Another Story About IDT Energy's Door-To-Door Scams

Here’s another report of IDT Energy using the old “We need to make sure you got a discount on your last energy bill, just sign here” tactic to trick people into switching to IDT Energy. In this post written by Amanda, a blogger in the Adirondacks, she describes how a guy with a badge and clipboard showed up at her door, saying he was checking to make sure she got a discount off her last bill. He had her go get her latest bill, then,

“He proceeded to tsk tsk tsk about the absence of my discount. “Not a problem. I can take care of this for you and make sure you get the discount you signed up for.” He was writing on a form, covering the majority with his arm. I craned my neck to look. He pivoted.

(snip part where salesman acts super creepy…)

“Thank you for signing up with IDT for energy savings and you tell my supervisor I was a nice guy, ok?” He squeezed my hand and smiled. “You bet.” I turned, locked the door behind me and scanned the pink sheet. I’d never signed up before and the sheet said as much. The whole thing had been a shady way of hurrying unsuspecting folks through. I looked up the number, 1-877-887-6866, and waited on hold for ten minutes before reaching an operator. “A guy just came to my door, I’d like to cancel the Switch and Save program,” I said.

Don’t fall for this scam. Warn your friends and neighbors, and if a shady ESCO salesman comes to your door and pulls a deceptive marketing move like we describe here, shut the door on him and report it to your attorney general.

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