ClassicCloseouts Randomly Charging Up To $70 On Past Customers' Cards

Bells just wrote in with some alarming news for past customers of

It appears that has decided that they could get a nice revenue boost by going back through their files and giving all their past customers a nice new charge on their credit cards. Of course, they don’t answer their phones, their voicemail is full, and there’s no notice of the charge.

I got one ($49.99), and it looks like a few thousand other folks did, too, with the amounts ranging from $39 to $69. Lovely.

Rip-off Report has a similar story from another customer, this time for $69.99. In that instance, Traci writes that she only ordered from the company once back in 2004.

Another Rip-off Report reader found a $29.99 charge late last month, and despite over ten calls to the company’s customer service number, never received an explanation or any sort of response from the company—although the charge was reversed four days later. Mrthurms gives the following contact information for the company:
Phone: 866-422-6397
110 W Graham Ave
Hempstead, New York, 11096

A member of SlickDeals reports the same fraudulent charge, and says he shopped there once “a year or two ago” for a $5 blanket that was featured as a slickdeal.

He reminds everyone to immediately dispute the charge and consider requesting a new card. He also suggests filing complaints with Trust-e and the Better Business Bureau.

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  1. blue_duck says:

    This looks like a case of a squirrel trying to get a nut. In this case, the squirrel needs to be shot.

  2. Ayo says:

    Well, i ordered some jackets from classic closeouts one time… The final price with shipping was $31.21 and ate ri put in my credit card information the price that was charged to my account was $39. No as much as the other folks, but still. It removed my 20% off coupon code when i went to confirm the order. They are a bunch of a-holes.

  3. NumberFiveIsAlive says:

    I had something like this on my bank account about 9 months ago, and recently on my credit card for something I never heard of. I managed to get both charges cleared, but if they can just count on the laziness factor, they are going to be making off with a lot of money.

  4. satoru says:

    This is the main reason I watch my credit card statements like a hawk. Having paper statements helps too in keeping track of things, at least for me. I’m no luddite, but I just prefer to have a paper train in the case where something goes bad.

  5. am84 says:

    Great – I ordered a coat from them around Christmas.

  6. billbillbillbill says:

    Slickdeals reported that somewhere in the terms of purchase, the customer was enrolled in a buying club there with the first year free and the club fees being taken out annually. Quite the scam to buy something without knowing that you ahve agreed to join a club.

  7. azntg says:

    Prices so low we’re practically giving it away… at your expense!

    Deal with Classic Closeouts first, then chargeback if they don’t relent over their fraudulent charge!

  8. TouchMyMonkey says:

    Sounds like the charge I got recently from one of those shopping ‘clubs.’ This one arose from a purchase at You call in to complain, they claim it was all clearly spelled out, then reverses the charge to keep you from calling the cops. Gee, I wish we had a functioning Justice Department.

  9. imsupermattt says:

    I got a 69.99 mystery charge from classic closeouts. I ordered a $4 sweater 6 months ago. Amex gave me my money back and said they’d look into it.

  10. m1k3g says:

    We had a local dry cleaner pull this crap. They added $55 to a bill & the stupid credit card company (FIA Card Services) wouldn’t let us dispute the charges UNLESS we got the cleaner to provide receipts! Duh, if the cleaner would provide receipts I wouldn’t want to dispute the charges in the first place, stupid!

  11. czarandy says:

    I got a $69.99 charge as well. I’m not even going to bother calling them, I’ll just dispute it with my CC.

  12. wblewett says:

    69.99 for me… I tried to contact them through their generic web forms… no reply (shocking)… on hold with the bank right now.

  13. GregCo3000 says:

    I am yet another victim. Purchased two members only jackets in October 2007, got charged $69.99 out of the blue on July 3rd. I contacted the company a couple of ways with no response. Contacted my bank who said they would look into it and I also filed a complaint with the BBB. As of yet, I’ve heard nothing from anybody.

  14. WraithSama says:

    I smell wire fraud charges!

  15. SOhp101 says:

    Wow, they JUST did this to my card too! $29.99 charge for absolutely no reason.

  16. zwill says:

    $69.99 on my Visa.

  17. Gadgetgirl says:

    Wonder-fucking-ful. I’ve placed a couple of orders with them so now I’m going to be extra paranoid. Christ, it’s not like I don’t check my accounts enough already!

  18. chutch says:

    Even though I’m not 100% on the legalities here – or any membership agreements that may have been forcibly opted into – but I smell a major lawsuit against these people. It’s one thing to have one or two people getting odd charges. Unless every customer to ever use this site is also a Consumerist user, this is a very big case of fraudulent charges.

