Powerpoint By Pissed Comcast Employee Reveals They Know Exactly How Much They Suck

It’s no secret to Consumerist readers that Comcast’s outsourced techs are often late, rude and incompetent, and that calling customer service is more akin to improving dialogue in a Beckett play, but as this exclusively obtained powerpoint made by a Comcast employee shows, it’s no secret to the cable company either. (I know the damn thing wasn’t officially created by Comcast corp. C’mon, give us more credit than that. It’s pretty obvious that it’s too funny to be official. I just meant to describe how it was created by a Comcast employee and passed around to other Comcast employees and came from inside Comcast. I realize now that “internal” makes it sound official, and that wasn’t my intention. I apologize for the confusion.) Watch and/or download the powerpoint, inside…

The powerpoint, created by a Comcast account executive and currently getting passed around inside one of their call centers, sounds a giant klaxon that the company is extremely screwed up. It warns of the perils of not addressing bad tech behavior, demoralized employees, high turnover, baroque customer service templates, and metrics that force employees to upsell additional services on top of the ones that aren’t even working right in the first place. There’s quotes and stories from real customers, like the one about the tech who said he had to go out to his van to get a screwdriver, and just drove off, rather than bother completing the install. Or how routine it is for techs to ring or knock and then bust out before they can even get to the door. Or how customers are getting lied to over the phone about plans and pricing. The embarrassments just keep coming and coming. Some choice quotes:

“On average, gas is $4.07 (too high for unnecessary truck rolls) and very shortly cable will go from a ‘need’ to an option for some people.”

Comcast Quits Early

Technicians are not showing up for appointments and it appears they are not being held accountable.

* Comcast technicians and subcontractors routinely cancel/reschedule customer appointments without approving or even notifying the customer of the change when they are tired of working.

* Several of my customers have complained that the technician was rude or short with them when they refused to let him come earlier than scheduled.

Scott of New Hudson MI (01/29/07) “I made 3 separate appointments to have Comcast come out and install cable, phone, and high speed internet as part of their Triple Play deal. The first appointment came and went, nobody showed up or called. Set up another appointment, but they did call to cancel that one…”

We’ve got it here in Google Doc, but for the full effect with all the nifty sound effects, download the original powerpoint (right click and “save link as).


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  1. Phreggs says:

    Er… First got a 404Error on clicking the link from main Consumerist.. Then the download link for the ppt doesnt work.

    Please fix Ben

  2. volks73 says:

    Um, what’s a “Comspastic Quality Experience”?! (Slide 5, bullet 2)

  3. javi0084 says:

    LOL, that’s a great slideshow.

  4. wdnobile says:

    Some context here would be nice. Was this something presented to executives? Was this made by a disgruntled employee? Who was the target audience? And why isnt there much in the way of resolutions proposed?

  5. EyeHeartPie says:

    @volks73: It’s when customers go into spasms dealing with Comcast CSR’s and phone reps.

  6. Crabfeast says:

    Hahaha, holy shit, that last slide… “Thank God we’re a monopoly!”

  7. ekthesy says:

    I actually have only one problem with Comcast: their godawful hardware. I’ve gone through six cable modems and three DVRs in four years.

    Other than that, I’ve always had decent to excellent service from techs and CSRs, and they lowered my rate for me when I asked them to.

  8. hehe, Comspastic.

    But the question is, now that Comcast supposedly knows about the CQE, what are they going to really do about it (not what they say they’re going to do about it).

  9. volks73 says:

    @EyeHeartPie: yeah, but how’d they come up with that “brilliant” term? I hope whomever put the PPT slide show wasn’t too dazzled by their own wittiness.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    @Phreggs: Fixed.

  11. ForrestWhitakersLazyEye says:

    This seems a bit fishy…

  12. forgottenpassword says:

    This powerpoint presentation should be emailed to every comcast executive out there.


  13. MeOhMy says:

    Seems like there’s a lot of parallels between Waiting For Godot and Waiting For Comcast!

    It always amazes me that call center management is so out of touch with reality. At what point did it EVER seem sensible to force the CAE to complete the call within 6 minutes regardless of success and make sure to try and upsell the already upset customer?

  14. dragonpup says:

    “Disgruntled employee bitches about company on internet. Film at 11.”

  15. STrRedWolf says:

    I went with Comcast… for all of three months. When Verizon got FiOS TV we immediately switched (we were FiOS subscribers). Short of trying to get a line buried correctly (they never did get it snaked around right) and get some word on when they’ll do it, I didn’t have any problem with them.

    And after FiOS TV came in, I didn’t have a problem canceling them ether. Looks like it was for the better.

    Glad I’m not on VoIP.

  16. rjgnyc says:

    What makes it internal? Because someone who “maybe” does “something” in Comcast made it?

    It would be funnier if there was proof that it was made for more than a joke, let alone not a joke between two lower level employees.

  17. geeky_reader says:

    Strangely enough, I can’t recall any major problem I’ve had with Comcast service or technicians. Now Verizon and DirecTV on the other hand…ugh. Hate dealing with either.

    I do share the gripe about the low channels moving to higher places. My bill *should* decrease, dammit!

  18. yersopretty says:

    @Troy F.:
    “Let’s leave”
    “We Can’t”
    “Why Not?”
    “We’re waiting for the Comcast repairman.”

  19. Christo67 says:

    That’s awesome. Hard to believe it’s actually an internal presentation from comcast. Even harder to believe that if it is, they will actually do something about it.

    We dropped Comcast some 5 years ago, for satalite, we’ll never go back. cheaper, better channels and service (while not perfect) is better.

  20. HeartBurnKid says:

    I hope that Comcast’s top management sees this and takes heed.

    Remember, Comcast execs: The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  21. We desperately need some new players in the cable-provider business. Comcast is pretty much the only non-satellite HD-providing game in town for me.

  22. alice_bunnie says:

    Am dealing with Comcast hell all this week… And, AT&T hell. I’m in hell this week. (sigh) Just submitted my story, we’ll see if it gets posted. :(

  23. JustThatGuy3 says:


    Agreed. This looks like it was probably made by somebody who works for Comcast, but who? To what audience was it given?

    Also, whoever wrote it doesn’t know the difference between there and their, which is never particularly reassuring.

  24. I don’t think this is an internal PowerPoint – looks like it was just made by an employee. That’s doesn’t make it an internal document.

  25. That, I mean.

  26. Scuba Steve says:

    @Troy F.: It’s the worst thing in the world to turn a support center into a reverse-telemarketing center.

