Round 47: Countrywide vs Clear Channel

This is Round 47 in our Worst Company in America contest, Countrywide vs Clear Channel!Here’s what readers said in previous rounds about why they hate these two companies…


“Countrywide gets my tick for destroying a lot of lives and homes. As far as i’m concerned, they and Citi should burn in a special place in hell made just for them for taking advantage of the deregulation to go hog wild on the mortgage market like that.”

“Countrywide’s involvement in the mortgage meltdown cannot be overlooked though we have been with them for a while and never had an issue. Guess there is something to be said for not being a sub-prime borrower trying to live beyond their means though. 30-year fixed and not overextended…not that hard.”

“What a bunch of scammy scumbags.”

“My only complaints with Countrywide are their unavailability on weekend and their lack of detail on their web site. Sure would be nice to find out things about my HELOC — like due dates.”

“Countrywide is such a huge lender that it has obtained bad loans from second rate mortgage companies that had no business being in the business to begin with.”

Clear Channel:

“wrecked FM radio”

“Homogenizing radio sucks!”

“Clear Channel is so vile. Every radio station that I’ve enjoyed before it was bought up by them has gone to right to hell — in terms of crappy music and the ads ads ads ads ads. If it weren’t for WEQX, I’d suck it up and subscribe to satellite.”

“As for Clear Channel, gosh, there are so many ways you can hate them even aside from what they’ve done to FM radio. You can hate them for perpetuating the visual blight of billboards across the landscape. You can also hate them for their efforts to dominate the live music venue booking business. They’re not quite as unavoidable as Ticketmaster but they’re obnoxious enough.”

“CC not only wrecked what you hear on the radio, it wrecked it for those of us who work in it. They are the devil. Jocks for that company do a shift live in their home city and then voice track shows that run in smaller markets since CC is to cheap to hire talent. Bastards.”

“They win this hands down just for turning FM radio into a wasteland of screaming, obnoxious car dealer ads, annoying DJs, and homogenized music. They are pretty much single-handedly responsible for the fact that I no longer listen to any radio except NPR (they bought out and destroyed the decent local radio I listened to before).”

“Clear Channel ruined radio, making portable music players move to the forefront for personal music. They grew too fast and look at them now, barely scraping by in the face of declining ad bucks and booming satellite radio. They so rightly deserve to fry.”

“They’ve changed the formats of 3 radio stations I used to listen to down here in Atlanta in the 7 years I’ve been here.”

“Clear Channel has contributed majorly to the uglification of the landscape with their garish and innumerable billboards. Even worse, they’re the ones behind those #$@%ing video billboards. A pox on their thrice-damned house!

And that’s on top of the generic radio they pump out 24/7 across the country. Clear Channel must die! “

“I have XM in the Scion, so I never have to listen to Clear Channel’s crap any more.”

“clearchannel” is a result of media deregulation back in the mid 80’s. they own ALOT of stuff.

i love the list of ‘objectionable’ songs they told their stations to refrain from playing after 9/11


clearchannel killed broadcast radio.. RIP”

“Clear Channel just DESTROYED the Atlanta radio market by wiping out every single station that had been here for 30+ years and filling the air with generic crap.”

“Clear Channel is the worst thing that can happen to any media outlet. They have ruined so many radio and TV stations. Their lips mutter “in the interest of the community” but we all know that’s a big pile of BS.”

“Clear Channel destroyed the radio.”

“Clear Channel should make a ad channel that’s interrupted by actual shows at every 15 and 45 of the hour.”

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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    Countrywide is officially my pick to win this whole competition.

  2. B says:

    If Countrywide gets less than 75% of the vote, I’ll be quite surprised. Clear Channel sucks but is mostly irrelevant, and Countrywide was a major player in destroying the economy.

  3. Truvill says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine what Clear Channel had to beat in order to make it this far.

  4. HeartBurnKid says:

    C’mon, now, this should have been a semi-final matchup, if not final.

    Clear Channel killed FM radio. Countrywide, along with several others, killed the American economy. As much as I hate Clear Channel, I have to give the nod to Countrywide.

  5. qwickone says:

    @B: I wouldnt say irrelevant considering so many people still listen to the radio on their way to work and such (and you can’t avoid it when you walk into some stores). But DEF the lesser of two evils. It’s it’s not Countrywide by a landslide, I’ll be shocked.

  6. blackmage439 says:

    Clear Channel sounds like a shill of a company. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hand in turning The Zone (94.7 FM) in Chicagoland into an oldies cesspool.

