Cable Company Employee And Registered Sex Offender Charged For Allegedly Touching A 13-Year-Old

Thomas Jefferson, 43, was part of a crew subcontracted by Verizon installing cable in a subdivision in Glen Allen, VA, when police say he went to a house where a 13 year old girl was home alone and asked for a drink of water. NBC12 says that after he asked for the water he “touched the girl in her private areas.”

“We hope that parents will talk with their kids and remind them to never let a stranger in your house,” says Henrico Police Lt. Doug Perry. “Either act like you’re not there or say your mom and dad are in the bathroom or whatever, to make them think that a parent is present.”

Jefferson is a registered sex offender who was convicted of rape 1984.

Please remember to always ask for ID and never let strangers into your home when you are alone. Even if they really work for the cable company.

UPDATE: This guy works for Double J Communications, which was working for a subcontractor to S&N Communications, which in turn was working on contract with Verizon. Verizon has asked S&N to terminate the contract with Double J.

Cable worker charged for allegedly touching girl in Henrico


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  1. Gopher bond says:

    Hmm, maybe registered sex offenders shouldn’t be hired for work that involves going to customer homes?

  2. Sundermania says:

    President Thomas Jefferson?

  3. Ein2015 says:


  4. usmcmoran says:

    no, one of his great great great grandkids, apple not falling too far from the tree nowadays huh?

  5. Oface says:

    They’re working hard to become the worst company in America.

  6. Where’s Chris Hansen when we need him. This will be a new series. To Catch a Installer.

  7. sir_pantsalot says:

    He was convicted of rape of a minor. The real criminals are the scum in our legal system who let him out of prison.

  8. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    @Oface: They want it. They want it bad.

  9. @testsicles: Yeah, how on Earth can a company be so negligent as to allow a convicted sex offender to be entering people’s homes? Incredible.

  10. mike says:


    Yeah, how on Earth can a company be so negligent as to allow a convicted sex offender to be entering people’s homes?

    It probably didn’t start out that way. Probably just started as a guy looking for a job and got promoted his way to technician. Once you get hired, companies rarely do any more checking.

  11. imaLttlGrl says:

    Did they background check before hiring? Or do they even care?

    This is so disgusting. I will absolutely never use Comcast in my life. Totally inconsiderate of their customers, and this is on a whole new level. I thought that the kitten thing was appalling, but this is someone who they had access to background information of. It is irresponsible and ugh! I’m so sick.

  12. imaLttlGrl says:

    @linus: It shouldn’t matter. Even if he got promoted up they should have known that he was a sex offender. And if he were to have been promoted they should have checked again.

    Apparently they didn’t or just don’t care. And that makes them a really horrible company. I hope there are major charges in order here. Against the offender and the company for negligence.

  13. Oface says:

    I’m sure they’re taking this complaint seriously.

  14. Jsmith99 says:

    The article in question does not mention Comcast name, it just says cable company. Thew news report shown localy showed the bastards truck and it wasn’t a Comcast truck.

    Maybe someone should check the facts before posting an allegation like this.

  15. I’m sensing a whole new Power Point presentation just over the horizon.

  16. satoru says:

    @imaLttlGrl: You have to remember that Comcast didn’t hire this person. They hired a subcontractor to do their field work. It is the job of this subcontractor. And remember there aren’t many actual laws that prohibit the hiring of sex offenders.

  17. chrisjames says:

    @sir_pantsalot: Yeah, we should have left him in prison so we could pay for room and board for a convicted rapist, as well as entertainment, education, and all the man-love he could ever want. People like this should be the primary impetus for deportation.

  18. Wow, just wow. Maybe the parents will bring a lawsuit for gross negligence against Comcast and make Comcast start thinking twice about the people they hire who may interact with the public. I’m not saying ex-cons should not be hired anywhere; I’m saying registered sex offenders prolly shouldn’t be hired in a capacity that they have face to face contact with customers in a professional capacity.

