Hey North America: Why Aren't You Buying 20 Oz Bottles Of Coke?

Oh no! You know there’s something wrong with the economy when people stop buying (comparatively) expensive 20 oz bottles of Coke. The Wall Street Journal says that sales of Coke’s biggest profit-maker are down and its affecting the company’s bottom line.

From the WSJ:

Sold in corner groceries, vending machines and other outlets since the early 1990s, soft drinks in 20-ounce plastic bottles revitalized U.S. sales for Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Inc. by getting Americans to drink larger servings. Because they are often sold at prices similar to a two-liter bottle, they have also been highly profitable for the companies’ bottlers.

Now, health concerns, aging baby boomers’ waning thirst for giant-size sodas and the softening economy are taking the fizz out of the 20-ounce bottle. While U.S. soda sales in major retail channels overall declined 3.5% in the first quarter, convenience-store sales dropped 4.2%, according to Beverage Digest, an industry publication. The 20-ounce bottle accounts for most convenience-store soda sales.

To win back sales, several Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottlers are conducting pilot tests on a variety of bottle sizes they hope will appeal to consumers put off by the 20-ounce bottle or looking for a cheaper option to cushion the blow of high food and energy prices.

Why have you stopped buying 20 oz Cokes? The WSJ says that Pepsi is testing a 16 oz model. Will you buy that?

20-oz Sales Lose Fizz [WSJ]
(Photo: Ben Popken )


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  1. chris101d says:

    Oh thank god pepsi is concerned for me! Downsizing to makeup the lost profits!

  2. Answer me this: Dasani and Coke are the same price. What does that say about the quality of the water used in Coke? (answer: nothing. But it says a lot about the stupidity of consumers)

  3. OnceWasCool says:

    Could it be that people are getting sick and tired of HFCS?

    I refuse to drink anything with corn syrup in it.

  4. I stopped buying it because I started disliking the way it tastes, and I’m trying to keep my high fructose corn syrup intake down to a maximum of 3 gallons a day. I only buy soda now if I buy Mentos, and happen to get it into my head to send a frothy candy bomb to someone I love.

  5. wring says:

    it tastes better in a can

  6. sleze69 says:

    4C’s totally Light Tea2Go costs $.25/20 ounce. Also it doesn’t contain the calcium draining phosphoric acid.

  7. B says:

    Cause I don’t like soft drinks, that’s why.

  8. AD8BC says:

    I drink one occasionally but much less often than I used to. I drink lots of water now, but don’t mind the occasional indulgence.

    Water with lemon or iced tea with lemon, in most cases, anyway, has replaced soda pop in restaurants for me.

  9. Dobernala says:

    Juice and water for me. I guess I’m an unpatriotic American, heh.

  10. Manok says:

    I started to notice that the older I get the less soda I drink. For one, I don’t like the taste anymore and prefer to drink no carbonated drinks. Also, I rarely finish a 20oz can these days because by about half way through, the craving I had for the soda is gone and I just don’t want to finish it.

  11. uomdeacon says:

    @sleze69: That’s a good suggestion. Personally I prefer the caffeinated Crystal Light flavor packets.

    Actually, the only reason I stopped buying the 20oz Cokes is because whoever owns the vending machine in my office decided to raise the price to $1.30. Yeah, you need that extra nickel to buy a drink now. I’m lazy enough that I refuse to carry a nickel on me; worse yet, I hate extra change; so I refuse to put $2 in the machine, only to get 70c back in nickels. Stupid.

  12. MissPeacock says:

    @wring: Soda certainly gets colder in a can. And I like my sodas FREEZING when I drink them. They are usually pretty tepid in the 20 oz plastic bottles.

  13. mgy says:

    @uomdeacon: Extra nickel? I’d hate to be where you are, as caffeine is the only way I’d make it through my day. They’re still sold at a dollar in all the vending machines around where I’m at. Right next to, coincidentally, a mini-mart which sells them for $1.39. Why people ever go in there, I don’t know.

  14. Kat@Work says:

    Because I like Diet Dr. Pepper in cans, this will not affect me. :)

  15. Bramble73 says:

    I pretty much stopped drinking soda all together, trying to avoid drinking straight suger. I don’t like artifical sweeteners, so that pretty much means no Coke for me. But I still miss it, and I will still drink it occasionally.

  16. Scoobatz says:

    My guess is you’ll see a change, but it won’t be proportional. They’ll make the bottle size 20% smaller (16 ounces) while decreasing the cost only 10%. In the end, their profit margin will be even higher than it is now.

  17. @uomdeacon: Big fan of the flavor packets, especially the Walmart (ducks}Peach Tea.

    I still drink enough soda though, but Coke Zero is my new beverage of choice.

    My guess though is there is just a ton of extra options out there now. Dozens of brands of energy drinks, major label juice/teas, broader distribution of specialty sodas like Jones and Stewarts. Coke/Pepsi still own the 2 liter fridge market, but if Im spending $1.25 for a 20oz coke I might as well spend $1.25 for a 12oz Stewarts cream that I will enjoy more.

  18. brianala says:

    Because $1.25 is waaaay too much for me to spend at a vending machine. When I worked in an office that had a vending machine with cans of soda for 50 cents, I bought a soda every day. It’s pretty easy to scrounge up that much in change to get my caffeine fix.

    The office I’m in now only has the 20 oz. bottles for $1.25. I’ll get a soda maybe once a week, usually less frequently. The price is just ridiculous.

  19. BuddhaLite says:

    The only liquid I buy now is the Minute Maid OJ that has plant sterols in it and typically one other 100% not from concentrate juice which gets mixed with green tea. Too many damn calories otherwise and the price for soda is just astronomical now. Coke obviously hasn’t really learned anything. Take a look at the price of Vitamin Water which is typically fitty cent(pun intended) higher than the same size Coke in a vending machine.

  20. fostina1 says:

    going rom .89 to 1.49 over the last few years at my local gas station didnt help them any either.

  21. APFPilot says:

    Has anyone else noticed they changed the caps on 20oz bottles?

  22. OletheaEurystheus says:

    I dont care much, I stopped buying soda all together and actually HATE
    the taste of it now. I didnt care much for the sickly sweet HFCS junk
    even when I was a kid (I drank diet soda all my life) but even that
    stuff doesnt agree with me anymore if I take a sip after not drinking
    soda for 2 years now.

  23. friendlynerd says:

    I found one of those tiny refrigerators (holds about a 6-pack) at a thrift store. I keep that in my office stocked with cans of soda (purchased on sale). Helps my wallet but does nothing for my teeth or overall health :(

  24. BuddhaLite says:

    @Tracy Ham and Eggs: The Walmart generic Crystal Light rocks and is more than $2 cheaper. It’s the only thing I buy from them.

  25. I like me some Diet Coke, but 20 oz. is just too big. It makes me feel like my stomach’s going to explode with fizz.

    The cans are also a lot easier to recycle than the bottles. (And taste better, I think.)

  26. cybercjh says:

    I almost grabbed one at Winn-Dixie last night after grocery shopping because I was so thirsty, but it was $1.39! WHO THE HELL WANTS TO PAY A BUCK FIFTY AFTER TAXES? So, I went home and made some freshed brewed iced tea. The whole pitcher probably cost me 25¢. And, I didn’t subject myself to massive amounts of HFCS, either.

  27. monkey33 says:

    @APFPilot: That’s one of the reason’s I don’t get Coke in bottles much anymore. Those stupid new caps cause the soda to go flat just a little faster than the old ones.

  28. @brianala: oh, yeah, that too! They’re 89 cents at the supermarket, and $1.25 in the vending machines? Sorry, when we cross the $1 line, I’m going to the cafeteria for real food and a lemon wedge in my soda. It’s gotta be a pretty desperate situation before I’ll put more than $1 into a vending machine.

