Who's Got Good Service? Does Summer Infant Have Good Service? Yes, They Do! Yes, They Do!

Eric’s Summer Infant baby gate finally broke after four years of pummeling from his two hyperactive little gate crashers. When Eric called to ask about a replacement part, Summer Infant’s response caught him off guard…

He writes:

Four years ago, my first child was born and among other things we got a couple baby gates for the stairs. The brand was Summer Infant and we have overal been pleased with the quality. The particular gate we got (model 07030) was a metal gate with a plastic latch that would alarm if left open.

Fast forward to last night, and that plastic part gave up the ghost. Its been coming for a while, but the springs and plastic on the latch could not stand up to two toddlers over multiple years. I swapped the broken part for the the one still functioning on the other gate (the other gate is not used much, so we are not really taking any risks).

I tracked down the contact info for Summer Infant, called their customer care department, and spoke to Maddie. She didn’t ask how old it was, if I had a receipt, was it broken due to children beating it with a hammer, or for us to send back the old part. She only wanted my address so they could send out a new part, no questions asked. Both the part and shipping are complimentary. It should be here in a week.

They get major Kudos from my wife and I. Way to go Summer Infant on taking care of your customers (and their children)!

Awww, isn’t that adorable? Good customer service is so precious.

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