How Can I Convince Crate & Barrel To Finally Give Me My Furniture?

Reader Brittney is tired of waiting for Crate & Barrel to deliver her couch, but she thinks it may be her fault that she’s got nothing to sit on because she was too nice. Now she’s wondering what she should do:

Love your site, and need some advice (or courage) to get a couch and chair I ordered from Crate & Barrel. I placed the order May 18 and it was supposed to be delivered last Saturday (May 31). I got a call to confirm my date and delivery time. Then I got a call on Saturday that my couch somehow didn’t make it from the warehouse (then why did they confirm delivery?) and could not be delivered that day, but they could deliver my chair. I said not to bother, but to deliver the items together. I didn’t complain at all, said I understand it was not the fault of the person calling, and I think that was my downfall. I was told I would get a phone call on Monday to reschedule a delivery. To be honest, I forgot about it until yesterday (Wednesday). When I called “my rep” (the girl that sold me the sofa and chair,) she acted surprised that a new delivery date had not been set up. I told her I NEEDED the couch and chair this weekend as I have relatives coming to stay with me. She made it seem like that would be nearly impossible, but she would check into it and call me back on my cell phone. Then the power went out across the area, and the Crate & Barrel phone stopped working.

So now it’s Thursday, and I need the couch and chair in 3 days. I feel like if I had been rude and thrown a fit on Saturday that someone would have tried really hard to get my delivery rescheduled. But since I was nice and didn’t press it, that I will get the runaround. I really want and need these furniture pieces, so I wont try to cancel my order…but what should I do now? Should I give my rep another chance, or just call and start bitching right away? What if the phone at the local store still isn’t working; should I call corporate? Thanks for any help!

We find that “bitching” doesn’t get results, but you’re right… you shouldn’t just let people walk all over you either. Thankfully, there’s another way.

We suggest you read this post called “How To Mind Control Customer Service Reps.”

The most important step for you will be this one:

Before you call, outline the situation for yourself, and decide how you want it solved
Write down several options you would be willing to accept, and keep the page in front of you when you call.

Now take a deep breath, find some self-confidence, and give Crate & Barrel corporate a call. Escalate your complaint immediately, you’ve waited around for long enough! Be polite, but firm, and never rude. Don’t ever be afraid to cancel your order if you can’t come to a solution that’s agreeable to you. After all, it’s your money.

Do any commenters have suggestions for Brittney? How do you get good results without being “bitchy”?

(Photo: Jeff Sandquist )

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