  29. merekat says:

    I started taking migrained medicine in February, and it made all soda taste like tinfoil. I realized that I didn’t NEED soda, and that I preferred to drink tea anyway. I bought an electric kettle for the office ($20), and can buy a box of 25 tea bags for what I used to spend on one 20 oz. bottle of Coke. I’ve lost a few pounds in the process, and Mr. Merekat has also cut down on his soda consumption.

  30. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    I think 50 cents for a 12 oz. can is both a sweet spot for both price and amount of soda.

  31. LucyInTheSky says:

    coke is ew. it tastes like soap. not worth the sugar and calories. and besides, cans are better for the environment, no matter what soda it is. you can’t keep recycling plastic forever, because it eventually breaks down more and more until it becomes useless. aluminum, however, is a naturally occurring metal that never breaks down from repeated recycling.

  32. I pound down 2 liter bottles. They are often only a few cents more than their 20oz little cousins (usually even cheaper when bought on sale) and you get 300% more for your buck.

    Sure I look like a pig guzzling from it, but who cares

  33. Pro-Pain says:

    Cans or glass bottles FTW!!! I REFUSE to drink soda out of a nasty plastic bottle. Just plain yuck…(and NEVER cold enough)

  34. donnie5 says:

    Umm, did anyone notice the expanding ENERGY drink market? Why buy a 20 oz for 1.29 when you can get 16oz for 2.59! On the job now I see more Monsters and Red Bulls than Coke. I do see a lot of Diet Pepsi Max though.

  35. Triborough says:

    Could it be due to the fact that they are crappy value?

  36. steveliv says:

    i don’t buy them because you any day of the week i can get a 2 liter coke product for 99 cents and under. if i want a cold drink i can head to any gas station and get a 32 oz soda for around 79 cents…

  37. Pro-Pain says:

    @discounteggroll: That’s going to catch up to you…

  38. stevegoz says:

    With Pepsi, less truly is more! [/Cola Wars]

  39. @Pro-Pain:

    I only buy diet sodas (yeah yeah, you can forgo the “still going to catch up to me in other ways” line)

  40. Zaphâ„¢ says:

    I would rather have real sugar soda in a glass bottle not that HFCS crap that they are slinging as soda!

  41. ltlbbynthn says:

    I saw 20 oz bottles of soda in the costco vending machine for 75 cents recently. but if you’re already at costco, you’re buying 32 cans of soda for $7 and don’t really need a 20 oz bottle.
    I haven’t bought soda bottles from vending machines regularly in years. It always goes flat and gets hot. I used to like canned soda, but recently I’ve cut out caffeine and have been drinking water and oj. I always thought $1.25 was way too much to pay, $1 is a more reasonable-looking price.

  42. stezton says:

    Where I work at the local Air Force base we have 20 oz machines EVERYWHERE! In fact there is one literally outside our room. I maintain the recycle bins for our room and I have to say they are constantly full. I must work with soda drinking fiends. Oh and by the way for price comparison ours are $1.25 and the cans are 75c.

  43. AceKicker says:

    Make larger aluminum cans or bring back the glass bottle like you see in EVERY commercial!

  44. JanetCarol says:

    Probably the simple facts that canned or fountain tastes MUCH better, they charge an insane price for 20 oz, people trying to get away from high fructose corn syrup and calories, and people are trying to drink what is free with money being tight for pretty much everyone.

  45. KlausKinsky says:

    the only soda I drink anymore is what gets mixed with alcohol. Ginger beer rocks btw!

  46. weave says:

    Arggh, why drop it to 16oz? Why not just make a one liter size? I’m not fond of government-mandated conversions to metric but if you’re going to muck with sizes, at least take a step in that direction.

  47. wallapuctus says:

    I stopped buying soda when I finished college and needed to drop about 70 pounds. I can’t even finish a can now without getting sick.

    I tried Coke Zero, and even though it has no real sugar it still makes my stomach frown. So I’ll stick to Vitamin water… which is owned by Coke so they still get my money :/

  48. bwohlgemuth says:

    Dropped my 2liter plus a day pepsi habit in March. Dropped 40 pounds by doing so.

    Only thing I’ve been drinking lately is sugar free Hawaiian Punch and Hi-C.

  49. AD8BC says:

    @Kat@Work: Dr. Pepper is good, but I have always thought it tastes much better from the fountain.

  50. arras says:

    I stopped drinking soda about 8 months ago, a two 20oz coke a day habit was tough to break, but the weight loss and sleeping through an entire night is worth it to me.

    Plus I don’t need all that processed sugar and garbage

  51. ogremustcrush says:

    The fact the the price of all pop just keeps on rising much faster than inflation (HFCS is getting more expensive due to Ethanol) gives me less and less reason to drink it. It’s bad to drink much of it, and it simply is not worth the cost premium over a bottle of water(pack of 24 store brand stuff, not stupid expensive Dasani…etc stuff). Shoot, I’m not even drinking bottled water as much now that I have a good filter and my BPAerific nalgene bottle.

  52. thesabre says:

    I usually get a 24 oz. Diet Dr Pepper around lunchtime at work and that will last me the rest of the day. I can either get a 20 oz. bottle in the vending machine for $1.50 or I can get a 24 oz. bottle from the hot dog cart on the street outside my office for $1.25. I figure that the woman that runs the hot dog cart probably needs the money more anyway.

  53. Pasketti says:

    They used to have Dr Pepper in cans in the machines at work. Then they added the 20oz bottles. Then they removed the cans.

    Then I noticed that when I drank a bottle, I felt really bloated and logy about an hour afterward. This didn’t happen with cans, or wasn’t as noticeable. Perhaps the 66% increase in portion size had something to do with that.

    So I stopped drinking them. For about two weeks afterward, I’d get this “You know what would be REALLY GREAT right about now? A Dr Pepper!” feelings in the late afternoon, but they faded.

    A few weeks after that, I hopped on a scale and noticed I’d dropped 15 pounds.

    So it’s been over a year since I’ve had anything carbonated that wasn’t beer…

  54. bot001220 says:


    On the plus side, they now use 9% less plastic than before! Everybody wins, right? RIGHT??

    (At least they did that and not began to sell “19 oz” bottles for the same price.

  55. Brie says:

    Can’t speak to the soda, but we’ll frequently pick up bottled water at the gas station at the beginning of a road trip, and it’s entirely possible that the 20 oz won’t fit in my car’s cupholders while the 16 oz will. (Haven’t roadtripped lately and haven’t bought bottled water, but there’s definitely some size out there that’s too big and so it rolls around the footwell.)

  56. sir_pantsalot says:

    @fostina1: Same here. I would often get a drink when filling up my tank. Pay for the gas at the pump then pay for the drink in cash. I was already irritated that it cost more than a dollar and one day it jumped again and I told the clerk they could keep it. Since then I rarely buy drinks from gas stations and if I do it is a fountain drink or a Mountain Dew to keep me awake.

  57. grumpymo says:

    I stopped drinking anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. If they’re going to change bottle sizes I’d rather see 8oz ones come back at under a $1. Better yet, go back to sugar!

  58. TangDrinker says:

    @cybercjh: I’m with you on this. Every time I’m about to reach in and grab one at the grocery store for my trip home, I realize that the $1.39 does end up being around a buck fifty and figure out that my thirst can wait 10 minutes til I’m home (and then I’ll just have water).

    Weren’t they all 99 cents about 2 years ago?

  59. NightElfMohawk says:

    Well, I don’t buy the 20 oz. bottles because they also have the glass bottles from Mexico at all the convenience stores around here, and I’d rather slap my money down for that delicious real-sugar (not HFCS) taste any day than 20 oz. of crap.

  60. kaptainkk says:

    @oncewascool: I’m with you. If it has HFCS in it, I don’t buy it and my kids are very aware of this.

  61. stephennmcdonald says:

    Like everyone else, I’ve cut my HFCS to a minimum. I try to buy Mexican sodas, or the Walgreens brand, as they’re made with real sugar. If I’m going to be drinking soda it might as well be…um…the less unhealthy of them? Crap. I wish water tasted better to me.

