Don't Maintain A Negative Balance With Sprint Or They Will Disconnect Your Service

Sprint disconnected Bill’s service for “exceeding his account spending limit,” even though his account had a -$50 balance and he was signed up for Sprint’s Simply Everything unlimited plan. Sprint quickly reactivated Bill’s phone after he pointed this out, but warned that his service “will probably shut back off in a couple of days.”

Bill writes:

I read the Consumerist daily and have learned about Sprint’s crappy customer service. However, I am a Sprint third-party vendor (i.e. I’m not on Sprint’s payroll…but I sell their stuff), and I was happy with their 99.99 “Simply Everything” plan, so I signed up.

Cut to a month later; I paid my two bills in time, in full, and added extra to my payments to keep a negative balance. You never know when you’ll need to miss a month for unexpected expenses, and in this day and age, better safe than sorry. To this date, I had a -$50 balance…at least, I was under the impression I was.

On my way to work this morning, my phone was shut off for “exceeding my account spending limit.” Hmmm…I’m being cut off because I pay ahead?!?! Ok, ok, in their defense, maybe it was a malfunction…

Nope. I called customer service and the CSR explained “well, you did have 3000 texts last month.” I explained I had the unlimited package, to which he said “ummm…well no you don’t…wait, you do…let me get my supervisor…” Fortunately, the CSR gave me the benefit of the doubt and reactivated my phone, but even then explained that “it will probably shut back off in a couple of days.” I actually give kudos to the CSR…he was professional and helpful…for once.

I bring up two points in my tip: Sprint CSRs are actually pretty decent (at least THAT one), but I still didn’t know paying ahead gets your service cut off.

Don’t run a negative balance; you essentially give companies an interest-free loan at your expense. Leave the money where it belongs: in your account, earning interest.

If Sprint keeps disconnecting your service after your balance is restored, call our super-special executive customer service hotline set up just for readers, at: (703) 433-4401.

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