    I’m glad with Whirlpool we never did that. A different beast, but one that I’m glad to have worked with.

    When I worked, It was my job to get the customer’s wants to the people who could help them, sure I had some tips, but I new that my job was either to schedule a service call for an appliance, or get this person to someone who knew more about the processes than me.

    Sure, we had Calls Per Hour we had to meet. We had to follow certain guidelines/scripts on calls for the most part. But a CSR should ignore all that, and focus on 1 thing to the detriment of all others. Making sure the people that call for help, get it. I didn’t think apologizing was going to make anything better, and deep down, the callers knew that.

    Off Tangent, there were only a few that I couldn’t help. One lady had threatened the last technician with a gun. I’m sorry, but that voids the warranty of all our products.

    Another man called and wanted to schedule a tech to come out and didn’t know the make, model, or type of appliance that needed fixing. I convinced him to have his spouse call back, since our techs needed to know which tools to bring.

  27. Snarkysnake says:


    Agree. Too many smoking guns for class actions,antitrust,etc. for these (accurate) observations to be put in written form. Either that or they are incredibly stupid.Or incredibly arrogant.

    It is funny,though…

  28. crumb says:

    that last slide was gold

  29. homerjay says:

    @InfiniTrent: Nope but by not being a Comcast sanctioned PPT written by what appears to be an actual call center employee you can pretty much guarantee its authenticity and accuracy.

  30. ? graffiksguru says:


    Hahaha, holy shit, that last slide… “Thank God we’re a monopoly!”

    Exact same thing I thought..

  31. moore850 says:

    Best quote ever from a company presentation:

    “Y’all dont fix S*#t!”


  32. wdnobile says:

    Its not real… first of all it refers to “according to comcast” – no company refers to itself that way nor would they call themselves “comspastic”

  33. MyPetFly says:

    What do you expect from a company whose PowerPoint developer doesn’t know the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re?”

  34. moore850 says:

    P.S. Can’t be real… no corporate presentation ever could end with “Thank God we’re a monopoly”…. right?

  35. mike says:

    This is one of the best things I’ve read coming from the bowels of Comcast. It looks like it was written by a frustrated exec getting too many elevated service calls.

    It’s honest and states the problem: comcast customer service sucks.

    Hopefully, this presentation will help them change things. Perhaps, one day, we’ll hail Comcast the same way we hail newegg or netflix.

  36. Ein2015 says:


  37. @homerjay:

    Nope but by not being a Comcast sanctioned PPT written by what appears to be an actual call center employee you can pretty much guarantee its authenticity and accuracy.

    But that doesn’t make it an “Internal Document” as the headline suggests – just a PowerPoint made by an apparently disgruntled insider.

  38. mike says:

    @moore850: judging by the tone of the presentation, it looks like the last slide is sarcastic, judging the CSA for doing a poor job.

    Just my opinion.

  39. b612markt says:

    OH MY! This is great! No cable service is perfect, but jeez… this PPT is awesome.

    I hope they use this public shaming for GOOD, and clean up their shoddy everything.

  40. gjaluvka says:

    funny but I call total BS on this.

  41. selectman says:

    @Ben Popken: Ben, what evidence do you have that suggests this was written by a Comcast Account Executive?

  42. pal003 says:

    Is it possible that Comcast CS just got worse? I recently had to call 1-800-Comcast and got a spanish-speaking person, but when I spoke, then asked in english who I was calling? I asked if this was Comcast and they replied “one moment please” and transferred me. So 1-800-comcast phone number does not get answered by Comcast now?

  43. midwestkel says:

    On slide 17 they have “theconsumerist.com” instead of “consumerist.com”

    They are terrible, they cant even get quoted sources right!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the Customer Service and tech support representatives I’ve talked with. The hold times have been short, they’ve had the answers I’ve needed and even gone out of their way to help me solve some pretty tricky technical problems.

    And when I moved three years ago, everything transferred flawlessly.

    And no, I don’t work for Comcast.

  45. peteostro says:

    Im in Comcast HELL!!!! right now. I have been with out service since May 27th! At first they said they accidentally disconnected my service when a tech was turning some one else’s off. Then the tech came out and turned the wrong one back on. Then I had a tech come an INSIST the outside cable box is on the roof, which they don’t have access to. After not taking his word and telling me I was wasting my time looking for it, I found it on the side of the apartment. Tech proceeded to connect each cable in the out side box (they were not labeled with apt numbers) while he had me on the phone and asked me is it working yet? After trying around 20 different lines NONE worked! Tech said I think there’s something wrong with your line I will call my supervisor and have them call you back. Never called back. Call up tech support. They say some one will be out there tomorrow. Asked do they need access to my apartment, answer NO. Get home next day nothings working. Call CS, oh they need access to you apartment. Ask them why since all they need to do is reconnect me!. CS agrees says person will be there tomorrow and you do not need to be there. call next morning. Are you sure No one needs to be here, CS:Yes no one need to be there. We can do it with out you. Go home, nothings working call CS. Tech said they needed access to you apartment. Tell CS to set an appointment for Tuesday night after 5 no one will be there before 5. Please make sure you set it for 5. Next day get a Voice mail on my cell. Hi its 4:01 and no one is here, you’ll have to reschedule click. Call CS, what happened. CS:your appointment was set for 4pm-7pm I do see in the notes that you wont be there until 5 but the tech’s don’t always read the notes. Set a new appointment. 4-7, Fiance cancels tutoring appointment ($50). Comes home 3:30. 4 no one shows up, 5 still no one, 6 nope, 7 call CS. We had an appointment today and no one showed up. CS:Ok, I see it. hum don’t know what happened it’s in the system, would you like to scheduled another appointment? ME:U mm my cables been out for over 2 weeks what is going on. CS:Let me look at your notes. Wow never seen any thing like this.(yeah right)well it looks like maybe your line was cut. ME: Cut? what do you mean I thought it was disconnected. CS: im looking at some back end notes and it looks like they think the link is broken, then it says 2 weeks. ME:2 weeks? for what? CS: to get it fixed. ME: what happened to today? I don’t know, I can have the head tech person that handles all the contractors to call you. ME: ok.
    next day, no call. Day after no call. Call CS. Tell them a tech was supposed to call me, puts me on hold. Says tech will call you later today. Tech calls. Asked him why the tech didn’t show up or call to cancel appointment the other day. Tech: Well you see, we give the tech’s their jobs and sometimes they do them and sometimes they don’t (WTF)ME:What?? Tech: Well with things like these you know, around the country if we were in a different state we wouldn’t even fix this. We would tell the customer sorry, cant be fixed. ITs not worth the money (WTF!) Me: So are you telling me it cant be fixed. Tech: No, just that you have to understand we don’t have control over these contractors. Some times the do the job, some times they dont. Me: Ok, that’s crazy, but when will my line be fixed. Tech: Well I have to do some checking around and see what we can do. We will have some on call you back.
    No one calls back. Im so crazy out of my mind pissed that I deiced to just wait and see what happens. Nothing for 1 whole week NOTHING, no calls, no tech, nothing. I finally deiced to call a CS again. Me:hi can you read the notes please. CS: ok, give me a minute. umm ok there’s allot of them. can I put you on hold. I want to call the last CS person. OK im back, there not in right now. Can we call you back. Me: Sure. That was Friday the 13th. today is june 20th. No call, No tech, still no service.