  62. Youthier says:

    I prefer the taste of fountain pop. I usually stop at the gas station when I’m out on my break. I keep the same plastic cup that I wash. A refill cost 52 cents and reusing my cup is better for the enviornment.

  63. phazah says:

    why have I cut back on my buying of 20oz Coke? Because for the same price I can buy a 2liter bottle, and refill that 20oz several times…
    And now drop it to 16oz? even more incentive for me to not buy it, because I’m sure the price will drop for the new 16oz bottles….

  64. johnva says:

    Once I stopped drinking soda regularly, the 20 oz bottles quickly started to seem like a disgusting quantity of sugar. I now feel gross drinking even half of one, and I don’t need the 200+ calories in a BEVERAGE.

  65. johnva says:

    @TangDrinker: I’m not even very old (mid twenties) and even I remember when cans of soda could be had from vending machines for 25 cents. I think that soda must have gone up in price much faster than general inflation.

  66. Japheaux says:

    Alas…with gas prices skyrocketing I have had to forego my rum and coke. Now I just have rum.

    However, I can tell you why Coke sales are down. Where I work we have a coke machine with everything for sale except real Coke. I just snapped a photo with my cell phone and posted it to my Google/Picasa account:

    They have cherry Coke, Diet Coke, lots of flavored water; but no real Coke. If the local distributor doesn’t make it available, I can’t buy it at work.

  67. Daniels says:

    People finally figured out that a 20-oz. Coke is $1.29 and a 2-liter is $0.99 maybe?

  68. mdoublej says:

    Anybody else try to click through to the whole article in the WSJ, and wonder who actually pays to subscribe?

  69. Kbomb says:

    I’ve never finished a 20oz bottle. For one, I don’t ever really want that much sugar– by the time I drink about 16ozs my pancreas starts to reject my body. Secondly, its always warm and flat by the time I get to the bottom. Finally, I can taste the plastic and I also wonder if clear plastic around pop has the same effect as clear glass and beer (skunkiness).

    I’ve recently found more of the 8oz cans at the supermarket again. Its not as good a value as a 12pack of 12oz cans, but its the perfect size!

    If coke switched back to real sugar, I’d be inclined to buy 12oz, but in its current formula 8oz just hits the spot.

  70. jamesdenver says:

    Wasn’t this an Onion article like 10 years ago?

  71. APFPilot says:

    @discounteggroll: Reminds me of when I was a cheap college student. A 20oz bottle was $1.50 out of the machine but CVS was $.99 for a 2 Litre. I would swill soda out of the bag during the day and Olde English out of the bag at night.

  72. 5h17h34d says:

    @oncewascool:<—– Highlight of the thread.

    HFCS is going to lead to the fall of our civilization…

  73. hco22boy says:

    @APFPilot: @APFPilot:
    From What I’m told, these new caps are recyclable, where as the old ones weren’t, but I’m not sure if this is true.

  74. insightpatch says:

    I stopped drinking soda for health reasons. I used to drink a soda with practically every meal, but I came the realization that I never made much use of those extra carbs. I switched to drinking coffee in the morning, water or juice at lunch, sometimes tea at dinner.

    The only times I really drink Coke it’s the Mexican Import stuff, and that’s only ever in about a 12 oz bottle.

  75. Trae says:

    Honestly, I just buy 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke in most cases and just drink those. 20 oz is just too small for my over consuming ass.

    And yes, I know that’s horrible for me. :P

  76. captadam says:

    I’ll have the occasional soda, but I realize that the stuff is poison. I’ll even get the occasional 20 ounce bottle out of a vending machine, but I really don’t like it. It’s too much soda. The super-sugary taste gets to me after a while. It actually makes me feel more thirsty, so 20 ounces really parches me. And I don’t drink it very quickly, so it starts to get warm about halfway through.

  77. @Eyebrows McGee: Hmm, “I like me some Diet Coke”…. Spoken like a serious DC drinker. I prefer it in cans as well. I remember back in the day when they still had the 16oz glass bottles with the foamy type labels (which were o-such-fun to peel off). Most of my friends back then just assumed I’d had some sort of industrial accident whereby a Diet Coke bottle was permanently fused to my palm. Something about the DC is addictive… I mean above and beyond regular caffiene addiction… I dunno what it is…

    Isn’t the Aspartame killing us all though? That’s the unsubstantiated rumor I’ve heard; that it turns into a form of formaldehyde or sumpthin’ in the body… but Diet Coke says that no DC drinker could consume enough of it per day to be at risk of bad effects…. Well, shit, I just was a-googlin’ Aspartame to see if I could find some unsubstantiated links and find that Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of the company that produced and approved Aspartame. Srsly, that cannot be good. [www.google.com]

    I dunno, I’ve got a 15 can-a-day habit, I’m pretty sure that approximately 45% of my bloodstream is actually Diet Coke, if they stopped producing it I’d surely drop dead within weeks. There’s always a silver lining, of course, in this case it’s that the formaldehyde in my system will render my body self-embalming. Yay!

  78. draketrumpet says:

    We rarely buy soda, and when we do it is usually the generic store brand in 2 liters or 12 packs when they go on a great sale. Being at college provides plenty of “free food” opportunities to satiate our “fizzy tongue”.

  79. jurisenpai says:

    I like the teeny 8 or 6 oz cans of soda, because I do occasionally want a Diet Coke fix, and even 12 oz seems like a lot to me. When I lived in Japan, home of soda with real sugar, I definitely drank more soda. But I can’t stand more than a sip of the HFCS stuff.

    Water, barley tea, and Propel are what I drink everyday.

  80. madanthony says:

    I was in my local 7-11 a few days ago and noticed they had a sign on the cooler where they keep the 20’s pointing out that you could pay $1.39 for a 20 oz or $1.09 for a 32oz fountain drink (which is obviously also more profitable for the store).

    I’ve noticed fountains creeping up at a lot of places – my local Walgreens has one too now – and stores probably like to push them since it’s probably like 3 cents a cup. So that might be cutting into it too.

  81. johnva says:

    @alphafemale: I can’t imagine that 15 cans a day is good for you, if you’re serious. Even without the calories, that’s a lot of phosphoric acid and such and that’s supposed to be bad for your bones.

  82. PinkBox says:

    I no longer buy 20oz cokes because I no longer drink soda. Haven’t for years now, and feel much better for it.

    Ironically, I used to hate water, but I now love it.

  83. Blackneto says:

    they’ve changed something in the recipe in the last few years. I don’t know what it is. but all Coke variations give me the trots.
    Used to be a consistent coke drinker above all else.
    Now it’s just one Diet Dew at lunch time at work if I have any.

  84. celticgina says:

    240 calories just for a drink?


    That’s why I’m not buying it….I’ve started drinking water instead. I can barely stand soda now.

    I never thought I would be this grown up!

  85. mrsultana can't get a password to work says:

    Hate to be out of line with the crowd, but I’m probably drinking more soda and more 20 oz bottles. But I hate regular soda (unless there is rum or vodka or… you get the point), so I only drink diet. Marginally better for me.
    Also, I only pay $.78 for them at work.

  86. danseuse322 says:

    diet coke ADDICT but the taste of the plastic bottles. Ick. I live on the fountain drinks. Cans are okay. Make a 20 oz. can, I’d be a sucker when the fountain isn’t around. Many of my addict friends concur that it’s the plastic that is a turn off more than anything.

  87. spicey says:

    Actually, I had a Mexican Coke in a glass bottle yesterday. The ingredients listed “high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose” so I am not entirely certain that these Cokes really are without HFCS.

    As far as the flavor goes, it did taste a little different. It has more of a cola flavor, and kind of reminds me of what a coke slurpee tastes like.

  88. Elvisisdead says:

    Coke has gotten greedy by .10 per year. 20oz started at .89 and now they’re 1.39. If I walk my sorry arse into the store, I’ll get a fountain drink, thanks.

    The vending at work sells 20oz for $1.29. The caf on the first floor sells a 32oz fountain for $1.29. The cans I get at Costco have a better $/oz than either option.

