5 Tips For Selling Your Gas-Guzzling SUV

SUV owners can relate to the horror felt at the moment when you look up at the gas pump and it reads somewhere between $80 to $100+. The first stage is denial, followed by rage and ultimately sadness. The final stage is an overwhelming urge to get rid of your SUV. Unfortunately, many people are having the same urge which is flooding the market with vehicles that many consider undesirable. Nevertheless, it is possible to sell that SUV, but you should be willing to invest a little extra time and patience. SmartMoney has put together 5 tips to help you sell your SUV. The list, inside…

1. “Be your own salesperson”
Robyn Eckerd from Kelley Blue Book says that owners usually get a better price for their vehicle when they sell it on their own instead of trading it in to a dealership. In fact, the market is so bad for SUVs that some dealerships won’t even accept them as trade-ins.

2. “Price it right”
When you set your price, check out its current value on Kelley Blue Book’s web site. Also, take a look at a site like AutoTrader.com to get a feel of a common asking price. Keep in mind that the prices in AutoTrader might be high since there are many who are content to set a high price and wait, since they don’t need to sell quickly.

3. “Advertise online”
AutoTrader.com says 61% of used-car buyers start searching online. Some other sites you could use are Carsdirect.com, Cars.com or eBay Motors.

4. “Provide plenty of details”
Autotrader.com recommends at least 25 pictures which should include shots of your SUV’s cargo space, fold-down seats as well as your odometer and any scratches or dings.

5. “Build credibility”
Spend $25 and get a Carfax Vehicle History Report which says if a vehicle has been in an accident or flood. You could also pay about $150 for an independent mechanic to inspect the car. A clean bill of health makes a great selling point.

Finally, don’t get so focused on high gas prices that you are willing to unload the SUV at any price. Try to get enough for your SUV to cover any outstanding loans and to cover the price of your new car. If that’s not possible, it may be more sensible to keep the SUV and try to use it more efficiently.

5 Ways to Unload a Gas-Guzzling SUV
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