  46. theblackdog says:

    The last slide makes me think this is not a real PPT from Comcast.

  47. clank-o-tron says:

    This place needs more ./ style “rfta” comments directed at the commenters who are calling BS because it doesn’t read like an official powerpoint. The summary says It was created by one of the CAE (call center guys) and is being passed around to their buddies. It’s reading comprehension, people; if you don’t catch it the first time, look again.

    Just because the internet can get you information quickly doesn’t mean you need to read it quickly.

  48. IphtashuFitz says:

    Even their powerpoint presentations are buggy. From slide 13:

    “Yes, lots of customers are subscribing to CDV. However, a lot of them are complaining about there service…”

    That should be “THEIR service…”

  49. GenXCub says:

    Why is it I spaz when I see someone who is probably getting paid more than I incorrectly use the there/their/they’re word (on slide 13)? I completed 2nd grade, just like they probably did.

  50. Angryrider says:

    @theblackdog: I agree. It looks like our Mr. Popken made this slide or something.

  51. dmuth says:

    When I saw the wall of text on Page 4, I knew this Powerpoint presentation was headed downhill..

  52. Go4EVA says:

    My favorite tidbit:

    “I can poop on customers in neighborhood associations! Some of them don’t have a choice other than Comcast. Arf! Arf”

  53. SpitfireM1 says:

    @heavylee-again: They are going to ‘take customer service issues seriously.’ That’s about all anyone does anymore.

  54. rjgnyc says:

    @clank-o-tron: that still doesn’t make it an official document.

    I get that it’s funny because this was apparently made by someone who works for Comcast (which we really don’t have proof of but whatever), but even if we concede that it was made by an employee that doesn’t mean it’s an actual official internal communication.

    There’s more to an official internal communication being an official internal communication than someone in the company pushing some buttons and clicking send to some of their other buddies in the same department.

  55. Ben Popken says:

    @selectman: It came with information showing exactly who wrote it.

  56. frank.worth says:

    This was made by someone at Exxon to tamper with the voting today ;)

  57. Trai_Dep says:

    On the bright side, at least they KNOW they suck.

  58. axiomatic says:

    Sounds like Triumph the insult comic dog is the VP of customer service at Comcraptic.

  59. highmodulus says:

    Funny, but real? Consumerist got punked it looks like.

    Sadly the slide show overlaps everything in FF3.

  60. highmodulus says:

    @Ben Popken: Interesting, but couldn’t someone easily just type the name in after finding it on the Internet? Coming on the day of the Comcast/Exxon vote, you have to admit it looks, umm, fishy?

    Still it was funny- love to see one done for Bank or American or Best Buy.

  61. stacye says:

    A note to ISP clock watchers: SIX MINUTES IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO FIX A CUSTOMERS PROBLEM. 6 minutes used to be enough time to fix a dial up problem…. but cable (or any highspeed internet connection) is MUCH different.

    Lets say it takes 30 seconds to get the customers information, pull up the account, and verify the address. Then you walk the customer through the standard fix of unplug and plug in the modem. That can take well over 3 minutes, especially if the customer has their modem in a hard to reach area on their desk. You have just burned 3:30 minutes, and you’ve got 2:30 left to continue trouble shooting, and give your up-sell spiel.

    How can you justify 6 minute AHT?

  62. floyderdc says:


    From working for Comcast if you somehow got into the Spanish line they would transfer to an english only rep if you spoke english. I never knew if there were told to do this but it was standard practice where I worked.

    An account exeuctive is a CSR. CAE is what Comcast called us.

  63. jerkyjones says:

    As a former CAE, I can say that every last word of this is absolutely dead on accurate.

  64. Phreggs says:

    @Ben Popken:

    Thanks Ben :D
    Wouldnt have minded the google docs version, except for it cutting off some of the slides.

    Thanks again :D

  65. ludwigk says:

    We recently had comcast digital cable installed because it is essentially the only game in our area (if FIOS or UVERSE show up, we will instantly switch).

    On the first visit (Saturday), the technician said he got the TV working, but that there was a filter in a pole that he couldn’t climb. So, he scheduled a bucket truck to do the job on Tuesday. It would happen between 12-4, but since it was a street operation, we would not have to be there.

    On Tuesday evening, we get home and no internet. We call in, and the CSR cannot determine that anyone came out, and if they did, what they might have done. So, he reschedules the job for 10 am Wednesday. Again, since its a street job, we don’t have to be there.

    On Wednesday, the tech comes to our house, calls both of us (who are at work) and says since noone is home, we will have to reschedule. He does nothing and leaves. We call back comcast and reschedule for Thursday morning 8-9. I take an hour off of work to wait for the guy.

    On Thursday, the tech comes, listens to my story, assesses the situation. He climbs the pole, removes the filter, and has my internet working in about 30 minutes.

    Really Impressive: Phone CSRs were courteous and seemed sincere. Able to schedule 4 service appointments in 5 days, with 1-2 hour windows instead of 4-8.

    Really Poor: First tech seemed unable to perform install that other tech could do. Scheduled bucket truck never arrived. 3rd tech did not know what the service call entailed. Took appointments to do a routine cable install. CSRs seemed helpful, but were not creating useful case notes or technicians weren’t reading them before visiting the job.

  66. RevRagnarok says:

    That is AWESOME, and I love the Quake III “Humiliation!”

    Anyway, it’s not hard to pull up the extra info on it – it was written by “Taura Brown” for the category of “Employee Relations” and it is revision 98.

    If it’s real, sorry I got you fired Taura but you’re still my hero!

