Worst Company In America "Elite 8": Countrywide VS Bank of America

Here’s your fourth “Elite 8” match-up: #7 Bank of America VS #15 Countrywide Home Loans.

ATTENTION: Bank of America is currently in the process of purchasing Countrywide, but the transaction is not yet complete. For the purposes of this contest we ask that you evaluate their track record with consumers separately. Thank you.

Here’s what a few of you had to say about these two companies:

Bank of America:

“Bank of America tellers gave away $12,000 of my money to a woman with missing teeth and a fake driver’s license in my name. On SEVEN occasions. In places I never go.”

“My girlfriend had a credit card with a bank that was bought out by BOA. Her monthly payments went from $20 a month to $170 despite the fact that she never missed a payment and always paid more then the minimum.”

“BoA is not just “a” bank, they’re a bank with some of the least customer-friendly policies in America. Re-opening closed accounts then charging $35 for it? That’s not a courtesy, that’s fraud.”

“Can u say overdraft? Lets take billions from the poor every year and feel good about it!”


“Countrywide, because before the subprime crisis I could finance my education, and now I’m posting as a dropout.”

“Countrywide is ultimately what caused the dollar to be worthless. So them, and people like them, wrecked our economy.”

“Countrywide is the subprime mortgage business. Sure, blame is spread widely, but no one company/person/sector so aggressively made it part of their business plan.”

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