9 Reasons Why Trains Are Better Than Planes

It may take longer to get there, a lot longer, depending on your destination, but Ecogeek has found 9 reasons why traveling on trains is better than traveling on planes. No security delays, more legroom and no baggage handlers to lose your luggage is just the beginning. Check out one of our favorite reasons, inside…

5. No NAGGING: It’s a frikkin pleasure not having someone bug me about my seatback and tray tables and whether my electronic device is approved for that particular segment of the trip. And no seatbelts at all! Whether or not that’s technically safe, it’s certainly more comfortable.

We doubt that all the Amtrak cars are as nice as the Silverliner pictured above, but for some destinations we could see trains as a viable and pleasant alternative. When was the last time you traveled a great distance by train, if ever? To see all the reasons, check out Ecogeek’s full article.

Nine Unexpected Benefits of Trains [Ecogeek]
(Photo: Getty)

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