Apple: Sorry We Wrote On Your Macbook Screen With Pen And Then Lost It, Here's A New Laptop

Reader Brandon’s Macbook had some cracks and stuck pixels, so he sent it in to be repaired. When he got it back the cracks were fixed, but someone had written on his screen with pen. So, naturally, he sent it back. This time, they lost it. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.

Brandon writes:

I’ll try to keep it short. Last month I went to my local Apple Store to get some cracks on my Macbook casing fixed and the LCD checked out because of the huge amounts of stuck pixels on it. They agreed to send it out for repairs, at no cost to me (I have Apple Care).

It came back half repaired, the cracks were fixed, however, someone WROTE ARROWS WITH A PEN on my LCD. They sent it back to replace the LCD, that was last month on the 7th. Since then Apple has no idea where my Macbook is, they keep basically telling me it’s in two places at once or they give me the run around and say “just a few more days”. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve lost around $400 due to me not being able to work, without my Macbook I can’t work. So now I’m writing you, asking for help, if you can spare it. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

We suggested that Brandon send an email to Steve Jobs. He agreed, and we waited. A few days later we received this:

The email worked! Got a call from my local Apple Store yesterday morning, told me to come pick up a brand new Macbook, so I did!

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(Photo: C. Barr )

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