  89. NightElfMohawk says:

    @spicey: Yeah, you have to check the label on the bottle to make sure the Mexican Coke you’re buying is the good stuff. I’ve only run across the glass bottles with HFCS at supermarkets, not yet at my corner marts – but I always do check just in case, and if it does have that nast in it, I just pass on buying any soda.

  90. iomatic (I know I'm an idiot, but I'll comment anyway) says:

    All these HFCS-based soda-drinkers really need to read Omnivore’s Dilemma

    Hell, everyone should before putting anything in their mouths.

    That is all.

  91. Rando says:

    Maybe because the price has increase by 15 cents EVERY YEAR. I remember when they were .75

  92. Elvisisdead says:

    Jones pure cane soda FTW

  93. MonkeyMonk says:

    One thing I just noticed this past week is that 2 liter bottles of Coke just skyrocketed to $2.29 at my local supermarket ($1.79 if you used a discount card). I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than about $1.29 before.

    Needless to say I didn’t buy any Coke.

  94. Kat@Work says:

    @AD8BC: I just prefer Diet Dr. Pepper in any form, lol. I’m just glad that more and more places are carrying it. :D

  95. bovinekid says:

    @spicey: I bought me a case of real Mexican Coke at the farmer’s market. Azucar ftw!

  96. @johnva: I’m chuckling because… well no I’m pretty sure 15 cans a day isn’t good for me at all. But it hasn’t been about calories since I was around 11 years old, most serious DC addicts will tell you the calorie count has pretty much nothing to do with why they drink it.

    It’s on my list of “addictions to kick” along with gambling, nicotine, sugar, and various other substances from both the Schedule I and Schedule II happy-time menus. Basically, I treat my body like a temple, but ya know, like one of those temples where everyone was drunk and having orgies all the time.

  97. redhelix says:

    Because I can’t find Vanilla Coke in a 20oz bottle in stores anymore, even though it regularly sold out at the grocery store I work at.

  98. Buran says:

    I just buy six-packs of soda at the grocery store and bring them to work and avoid the cafeteria (aramark crap anyway) and vending machines. Far cheaper.

    I once had a bottle of Fitz’s root beer with me and my boss thought I was drinking at my desk. “I am! But this is root beer, not beer…” – he laughed when he saw the label.

  99. Disturbedearth says:

    I gave up pop several years ago unless it’s used to slightly discolor my Vodka… Tea and water for me.

    I recently moved to a new (different) office building and strolled down to the breakroom and had a look at the old school 12 oz can pop machine they have in there. Imagine my suprise when I saw the price – .60 cents! Wow. I’m so used to the 1.50 or more in hotel vending and the nasy plastic crap…

    .60 cents? Had to have a Mtn. Dew just for old times sake.

    As far as their 20 oz. issue goes… I would assume it’s just an evolutionary trend. With all the other erroneous crap they are pushing these days – something had to give. Vitamin water? Really? I’m just constantly stunned and the massive amounts of complete crap people will believe from their televisions….

  100. imaLttlGrl says:

    Going from $1.00 to $1.25 over the past year is what hurt them. When they changed all of our Coke vending machines on campus to the new price increase I stopped buying from them. Digging out a 1.00 from the bottom of my back pack usually seemed to work out, but now 1.25 just never seems to turn up. I’d rather spend that $.25 (if I can find it) on two packets of ramen anyways and then the $1.00 on a Pepsi, their machines are still 1.00, for now at least.

  101. Because I get cans of Diet Coke for free at work. And I’ve noticed that when I do buy a 20 oz., I can rarely finish it, so 16 oz. would work for me.

  102. P_Smith says:

    The only reason to need a bottle of that volume is for a long bicycle ride. And if I’m riding 20-30 miles, I’m going to be drinking juice or water, not sugar-filled crap.

    When those bottles first came along – what was it, 15 years ago? – Pepsi put them out in wide, stubby bottles that did NOT fit into bottle racks, while Coke’s bottles were longer but the same width as the 16 ounce bottles and did fit on a bike. Guess which one sold better?

  103. johnva says:

    @Elvisisdead: Even better, Virgil’s. Their creme soda seems to have a lot more vanilla.

  104. Starfury says:

    I’ve been cutting back on my soda intake replacing it with water. Tap water. At work I’ll ‘acquire’ a can or 2 of diet coke for lunch/break and at home I won’t drink any except on the weekends.

  105. GriffonJames says:

    I drink Diet Coke and strongly prefer the 20oz bottles over cans. Very frustrated that I can’t find them in supermarkets. Walking from meeting to meeting or from car to the office with an open can just fizzes away all the carbonation. With the 20oz bottle, I seal it after every drink and it lasts the whole morning or afternoon.
    What really frustrates me is watching the price of Diet Coke follow the corn-syrup-driven-price-climb of the regular stuff. The first maker of diet soda to start pricing them separately from the high calorie soda is gonna get my business.

  106. That70sHeidi says:

    Tastes better in a can, stays colder longer in a can, and frankly I just downsized to the 8oz (short) cans because I can no longer finish a full sized 12oz can.

  107. joecoolest says:

    Like a lot of people… I stopped buying anything with HFCS. I buy imported Mexican Coke with sugar instead of HFCS. I prefer the taste of the sugar sweetened soda’s and don’t miss the phlegm that HFCS seemed to always leave in my throat.

  108. dragonfire81 says:

    I could care less about this, I don’t drink soft drinks period (not an arbitrary choice really my tastebuds don’t respond well to carbonation, but I live just fine without the syrup).

  109. JohnJimenez says:

    Maybe it has to do with the $1.39 price tag. I know that’s why I stopped buying the 20 oz.

    I also noticed that once I stopped buying them, I drank less soda in general.

    All in all I am feeling much better, and am doing the “smart” thing by bringing a (reused) bottle of water with me.

  110. Mattazuma says:

    I have transitioned to Starbucks iced tea. Yeah, the first one is more expensive than a Coke but the refills are only $0.50, so my two drink a day tea habit ends up being cheaper than buying two $1.49 diet Cokes.

  111. the_wallbanger says:

    The way it should be:
    20 oz bottle = $1.00
    12 oz can = $0.50
    I won’t buy the bottle in the convienence store if I need to carry around small change for the rest of the day.

  112. jimv2000 says:

    Because you can get a 40 oz coke from a soda fountain for less than a 20 oz bottle of coke?

  113. se7a7n7 says:

    Being crunched like everyone else and thrifty, I like getting cases of Shasta. The grocery store I go to usually sells them for $4.50, last week, they were on sale for $3.99 for the case of 24. Plus they let you mix and match the case.

  114. woodenturkey says:

    well the sad fact is i import my Coke from Mexico, i drink so few that $1.15 at the Piggly Wiggly Latino isle is worth it for REAL SUGAR!!!!!!!!!

  115. elislider says:

    if they come out with a 16oz bottle, its gonna cost the same as a 20oz bottle does now so whats the point?

  116. Mr.Ninethree says:


    1.I don’t like the way the soda tastes in a plastic bottle, and

    2.because it’s expensive(although I’d pay the price for a nice glass bottle, but you can only buy 6 packs of glass now at grocery stores…not really convinient)

  117. Burgandy says:

    At work:
    20 oz Coke – $1.25
    Coffee with a nice selection of flavored creamers – free
    Water and ice – free
    Giant reusable water bottles – welcome gift from company
    Very nice reusable insulated coffee cups with lids – again, welcome gift from company

    At the grocery store:
    2 ltr of diet pepsi, $1.00 and I can reuse the bottle to keep my yarn clean when crocheting

    The only thing i get with a 20oz bottle is more calories and no way for me to reuse it, only toss it in the recycle bin.
    Sorry Coke, you lose!

  118. Because I can get a 2-liter of store brand cola for 89 cents. Duh.

  119. booleyhitt says:

    The prices have gone up. Not too long ago, I could get a 20 oz. coke or Mt. Dew for about a dollar. Now if I go into a store, the same package is $1.50

    $1.50 for battery acid? No thank you

  120. akede2001 says:

    It tastes better in a can to me as well.

