Cable Company Employee And Registered Sex Offender Charged For Allegedly Touching A 13-Year-Old

Thomas Jefferson, 43, was part of a crew subcontracted by Verizon installing cable in a subdivision in Glen Allen, VA, when police say he went to a house where a 13 year old girl was home alone and asked for a drink of water. NBC12 says that after he asked for the water he “touched the girl in her private areas.”

“We hope that parents will talk with their kids and remind them to never let a stranger in your house,” says Henrico Police Lt. Doug Perry. “Either act like you’re not there or say your mom and dad are in the bathroom or whatever, to make them think that a parent is present.”

Jefferson is a registered sex offender who was convicted of rape 1984.

Please remember to always ask for ID and never let strangers into your home when you are alone. Even if they really work for the cable company.

UPDATE: This guy works for Double J Communications, which was working for a subcontractor to S&N Communications, which in turn was working on contract with Verizon. Verizon has asked S&N to terminate the contract with Double J.

Cable worker charged for allegedly touching girl in Henrico

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