How To Avoid Being Victimized On Vacation

Whether you realize it or not, as a tourist, you are very conspicuous to would-be criminals who would like to take advantage of you. To help keep you safe, CNN and BudgetTravel have compiled a list of some common crimes at some of the most popular travel destinations. The list, inside…

Barcelona – Is pretty safe in the tourist areas. Be aware of overly-friendly people who try to hug you or distract you, since these are techniques commonly used by pick-pocketers.

Cancun – Street vendors often sell jewelry that they claim is real silver and costs around $20. The fake silver will often turn yellow or lose its sheen within a few weeks.

Las Vegas – If your cab ride from the airport to the strip takes longer than 20 minutes, you may be a victim of the “long haul.” Police advise that anyone who feels they have been taken advantage of by cab drivers should file a complaint at

London – Scotland Yard recommends taking the city’s old-school black cabs which are licensed by the city instead of the “mini-cabs.” According to recent data, 10 women a month are assaulted in mini-cabs.

Montreal – Theft of electronics out of vehicles is a big problem in Montreal, so much so that there is a $30 fine if you don’t lock your car door. Police advise to keep any laptops, GPS units, etc. in your trunk.

New Orleans – The article says, ” A common scam in the French Quarter goes something like this: A man approaches you and says, “Bet you $5 that I can tell you where you got your shoes!” Whether you accept the bet or not, he adds, “On your feet on Bourbon Street,” and demands the money. Authorities say some people pay up just to avoid a confrontation. If a stranger tries to entice you into a bet, police officer Shereese Harper suggests you keep walking and don’t say a word —responding encourages the scam artist to harass you.”

Orlando – Beware of multi-day theme-park tickets from the shops on International Drive near Universal Studios or outside Disney World or in the city of Kissimmee. These shops often procure old tickets that have a few days left on them and sell them to you. Parks prohibit the resale of passes and will turn you away if they think you have one.

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Tips to avoid being victimized on vacation