Burger King Tries To Get Healthy With Mac N' Cheese And Apple Fries

Taking aim at health-conscious mothers, Burger King recently introduced its new “healthy” kids meal, the AP reports. The meal consists of a 4 ounce serving of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, lowfat milk, and “Fresh Apple Fries” all for $3.49. The apple fries are, quite simply, sliced apples cut in the shape of french-fries and served in a french-fry style container. The slices are treated with lemon juice to prevent browning. Also included is a packet of low fat caramel sauce for dipping. The delicious details, inside…

Observe this heavily medicated family enjoying their “healthy” food from Burger King. Hey pops, quit bogarting the mac n’ cheese!

If this video is a little dry for you, try watching it while playing this music in background, trust us.

The article says,

The launch will be followed by an in-restaurant merchandising and television ad campaign, with the first commercial airing July 7. That spot will introduce “Little King” meant to be the masked king’s young son.

The company will be offering free samples of its apple fries through July in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston. Burger King will also give away samples at Jonas Brothers concert tour sites. Burger King is an official sponsor of the group’s “Burning Up Tour” and will be offering some free tickets to the concerts.

Burger King certainly isn’t the first fast food restaurant to try to convince moms to listen to the pleas in the backseat for fast food. McDonald’s launched a public relations campaign targeted to mothers last year in a bid to neutralize criticism that the company’s food is a contributor to childhood obesity.

We suppose, if there is no other available source of food and you are trying to get your family to eat healthy, this seems like a viable option, but we certainly don’t see anyone making a special trip because they are jonesing for apple fries. And if your kid has already been exposed to the artery-closing goodness of a Whopper with cheese and french-fries (or onion rings) and a Coke, there’s little chance they are going to be pacified by a miniature cup of mac n’ cheese and a bottle of milk.

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