Bank Of America Gives You A Sales Pitch When You Call To Ask Them To Stop Giving You Sales Pitches

Jasper got a notice in the mail about marketing from Bank of America, so he called them up to opt-out. After agreeing to stop spamming him, the Bank of America CSR launched into a sales pitch for their “credit protection” services…

Jasper says:

I got a “Federally required affiliate marketing notice” from my Bank of America credit card. So I call the numbers and relatively quickly I get to talk to someone and I tell them to “limit my marketing offers” as much as possible.

Ok, blahblah, done deal. Wohoo, from Oct 2008 on, no more SPAM from BOA.

“Is there anything else I can do for you sir?”


And then she asks….

“Are you aware of our credit protection plans….” at which point I interrupt her and tell her “Ehm… I just asked you to limit the marketing offers…..”

She goes “Ok sir, you’re right. Have a nice day”

I feel so bad for these scripted readers. There is no logic in what they have to read….

We feel bad for them too. When they launch into their painful marketing messages at the end of a call we like to pretend there was some sort of emergency and quickly end the conversation.

“Oh, my god, I’m so sorry, my pop tarts are stuck in the toaster. Have a nice day!” Click.

Anyhow, if you’d like Bank of America to stop marketing to you, Dear Reader, you can go to or call them at 1.888.341.5000. You can opt out of phone, email, and direct mail marketing as well as information sharing.

(Photo: epicharmus )

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