Keep Your Eye On $24 Million Recalled Pet Food Class Action

If you bought, or your pet ate, pet food recalled after March 17, 2007, keep tabs on this $24 million settlement. This would be the pet food purposely cut with melamine, a (poisonous) byproduct of coal production, because it made the food look it was higher in protein and was cheaper than actual protein. The case is called Re: Pet Food Products Liability Litigation, MDL Docket No. 1850, Civil Action No. 07-2867 (NLH). The final hearing is on October 14, 2008. The final date for submitting a claim form will be November 24, 2008. To see if you’re eligible, check the list of recalled products affected by the settlement (PDF). Food by Nestle-Purina, Royal Canin, Sierra Pet products, Chenangono Valley Pet Food, CJ Foods, Diamond Pet Food, Hill’s, American Nutrition, and Del Monte are on the list. Claim forms and more can be found at

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(Photo: Ariana Lindquist)


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  1. eekfuh says:

    Why should we keep our eye on it? We’ll probably end up getting a coupon for half off a bag of pet food, while the lawyers get millions of dollars.

    • Pat Sarver says:

      both our dogs died miserably.Our vet didn’t examine them well enough and misdiagnosed both dogs.By the time we found out about the food being contaminated they had eaten sufficient amounts.
      We had one boxer and one pug. This was a great loss.i’m ill and homebound and they were both great company-the boxer was especially protective.

      I joined the suit and sent the info in back Nov 2008.
      haven’t heard a thing since.
      We know they rec’d our documents because we sent them certified.They signed as soon as they got them.
      Wondering if we’ll ever hear anything.

  2. purplesun says:

    This was tragic. I was fortunate that my dog eats a dog food not on the contaminated list – however, my mother’s dog died, as did two dogs of a coworker. I’ll pass the info on to them.

  3. cruz4u says:

    we have 2 of the 14 CONFIRMED cases and was able to settle with the company. Yep, both of our dogs suffered kidney failure and will have kidney problems the rest of their lives (they lived thankfully!!!!)

  4. poetry1mind says:

    Has anyone noticed the amounts of food and toys that are being recalled? This is ridiculous.

  5. Munsoned says:

    I’m astounded by the number of products on that list. I knew this was a big issue as it was going on, but I never realized how many products were tainted. We got lucky–our brand isn’t on the list either (Nature’s Variety). I’m sorry for all of those that weren’t so lucky…

  6. ElizabethD says:

    We buy only prescription veterinary-formula venison and potato dog food for our mutt who apparently is allergic to beef. I guess it’s worth the money in more ways than one.

    Interesting how many different store and premium brands are produced by the same companies.

  7. Kierst_thara says:

    My deepest sympathies to anyone with pets who were affected by this. I really hope the settlement will reflect the seriousness of the pet food companies’ error, and not be another ‘$5.00 off your next pet food purchase’ coupon insult.

  8. rellog says:

    First off, that list is not the easiest thing to read. I use Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul right now (need to switch to the adult brand soon though), and it was on the list, but in can variety only. They are a very highly considered brand, so I was surprised to see it on there. The companies deserve to lose their shirts. There is ZERO accountability on anyone for products that come in from China and alike. Until we get a most citizen-friendly government, we’re going to continue to have these issues…

  9. scoosdad says:

    @Kierst_thara: The list of affected products is so huge (17 page pdf), that I fear that what’s left over to distribute to the “class” will be far less than even your $5 coupon once the lawyers take their share.

    @ElizabethD: Mine eats duck and potato, same sort of thing. He eats better than I do at times.

  10. Trai_Dep says:

    @scoosdad: So the lawsuit amount should have been exponentially higher, I’d presume?

    If less that three companies aren’t forced to declare bankruptcy over this, we haven’t gone after them aggressively enough.