Costa Mesa may follow L.A.’s lead and sue Time Warner Cable for shoddy service, too. [Broadcast Newsroom]


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  1. liquisoft says:

    Oh heck yes.
    I live near Costa Mesa and I HAVE TO use TWC if I want cable. They suck so hard.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    What? Does this mean the cranky Vietnamese-American people have defeated the Communists in their midst? Hooray!
    (Inside joke: you have to be there to get a chuckle out of this)

  3. pearl says:

    @liquisoft: What about Cox? I live in Irvine and we use that. Unless I’ve been blissfully ignorant, I haven’t heard of any bad things coming from them.

  4. valthun says:

    Its funny, they allow collusion, and pretty much anti-competition from any cable providers, but because I am sure they get pay offs for that, they instead sue because the service is crap. Yet the reason the service is crap is because they don’t have to compete with any other cable provider.

    yes I know over the air, and satellite are possible options, but they aren’t always an option in all locations or homes. Also some people have been burned enough by satellite to put up with cable and vice versa.