  67. dragonpup says:

    Yea, revealing her name may get her fired if someone high enough reads this. :p

  68. rjgnyc says:

    @Ben Popken: In fairness, that stuff can easily be doctored.

    I mean, it’s funny! Really it is! But it also seems a bit odd / convenient to leak at this point.

  69. Thank God we’re a monopoly!

    I think that sums it all up.

  70. Cableguy44 says:

    I happen to work for comcast. Its not internal, the dude has already been fired that sent it.

  71. rjgnyc says:

    @Cableguy44: Change the leadline to “Disgruntled Comcast Employee Fired for Raging Against Their Substandard Services” and then we have ourselves an article filled with truthiness.

  72. richcreamerybutter says:

    @Cableguy44: Taura is a dude? Regardless, the firing is tragic. I can only hope this exposure helps in the end by enabling this person to get a better job.

    I’d hire this person based on the “cans on a string telephone” graphic alone!

  73. Elusive_Pastry says:

    I am quite terrified of what’s going to happen when I move into my new house next week. Comcast is the only cable provider in my area (no Fios yet) and I’m leaving my very reliable Cox cable behind.

  74. HeartBurnKid says:

    @Cableguy44: That sucks. Between you and him, you seem to be the only ones there with a clue.

  75. JenniMoyer says:

    Ben: this is Jenni from Comcast, obviously this is not an internal Comcast power point. This is clearly an individual’s point of view. More importantly, our employees work hard and while we might not get it right every time, we are focused on improving customer service.

  76. Recently I spent a year in Atlanta on business, and in that time, it took Comcast eight months — yes, eight full months — to fix the cable internet connection that they installed improperly in the first place. Avoid, if possible, at all costs. They suck almost as hard as U-Haul.

  77. selectman says:

    @JenniMoyer: Don’t even bother bringing your BS corporate speak here.

  78. quiksilver says:

    @wdnobile: Pretty awful, don’t you think?

    Thank God they aren’t a monopoly where I live!

  79. internal says:

    I am suprised no one has done this, but if you look at the properties of the file in Powerpoint, you can see that is was created by someone named “Kecia Jordan”. Or at least is was created on Kecia Jordan’s PC.

  80. internal says:

    @RevRagnarok: missed your post. How are we seeing two different names? I am using 2007, BTW.

  81. DigitalNoise says:

    Something that I think most people forget is that Comcast, while a nation-wide company, is still broken up into individual markets.

    As such, some markets are much better at customer service than others. I can tell you (though I can’t say how) that things are beginning to change, but many of the things pointed out in the PPT are the way of life for CAE’s in the Call Center – and they don’t like it anymore than you do when you call in.

    There are some very dedicated individuals that I know, that should you get them on the phone, they will break the “rules” to get your issue taken care of. However, they are a minority in a 400+ seat call center (and this is just for ONE market) that takes over a million phone calls per month.

    Comcast as a corporation needs to seriously evaluate best-practices in the markets were they don’t have these issues, and the practices in the markets that do – and build a comprehensive plan that applies to all contact centers – and actually enforce. Unfortunately, the 6 minute rule was one such idea – and it hasn’t worked out in 99% of cases.

    Though I must say, you always hear from the disgruntled customer, and it’s very rarely that you hear from the happy customer – Comcast must be doing something right for the majority of it’s customer’s, otherwise the company wouldn’t still be in business.

  82. Meltingemail says:

    No no no no no. There is no way this is real.

  83. ? graffiksguru says:

    @JenniMoyer: Well, obviously its not an “official” Comcast executive powerpoint (because I doubt you’d be dumb enough to make the last slide), but some CAE made it, circulated it around internally in whatever Comcast call center they worked in, so I think it still qualifies. (By the way, how bout looking at some of the issues they brought up? Instead of condemning and firing the employee who made it.)

  84. neverwhisper says:

    You mean this person?


  85. Ben Popken says:

    @highmodulus: @rjgnyc: I’m purposefully not being specific, but it was more than just the “authored by” data on the powerpoint itself.

  86. theaxledentaldj says:

    I did work for comcast for 2 years, and I recently quit, thier procedures and company policies and each call center can change fast. The CQE aka comcast quality experience is true. The AVH is 640 seconds/10:40, 3.5 calls per hour, and there a way more measurements/ stats to keep. But this was when I was working up until May 08!

  87. comcastscott says:

    Speaking as one of the 100,000 employees here at Comcast that serve our customers, I can tell you that the document you are circulating does not reflect my attitude.

    I’m proud to work with a great team who is dedicated to improving the customer experience. In an organization as big as ours, we’re bound to make mistakes. But the goal is to deliver a superior customer experience the first time and every time.

    Size makes us an easy target. It’s easy for people to throw rocks. If you look hard enough, it’s just as easy to find uncomfortable customer experiences in our competitors houses. But all of us want to provide excellent customer care. At Comcast, we’re listening to the blogs and engaging on FriendFeed and Twitter to learn where the areas of opportunity are. We try to put out the fires but at the same time seek to understand the root causes.

    And we’re making progress. Over the last 12 months, we’ve made significant investments in additional human resources, training and technology, all focused on improving customer care. Our customers have asked for more price points, more HD and faster Internet speeds. We’re delivering on all of those promises and there is more on the way.

    The world changes and we’re changing with it. The choices we have today are light-years ahead of what anybody envisioned when I got into the cable business 27 years ago. We’re operating in a competitive environment that keeps us all focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

    But at the base of it all is our desire to build great customer relationships, one at a time. That’s our common passion at Comcast.

    If you have an unresolved issue, we want to hear about it. Our local teams are the first best resource, but if the chain of command isn’t working, you can directly connect with us, via email at we_can_help@cable.comcast.com or @comcastcares on twitter.

    We’re listening.

    Scott Westerman
    Area Vice President
    @comcastscott on Twitter

  88. azntg says:

    @DigitalNoise: If you ran a company with a near monopoly status across the country, you’d be in business for a long time. Plus, you’d have the bonus of being able to run it with impunity.

    Sorry, the opposite logic doesn’t work 100% either.

  89. goodkitty says:

    I don’t blame Comcast that much, they (as a corporate entity) are doing what they naturally will do given a monopoly. Time and time again the real issue is that of franchising and exclusivity agreements. It’s time to stop cable and telephone service being a one-or-nothing arrangement with companies, and have it be a true competitive market. If Comcast sucks, give me the choice to go with someone else!

