Rumors: Starbucks To Launch Free WiFi Tuesday

A blogger who is friends with a Starbucks manager says that it looks like the long-awaited free AT&T WiFi, even if you’re not an AT&T customer, inside Starbucks will launch tomorrow. A few caveats:

1. You have to have a registered Starbucks card and use it at least once a month
2. You only get 2 free hours per day
3. You will still have to carve out your own piece of square footage, maneuvering among the limbs, inconveniently placed bags, adaptor cords, and deadly gazes other Starbucks laptop campers use to claim their territory.

[Zatznotfunny via Gizmodo]
(Photo: smcgee)


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  1. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    I wonder how far Starbucks WiFi reaches.

  2. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    I don’t trust WiFi when it’s not in my home.

  3. How many Starbucks cards can you have?

  4. @The Great Aussie Evil: I don’t know that you should trust it in your home either…

  5. @twophrasebark: You can register 6 cards to one account, but I’m thinking you could make up 6 accounts and have one card on each one and just rotate your purchases.

  6. bohemian says:

    Or find a Caribou Coffee. Most of them have had free wifi for a long time.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    @twophrasebark: That was my thought. Soon we will be subject to roving bands of urban laptoppers, wandering the city canyons in search of a Starbucks with room to sit. The Alphas will undoubtedly be uber-techs with the faster and lightest computers around.

  8. bobpence says:

    4. You must like bad coffee.

  9. chiieddy says:

    shhh! You can already get the free WiFi. :-)

  10. snoop-blog says:

    On a side note: All beverages will be going up in price by 25 cents.

  11. xanax25mg says:

    this also seems like a privacy nightmare, as I asusme you’ll need to log in with your starbucks card #. So using starbucks to download your torrents or skim dwarf-banging sites won’t be a good idea

  12. ninjatoddler says:

    Starbucks is overpriced in everything including wifi compared to Caribou. This plainly is a feeble attempt at trying to regain market share which I doubt will help.

  13. mike says:

    Okay…this is still stupid. Starbucks is now trying to do what other coffee shops have figured out years ago: provide free wi-fi and people will buy stuff to stay there.

    But they limit use to two hours? Why would you shoot yourself in the foot like that?

    One summer, I spent an entire summer in Panera because they had free WiFi. I would spend about $15 on food just because I was already there.

    Someone didn’t think their cunning plan all the way through.

  14. firesign says:

    @bohemian: not to mention that caribou’s coffee is *much* better than starbucks.

  15. Well at least their wifi network will be able to tell that you’ve registered your Starbucks card, since the cashiers still have no way to do so and apply the “benefits” they’ve been advertising for months.

  16. bobpence says:

    @linus: People spend $15 at Panera without staying all day. In fact they stay just long enough to get through the line, so only maybe two hours.

  17. opsomath says:

    oh wow. this is so pathetic.

    I can walk downtown (Athens, GA), stand on Starbucks’ patio, and be in brick-throwing range of four other coffee shops and cafes with FREE wi-fi. In fact, I’d be in wi-fi range of them. Fortunately for those places, their food and coffee is better, so I go there instead.

    The only reason to go to Coffeebucks is when you’re driving through an area where they’re the only half-decent coffee that’s managed to proliferate there yet.

  18. The Porkchop Express says:

    Yeah, I thought everybody had the free wifi these days. Oh and without limits.

  19. Thorny says:

    Am I the only one who thought that Starbucks had free WiFi for years already? Or is that just because of all the douches you see on their Macs every time you go into one?

  20. joellevand says:

    I’ll still be at Panera Bread, which has unlimited free WiFi and better coffee & food anyway.

  21. b612markt says:

    My neighborhood has a cuter coffee house called Cafe Latakie that has unlimited WiFi for free with any purchase, and we also have Caribou Coffee which gives you I think 2 hrs of wifi with any purchase.

    I don’t get it though – I’d rather be at home on my wired connection any day!

  22. elephantattack says:

    @Thorny:Am I the only one who thought that Starbucks had free WiFi for years already? Or is that just because of all the douches you see on their Macs every time you go into one?

    No, Starbucks is an At&t “hotspot”

    I have never used it because I can get FREE internet at Panera… or if I want to go to a smaller shop… It’s also free. Starbucks is so far behind in the free internet “market”.

  23. krispykrink says:

    You’re gonna have to do better than this Starbucks. I go to a local coffee house that roasts their own beans every day, has good food not just sugary snacks like Starbucks, an Ice Cream Bar and the WiFi is FREE All Day Long! Not some wimpy 2 hours.

  24. mikesam says:

    @urban bohemian

    In a week or so, there will be a revised Starbucks Card reward program that allows the point of sale machines to now recognize whether or not your card is registered online, so you won’t have to hassle the barista for your free milk modifiers and whatnot. Additionally, anyone with a Starbucks Card, regardless of registration, should have been able to receive benefits, but due to poor dissemination of information from management to baristas, many were confused as to how the new system works.

    In any case, while free WiFi is almost a given at many chains, contractual obligations with T-Mobile have made the switch to free WiFi for all customers pretty difficult. Partners get free WiFi now under the ATT/T-Mobile sharing agreement, so if you know someone who works at Starbucks, see if you can bum their account info =)

    Also @ krispykrink, local coffee houses will always do well because they can offer a much more intimate product since their reach goes no further than the community they reside. Once you begin going corporate, that becomes a much, much more difficult process. Must be a big store if they can ROAST their own beans though.

  25. WolfDemon says:

    It’s funny how people are so excited over this. Our local coffee shop offers actual free wifi. As in, you can just walk in, sit in a corner, get out your laptop, and just sit there on the internet. You aren’t even pressured to buy anything.