    But you used to get 24 packs for $4.. now you can get a 12 pack for $6. Aside from that, now that I’m grown up and not drinking a 24 pack of Mountain Dew a day. My biggest reason for not drinking much/any soda anymore is being healthier overall.

  121. I would like to meet one of these strange people who say to themselves “What with the high price of fuel these days, I think I’ll skip on the 20oz Coke I was going to buy, and instead opt for the 12oz can.” Is there anything that isn’t blamed on the $4/gal gas boogie man?

  122. When it comes to soda, I only buy 12-ounce aluminum cans. When the store has them “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” at 5.79. So under $12 + tax + crv for 48 servings. Compared to the 8-9 servings of 20-ounce bottles that’d buy me.

    Oh, no, I’m exactly the consumer that’s not earning them profit!

  123. lemur says:

    @Eyebrows McGee:

    The cans are also a lot easier to recycle than the bottles. (And taste better, I think.)

    The cans taste better? I’ve gotta ask… do you recycle the cans by eating them?!? You must have some mean teeth!

  124. mammalpants says:

    i stopped drinking coke when i started snorting it.

    also, i prefer 21oz bottles.

  125. mariospants says:

    Purely because cans are cheaper – and I’ll buy the argument that they keep drinks cooler.

  126. mammalpants says:

    i was kidding about my drug addiction.

  127. baristabrawl says:

    I think I know why. No one carries cash anymore. The prices have gone up everywhere I am from being $1 to being $1.25. If I do carry cash I really don’t carry change…who walks around with a zillion quarters in their pocket?

    I also can’t justify the cost. It’s stupid when I can go to a convenience store and get a 40 gallon jug of soda for $.89.

    They’ve struggled for a while to keep the price at $1, I think it might take people a while to get used to it.

  128. mobilene says:

    + Watch video

    That’s the twelve-ounce Coke there, a huge beast of a Coke in its day.

  129. baristabrawl says:

    @AtomicPlayboy: I don’t know what you’re doing, but my guess is that you’re not in the bottom 75% of the economy that’s starting to tank. I have adjusted almost everything I do based on the $4 gallon of gas boogey man. I have been filling up at 1/2 a tank because if I wait much longer I have to get gas twice in one filling. (The machines cut it off at $50.)

    Doesn’t the cost of fuel ultimately drive the cost of everything up? It costs more to deliver and ship…blah blah blah, trickle down?

    So, yes, everyone is watching what they spend on everything else.

  130. TheNerd says:

    The minute the soda companies charge the same price PER OUNCE for their different sizes is the minute I’ll start buying the 20oz bottle. I like my soda in small resealable containers, to keep the fizz, but I hate the price!

  131. zeroraveson says:

    @imaLttlGrl: Same thing for me. I almost always have a dollar in my wallet, but having to find a quarter just to get a Coke doesn’t really work out for me. To add insult, bottles of Coke are cheaper at the gas station across the street from my university ($1.19) than on campus.

    That said, here both Pepsi and Coke have switched to the $1.25, so neither is convenient.

  132. Craig says:

    Because I don’t want 20 oz of sugar water (sorry, HFCS water)…I want 12.

  133. juniper says:

    I would buy a 16oz bottle to get me through a long afternoon at work, and while I recycle anyway, I would feel good about using less plastic. I wonder if Pepsi would try to make some kind of environmental PR move with it: “We used 3348475896 less tons of plastic to quench your thirst this year.”

  134. soda is gross. and evil.

    and those 20 oz are a rip off anyway!

  135. HOP says:

    i don’t drink that crap either, but my bride does……all i get to do is carry the stuff from the car to the icebox……….

  136. moore850 says:

    Walk into any wal-mart, and notice the 2-liters for 89-99 cents. Then walk out and see the 20 oz bottles for $1.34 at the register… Forest Gump can only walk past that so many times before he starts buying the 2-liters instead.

  137. sega8800 says:

    @Ash78: my friend claims he can taste the difference… maybe my taste bud is not working.

  138. Buran says:

    @ogremustcrush: What I can’t figure out is why they don’t switch back to cane sugar with corn prices rising like crazy.

  139. Jaysyn was banned for: https://consumerist.com/5032912/the-subprime-meltdown-will-be-nothing-compared-to-the-prime-meltdown#c7042646 says:

    Cola is nasty unless there is either ice cream or salted peanuts in it.

  140. meeroom says:

    Checking in (in case someone at Coca-Cola actually reads this) with the following opinion: Make small glass bottles of Coke with real sugar, not HFCS, and market them as such. Soda used to be a treat, not something people drank all day every day. Remarket it as a higher-end treat/cocktail mixer and the consumer like me (doesn’t like processed food, tries not to drink out of plastic if they can help it, drinks mostly water, and will pay more for items that are better for the environment) will purchase. There will still be plenty of people who want to guzzle gallons of the HFCS stuff.

  141. There appears to be a lack of understanding on how heat transfer works. Three sodas contained in glass, plastic, and aluminum all coming from the same refrigerator will be at the same temperature. The rate of cooling after it they exit the refrigerator will be a function of the ambient temperature, the surface area of the container, and the thermal conductivity of the container. An aluminum can has a higher thermal conductivity than a plastic bottle and should warm up at a higher rate than the plastic bottle. However, due to the higher thermal conductivity, the exterior of the can will feel cooler than that of a plastic bottle. This may give the drinker the perception that the soda coming from the aluminum can is cooler. Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity is way it is used for things like heat sinks. In fact, Aluminum has a thermal conductance 100x that of glass and 1000x of plastic.

  142. radiochief says:

    Pepsi is “testing” a 16oz. bottle…? Did they forget that the bottle WERE 16.oz before the jump up 20oz. I dunno what the fuss is about when Coke already sells a 500ml plastic bottle (16.9 oz.) in 6 packs at the supermarket anyways.

    Pepsi sells their 6 pack plastics with 24 oz.

    When you buy, a 20 oz. bottle you are paying for convenience. One, the twentys are always cold, the 2 liters not so much. Two, the size, if I want a Coke to go with my bag of chips, I want a normal size; no Baby Huey’s bottle filled with soda…

  143. erratapage says:

    How ironic. I stop drinking diet coke, and cocacola notices.

    I stopped drinking for health reasons. Between not drinking diet coke and firing an employee, I hardly ever get migraines anymore.

  144. m1k3g says:

    Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with the childhood obesity rate flattening out? That would be a good thing. They ought to raise the price of all soft drinks to $5 each, as far as I’m concerned.

  145. techstar25 says:

    At your local supermarket you’ll notice that the 20oz in the fridge is $1.29 (cold), but a couple of aisles over, the warm 2 liter is also $1.29 (often it’s even on sale for $0.99).
    Sure we Americans love to pay for convenience, but come on, do you think consumers are that dumb?

  146. AdineChautauqua says:

    What we are seeing is the higher price of HFCS raising prices. because
    of this, sugared drinks cost more and consumers don’t see the value of
    the soda as worth the (increased) price. I used to drink about 4 (20oz)
    bottles a day. Now I cannot afford the price, and am down to 1-2 bottles

  147. paco says:

    I rarely drink soda any more, except for Blue Sky or Hansen’s, but I do remember when Coke (and the rest) came in 16-ounce returnable glass bottles. It tasted better and was better for the environment, and it didn’t seem like it was shoved down our collective throats the way it is now.

  148. coan_net says:

    Every time I filled my car up with gas, I would go inside, grab a 20oz drink, and go and pay.

    Now with gas prices high, and people driving away from the pumps – all my local staions make you pre-pay for gas.

    So now I pre-pay at the pump with a credit card to get gas…. and now skip going inside all together.

    So there is a reason for about 2 less pop’s sold per week.

  149. TechnoDestructo says:


    16oz was the most common bottle size in the 80s, and lasted for a while after the switch to plastic bottles.


    Yeah, WTF…it’s like they think people are too dumb to go look on the other side of the aisle or something.