  19. retailnomore says:

    Haha, my hometown. I don’t doubt that Comcast hires sketchy people. By the way, did you all know that Glen Allen, VA is home to our favorite money hemmorhaging, big box electronics store, Circuit City? Hahahah.

  20. @satoru: You have to remember that Comcast didn’t hire this person. They hired a subcontractor to do their field work. It is the job of this subcontractor. And remember there aren’t many actual laws that prohibit the hiring of sex offenders.

    Do you know for certain that he was hired by a subcontractor? The article doesn’t say that.

    We should also try to not jump to conclusions; he hasn’t been found guilty of the charge (yet).

  21. crabbyman6 says:

    Wow, late time with the kitten kickers I was saying that you can’t blame Comcast, but in this case I feel Comcast has some share of responsibility. Why would they put a registered sex offender in a position to be in people’s houses. Although, they do always ask you to make sure there’s an adult present, I wonder where that person was.

  22. crabbyman6 says:

    Oh I see, he was just doing work in the area. I reed gud!

  23. Trai_Dep says:

    But, did he use their toilet to go #2?

  24. 2719 says:

    Why was he out in the first place?

    I think that ID requirement is stupid for a company employee who shows up with a company logo on his truck and wearing a shirt with the same logo.

    Contractors I agree, since they always show up in personal vehicles.

  25. IrisMR says:

    I don’t remember… what’s the legal age for a kid to be home alone again?

  26. evslin says:

    I’m guessing he wasn’t offered a glass of water and a tip

  27. Gopher bond says:

    Wait, is this definitely Comcast-related? The article just said he had a job “laying cable” that’s not necessarily the same thing as working for Comcast.

  28. bleh says:


  29. Gopher bond says:

    This article says he worked for Double Jay communications, which had a subcontract with Verizon, not Comcast.


  30. rjgnyc says:

    The fact that he works for Comcast is a red herring. He could have had any job in the world and he would have still asked to go inside for a drink and molest a child.

    I would feel otherwise if his job at Comcast gave him access to a home that would otherwise not be accessible.

    Beyond that, he wasn’t even in the home that he was sent to by Comcast – this was just some home.

  31. Gopher bond says:

    you should probably take Comcast out of this title, unless you wann a get sued.

  32. MissPeacock says:

    @testsicles: Read the very first sentence in the OP: Thomas Jefferson, 43, was part of a Comcast crew installing cable

  33. MissPeacock says:

    @testsicles: Well never mind then. Perhaps a Consumerist error! :D

  34. ClayS says:

    There is no such legal age. It’s up to the parent’s discretion.

  35. Gopher bond says:

    @MissPeacock: That’s what I’m saying, I think someone assumed it was Comcast because of the word “cable” but it’s actually Verizon and it should really be changed because that’s a pretty bad mistake.

  36. phelander says:

    Typical Consumerist commenter comment: It was the 13 yr olds fault. She had “Porn Star” written on the back of her sweats.

  37. Gopher bond says:

    @ClayS: Not entirely, you can’t leave a 4-year old home alone.

    @phelander: He was just trying to remove the lettering from her sweats!

  38. bombaxstar says:

    What a fucking piece of shit. Die die die.

  39. @heavylee-again: Wow, just wow. Maybe the parents will bring a lawsuit for gross negligence against Comcast Verizon and make Comcast Verizon start thinking twice about the people they hire who may interact with the public. I’m not saying ex-cons should not be hired anywhere; I’m saying registered sex offenders prolly shouldn’t be hired in a capacity that they have face to face contact with customers in a professional capacity.


  40. revmatty says:

    The actual story doesn’t say comcast, it says cable company.

  41. dragonfire1481 says:

    For those of you saying “why did they hire him?”. He could’ve lied on his application or otherwise concealed his sex offender conviction from them.

  42. Gopher bond says:

    @revmatty: right, it’s a mistake, the guy was actually a subcontractor for Verizon.

  43. Gopher bond says:

    @dragonfire1481: could have, but the company said they didn’t do background checks but will from now on.