    Countrywide still wins this contest easily, though. Playing financial games with people’s lives is just wrong. I’ll be pulling my money out of their coffers as soon as I find a better interest rate.

  7. RichardHead says:

    Countrywide. Period.

    How many junk mailers & phone calls will they send to me, asking me to re-fi my 5.25%, fixed-rate?

  8. Disturbedearth says:

    Countrywide hands down for all the reasons above.

    I wonder – does CC own XM or Sirius? It would make since as it truly appears they have been the major driving force in killing FM and driving people to actually be willing to pay money to listen to Stern.

  9. sleze69 says:

    As much as I hate Clear Channel, Countrywide is the front runner this year.

  10. Juggernaut says:

    baba booey! baba booey! baba booey!!

  11. hellinmyeyes says:

    I agree with the other posters. Clear Channel absolutely has killed radio broadcasting in practically every market with their ever-increasing advertising and ever-decreasing variety in broadcasting and genre. They’re pretty much the reason I do satellite only or my MP3’s.

    That said, Countrywide has crushed the dreams of practically every new homeowner for the next ten years by realizing the questionable “dreams” for those of the last four or five.

    It sucks these two had to go head-to-head like this.

  12. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    I used to work in radio and now I work in the financial sector, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies.

    Countrywide. Clear Channel is having enough issues on their own, so they are reaping what they sown. And as noted, if you don’t like Clear Channel’s product, you have options.

  13. lalaland13 says:

    I’d say Countrywide-they do more long-term damage to more people. Since I’m in my 20s and not in the market for a house, though, I get more irritated by CC on a daily basis. My iPod dock broke, and I really just need to buy a new dock or a new damn iPod. The radio was OK for a few weeks, but now it’s the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over. I’m getting close to yelling at the radio again. And the “breast enhancement” commercial? Fuck off. When “Love Song” and “Paralyzer” can drive you to consider violence, it’s time to turn the damn thing off.

    Then the other day they had a “request” from someone who “wanted to hear some Daughtry.” I felt like calling them up and screaming “Does this request person never ever listen to your fuckin station? All you play is Daughtry!”

    Reading what I wrote, I’m heading over to Apple’s Web site now…

  14. While ClearChannel deserves every bit of derision it gets for single-handedly destroying a sizable chunk of American culture (FM radio), that pales in significance to what Countrywide has done. Fuck up my favorite radio station – shame on you, but I an MP3-compatible stereo. Fuck up the economy – you should be burned at the stake for that.

    If there’s a silver lining in all of this, it’s that this whole idea of hands-off non-governance that got us in this mess has been discredited once and for all. Hopefully, the Obama administration will have a chance to start fixing both the broadcast media and the banking industry (and lots of other stuff) next year.

  15. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    @Steaming Pile:

    Works for me. I seriously doubt he could do any worse anyhow.

  16. SacraBos says:

    Countrywide has ruined thousands of families. Clear Channel has only ruined 1 outlet for music – and that is replaceable by several other methods (iPod, Satellite, CD)

  17. theblackdog says:

    @Disturbedearth: CC used to own about 10% of XM stock, but supposedly they’ve completely sold it off. They’re now channeling their efforts into getting the Association of American Broadcasters to slip money to congress to prevent Sirius and XM from merging.

  18. highmodulus says:

    Clear Channel is terrible.

    Countrywide is actually a really good loan servicer, and originator, but have become (fair or not) the face of the subprime crisis.

    Clear Channel should win, but won’t. But I am fine with the vote, as it isn’t the travesty the AAA vs Comcast vote was (with the late vote swing, and the glavin!).

    As long as Best Buy or BofA wins it all, I will be happy.

  19. evilfremen says:

    I wanted you to win so bad Clear Channel, but alas, not even you can stand up to Countrywide. Maybe next year Clear Channel, as I know you will not stop driving radio even further into the abyss. Until next year…

  20. says:

    clear channel is ruining all media outlets. Now that takes talent.

  21. Doesn’t BOA own countrywide? I’m voting Clear Channel in that case. My vote for BOA in the next round will represent countrywide too.
    If they were their own entity still, i’d vote for them right in this poll.

  22. Bryan Price says:

    Wretched radio over screwing over home owners?

    Country wide.

  23. Pasketti says:

    I can (and did) stop listening to the radio.

    It’s really hard to stop needing a place to live.

  24. cerbie says:

    Clear Channel is the a result of what politicians caused. Countrywide had a clear choice, and could still be doing better (pun intended).