    Not that it matters, I use more cola for marinades than for drinking these days.

  150. iluvhatemail says:

    coke will kill you… slowly

  151. cronomorph says:

    I only get 20oz sodas when I’m traveling and want something I can drink and not spill.

    At work I largely drink water. If I feel like a soda I go to the Kroger across the street and get a 2 litre (well I can for a few more days until the Kroger closes for construction).

    If I really need a caffine fix and have cash on me my company has a vending machine with cans for a quarter. We had a fountain in the old office, but when they didn’t set up the kitchen right for a fountain they just bought a vending machine.

  152. lalaland13 says:

    I gave up Coke (it’s all coke down here, even if it’s Pepsi) about a month ago after a bad trip to the dentist. I wasn’t sure how much good it would do, but I figured it would make me feel better. And it has. I’m to the point where I crave water, and I have a Brita pitcher thingie. I may have lost weight; I’m not sure.

    But I want to scream at someone because at work we only have soda. Even our “juice” has phosphoric acid. So I have to bring my own water or whatever to work. I drink sweet tea sometimes, which makes mey dentist sad. But he can bite me.

    Once I got a limeade from Sonic, forgetting it has Sprite or something in it. My teeth honestly felt dirty.

  153. Khuluna says:

    I’d go for it so long as it wasn’t 5cents beneath a 2-litre, which is what coke does.

  154. Why would someone buy a 20 oz bottle for $1.25+, when they can get 2 litres for like $1.79? Or 2 litres of store brand cola (which is better than Coke) for $0.99?

  155. @NightElfMohawk: I know. I’ve begun going to the Mexican stores in my neighborhood just for Coke. I speak no Spanish, but it doesn’t matter: they know me by sight now!

  156. Buran says:

    @loquaciousmusic: My dad’s Greek. I don’t speak it. But when we’re there, even if the waitstaff doesn’t speak English, they understand “Coca-Cola?” (and sometimes I indicate the bottles as well). Never had a problem yet.

  157. yagisencho says:

    I’ll drink a rum and Coke once or twice a year, but that’s the extent of it. It’s detrimental to both my health and the environment, so it’s a rare indulgence. I drink Dasani when it’s the only potable water available.

    (Time now for coffee and a danish. Oh the irony.)

  158. Gesualdo says:

    Maybe people are finally noticing their fat asses and realizing that 240 calories for 20 ounces of high fructose corn syrup isn’t really a good deal, especially when you can get no-calorie water for free? Of course, that still doesn’t explain why the idiots pay the same price for a CocaCola bottled and marketed container of tap water. Yet more proof the vast majority of Americans are fracking idiots.

  159. failurate says:

    What ever happened to “drinking from aluminum cans = Alzheimer’s”?

  160. loserflame says:

    I gave up diet coke about a month ago. My office has a free soda fountain, and i was drinking a ton of it. probably to the point where it is unhealthy. So, i switched to plain old water. I like iced tea, but only if it’s not sweetened with HFCS or artificial sweetners. My major weakness however is sparkling mineral water. I developed a taste for it while stationed in Europe, and now I can’t get enough of it. Which sucks, because it is expensive and hard to find here…

  161. privateer says:

    Hmmm. Once we went to the store and found just a few basic flavors: cola, orange, lemon-lime, root beer. Maybe some fringe choices, but that was pretty much it.

    Now we have all that and more in bottles, cans and soda fountains. Water, vitamin water, brown tea, green tea, white tea, energy drinks. And then all the diet, no-caffeine, low-carb, low-calorie and high-caffeine permutations for each flavor. Oh crap, almost forgot the various sweeteners.

    Do we have enough options yet? No wonder we’re not buying as much freaking Coke. Companies sell a drink for every occasion, to fit the activity level or mood or conscience of any given moment of any given day.

  162. TheSeeker says:

    $1.25 for 20 oz’s? what a bunch of chumps.

    I refill my 64oz cup at the local convenience/gas station for $0.99. And even if I don’t finish it, I still paid less.

  163. donkeyjote says:

    Why? Because young people CAN do basic math.

  164. failurate says:

    And to answer the question… I don’t take in as much HFCS and carbonated drinks and I used to, the price has gotten too high, and Gatorade/Powerade is usually cheaper.

  165. mikelotus says:

    @oncewascool: why?

  166. mikelotus says:

    @m1k3g: Why? Does zero calories cause obesity in Diet sodas?

    @failurate: The same thing that deodorants cause Alzheimer. Total nonsense. Never the less, the cans are coated inside as should all aluminum containers that contain things to go inside of people.

    @yagisencho: Try a good rum, won’t need to ruin it with Coke then.

  167. Gann says:

    I will only drink soda with pure cane sugar from a glass bottle. I cried the day pepsi discontinued theirs (I had long since switched from coke) The problem as I see it is that the soda companies aimed for the lowest common denominator and hit it dead on. Now, a little public awareness has raised that lowest common denominator a smidge and they’re screwed.

  168. JDAC says:

    I only ever get 20oz sode (Coke, Sprite or Dr Pepper) when I’m at the grocery line checkout. It’s a nice refresher after the tedium of walking the aisles and for the drive home.

    Thing is, my drive home from the supermarket is less than 5 minutes so I hardly drink much from the bottle.

    Added to that, since I now live in Texas I can get the REAL Dr Pepper, cane sugar, in glass bottles. They’re only 250ml, the perfect size for refreshment and hearty belching.

  169. Kostadinos says:

    I have tried to cut out all products that contain HFCS.

    As a result I’ve lost close to 15 pounds in the last 10 months.

  170. kyle4 says:

    I’ve been caffeine free for 29 days now, it was one of the hardest things to do, but I’m glad it’s over with.

  171. Lambasted says:

    @radiochief: Yeah, up until late 80’s or early 90’s soda used to come in 16oz glass bottles. I was fine with that size but then they increased it to 20oz. I guess to capitalize on how fat and greedy we are.

    Coke is dumb. It’s not the size people are avoiding, it’s the price. The price of 20oz is outrageous. Why buy a 20oz for $1.50 when you can get a 2 liter for the same price? The only reason I don’t is because I limit myself on how much soda I drink. If I bought a 2 liter I would drink it all and get fat. My butt and thighs don’t want that.

    If all Coke does is lower the size without lowering the price, the 16oz will encounter the same problem. Because I definitely won’t pay $1.50 for only 16oz.

  172. Miguel Valdespino says:


    Reducing the bottle size by 20% and charging 10% less is probably going to decrease their profit margin. After all, the soda is less expensive than the bottle!

  173. Breach says:

    Soda is absolute sh**, don’t be fooled. HFCS is bad for you, and I think is a high contributor in America’s weight problem. Seriously, look at the labels of things you normally, buy, nearly all of it will have some in it.

    I think it is terrible they dare put 8oz serving sizes on the side of a 20oz bottle. To me like most others, 1 bottle is 1 serving. Package your drinks in 8oz containers and well talk. Original Coke bottles were 8oz, remember those?

  174. Lambasted says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: I know what you mean about cans tasting better. I hate the drinking soda out of a plastic bottle but ice cold and poured into a glass is fine. For some reason soda out of the can does taste a little crisper.

    @monkey33: I hate the new caps. What idiot thought that up? I can hardly get a good grip on them to twist them off. And i have noticed that there is not as must fizz when I open one as before.

  175. parad0x360 says:

    Could one reason be the price of a 20 oz bottle of just about any soda is now between $1.39 and $1.99 where I live and oddly in the same store a 2 liter bottle can often be found for $0.99-$1.69?

  176. SJActress says:

    I want them to bring back those kick-ass tall returnable bottles! Remember? They weren’t nearly 20 oz, but they were like 8 or 9 inches tall and really skinny, and you got to return them to the store when you were done!


  177. colinjay says:

    I think that more and more people are becoming aware of the insane amount of calories in sodas as well as becoming more conscious of their HFCS intake.

    My family still thinks I’m strange for going out of my way to avid everything HFCS, but I find more and more people who think likewise.