    I have ONE choice for phone and ONE choice for cable right now, aside from a dish which my ‘community’ (read: corporate-run apartment complex) does everything legal and extra-legal to deny. Since I want neither service from the monopolies offered, I have no service. America for the win?

  90. saphyrre says:

    Most of the customer examples are fro MI, so i bet it’s the Ann Arbor call center. Having worked there a couple of years ago, i can conform that this powerpoint is extremely accurate..and funny as hell.:))

  91. Dobernala says:

    One wonders if @JenniMoyer has actually ever worked in a call center before or if she is merely a robot paid to shovel PR manure for Comcast.

    CSR’s work their guts out only to get treated like crap by the company and the customers that are pissed off by the company. She says they are trying to improve, but that is always what is said. Lets see some systematic fundamental changes, not PR gibberish.

  92. rjgnyc says:

    @Dobernala: PR manure/gibberish = fact checks?

    @Ben: At least we all learned a valuable lesson about how people think an organization means one thing when they really intended to mean something else.

  93. highmodulus says:

    @Ben Popken: Got it, thanks for the info!

    Sad thing is you can see simple easy changes would fix alot of this stuff. This is the same stuff that killed the once excellent Dell Customer Service (no really, at one time they had really good service- honest).

    Based on this I will be giving digital voice a pass.

  94. You hate your job but you're still working there? says:

    I got news for you guys. Or should I say I don’t, since it’s what we all should expect by now. Every call center deals with these same issues. What company the center is under contract for doesn’t matter. I’ve been with several and known others who were with several more, and it’s all the same story.

  95. RevRagnarok says:

    @internal: That’s a really good question, I just hit alt-Enter in Explorer… it was at work, no idea what corporate IT put on that POS, I only use it for intertubes.

  96. timmus says:

    I’m itching to find out whether Comcast profits are increasing and whether the executives are chalking in pay raises. Is this a sinking ship or a profitable but evil company?

  97. RevRagnarok says:

    @JenniMoyer: “clearly an individual’s point of view” – yes, one individual who hit that nail so hard on the head it’s not even funny.

    As a Comcast “customer” (like I have a choice), I have dealt with every single issue they listed. At my townhouse, I had to call every Spring and say “hey, it’s warming up, you need to adjust the amplifier down the block AGAIN” – and in Fall the same for it being cooler outside. And every time they insisted on sending some flunky to my house, making me take time off from work, and then tell me that it’s a “maintenance” issue, and maintenance is a magical far-off land that mere mortals like them cannot even call to see what the status is, but eventually it would get fixed. And a week or so later, it would work again, for about 5-6 months. This was for three years until I moved away. (Severn, MD – of course, FiOS came in about two months after I moved out. I’d love to see the Comcast retention numbers there!)

    Now, I have a TiVo S3 with two cable cards, and my wife gets upset because once in a while a show won’t record because the second CableCARD is only half authorized or something and only gets about 90% of the channels, but I’m actually afraid to call Comcast to “fix” it because I know what will happen.

    Option 1: They will tell me they cannot fix it on the phone (it’s an authorization number, that’s all – I build comms equipment, I know how network authorization works). Then they will send flunky boy. And I will have to take time off from work. And then flunky boy will say, “They could’ve fixed this over the phone.” And I would say, “Yeah, no sh-t, that’s what I told them.” And then it will work. For 3-4 days. And then back to gray screens on certain channels on one of the two tuners. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Option 2: They’ll screw it up even worse. Since option 1 has already happened at least three times in the past year, this option is overdue.

    Option 3: It will actually work the way it was supposed to. I only put this in because I am feeling generous this evening.

    There is an ache in my soul to know that I am actually looking forward to the possibility of being a Verizon customer in the future. That’s how sad the state of broadband is in my area. And I’m 30 minutes from Baltimore, not exactly the boonies.


    PS. Please don’t trace my IP and make my connection even worse.

  98. Foneguy says:

    Too Funny! As I hit the @JenniMoyer to respond, my Comcast e-mail suddenly won’t send! Conspiracy? Oh well, here is what I would have sent had it worked!

    If you are actually a Comcast Spin Doctor, then why don’t you put this in front of your executives and ask them to publicly explain why Comcast has treated its customers so badly for so long. It may not be an official document, but it could have been. I have personally experienced a number of the issues mentioned.

  99. RevRagnarok says:

    @Foneguy: I have never used Comcast’s email, but I’ve heard horror stories. I used to run my own domain, until Comcast started blocking port 25 claiming I had a spamming worm (hint: I had been on vacation, and my firewall machine is Linux).

    Of course, as the PPT noted, they flat-out lied to me and denied it up and down, thru various “levels” of support (the quotes are because I assume they just passed the buck to the guy who just got back from the bathroom).

    They told me to connect to their mail servers using some alternate port, and I tried explaining that I don’t use their servers, and that would not help any other machine in the world trying to contact my machine for incoming mail. The guy just didn’t understand what I was saying.

    I asked if they weren’t blocking port 25, why was my neighbor’s modem loading a DOCSIS config file called “sb5200_silver” but mine used “sb5200_silver_b25“? Then they told me to call some network security folks at some other phone number. They didn’t answer the phone at any hour I tried.

    Another wound re-opened… :(

  100. Marund says:

    “You said that you’d fix it the last two times you were out here!”
    “Y’all don’t fix S%#t!”
    “How many more times is my cable going to go out?”
    “Is the tech going to show up?”
    “The tech isn’t going to show up! I’ve had three no shows!”

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said all those while on the phone with Comcast… on the same call.
    I once had literally three techs out in the span of three days. Issue was still not resolved at the end of the third day, took another week to actually get it solved. The issue was that they were showing two modems on the account, and due to that, one wasn’t getting a signal. The one the signal was attempting to reach was one that was uninstalled years back.

    Truly wonderful communication between their departments.

  101. GamblesAC2 says:

    I have no problems with comcast other than their HD picture quality sucks! but then again you cant really blame that on them, the fault lyes with their HD content provider.

  102. Comcastemployee says:

    Ok, look folks. I’m an honest to God Customer Service Rep in a repair department at a Comcast call center. The terms, evidence and references made in this Power Point presentation all point to a familiarity with the inner-workings of Comcast. If it wasn’t made by a frustrated call center frontliner, it was made by someone who has spent a good deal of time talking to one.

