This BMW Dealership Doesn't Handle Criticism Well

David had a pretty bad experience when he purchased his Mini Cooper from Brecht MINI/BMW in Escondidio, California last year: “Salesman Luis blatantly lied to me about the car’s future routine service requirements,” their employees wouldn’t help him schedule that service, and “they were completely unresponsive when I mentioned these problems to Brian, the service department representative.” When a MINI USA customer service rep called him for a follow-up review last week, he was honest about the level of service he received. That didn’t sit well with Brian over at Brecht, who left David a terse, oddly worded voicemail a few days later.

This week, I received a voicemail from Brian “on behalf of my recent feedback” in which I gave them “all zeros” (actually I gave them all 1’s, but whatever). He then told me in a stern voice, that “hopefully this won’t happen again” (i.e. hopefully I won’t complain again) and that my negative feedback “takes a lot off me” whatever that means.

No apology? No “I’m sorry you haven’t been happy with the service you’ve received, what can we do to fix it?” Nope, he just called me to let me know how upset he is that I’ve hurt his ranking. What a jerk!

(Photo: GypsyRock)

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