    Even in the bar industry where all of the mixers used to be tasteless HFCS concoctions, more and more companies are finding that there is a big market and better margins in simple, additive free, HFCS free mixers. For example, Stirrings doesn’t use HFCS in anything they make and to compare their grenadine to any other grenadine you’ll find is night and day.

    Also, more and more people are aware of just how damn good HFCS free sodas are. Where I live there are quite a few places where you can find Mexican sodas as well as lesser known specialty sodas to try 8-12oz at a time.

    My current favorites are Boylans Birch Beer, Reeds Premium Ginger Brew, Jarritos Torojna, and Whole Foods Cola and Tonic Water (both of which are fairly inexpensive).

  178. Serpephone says:

    Reasons why I do not buy 20 oz Cokes:

    1. I do not like Coke.
    2. 20 oz of soda is just too much soda
    3. I do not like to drink out of plastic bottles.
    4. Coke products are too expensive.
    5. I prefer water, tea, or juice.
    6. Carbonated beverages make me feel bloated.

  179. allstarecho says:

    Mostly because I don’t want to pay $1.39 (which is what it costs here in Jackson, Mississippi) plus my usual 7% sales tax for 20oz of something I’m going to piss out in an hour. Add that to the fact that it’s not really Coke “Classic” since it’s made with corn syrup and not sugar.. I’ll stick with my sweet tea, the only “Classic” drink of the South.

  180. stinerman says:

    Seeing as a 2-liter can still be found for $1 when on sale, I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay more for less.

    Sure, I look like a sure thing for diabetes when I’m carrying around a 2-liter in my car, but I’ll take the odd stares in exchange for saving money.

  181. stinerman says:


    Where do you live? A 2-liter of Pepsi or Coke where I live is no more than $1.29, and usually less.

  182. Who the hell needs that extra 4 oz. of soda? Isn’t 16 enough for a quick soda fix? This is a case where the line contains products that are too close to each other and compete with one another, the 20 oz. bottle is just unnecesary [Holy shit, did I just speak businessese?!]

  183. grebby says:

    I love that they’re now trying to sell 8 x 12oz bottles for more than the price of 12 x 12oz cans. I guess the ability to put the cap back on is supposed to be worth a 50% premium?

  184. speaky2k says:

    I have to laugh at everyone talking about not drinking HFCS, Coke went back to sugar (sucrose) a few months ago due to the high cost of corn. Pepsi has not done this yet, but I am sure they will follow soon.
    The only time I buy bottles of soda are at convince stores while driving or at events where that is the only size they sell. Since gas went up, I drive less so I don’t drink them as often and I go to less events so I drink even less. It’s not the size, it’s the fact that I don’t go where they are anymore. After all, I just got 60 cans for $10 (buy 2 12 packs, get 3 free) last night at my local grocery store, so I drink cans when at home.

  185. ptkdude says:

    I used to drink a 20 oz Ciet Doke every day, and once that was done I would drink nothing but water the rest of the day. After a LOCAL coffee shop opened on my way to work, I now stop for hot tea every morning. Now I get my caffeine fix AND I support a locally-owned business.

  186. no.no.notorious says:

    @Manok: same here. Back in the day I used to drink AT LEAST 3 cans of diet a day…much closer to 5. I gave it up for lent three years ago and lost the desire completely. Now I can’t make it through 1 can before I feel dizzy and dehydrated.

  187. magic8ball says:

    @Triborough: Yes.

  188. ludwigk says:

    @discounteggroll: 20 oz cokes are consistently more expensive than 2 liter bottles in certain markets. In most of new england, a 2 liter wavered between about $.89-$1.25. The 20 oz pretty much stayed at $1.29, and for the extra dough, you got a refrigerated product.

    I used to run a small retail business, and I would go to the local bottler to pick up cases of 20 oz that we sold as well. The margins on that stuff were crap. We weren’t looking to make money on the sodas, we just wanted to offer beverages, so we bought them for around $.87, and sold them for $1.25. Factoring in the cost of powering the fridge, and the fact that I transported them myself, we weren’t making anything on them. I think coke are the only people really making anything on the 20 oz.

  189. Smd75 says:

    I stopped buying 20 oz cokes because I discovered my local Sams Club selling both 12 oz Mexican (the bottled cokes made with REAL sugar Hecho en Mexico) cokes and 8oz classic cokes. I like them much better with regards to taste and the right amount of soda.

  190. elephantattack says:

    well let’s see…
    20oz – $1.25
    2 Liter – $0.95

    I don’t get it either.

  191. linbey says:

    When they start selling Coke in 12 oz or 16oz bottles, I cant wait to see all the posts about how evil Coke has shrunk their product like the half gallon ice cream and orange juice articles

  192. mikelotus says:

    @Kostadinos: @Breach: There is zero evidence that a calorie from HFCS is any different than a calorie from cane sugar. This crap continues to be posted out here with no evidence to back it up.

  193. Crrusherr says:

    i;d like it if they went back to $1 a bottle instead of this $1.25 BS

  194. juiceboxonfire says:

    Around where I am in Chicago, a 20 oz. of Diet Coke is $1.49. >>$1.49!<<
    Fortunately, I did realize this year that a 2-liter is usually about $1.25. Even if half of it goes flat before I drink it, I still save money.

  195. edrebber says:

    Keep the supersize plastic cup from McDonalds and go back for a free refill anytime you want a soda.

  196. jethropew says:

    all you anti-corn sugar folks are a bunch of morons. same calories, same metabolism, same taste, same as cane sugar, but produced in USA – corn sugar is just cheaper than cane sugar. not sure where some of you come up with taste differences, phlem formation, and bad-for-you idiocy. (hint – you better check out your morning juice & breakfast cereal – i’d hate for you corn sugar whiners to have a heart attack by unknowingly consuming corn sugar.)

  197. GilliganLQ says:

    Around here (Rochester, NY) both Pepsi and Coke are already being sold in smaller sizes. Wegman’s (regional supermarket) has been carrying them in six-packs for years.

    The smaller Pepsi’s are 16oz bottles and the Coke’s are 16.9oz (500mL). I’m not sure about the Pepsi, but the half-liter Coke six-pack goes for about $3 unless it’s on sale. They’re on sale quite often for $2.50, so with tax and deposit it works out to be about $1 per liter.

  198. TechnoDestructo says:


    Corn syrup DOES taste ever-so-slightly different.

    And it is only cheaper because of a combination of tariffs and government subsidies.

  199. the_wiggle says:

    Dear Coke,

    Until you start re-making Coke Classic correctly – with SUGAR! – not HFCS; I’m not buying.

    Tough Titty,

    Teh Kitty

  200. the_wiggle says:

    @Smd75: woo! time to get me a Sam’s Card! Do you know if it’s just your local Sam’s or all Sam’s?

  201. the_wiggle says:

    @JDAC: my Dr Pepper loving son would love that. Is it just Texas in general or a particular store/chain?

  202. bjcolby15 says:

    All Diet Coke/Pepsi 20oz products are $1.59 ($1.54 + $0.05 deposit) here in Boston.

    I’ve stopped drinking caffeinated sodas entirely and purchased boxes of Wyler’s Light at Walgreen’s for $1 per 8 packets. 12.5 cents per 20 oz bottle of water (fillable for free at the water fountain!) – and it’s done wonders for my temperament, i.e. no shakes, no irritation.

  203. Triterion says:

    I get my CocaCola from Mexico, its made with real sugar! I know… it’s just plain un-American!

  204. MBZ321 says:

    20 oz. is wayyy too big for most people IMO. I

  205. MBZ321 says:

    20 ounces is wayy too much soda for the average person IMO. I work in a supermarket and 9 out of every 10 “used” bottles I find (usually while hunting for MyCokeRewards caps), there is still quite a lot left in the bottles. (…waits until they shrink the bottles and the price stays the same)

  206. eligiblebachelor says:

    Could be that here in MI it seems the price has been lifted to $1.49 + tax and .10 bottle return. Or you can find the 2 liters for $10 for $10 at Krogers….I’ll gladly stockpile my Coke.