    Our techs are more reliable than the ones mentioned here but the remarks made about the sales stuff is spot on. I’m on the verge of being fired because I can’t meet my sales goals in a repair queue. Strangely enough, people don’t want to upgrade to CDV after spending 30+ minutes fixing a problem after an hour of getting transfered from outsourcer to outsourcer before speaking with me. Comcast cares waaaaaaaaaay more about pleasing shareholders and the upper brass than fixing your problems.

    My department was great when I first joined up but once they started enforcing the sales goals, people started quitting left and right. A lot of great employees have walked out the door over it. Turnover is huge and the newbies spend more time getting trained on sales than learning tips to fix your problems. I don’t work in a repair department anymore, I work in a sales department and things are getting worse with each passing day. It’s a flippin’ joke.

    Why, oh why, did I ever decide to go for a liberal arts degree?! If I only knew then what I know now…

  103. comcastbites says:

    The email was sent to all of Comcast Corporate officials, the news has been trying to interview her, she is very political and for the people, she sits not too far from me, some of these emails and postings have come directly from Comcast (I recognize the jargon, LOL)and if you ask her–she’ll tell you.

  104. HeatherBriseus says:

    I think you should all be offended by the fact that Comcast is willing to invest more money in hiring people to blog and make fun of and hate on this powerpoint presentation with regard to the few and minor errors in it rather than investing money into fixing the cable, internet, and telephone problems the customers have. Notice, that is really the only thing Comcast’s fake bloggers can attack, because NONE of what she said was lies.  I don’t care nor do the real injured customers care about the spelling/grammer. That was funny and right on point with everything we have been telling management at Comcast. I work there too. I work in the office with Taura. She is a GIRL, and no, she HASN’T been fired. Her extension is active and she is still taking calls and she sits about four pods away from me. So “Cableguy44” is a liar. Her presenation was not meant to be a joke according to her. It was meant to get managements attention (which it did), because
    obviously they ignore everything the employees and the customers say. I have heard that presentation made it all the way to the CEO. I have noticed around the office she is political and abrupt and swears a lot (“I don’t give a fuck!”), but other than that she seems like a regular girl. Some of you ungrateful customers should be glad that someone is willing to stick their neck out, because it wouldn’t be me!

  105. mammalpants says:

    wow. that powerpoint needs to be in the permanent collection at MOMA. it would look best next to the clyfford styll paintings.

  106. dewman says:

    Comcast is the only cable provider in my area. We don’t get Sci Fi, G4, or HGTV on our basic plan. Everywhere else I’ve gone those channels appear on the basic plan. Oh well, I’m a month and a half late on the bill anyway, I guess that’s my payback.

  107. mythago says:

    Also doubting it’s an actual internal Comcast presentation. Does anyone really think an executive would describe their company as “-spastic” on a presentation?

  108. vastrightwing says:

    I left Comcast years ago (as a customer) and plan never to return. Soon I will stop subscribing to satellite too simply because of the high cost of entertainment. I have too much other stuff to do and paying more than $45/mo. for programming is not worth it. Good bye!

  109. RevRagnarok says:

    @comcastscott: Scott, I don’t doubt there are a few souls trying to do the right thing. Feel free to respond to either of my comments above. It’s all Standard Operating Procedure from what I have seen in two different counties in MD over the years. Maybe some time this week I will try to get that second card working in the TiVo, and when I’m lied to repeatedly again, I’ll drop you a line.

    I cannot confirm the _b25 firmware now because my previous modem blew up in a lightning storm (probably because Comcast Flunky #82734 removed it from my coax line surge protector last time my wife supervised them and I didn’t reconnect – I know it was connected when I set up the server!) and I am back to my old 4xxx model that doesn’t seem to show the exact filename.

    I haven’t even gotten into the lies about costs of CableCARDs and what’s included in a package, the BitTorrent manipulations (I often evaluate Linux distros for work), the invalid modem rental fees I’ve been charged, the countless “missed” appointments, the claims that I didn’t return a modem when I moved, and tons of other BS that I have had to endure through the years.

  110. HilliardLibra says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that slide about the On-Demand not working on the
    weekend. That has been happening all the time since they took over
    from Time Warner in Houston. On a recent holiday weekend I called
    about it because I was sick at home and couldn’t do much besides watch
    tv and I was fed up with it not working. After supposedly testing the
    connection and researching the issue the rep told me that “There is an
    upgrade in progress and the service would be out for a while”. After I
    had hung up I thought about this response and was furious! Either the
    rep was feeding me a blatant lie or they have the most hateful
    engineers in the world. I have worked in technology way long enough to
    know that you never schedule an outage during the time that the most
    user’s would need your system. So basically either their engineers are
    morons or their customer service people are liars. Take your pick.

  111. Elsewhere42 says:

    I once had Comcast service and got tired of the poor video quality and the sad excuse for a DVR box.

    I signed up for AT&T U-Verse cable and internet service (I am VERY happy with it), however within a few days a Comcast technician came out and unplugged my new AT&T service from my cable box.

    AT&T sent a technician out who hooked it back up. A few weeks later another Comcast technical unhooked my AT&T service again.

    AT&T sent a another technician out who hooked it back up again.

    A few weeks later yet another Comcast technical unhooked my AT&T service yet AGAIN. Only this time I caught the bastard in the act. OOPS! He didn’t REALLY mean the unplug it and hooked it back up again.

    A few days after that I caught another Comcast technician trying to unplug my AT&T service again.

    AT&T then came out and completely rewired my service so that my HDTV and internet all came across my telephone line (the completely bypassed my cable box).

    A few weeks after that I received an ugly letter from Comcast accusing me of stealing cable service from them.

    I called Comcast and told them that I was using AT&T. The Comcast manager told me that there was no such thing as AT&T cable service and accused me of lying.


  112. freejazz38 says:

    Don’t you know it’s better to spend money on marketing and advertising, than on customer service and quality control??? That’s the American Way! Comcast: More annoying commercials, Less service

  113. comcastbites says:

    How can we get this on Youtube with the sound effects??

  114. Fmunkey says:

    Woah! the picture on slide 7 is from orofino high school. Its their mascot, the maniac.


  115. coyo7e says:

    This powerpoint does not look anything like an “official” presentation. I’d say that some phone-pusher who’s getting extremely burnt out, is passing this around with a wink and nod. Grammatical errors, typos, etc, lend themselves to my theory.

  116. complexsearch says:

    My deal with Comcast: I signed up with their package, internet + TV, for only $67 or around that price every month. Then one day they raised the price to $110/Month, and claimed it was only a 6-month promo. WTF, when I signed, the women told me this deal will continue for as long as I want.

