It's Official: Early Adopters Are Jackasses

A new study by Mindset Media and Nielsen Online has created a better profile of gadget lovers who tend to buy new technology early and often—and it’s no longer believed that they’re just “wealthy young males.” Instead, the early adopter type tends to score high in leadership and assertiveness, but low in modesty.

Avid tech consumers were also likely to be low in modesty and may be perceived as conceited or arrogant by others.

Low levels of modesty also correlate with what Welch calls “badge-buying”, or a tendency to buy luxury brands. “So there’s an element of pride in being able to have the latest and greatest, not just in the realm of technology, but in all other areas.”

The researcher behind the study said it could have implications for technology companies looking to attract new consumers. Coming soon: a gadget with the tagline, “You’re better than everyone else. Now prove it.”

“Gadget buyers more assertive, even arrogant” [Reuters via ZDNet]
(Photo: Getty)

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