Get Your Drink On With Pepsi Blue Hawaii

If Ice Cucumber Pepsi only left you nauseous for more, Pepsi has unveiled its “Blue Hawaii” flavor available only in Japan. The antifreeze-blue concoction delivers hints of pineapple and lemon which if consumed, will make you feel as if you have sailed into a heavenly island paradise, or something. Having fully recovered from his Ice Cucumber Pepsi review last year, reader Peter sacrifices himself for a video review of Pepsi Blue Hawaii. The video, inside…

Basically, what we learned from the video is that this stuff might be ok if you’re drunk which could probably be said for a great number of things. We are anxious to see how Pepsi will torture Japan’s taste-buds next year.

Pepsi Blue Hawaii [HikanNinja]


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  1. acknight says:

    Looks and sounds a lot like Pepsi Blue from a few summers ago.

  2. donkeyjote says:

    Hey, Coke + Pinacolada slurpies taste amazing. Coke + Lime (Put the lime in the coconut :D) was pretty good. So have the Pepsi variations. I wouldn’t mind trying this out.

  3. Brain.wav says:

    I believe “Blue Hawaii” is a common flavor for things like slushies in Japan already. They just adapted that into a soda, so there’s no need to “wait and see,” they already like it.

  4. donkeyjote says:

    @brainwav: Pineapple flavored fish??? The japanese are weird people…

  5. mike says:

    I don’t know what it is…but for some strange reason I want to try it.

    This really shows you how different cultures are. What we consider disgusting is considered awesome.

  6. Sidecutter says:

    @donkeyjote: Heh, the line was “You put da lime in da coke and den you…”, not “the lime in the coconut. :D

  7. timmus says:

    Of course we need to get a Mentos volcano assessment for this product.

  8. evslin says:

    Bring back Crystal Pepsi!

  9. donkeyjote says:

    @Sidecutter: Well, the original song….

    *Note: Muppets were not the original…*

    The original predates the Coke commercial by 35 years.

  10. Crrusherr says:

    i guess u could just replace it with hypno and drink it in public

  11. Angryrider says:

    You know this is the same country with the Mega Mac and Mega Egg sandwiches. Think a Big Mac + bacon and egg, or another two beef patties. Can’t wait to get the Blue Hawaii to flush it all down.

  12. @acknight: I was going to say the same thing because pepsi blue was my favorite flavor they came out with, tasted like liquid gummy bears to me.

  13. davere says:

    This may be good with vodka.

  14. Hirayuki says:

    Aw, does this mean no cucumber Pepsi in Japan this summer? Because that? Was delicious.

  15. henrygates says:

    Didn’t they try this already?

  16. stacye says:

    @evslin: no freakin way! that stuff was nasty

  17. Sherryness says:

    This actually sounds light and lovely for a hot summer day as a treat, as long as there is no high-fructose corn syrup in it.

  18. donkeyjote says:

    @Sherryness: It’s Japan. I bet they get real sugar.

  19. But there’s no marble in the top of the bottle, so I’ll probably stick with my Blue Hawaii Ramune.

  20. EBone says:

    So the Blue Hawaii is only available in japan and not Hawaii? Am I missing something here?

  21. orlo says:

    Hawaiians have actual tropical drinks. Japanese have fond memories of Pearl Harbor.

  22. SpenceMan01 says:

    “antifreeze-blue concoction”

    I’ve heard of blue windshield washer fluid, yellow/green and orange antifreeze, but never blue antifreeze.

  23. Orv says:

    I think some VWs use blue antifreeze. It’s one of those uber-expensive dealership-only concoctions VW likes to saddle owners with. They give dire warnings about what will happen if you use normal stuff from the corner store.

  24. LucyInTheSky says:

    @timmus: i second the motion. but we need tropical flavor mentos, of course.

  25. donkeyjote says:

    @SpenceMan01: Windshield washer fluid is also supposed to be an anti-freeze, so it doesn’t freeze and expand in the tank/tubs/spray head.

    “Anti-freeze” as you call it, is also called coolant, since it prevents overheats as well as anti-freezes, or more specifically, radiator fluid. :P

    Hence blue “anti-freeze”

  26. donkeyjote says:

    @Orv: You mean like orange/dex-cool and gm cars vs standard green antifreeze?? GM actually got hit with a class action over that.

  27. RvLeshrac says:


    I don’t see anything about fish there!

    And sauces made from tropical fruits go very well with fish.

  28. donkeyjote says:

    @RvLeshrac: HAHA, you’re right. brainwav actually said slushies, not sushis.

    Haha. I need sleep -_-

  29. a says:

    Saw this in the convenience store last week. It wasn’t too bad. It kinda tastes like that blue drink from Sonic America’s Drive In.

  30. Meathamper says:

    Heaven, I’m assuming it’s the one you go to when you die?

  31. Sparkstalker says:

    @orlo: I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard at that as I did…

    Back on topic, though…I wish Coke and Pepsi would make some of their foreign flavors available for order in the U.S. I remember trying a lychee flavored soda at Coke World in Atlanta years ago, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere online…

  32. Sifl says:

    Alright… I seriously wanna know.. is there an export store or company to get a hold of this in Canada??! I mean seriously… I’d buy a few bottles of Ice Cucumber Pepsi and a few of these.. and that Caramel Salt Kit Kat too! That sounds really good!

    Someone please tell me there’s a way to get in on the fun!

  33. Channing says:

    I live in Hawaii. We don’t have tropical drinks, only the stuff tourists like to imagine we drink. =|

  34. @acknight: a few summers ago? methinks it’s closer to 5 or 6
    and i loved that stuff!