    Comcast doesn’t care what their employees do to make sales, as long as comcast gets customers and their employees get their commission. They will keep moving on.

  117. tnbrown001 says:

    Hello all! After reading several of the comments posted here with regard to my “What Does CQE Really Mean?” PowerPoint presentation, I decided to respond. First of all, as one blogger mentioned, I am in fact a girl, and as that same blogger also mentioned, I do still work for Comcast.

    First, let me start by saying I do appreciated the dialogue we are all having whether it’s good or bad, critical of me, critical of Comcast and/or otherwise. It’s nice to see the democratic process in action and the sharing of ideas and information.

    Second, I would like to say that although it may not be reflected in my presentation, I do enjoy working at Comcast most of the time. NOTHING gives me greater pleasure on my job than to hear the jubilation in a customer’s voice saying things like, “I got a picture!” or “Thanks for fixing my cable!” What I don’t enjoy hearing is “Don’t try to sell me a phone!” ,”You were the only one that tried to help me”, “Why didn’t the first person do it?” or the myriad of insults and curse words being hurled at me because of things I have absolutely nothing to do with and no control over. As I have stated numerous times to coworkers and management, I believe Comcast has THE BEST services out. However, we MUST do better with product delivery services and customer service. This isn’t anything new and it’s not top secret information.

    Although, I have no way of knowing specifically how the Consumerist obtained a copy of my presentation, I’m glad they have! I frequent the Consumerist website and have turned others onto it as well including the management at my job. I would also like to say, the PowerPoint presentation shown here was actually a rough cut. The final presentation actually was corrected with a spell check and grammar check and ended on a positive with the question “How can I help?” Furthermore, if all you could absorb from my presentation and find to talk about was the errors, either you are a professional blogger, a public relations geek/spin doctor, or someone with nothing better to do than criticize and be a hater. Either way, my presentation wasn’t made for you anyway so just move on.

    Yes, in case some of you are still wondering, I did send my presentation to my call center director, local HR, and on June 14, 2008 several members of the Michigan Division Leadership and Midwest Region Leadership. My call center director and my HR manager were the first to respond on June 16, 2008. They were very friendly and gave me the answers that I expected. My HR manager then gave me an “Employee Acceptable Use Policy” document, “Comcast’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” and another document called “Personal Blogging and Other Online Public Communications”. Clearly, they have their lawyers, and I have mine (plus the few that have volunteered to help me in case I find myself in a jam regarding my presentation). The perception is that I can be completely open about my situation with regard to my presentation because:

    1. Prior to me arriving at work on June 16, 2008, I have since found that some of my coworkers who had seen the presentation were taken into offices and “shook down” as part of an “investigation” regarding my presentation and having seen it.
    2. Scott Westerman, Vice President of the southwest region of Comcast has had the opportunity to make a statement in a public forum with regard to my presentation. Therefore, I have the right to do so as well. It’s only fair. In case you’re wondering, Michigan is not included in the southwest region of Comcast.
    3. Due to the unnecessary “investigation” conducted with regard to my presentation, I am now inundated with questions from everywhere and everyone about it.
    4. I want customers and CAEs to know that I do care about how we are treated, and I am VERY interested in creating a balance where customer service can succeed and the customer can be happy.

    As I have said before, my presentation was not purposely meant to be a comedy and is not some fictitious exaggeration. It is my real life at work. I did research, gathered information to present to management, and made an effort to see if maybe we could visit the idea of enhancing some things to start trying to create happy customers. My presentation was meant to bring attention to issues I had previously attempted to address that virtually went ignored. Don’t ask or suggest I give feedback if you really don’t want it. It appeared that maybe certain individuals were too busy to read and maybe needed a visual aid with sound. Sometimes that is the only way information sinks into some people. I have been “advised” and “cautioned” that my delivery of information was “inappropriate” and although edited, the language was “offensive”. I am offended everyday when a customer is inappropriately yelling and cursing me out, because I am forced to follow a procedure created in a board room by someone who doesn’t know much about how cable works or my job, and has made the decision that no matter how many foul names the customer calls me-I better not hang up the phone on them or I may lose my job. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get the words edited when the come flying out the phone receiver and into my ears. I don’t get to look at them on sheets of paper with pound signs and exclamations. I can’t really fault the customer, because if I were having repeated problems with my service I too would be mad as Hell. I would not want your “sincere apology” TWO times on ONE call, your CQE, CDV or anything else I was offered. Period.

    I find it interesting that the information from Mr. Westermen on the Consumerist says one thing and has been slightly altered on his personal blog page. It’s also interesting that Mr. Westerman is able to give a perspective on midwest issues and “the vast majority of ‘our’ team members” when he works in the southwest. Maybe he is talking about his southwest team members and not mine in the midwest. I know my “document” reflects the attitudes of the coworkers of mine at my location who run up to me on a daily basis to thank me for sending my presentation to management. Am I saying it reflect all the attitudes of my coworkers? The answer is absolutely not. I know my document also reflects the attitudes of my coworkers who have reached out to me from other locations within my region, most of whom I’ve never even met. Am I saying it reflect all the attitudes of all my coworkers in the midwest region? Again, the answer is absolutely not. I have to commend Mr. Westerman for offering up his information and attempting a solution to the problem, which is far more than I can say for the Midwest Regional Leadership who didn’t even respond with an email telling me to go away. Instead they sent the Regional Director of HR. I have read some of the statistical data coming from the southwest that I do have access to. I’m sure they have their slumps in the southwest too but for the most part it appears to be solid.

    Thank you for your time.


    Taura Brown

  118. planet2334 says:

    The chance card is great :) And the doggie.

  119. Devonna says:

    The only thing with complaining about techs (in my area) is that the same people who come out to one’s house typically work with Comcast, DirecTV, DishNetwork, etc. so if that person sucks, I might try switching to a different service, and end up with the same tech.

  120. El Cainos says:

    God I hate Comcast. I own Comcast stock because of a spin off from a few company I once worked for. I think I’m going to sell it, since I shouldn’t own stock on companies I hate. Here is the letter I spent an hour writing up today.
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing you today to lodge a complaint about your service.