  44. SkyeBlue says:

    Here in Arkansas even kids 8 years old can be left home alone. I had to call the 1-800 child abuse hotline number quite a few times last year trying to report my alcoholic neighbor who was leaving her children 8 & 10 home alone, sometimes all night with their 11 year old sister, but sometimes even the 8 year old would be alone for 9 hours at a time after school. I took her into my home alot but couldn’t keep her all the time. The people at the hotline told me that as long as the child didn’t hurt herself there was no law against it and nothing they could do. I even went up twice to report it to the child neglect people at the DHS office but they never did anything either.

  45. @SkyeBlue: An 8 year old home during the day? Why wasn’t she at work?

  46. Squeezer99 says:

    or just keep a gun in the house

  47. plasticredtophat says:

    @IrisMR: Legal age is 13 years old, at 12 the state still thinks you should have a babysitter.

  48. imaLttlGrl says:

    @SkyeBlue: In Kansas the age is 12. And at the age of 12 any sibling under that age can be left alone with them. Kind of scary that they allow 8 years old though. Wow.

  49. Phydeaux says:

    And a good thing for that.

    Felons and SOs need to be able to get jobs to keep busy and living to where they’re not leeching off the state and using ample amounts of free time trolling where they’re not supposed to be. And I’m not talking about retarded hot zones like schools and day care centers. The minimal legislation on this, the better. Just keep them surrounded by people and away from kids as best as possible. A job should not trump the law, and should just the same not be the basis for not hiring someone. School and day-care related jobs notwithstanding.

    What I want to know is, whenever I send out delivery people at my current job, or whenever we sent out technicians at the computer repair place I used to own, we’d always always always send people in twos. Accountability. Where was this guy’s partner? It’s a given that Jefferson will lose his job, but anyone that should’ve been accompanying him and did not put themselves in a position to protect or report should be fired.

  50. utensil42 says:

    @ClayS: Most states have minimum ages for how old a child has to be to be home alone. otherwise it’s child endangerment and Child Protective Services may get involved. I think CA’s is about 12 or 13, but I can’t remember.

  51. Myrddraal says:

    It is to bad that this happened but it doesn’t really seem to me that it was Comcast’s fault. The guy was working on a crew that was not entering peoples homes. He left the job site and went to someones home. It is not like a school hiring a registered pedophile (and that sadly happens far too often).

  52. JenniMoyer says:

    This is Jenni Moyer with Comcast. Please note that we have confirmed this is not a Comcast employee or a contractor as noted in your post. As reported by other media outlets ([]), he was a contractor for Double J Communications, which was working for another provider in the Henrico area. Please correct your original post. Thank you.

  53. ByeBye says:

    Someo@JenniMoyer: @heavylee-again: @testsicles: @crabbyman6: @satoru: We should all sue Comcast. This is beyond sick and disgusting.

  54. Phydeaux says:

    @JenniMoyer: Probably better if you contacted The Consumerist editors directly. They’re pretty cooperative, and might not skim through all these comments.

  55. cosby says:

    As others have pointed out this guy was with a contracter for verizon, not comcast. Points for consumerist for not doing any reasearch before posting this bashing comcast when the article they linked didn’t even say anything about them.

    Anyway this is in my area(I live in henrico) and saw this on news 6. Sucks but this comes with contractors. You don’t always know who they hire.

  56. scottywz says:

    Don’t most cable companies require their technicians to make sure an adult is home for this very reason?

  57. HollerJoller says:

    Not a Comcast employee, not even a Comcast story! This was for a Verizon drop bury job. I wouldn’t even blame Verizon for this. I would blame his parents.

    real story

    Consumerist, I know you hate Comcast, but at least get the story right. Stop trying to fox news us!

  58. Gopher bond says:

    @Manator (Follow me and die!): Well, since Comcast has nothing to do with this (It was a Verizon sub-contractor), I doubt suing Comcast will do anything.

    @JenniMoyer: Since I was the first to point out that this wasn’t a Comcast employee, I think I should be entitled to a free month of cable/internet. I mean, it’s the least you could do. :)

  59. rjgnyc says:

    @HollerJoller: Stop trying to fox news us!

