7 Unexpected Rules For Saving On Airfare

With the tightening economy, airfare feels more painful than ever,you can avoid paying more than absolutely necessary with these seven tips…

1. Buying really far in advance usually doesn’t matter
The lowest prices get released in the period 2-8 weeks beforehand. Buying earlier than eight weeks in advance won’t usually won’t get you any deals, and you might even miss out.

2. Buying really far in advance DOES matter for peak travel dates
Spring Break flights leaving on Friday, Sunday returns during summer months, and, of course, anything around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. Snatch up price drops
Fare cuts are usually bye bye in 2 days.

4. Spurn high fares
Hiked prices are often cut when airlines have to make up for all the lost business from prices being too high.

5. Day of flight is important
The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Don’t believe me? Read this.

6. Day of ticket purchase matters
Price drops usually get rolled out earlier in the week

7. Leave earlier, stay longer
You can save during holiday rush times if you depart a day earlier and come back a day later than most people would.

What are your favorite tricks for saving on airfare? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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