    First, let me give you a little perspective of my interactions with Comcast over the last few weeks. About three weeks ago I started having intermitten issues with my cable not working – horrible ping times or complete signal loss, followed by periods of normal behavior. I understand that an intermittent issue is difficult to diagnose, and during my first call, the problem went away while I was on the phone with your agent. During the following week it got worse, and I called again, and got someone who’s troubleshooting skills were relatively weak. She spent a good amount of the call talking over me, and answering questions I had not asked. Her diagnosis was that my modem was bad, and I agreeded to have a truck come to my house to make sure I had a good signal, as it was the only option she offered me. When the guy (Scott Farley) arrived, one of the first things he did was check the neighborhood and saw that there were a ton of houses near mine that had the exact same issue. After two weeks from when it started the problem was fixed thanks to his help.

    Yesterday I received a form letter from Comcast listing my payment options, followed today (6/21/8) by an letter telling me I had an outstanding balance. I’d lost my credit card a few weeks ago, so this wasn’t a surprise to me. I called the number listed on the first letter (1-877-824-2288), followed the prompts and eventually entered my new credit card information. The automated voice read back my credit card number correctly, but then stated there was an error (I didn’t write the exact wording down.) At that point I was transferred BY YOUR SYSTEM, to a live person.

    This person identified himself as Andy. His suggestion was to send me back to the automated system. He said “maybe the system is broken. Maybe it’ll work the next time.” When I pressed him on why I should go back into a system that might be broken, he got pretty confrontational and said “Are you trying to make a big deal out of this? Are you one of those customers that’s trying to make a big deal.” He then hung up on me.

    I called back and eventually got to a live person again – Fred. Fred was a lot nicer, in that he didn’t threaten me or hang up on me, but he said he couldn’t take my payment. I could only do it online, over the phone or in person, and that I couldn’t speak to a supervisor. Eventually he agreeded to take my payment, but that it would be a one time payment only and I’d have to pay $3.99 for the honor (my words, not his.) Apparently you were very busy when I called ( approximately 4:15 on Saturday the 21st.) He said my only option for a re-occuring payment, given that your phone tree was apparently broken, was to make a payment over the Internet, even if I wanted to pay $3.99.

    Here are the problems as I see them.

    – You had an entire neighborhood (50-100 homes? I was told the number but I don’t remember exactly how many – it was a lot) with poor connectivity for a couple of weeks, and all I was ever told was that I had a bad modem. If it weren’t for one guy annoyed with spotty connectivity, and one guy doing his job correctly, those people could still be without reliable service. You should be monitoring the service you provide, at some neighborhood level, especially at $60/month per household.

    – You make it exceedingly difficult to let me pay you for your substandard service and abusive customer service. I still have not been able to pay my bill, and frankly, I’m not sure if I’m going to. I’d like to, but I need you to help me. I would think of all the things you do, this would be the one that you would be good at.

    – The biggest problem is that you are a monopoly. There are other Internet providers, but they don’t have the penetration you do, nor are they capable of the same speed. Since you have no competition, you have no incentive to improve. To that end, I am copying the Office of Cable Communications for the City of Seattle and Mayor Nickels to urge them to implement a city owned cable franchise. The city of Tacoma has much faster speeds than we do in Seattle, and it’s quite a bit cheaper (approximately 42.95 for the speed I currently get.) I don’t have any experience with their customer service, but I can’t imagine it would be worse.

    What I need you to do is have someone from your office contact me to allow me to set up automated billing. I’ve spent over an hour today trying to pay you, and that’s all the time I’m willing to spend. If you are unable – if no one in your organization is able to set up automated billing for me, please call me and let me know.

  121. Jordan Lund says:

    I worked for a company that wanted to push catch phrases and group think instead of actual customer service.

    Their slogan, which I’m sure took months and tens of thousands in market research and consultancy dollars was:

    “World Class Service”

    At the grand meeting announcing “World Class Service” I leaned over to the guy next to me and said “More like ‘Third World Class Service’.”

    Yeah, they had to mute the speakerphone after that…

  122. comcastbites says:

    Why is Scott responding to blogs. Do your job and fix the problem! Don’t give us a statement prepared by Comcast Public Relations! Don’t give us the 800-Comcast number either. Offer your direct number!

  123. u235sentinel says:

    It’s not surprising. Even if a Concast exec didn’t create this, it still demonstrates the reoccurring problems with the company.

    And the part about most customers coming back eventually, I have news for Concast, most that I’ve spoken with, don’t.

    People will take abuse for only so long before they fight back.

    Oh and btw, FTTH is coming here!!!


  124. econobiker says:

    Comcast’s scott westerman’s personal blog doesn’t allow comments:

    He wrote this:
    “But all of us want to provide excellent customer care. At Comcast, we’re listening to the blogs and engaging on FriendFeed and Twitter to learn where the areas of opportunity are. We try to put out the fires but at the same time seek to understand the root causes.

    And we’re making progress. Over the last 12 months, we’ve made significant investments in additional human resources, training and technology, all focused on improving customer care. Our customers have asked for more price points, more HD and faster Internet speeds. We’re delivering on all of those promises and there is more on the way.”

    How about customers asking for techs to show up when promised…

    I personally don’t see how customers can ask for “faster internet speeds” yet Comcast limit (or “throttle”) the download quantities. IE- your speed is superfast ONLY as long as you want to download a small-sized file, if you want to bust a huge file, well that might slow ya down…

  125. AntnyGrimm says:

    The Monopoly theme is priceless. I remember having to deal with the hundreds of lost email and the inflated prices and the terrible customer service. Really bad times. That’s why I switched to Cavalier. No issues. Good customer service. Great product (internet and cable). Competitive price. It was like I didn’t get to pass GO, but I landed in Candy Land.

  126. LifeCarnie says:

    I have a good friend who went through an ugly divorce. After the divorce his comcast bill was still in her name. He called comcast and requested that they change the name to his name.

    They didn’t and wouldn’t. The ex-wife who he has a hostile relationship was the only person that they would change the account for and she wasn’t about to do anything for him.

    For six months the bills kept coming in her name and he refused to pay them, because they weren’t in his name.

    Finally, the bills stopped coming, but the cable is still on. It’s been a year and a half since the bills stopped coming and the cable has been on all that time.

    That’s some fine adminstrative process comcast.

    The people from comcast who are posting on here clearly don’t understand the meaning of the term monopoly.

    “clearly most customers are satisfied or they wouldn’t be with comcast?”


    If comcast is your only option, than it isn’t necesarrily by choice that they remain with the crappy service.

  127. camillus8 says:

    I used to work at a cable company. Both at the local operational level and at headquarters. It really is not the fault of the people you interact with at the local level. They get directives from the assholes in corporate which demand more and more profits. When you explain that you can’t hit the targets without raising rates or cutting people, they will tell you: “You just answered your own question.”