Dear Home Depot: I Do Not Want To Hear About Your Special Promotion For Home Owners

Reader G writes in to let Home Depot know that he’s really, really tired of hearing about their “special promotion for home owners” while he’s trying to shop.

I wanted to share a recent annoyance at 2 Home Depot locations. The first occurrence I was actually a little surprised when an HD associate approached me, I assumed with would be the usual “Finding everything”. But it was an attempt to interest me in the special promotion for home owners they’re running. Apparently its some service with Trane to inspect your home air conditioning. Fortunately there was a sucker beside of me who spoke up and I moved along. A few minutes later and a few asile away who do i see coming but the promotion guy. Again I get the “did you hear about our new promotion”. Wow, yes and still not interested. Even though I was quite annoyed I didn’t think that much about it until at a second store a few days later same sales pitch. That’s enough for me, I’m not going to shop where I’m going to be bothered with these pitches.

Submitted to HD’s customer support form:
Over the last week I’ve had the occasion to be in 2 different stores in the Charlotte area several times(Steele Creek #3662 and S Boulevard Charlotte #3646). At each location while I was trying to find my items and continue with my daily life I was approached by an HD representative who wanted to tell me bout the special promotion for Home Owners. Apparently this is some attempt to sale AC services with Trane. I have to say how annoying this is that I can’t simply shop at your stores in peace, I’m going to be accosted for hard sales of services. This is not acceptable to me and will make me hesitant to return to a Home Depot store in the future. Regards.

We suspect that stores like Home Depot underestimate how annoying these sales pitches can be. Has a store ever lost your business because their sales force pestered you to sign up for membership cards, credit cards, or special promotions too often? Who are the worst offenders? Let us know in the comments and we’ll round up the best stories in another post.

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