Dell Offers To Repair Your Broken Monitor Over The Internet For $40

Reader Robin is wondering what sort of new technology Dell has invented that will let them physically repair a broken monitor over the internet. Must be some serious science.

So my friend was complaining to me about how her Dell monitor finally died at the 2-year, 2-day mark (you know, right after the warranty runs out?) and so she called Dell to see if they would help her out. Of course, they are under no obligation to honor an expired warranty, but they did helpfully offer to perform an online service call. My friend (and I) questioned how they would be able to remotely repair a computer MONITOR, but the CSR assured her that they could just “boost the card.” Since that meant nothing to my friend, and she didn’t want to pay the $40 for them to attempt to repair what is essentially now a piece of office furniture and not a functioning computer, she declined. But not before checking to see if that $40 would be refunded of Dell wasn’t able to actually reach through the phone lines or the broadband connection and fix the monitor. Of course not.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? What kind of wormhole does Dell have set up that they can repair a monitor over the phone or Internet? Can they also do a lobotomy? Is it even legal to offer this kind of service when it is clearly impossible?


We’re going to toss this one out to the crowd because “boost the card” doesn’t mean anything to us, either. Any explanations?

(Photo: Ben Popken )

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