  19. sooner2k1 says:

    They tried to put $69.99 on my visa about 2 weeks ago but the transaction did not process. Visa put my account on security hold and now i’m in the process of getting a new card. I think Visa, or at least Chase bank has caught on to their scam. It looks like this has happened to a ton of people. What makes this worse is that this is a company that many of the “Deal” websites were advertising not long ago, so many in the online deal community will be in the same boat.

  20. briandadude says:

    I got hit for $59.99 and so did my brother. My dad was charged $69.99.

    They have been charging people for over two weeks now and no one has stopped them, unbelievable.

  21. Indecent says:

    Thankfully, I’ve never even heard of Classic Closeouts, and while I love services like Mint and online banking, I’m still really wary of ordering online >.<

  22. thebluepill says: Also operates two other stores;

    Buyers Beware.

  23. Willard84 says:

    I registered with these clowns FOUR years ago! ! Now I get a charge yesterday for $69.99 on my AMEX card. No replies to my E-mails or phone calls, either. After much wrangling, AMEX is sending me a fraud claim to sign . . .

  24. Willard84 says:

    Finally got AMEX to send me a fraud complaint form to sign. They nailed me for $69.99 also. NO reply to E-mails or phone messages. . . Also filed a complaint with New York AG’s office.

  25. drwerm says:

    $69.99 charged today for no reason. I am filing a whole slew of complaints and just called my bank to dispute. Thank God for this article or else I probably would be spinning my wheels for days on this.

  26. LaureninFL says:

    I have only ordered from Classic Closeouts once, 4 years ago, the quality was seriously lacking and I never ordered again. This past week I had an unauthorized, fraudulent charge against my bank account for 69.99. I made several calls to the company and they go unreturned. I have this charge in dispute with my bank. I have filled out a form with the New York States Attorneys office regarding this company:

    I would advise all to do the same. If you perform a search online for Classic Closeouts unauthorized bank charges or any search similar, you will find a huge amount of complaints

  27. SAMIDAE says:

    Add me to the list of the scammed. Just discovered the charge. What makes this worse is that I had to wrangle with these ding-dongs to fix their order for weeks A YEAR AGO. I smell class action lawsuit cooking in the kitchen.

  28. callipepper says:

    they got me today for 69.99
    I complained to everyone I could think of, from the atty gen here to the ny bbb. that was my child support money, and only ordered once from them around xmas. now cards cancelled, how do i get a refund, cause i sure aint giving them my new number? filed a dispute, but have to wait. hope my gas company waits too.

  29. callipepper says:

    oh! there is a number but its only automated… 516-538-1616. I’ve called it 3 times, but it’s the only number i have that actually says “classic closeouts” when i called. the other 866 one just beeped

  30. aravis77 says:

    After seeing billbillbillbill’s comment about the Terms of Purchase, I looked at my confirmation email from my hair color purchase in February, there is no link to any Terms. I searched their website for Terms of Purchase:

    Your search for “terms of purchase” resulted in 0 items…

    I read the Privacy Policy, which states that “Upon completion of our customers’ orders, a third party marketing offer will be made available. Only upon customers acceptance of this offer will certain personal and payment information be transferred to our third party partner.”

    There is nothing about a third party offer in the order confirmation email, nor did I ever accept an offer sent to me at this email address (I specifically use this hotmail address for all online orders so I don’t get spammed at my regular address). So where was this offer “made available” exactly??

  31. bradley200 says:

    I bought two jackets from them in Dec. 2007. I was noticed $69.99 charged to my Chase Visa on 7/14/2008. I called classiccloseout customer service and left a message and also submitted an e-mail through their site, but no response to either. I disputed the charge through Chase and was credited within two days.

  32. concettaz says:

    Wow. Now I understand.
    I purchased an item for $6.99 from them in November.
    Yesterday I got my VISA bill, and it includes a charge from for $69.99.
    Hmmm … sound familiar???
    Yup, no answer at number given on my VISA statement.
    Emailed them, but I’m not holding my breath.
    Time to attack. I’ll use some of your suggestions.

  33. concettaz says:

    another hmmmmm ….
    at BBB, they say they have had 191 complaints filed against

    10 were resolved.
    181 had “no response”.
    The odds ain’t looking too good …

  34. QueenAngie says:

    I discovered yesterday that Classic Closeouts had billed my credit card for $69.99!

    I am furious!

    Only ordered one time 12/07 with them.

    Had I known ahead of time, that this has gone on for several years,
    I would never, ever have ordered from them in the first place!

    Am so upset!

    Contacted my credit card to dispute the $69.99
    and now that is done.

    5 emails to the stinking company called Classic Closeouts,

    emailed to the BBB as noted above.

    I can most of the time locate any phone #,
    but not this stinking company called Classic Closeouts!

