ClassicCloseouts Randomly Charging Up To $70 On Past Customers' Cards

Bells just wrote in with some alarming news for past customers of

It appears that has decided that they could get a nice revenue boost by going back through their files and giving all their past customers a nice new charge on their credit cards. Of course, they don’t answer their phones, their voicemail is full, and there’s no notice of the charge.

I got one ($49.99), and it looks like a few thousand other folks did, too, with the amounts ranging from $39 to $69. Lovely.

Rip-off Report has a similar story from another customer, this time for $69.99. In that instance, Traci writes that she only ordered from the company once back in 2004.

Another Rip-off Report reader found a $29.99 charge late last month, and despite over ten calls to the company’s customer service number, never received an explanation or any sort of response from the company—although the charge was reversed four days later. Mrthurms gives the following contact information for the company:
Phone: 866-422-6397
110 W Graham Ave
Hempstead, New York, 11096

A member of SlickDeals reports the same fraudulent charge, and says he shopped there once “a year or two ago” for a $5 blanket that was featured as a slickdeal.

He reminds everyone to immediately dispute the charge and consider requesting a new card. He also suggests filing complaints with Trust-e and the Better Business Bureau.

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