  207. Coke: Ditch the HFCS, and you’re mine once again.

  208. CyGuy says:

    I think they should switch to half-liter bottles (and per AceKicker above) cans. It would be a quarter of a 2 liter and thus should be easy for the public to accept as just the forward march or the metric system. Also, I know you can imported beer and hard cider in half-liter cans, so equipment is available to produce. And having seen them in use personally to half-liter cans of Budvar pilsner in the Czech Republic, I know they make vending machines for half-liter cans.

  209. JDAC says:

    @jethropew: Not the same taste. I can put a HFCS Dr Pepper next to a cane sugar Dr P, and there IS a taste difference. I’m not claiming one is better FOR me, it’s all sugar water and will rot my teeth and/or guts.

    Talking of cane sugar Dr Pepper…

    @the_wiggle: Best I can tell, you can get the good stuff most anywhere in Texas. I’ve seen it in Kroger, Tom Thumb and WalMart. Always in bottles, but I know closer to Dublin and Temple you can get it in cans.

  210. synergy says:

    Maybe it’s because in most of the country you don’t really have “corner stores” much anymore. You buy them at gas stations and we know how much people are trying to avoid those like the plague these days.

  211. lasereric41 says:

    I don’t buy 20oz Coke because (a) I’m trying to cut down my Coke drinking (I was literally addicted to it… I’d drink like a 12 pack a day), and (b) When I drink it, I’d rather run through McDonald’s and pay 50 cents less for twice as much soda, and honestly fountain soda tastes better than the usually flat soda I find out of vending machines.

    I’d love to see the glass bottles come back, even though I know that wouldn’t help the price or the profit margin. The soda just tasted better, and drinking 8oz is a lot less guilt-inducing than drinking 20oz.

  212. milw123 says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but bottled-or canned-diet soda tastes much better than the stuff from fountains. I buy 20oz Diet Pepsi when I’m out and about, but I have been taking cold cans from the fridge at home lately since the price of gas has skyrocketed. It’s mainly a conveinence thing-I can cap the bottle and it won’t go flat before I return to my truck.

  213. karmaghost says:

    The past weekend was the first time I had ever stepped into a gas station and the 20oz. pops were cheaper there than in the grocery store where I work; $1.30 vs. $1.40. The price has steadily gone up the past 6 months or so. Funny thing; the coke machines outside the store are still stuck at $1.00. Someone’s been sleepin’ on the job, me thinks.

  214. bringafajita says:

    I work at a retirement home, and in our employee break area there’s a machine selling bottles for $1.20, but if you go into the resident’s coffee lounge they have cans for 55 cents. I think it’s because they don’t want to give the old people a heart attack with inflation, and I’m sure everyone can guess where the employees get all their sodas from.

  215. existenz87 says:

    Maybe its because I don’t like to drink 65 fucking grams of overpriced shit. I have not ordered soda from a restaurant in at least three or four years. The only way I’m drinking that is if someone buys it specifically for me. You start to love water and the soda becomes too sickly sweet after a while. Btw I have had fast food once in past 6 months. A mcdonalds ice cream cone. It tasted like ass. Try not eating fast food for six months and then eating one item of fast food. I almost vomited. My body just about rejected it because it tasted terrible.

  216. Vejadu says:

    The price has just gone up too much. When I can refill my 32 oz. fountain cup for 59¢, there’s no way I’m spending $1.39 to put another 20 oz. bottle in the landfill.

  217. battra92 says:

    I don’t buy Coke because I don’t like it.

    I buy Diet Pepsi Max in 12 packs when it’s on sale. Stock up and save. :D

  218. cella says:

    Many of my friends and I have just stopped buying plastic bottles altogether- be it water, Coke, or otherwise. It’s too damaging for the environment and I could never finish an entire bottle of Diet Coke before it got warm and flat anyway. The only time I buy soda now is if I can get it in a can, in a paper cup from a soda fountain, or (even better) in a glass at a restaurant. I noticed that I go to small, independent convenience stores more frequently because they still sell canned soda and Walgreens and CVS only sell bottles.

  219. caranguejo says:

    If I buy a 20oz bottle of soda, it lasts me a few days at least. They recently replaced the vending machine that dispensed cans with one that dispenses 20oz bottles, and I was pissed. It’s too large of a serving and a ridiculous price. I try to avoid purchasing these if possible.

  220. joecoolest says:

    Perhaps you missed the part where I said I don’t buy ANYTHING with HFCS in it. The only reason HFCS is commercially viable is because of US subsidies/tariffs.

    While the glucose and fructose which are the two components of HFCS are monosaccharides, sucrose (sugar) is a disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose linked together with a relatively weak glycosidic bond. Sucrose (sugar) is broken down during digestion into fructose and glucose through hydrolysis by the enzyme sucrase, by which the body regulates the rate of sucrose breakdown. Without this regulation mechanism, the body has less control over the rate of sugar absorption into the bloodstream.

  221. fjordtjie says:

    they just raised the price by a dime here where i work to $1.10. i don’t drink soda often, so it doesn’t really bother me, but at 10-25 cents more a bottle, i wonder how high their shipping and assembly costs have gone up to constitute a buck more per 4 bottles sold. also, on the UW campus, they’re like $1.75 everywhere, so it’s a deal here for $1.10.

    meh. i shouldn’t drink it anyway.

  222. femmeknitzi1 says:

    Because every piece of plastic ever made on Earth still exists.

    In the last five years, I’ve cut out my use of plastic bottles as much as possible. I don’t really drink soda so as far as coke is concerned, its no skin off my nose.

    Still, plastic can be partially recycled but it can never be destroyed. Incineration gives off toxic fumes that are unsafe for humans.

    Although its nowhere near as ideal as reducing and reusing, choosing aluminum is still a better environmental choice overall.

  223. dungheap says:

    I woul gladly pay $1.39 for a half-liter glass bottle like they offered us in the good ole days! Nothing better than an ice cold glass bottle of Coke!

  224. Difdi says:

    I don’t drink coca cola…too much carbonation, so much that it actually covers the flavor.

  225. thpdg says:

    I wish they’d stop jacking up the price. It’s a nickel twice a year. It just keeps climbing!
    I can confirm the 16oz claim. We are getting the Canadian 16.9oz bottles here now in Connecticut. They are cheaper, but you only get 2 servings in the bottle instead of 2.5….
    Ok, we’re all drinking the whole thing anyway!

  226. elgringoguapo says:

    Like other have said. The extra 25 cents is what stopped me. I used to buy one every day to get through class. They were 1.00 but I stopped when it rose to 1.25. I won’t carry around quarters I always throw it in a jar my wife has. I don’t want to break another dollar to have .75 may lose that day. That .25 cent increase pushed me to use a water bottle and caffeinated flavor packets. Sorry Coke if you think I am just going to sit back and pay more for a soda you are wrong. And it looks like everyone else feels the same way. We are not the push-overs you take us for and since the hay-day of Coke back post WWII the world has come up with better cheaper drinks that don’t rot your teeth and taste good all day. Plus what the hell did you do with MellowYellow? That Vault is just Surge and neither do the job right. You bring back Diet MellowYellow for 1.00 and I might stop by the vending machine more often.

  227. drharris says:

    I agree with the last poster. I stopped buying them when they started costing more than a dollar. I can easily put a dollar (no addl. change) into a machine or register, but I don’t carry change, and the chance of having two single dollars is slim since I carry little cash. I’m willing to bet if they put credit card readers on all their machines, they would see a massive upswing in sales.

  228. thaShady says:

    @discounteggroll: Brian, is that you? (My college roomate) jk.

  229. OnceWasCool says:


    Tried Jones and will never drink Coke again. It is sad that a life long Coke drinker, since the 60’s, is boycotting it due to the HFCS. If they added sugar tomorrow, I think I will stick with Jones.

    I hope Coke goes out of business someday for making me sick of HFCS.