    516-569-5390 866-422-6397.

    Finally got the 800# for the Classic Closeouts from DOD site – unable to do anything but leave a message for them twice.

    I read elsewhere that a pop-up window showed this. All my pop-ups are blocked, so never read anything about this scam.

    Hoping everyone checks their credit card bill carefully!

    Good luck!

  35. ConwayTullus says:

    I am another one who got a charge for $69.99 on my card. Last & only
    purchase I made was

    in 2005. I went thru the whole thing of trying to contact them; but of
    course, to no avail. I immediatel

    called my credit card company to start a dispute; and had emailed the
    Attorney General of

    Connecticut about this as well. Lesson learned for everyone..constantly
    monitor your credit card

    charges and if there is something that seems out of the ordinary,
    IMMEDIATELY contact your

    credit card company. Don’t wait for the statement..check on line every day.

  36. Bailey158 says:

    I also got a $69.99 charge on July 20, 2008. The one and only time I ordered from this company was in 2005. What I am finding surprising is that these bogus charges seem to have been happening since at least June according to these posts and yet my charge was as recent as July 20th. So why are the police or state attorney’s office not already involved and taking steps to somehow end this? You would think this company has been aware of this for over a month and instead of blocking it somehow and sending out emails to warn their customers or making some statement, instead a month later people are still getting the charges. I ahve called my credit card company to start a dispute, but wonder how long it will take and if in the end it will even matter or if I will just be out of luck. We had just returned from an out of town trip so their charge I was not expecting put my credit card over my limit so now I will really pay a lot for this!

  37. RodericaDarnitzka says:

    I got nailed today 07/30/2008 for $79.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Ayo says:


    I got nailed on 7/30 as well for 79.99. WHO THE EF DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?

  39. Ayo says:

    The got me again! in a 1 day span. This time it was for $69.99. Make it stopppp.

  40. adevandry says:

    I got charged twice in 1 week. First time for $69.99, second time for $59.99.

    I’m in CA, but I managed to get ahold of the NY Office of the Attorney General, Internet Fraud Bureau. Their direct number is 212-416-8433.

    They directed me to fill out their online complaint form and mail it or fax it back to them with copies of any receipts, etc (which are all available via the website under My Account).

    Directions to find the complaint form:
    left side of screen –> “communites” –> “internet concerns” –> “file complaint” –> “complaint types” –> “internet-type complaints (monetary loss)”

    Or go to []

    If enough people contact them, then the NY Attorney General will fix this for us. They acted like they had never heard of this complaint before when I called them.

  41. LSheehan says:

    I have been charged twice at $69.99 each….all in the last 30 days. My bank helped me with the first, but hesitated to help me with the second charge telling me I needed to handle the situation directly with this horrible, no good company. I have emailed classic closeouts everyday this week and no return email or phone call. Oh, and I tried calling them. You can’t get a live person on the phone.

  42. CandyK says:

    I placed a small, one time, order with this company in May of this year. When I returned from a trip to Europe & ck’d my credit card I found Classic Closeouts had charged my account 69.99 two times on 7/25/2008. I started calling & leaving messages and e/mailing the company to no avail. I also contacted the bank that issued the card. On 7/28/2008 Classic Closeouts issued a credit to my account in the amount of 69.99 one time, but on 8/01/2008 charged my account 59.99. By this time I had sent 5 e/mails and left 5 phone messages. I also kept in close contact with the bank. I had to file a written accout dispute with the bank, but they have credited my account for all charges.I have yet to receive any contact fromm Classic Closeouts. I removed all of my information from Classic Closeouts and changed the account number on that credit card. Beware of this company.

  43. lizard3k says:

    There is some great info over at slickdeals on this. See: []

    After reporting it to your bank, file a complaint with, New York State Attorney General and the FTC.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I too have 3 charges on my visa from classiccloseout for 59, 69 and 69 and I bought something from them once a few years ago…It was reversed but now charged backing stating I chose to select a membership a one time charge…Why would I do that if I never bought anything. I am registering a complaint at

  45. Anonymous says:

    I have been charged 3 times, 69.99, 69.99, & 79.99.
    At first my cc credited the first 2, but after their investigation they revoked it. Seems classiscloseouts told them that I had joined some sort of buyers club which charges you an annual fee (which was charged 3 times in 2 months). They also go by a name of Don’t really know what to do now.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The last time I ordered from classic close out was 04-07 they have charged my card on 07-08 and twice on 08-08 for 79.99 69.99 and 59.99.This is a debt card and my husband was laid off, that was all the money we had.I can’t believe they would do this to anyone. Sad in Va.

  47. Doria Rogers says:

    Call 1800-552-9963 they are helping me get my money back from classic close out