FDA: If You Use The Foot Ulcer Cream Regranex, You May Die From Cancer

Bad news from the FDA: people who treat their foot and leg ulcers with the cream Regranex are five-times more likely to die from cancer.

According to the AP, the agency will slap its ‘most serious warning label’ on all Regranex boxes.

The findings come from a long-term analysis of records from health care providers comparing 1,600 patients who took Regranex with 2,800 patients who did not, according to the FDA.

The new label, which is outlined in a black box, advises doctors to use caution when prescribing the drug to patients with malignancies.

Regranex is a man-made version of a substance produced by the human body that helps heal ulcers. Because the drug causes cells to divide more rapidly, the FDA said Johnson & Johnson closely monitored patients for reports of cancer, which spreads through uncontrolled cell division.

The warning is targeted at people who use three or more tubes of Regranex per month, so slather sparingly!

FDA adds cancer warnings to J&J foot ulcer cream [AP]

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