    “Comcast employees give each other terrorist fist-jabs”

  60. rjgnyc says:

    @HollerJoller: Stop trying to fox news us!

    But Comcast is giving each other terrorist fist jabs while showing powerpoints about sex offenders to each other!

  61. xsmasher says:

    @testsicles: Read the article – he was a hired ditch digger, not a residential installer. He’s still a scumbag though, and I doubt “Double J Communications” will hire any more sex offenders to dig ditches.

    I don’t see how Verizon could have avoided this, though. And Comcast is 100% blameless.

  62. imaLttlGrl says:

    This is such a mess. At least it gave us something to gripe about for a few hours.

    Still, Comcast is in the Elite 8 for the Worst Company, and I think that suffices for now since this is supposedly bogus.

  63. HuntersCanvas says:

    Meg – it looks like you really should make a correction on this pretty quickly…

  64. ClayS says:

    @utensil42: I’ve looked around quite a bit to find my state’s (NJ), but found nothing. My daughter turns 12 in September, so I’d really like to know if there is a law concerning this.

  65. imaLttlGrl says:

    @ClayS: []

    Your state is probably one that does not have a specific law about this, not all of them do.

  66. Pro-Pain says:

    This girl had it coming. She knew what was going to happen when she let this guy in. Thanks to the media and shitty parents, girls are actively trolling for sex by about 11 or 12 or so. That is reality. It just happens to be illegal to touch them.

  67. @linus: I’m sure that this is exactly what happened, but it’s an explanation, not an excuse. Any company with a field team which enters people’s homes should have some sort of internal screening to weed out convicted sex offenders, thieves, etc. Though, from the stories you see here about telecom field techs, I would think this would leave them with a very small work force.

    Consumerist has been publishing a lot of errors these days, particularly when relating to favorite targets (cf. two misleading articles about Comcast today). I know there are pressures to post articles quickly and in volume, but this sort of thing needs to be corrected, as it only undermines the credibility of the site.

  68. lalaland13 says:

    This guy is a suck fuck, whcih y’all have already said quite eloquently. But why does news feel the need to say “private area?” That drives me nuts. Genitals, people. Unless you’re directly quoting the girl’s description of what happened, say genitals or vagina or something.

  69. christoj879 says:

    Thomas Jefferson, gold!

  70. Techno Viking says:

    Can someone tell me if the sex offenders can travel to other countries, or they are confined to the country where they are? Thanks. And he should have never been hired.

  71. Sparkstalker says:

    @AtomicPlayboy and everyone else:

    This scumbag was not a residential installer. He’s part of the street crews that have been laying the fiber trunks around here for the last few months…hell, he was probably working on my street two weeks ago.

  72. Trai_Dep says:

    It’s the girl’s fault for not wearing True Love Waits sweats.

  73. dottat1 says:

    doesn’t the article say VERIZON?

    How did comcast get brought into this?

  74. freejazz38 says:

    Rumour is, after he touched her, he said, “Wow!”

  75. freejazz38 says:

    Rumour is, after he touched her, he said, “WOW”

  76. Criseyde says:

    Two issues here: We’ve got to pressure companies to run a sex offender background check before these creeps are allowed contact with the public. Huge problems exist with all big corp’s from Burger King and MacDonalds staff to gas pumpers, utility company readers, hosital attendants, bus drivers, and many more.

    On problems with Comcast: Email the the CEO. His address was provided on this site–many thanks to the person who posted it! I was sooooo frustrated with customer service was lacking that when I searched “CEO Comcast email,” I found this site and the needed contact info in seconds. Within an hour of my email, his staff called me. They gracious, found the problem, fixed it, and comp’ed me my June bill. That’s good service.

  77. Aresef says:

    Happy birthday Mr. President?

  78. MisterE87 says:

    Poor girl…

  79. Meathamper says:

    Thomas came back from the dead to rape kids? Hmmm.

  80. chartrule says:

    i think verizon needs to do a whole lot more than cancel a contract

    the courts are responsible too for letting that predator back on the streets