Best Buy CEO Bradbury Anderson's Email Address And Phone Number

Bradbury H. Anderson, Vice Chairman & CEO
Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423-3645
Phone: 612-292-2453

The phone number goes to a secretary, Debby. That’s ok, that’s where these guidelines for dealing with executive customer service come into play.


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  1. Big Tuna says:

    Let the games begin…

  2. javi0084 says:

    Can I send him an e-mail informing him that I call his store “Worst Buy”?

  3. Concerned_Citizen says:

    That guy has to be one of the most evil persons in the world.

  4. nycaviation says:

    @javi0084: LOL I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

  5. ikimashokie says:

    @javi0084: Only if I can e-mail him letting him know that I call his store “The Great Evil”.

  6. friedduck says:

    No imagination, tsk tsk. I have a feeling dear Brad may be signing up for free magazines here soon. Or some not-so-free magazines.

  7. Meathamper says:

    /pranks him on skype

    /hangs up


  8. Pro-Pain says:

    Like this guy would ever be reachable. That’s funny.
    If I was the CEO of Best Buy I’d do the honorable thing of hanging myself (no joke). Worst. Store. Ever.

  9. freejazz38 says:

    c’mon c’mon, Circuit Shitty is actually worse. Let’s keep things in persepective. Where’s the EECB info on THOSE scumbags?

  10. idx says:

    I used to report directly to this guy. He has some pretty good stories to tell.

  11. I think he goes by Brad. Bradbury…hehehe.

  12. Meathamper says:

    @idx: Really? What did you do? Did he whip you while you were naked?

  13. westonalan says:

    my friend is his executive compensation HR manager, haven’t really heard anything bad about this guy before. Circuit City is way worse.

  14. JustaConsumer says:

    What a weird photo. Who takes a picture like that?

  15. KenwayHylas says:

    Wow! This worked SOOO beautifully.

    I had been working/fighting with the regular customer support folks at Best Buy for a solid month, trying to get an extended warranty repair or replacement on my 62″ TV that had died. After a to-be-expected normal wait time for a part, plus a series of missteps and miscommunications on their end, it appeared I was about to have to wait another 2 weeks before anything would be done.

    Finally, I called this number. They had someone contact me by mid-morning, and in less than 2 hours, she called back with a confirmation number that I could take to a local store to get my replacement TV. I took that to the store that afternoon, and the TVs got switched out the next day. What a difference that was from the normal level of service I had dealt with for weeks! Though one shouldn’t have to go through this to get good customer service, it’s nice to know it’s possible!

    • Anonymous says:

      @KenwayHylas: Ditto! After three months of getting jacked around, I sent an e-mail and got a call back within a few hours from a very helpful person who credited my original order and gave me a digital coupon that covered the cost of a new (and correct) order. It’s just too bad you have to go all the way up to the top to get help, but at least it works.

  16. YOXIM says:

    I will be contacting this guy very soon. I have been getting jerked around for a solid five weeks trying to get a replacement battery for my laptop. Now they’re telling me the damn thing is on backorder. Maybe if they had sent it to me when they were supposed to, we wouldn’t be having this problem right about now.

    I just don’t understand what these people hope to gain with such shitty service. Makes no sense..

  17. Deejay Hippy Joe Lauwereins says:

    1.I have an Optoma DLP propjector and I bought the 3 year service plan

    2.My projector started overheating on 11.24.2008

    3.I dropped my projector off on 11.24.2008 @ 4873 Town Center Pkwy Jacksonville, FL 32246 (904) 928-1999

    4.They decided to ship the projector out for repair. They told me it should be about 2 weeks

    5.I waited 2 weeks and called again and asked about it. I spoke with Brian Rhodes. He told me to call the Service Center

    6.12-15-08 – Received a call from the Service Center from an unknown male. He stated that they had just diagnosed the problem and needed to order parts. This was 3 weeks after we dropped the projector off and 1 week past the date we were to receive the projector back.

    7.I called the Service Center at 770-614-6668. I spoke with Elane. She told me that they have tried 2 different vendors for the part and have been unsuccessful in finding the part.

    8.I got at call from a Chan from our local Best Buy on today 01.19.2009 saying that I could come down and pick up a different projector as they cannot find the parts for my old one.

    9.I go down to the Town Center Best Buy and spoke with a very pleasant Service Associate named Melissa. I explained my situation. She said She would help me find a projector that was comparable to the one I had.

    10.Melissa referred me to the Manager named Ben. He told me that he had the exact model of projector that I had before. He also started the process of swapping it out and referred me to John at the Customer service Desk. John went into the back with my paperwork and said there was some kind of note. Then he called the Manager Ben back over. Ben proceeded to look up some items on the computer. Then he told me the application kept crashing. Then he tried to call some other managers on the phone.

    11.He told me that he didn’t have some authorization code to switch out my projector. Wasting hours of my time.

    12.So now it has been 8 weeks. No projector.

    13.I sent an email to ole Brad and got a call back the next morning from the best employee of Best Buy named Michael (CEOs Office).

    14.Michael called the local best buy store and had it fixed.

    15.Went to Best Buy to pick up my projector. They tried to give me an open boxed one.

    16.Dave Mauer Geek squad manager seemed quite pissed and snarled at my wife.

    17.They told me my warranty is no longer valid after this swap out. (I thought 3 year warranty is a 3 year warranty!!)

    18.I now have my projector and am going on a crusade to close the store. Like picketing, and word of mouth.

    19.I currently call Best Buy and ask them for random CD/DVD titles (it seems like their computer crashes when you ask for Fight Club). This wastes their time.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This really does work wonders! I dealt with customer service reps at 888-bestbuy all day yesterday and stumbled upon this website yesterday evening. I sent Mr. Anderson an e-mail before leaving work and received a phone call this morning from James in his office. James is wonderful! He handled the situation in minutes, when it took me hours and hours of talking to incompetent online sales reps on the phone. Definitely send Mr. Anderson an e-mail if you are having difficulties with Best Buy!