The 10 Healthiest Foods For Under $1

One of the biggest complaints among those who are attempting to eat healthy is the price. In general, processed foods are cheaper but may end up costing us more in the long run. Since the fuel crunch is causing the prices of almost everything to rise, DivineCaroline has assembled a list of the 20 healthiest foods for under $1. Check out the top 10, inside…

10. Watermelon
You can’t buy a whole watermelon for a buck, but a serving is only 20 cents or so and it has good amounts of Vitamin C, potassium and lycopene.

9. Broccoli
Is low in calories and price. It also a good source of vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber.

8. Garbanzo Beans
They are high in fiber as well as iron, folate and manganese.

7. Bananas
They are high in potassium and contain about 3 grams of fiber in a single banana.

6. Nuts
A good source of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and protein. Most nuts, except for pecans and macadamias, are low in cost

5. Apples
A good source of pectin and Vitamin C.

4. Potatoes
Eaten with the skin, potatoes contain a half day’s worth of Vitamin C and have a decent amount of potassium.

3. Kale
This is a dark, leafy green and has a healthy amount of Vitamin C, carotenoids, and calcium.

2. Eggs
You can get a half-dozen eggs for about $1. They are a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin.

1. Oats
Oats are high in fiber and carbohydrates. A dollar can buy you over a week’s worth of oats which you can eat with fruit or bake into cookies.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive health foods?

The 20 Healthiest Foods for Under $1 [DivineCaroline]
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