around minimum, but in a large department store or chain store they had a policy to increase your wages within the first 3 – 6 months. Small store, a lot of promises but I never received a pay raise (had to quit and find another job for that).

    The main complaint I’ve heard of Starbux is the coffee is generic and expensive. I’ve gone to local independent competitors and I have to say the same in general for their products too. When it comes to taste it’s tough to find what you like and expect to get all the time. Starbucks comes pretty close to it all the time. Independents, not so much.

    I also hate the snarky, rude attention I get from the staff in the independent coffee places around here. It’s as if I need to kiss the cashier’s ass because she’s a cousin of the owner. I never get that attitude in Starbucks.

    So there are a Starbucks clusters. It seems whenever one is filled to capacity, there is another one down the street that has a bit of a lull after there own busy 20 minutes. Good, I really don’t want to wait 15 minutes for a mocha when my break is only 30 minutes.

    Live long, Starbucks. I love the mochas!

  74. Triborough says:

    This is a good start, they just need to close the rest of them.

  75. bleigh says:

    the store i go to most is closing within the next year. meh, whatever. it’s overpriced but compared to the shop down the way it’s cheaper, and tastes less like garbage.

  76. AMetamorphosis says:

    Do we really need a list of every store that is closing ?

    Good riddance to burnt overpriced coffee.

  77. chiggers says:

    The one slated to close in Indy was part of their expansion into poor urban areas. It was a former Wendy’s, which also did not make it. It’s very presumptive of Starbucks to believe that their “if-we-build-it-they-will-come” attitude would somehow revitalize an economically-depressed area. As if people who live in that area will say, “Damn.. I need me some Venti soy hazelnut white mocha, but I gots no cash. I best get me a higher paying gig so I can cater to my Starbucks booty calls”.

    I go by there a few times a month and have NEVER seen a customer there. Sometimes you will see people loitering at their outdoor seating area, but you will not see a Starbucks product in their hands.

  78. Dr.Martha_Jones says:

    @FatalisticDread: Exactly. My local store listed here has about 60 employees. They are wonderful people who are good at their jobs and I feel very badly for them.

  79. bdgbill says:

    Anyone who thinks that Starbucks builds stores too densely in some areas should visit New England.

    There is a spot in Lowell, MA where you can stand on the corner and see 4 operating Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts are located at nearly every highway exit between southern Maine and southern Connecticut. They are often across the street from one another.

    Say what you want about Starbucks but at Dunkin’s you will likely wait in line for twenty minutes for the diluted milky dishwater they call coffee because the 15 fatties in front of you are ordering four bacon, egg and steak bagels each.

    To top it off, Dunkin employees are often surly assholes who speak no english.

  80. anibundel says:

    @sporks: Chinatown and the surronding area have a ridiculous number of Starbucks. There are four in the six block stretch of 7th street from Pennsylvania to H street…and that’s not counting the four others on ninth, tenth and eleventh, also in the same span.

  81. hilighter says:

    @FatalisticDread: Thank you for presenting a relevant, salient argument to all those who are jumping on the Starbucks hating bandwagon.

    Let’s not forget that there is a human component to all of this. If you don’t like Starbucks, fine, don’t drink it…no one is twisting your arm. But for heaven’s sake, think about the people who are losing their jobs. People who were getting full benefits for working 20 hours/week. Family members who relied on these people for the benefits.

    Do you realize that Starbucks pays more for insurance for their employees than they do for coffee beans?

    So, yeah, down with Starbucks. Let those 20,000 workers who are getting laid off deal with a shitty economy and lousy job prospects. So long as it’s still cool to hate Starbucks, then what does it matter? God forbid we actually think about other people.

  82. backbroken says:

    First it was Alternative Rock, then Windows, and now Starbucks…

    I just realized I hate Seattle.

  83. jabryel says:

    Damn! None in Houston. Even the Starbucks across the street from the Starbucks.

  84. failurate says:

    @Pro-Pain: Smart, treat the person that points out everyone else’s lack of compassion and general jerkyness like they are the one with the problem. Excellent strategy. Well played.

  85. LogicalOne says:

    Is Starbucks going to gut these closing locations of their equipment and fixtures? If not, then there’s an opportunity for someone to come in to some of these vacated stores and set up a competing coffee bar of their own.

  86. baristabrawl says:

    @ConsumptionJunkie: Try to have some compassion. I’m losing my job. Rude.

  87. baristabrawl says:

    @Cyclokitty: THANK YOU! I love you! I know Starbucks gets a lot of crap from the masses, but it is still my employer and we have kick-ass benefits. I don’t always agree with them, but again…who works for someone they love all the time?

  88. Lithium542 says:

    QQ moar plz.

  89. dancemonkey says:

    I’ve been to Hemet. If they’ve been opening shops in places like Hemet, they should have known they’d be closing them eventually.

    Good ostrich burgers in Hemet, though.

  90. Jim says:

    I can’t imagine who pulled the trigger to open the Indianapolis location listed. Check it out on Street View. It couldn’t be more out of place if it were part of the altar at the church down the street from it.

  91. Javert says:

    OK. Let me get this straight…everyone on the Consumerist hates Walmart because of their labour policies. But then they hate this coffee place that treats their employees rather well with benefits…because you have to pay more for coffee. Hmmm. Something tells me that the reason you pay half the price elsewhere is that the person behind the counter is making minimum wage with no benefits…much like Walmart.

    Also, in the midst of a recession, I am stunned that so many here cheer for the future unemployed. So now, instead of just not getting your coffee there, you get to pay their benefits anyways, just with the government as the middleman.

    I would have thought that during trying economic times, we would not take such pleasure in others losing their jobs. You make me sad.

  92. drjayphd says:

    @Javert: Yeah, the astounding thing here isn’t the people mocking a company that provides for their employees, it’s commenters actively cheering for people losing their jobs. Then again, this is Consumerist post-code, so the scary thing is it’s an improvement.

  93. mr mike says:

    There’s a Starbucks in the parking lot of a Target with a Starbucks inside. Chapel Hill Mall area Cuyahoga Falls, OH

  94. @mikel1981: The one in the parking lot is company-owned. The one in Target is run by Target as a “licensed store”.

  95. coren says:


    They do that here too – one in Safeway, one near the Safeway gas station, 500 yards or so away. Ditto having one near a Fred Meyer’s and in a Fred Meyers, less than a mile from the first one in question.

    In part it’s to take advantage of people who buy as they shop, which they don’t get at the outside branch (but they do pull in business from people who just want a quick coffee)