AOL Tops MSN Money's Customer Service Hall Of Shame

Earlier this week, MSN Money published the results of a national Zogby poll they commissioned on who delivers the worst customer service. The winner was AOL, ranked “poor” by 47% of respondents, while Comcast came in second with 42% suckage. Sprint ranked third at 39%.

“We’ve seen a fall in customer service as we’ve gone into a recession,” says a customer service consultant in the article. “As the cost cutting occurs . . . they start to cut the wrong things.” But that implies that AOL had good customer service before the recession, doesn’t it? Wait, what?

All but one of the top 10 companies are either in communications or finance, with the one weird exception of Abercrombie & Fitch (4th place, 38%).

“Most of these companies actually aren’t thriving,” said Michael Shames, the executive director of the Utility Consumers’ Action Network, a California nonprofit that monitors business practices. People don’t look at companies with poor customer-service scores and say, “Here’s where I should invest,” he said.

“The Customer Service Hall of Shame” [MSN Money]

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